Putin Will Accept Euros

Army of Lithuania has now a fully operational artillery battalion with PzH 2000 155mm howitzers
1998 April 10: Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland peace process
2010 April 10: Smolensk Catasprophe
Polish panel: Russia behind Polish leader’s plane crash
Russian speakers in Estonia live in a tug of war between Russia and the West
Russia exploits cooperation with the West in space to provide missile forces with technology
Russia’s war expected to cut Ukraine’s GDP by almost half: World Bank
‘The Parents Are Silent’: Russian Schools Invaded By Propaganda Supporting The War In Ukraine
Iceland chilled by violence worthy of its noir novels
Russian boats ‘take fish worth millions from Scottish waters’ through Faroe Islands loophole
US will supply Ukraine with ‘the weapons it needs’ against Russia
Nato’s ‘achilles heel’: alliance conducts war games in nervous Lithuania
Yandex ban began in Estonia on Monday
Lithuania wants NATO to expand Baltic battalions into brigades
152 Russian and Belarusian trucks denied entry into Latvia
Expert: Russian military plans not revolving round May 9
Lithuanian government’s fight against inflation: too little, too slow?
Estonian violinist Hans Christian Aavik triumphs at Nielsen Competition
US Army chief of staff on hand as ally Lithuania announces training for Ukrainians
NATO battlegroup troops practice warfare on Estonian terrain
Rīga StratCom Dialogue open for registration
Kaisa Esko: To whom do the Estonian people look in tough times?
Monument complex in Soviet Victory Park in Riga declared unsafe
Ukraine must remain in spotlight, Lithuanian MPs say after visiting Kyiv, Irpin, Bucha
Latvia to end Russian gas use by 2023, build its own LNG terminal
Lithuania’s sanctions-hit fertiliser producer suspends operation
Latvia Detains Belarusian National On Espionage Charge
Klaipėda kicks off first post-corona cruise season
Electric bikes returning to Tartu bikeshare, city to expand network
Liepāja Lake Music festival to set sail in July
Alexela expects government guarantees for Estonia’s LNG terminal
Lithuania to Acquire US, German Weapons for $1 Billion
Külli Taro: Riigikogu meaning lost if trailing behind events
Lithuania becomes the first European country to ditch Russian gas
European Commission grants Estonian military mobility project €31 million
Lithuania lags behind Latvia, Estonia in World Democracy Index
Estonia’s Stefan talks about the new meaning of “Hope” [INTERVIEW]
Latvian ports will not be impacted by EU ban on Russian ships
Kaunas to remove Soviet memorials, Vilnius won’t follow suit for now
Ministry in Latvia announces impossible conditions for provision of state aid
Over sixty Ukrainian refugees accommodated at Lithuanian parliament’s hotel
Ukraine War: Protesters gather outside German embassy in Estonia
‘No words to describe what I saw here’: Lithuanian PM visits Ukraine
Film Estonia in Talks to Increase Funding for Cash Rebate
‘Our kids said we need to help’: Lithuanians took in three Ukrainian girls
Lembergs’ honorary member title annulled by University of Latvia
How is life back home for the Lithuanians who left the UK after Brexit?
Changed security situation making it necessary to change Estonia 2035 action plan
Lithuania to help Ukraine export agricultural products
‘Yesterday Georgia, today Ukraine, tomorrow Kazakhstan?’ – Kazakhs respond to Moscow threats
Finland, Sweden could join NATO as soon as this summer: report
Domantas Sabonis to play with Lithuania this summer
Finland’s construction sector facing unprecedented problems
How a Baltic nation ended its reliance on Russian gas
Lukashenka’s Regime at the Verge of Technical Default
Denmark Expels 15 Russians Working at the Embassy in Copenhagen
Hesburger pledges to close all Russian outlets during April
A displaced Ukrainian women’s choir sings in defiance of Putin
Germany’s Baerbock calls for ‘heavy weapons’ for Ukraine
Airbnb cancels existing reservations in Russia and Belarus
Finnish military to procure surveillance drones valued at €14m
Poland: Warsaw hands over Russian ‘spy nest’ to Ukrainians
Belarus is not Russia: why EU should not give up on Belarus
Putin’s threats to Nato not to interfere in the war are unfortunately working
New Zealand Sending Hercules Plane, Personnel to Europe
Seriously ill patients die after being denied hospital care in Shanghai lockdown
Italian premier says Algeria to boost natural gas exports
Russia Defaults on Bond Payments After US Blocks Funds
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan Dispatch Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine
Tajikistan authorities dither as remittance plunge looms
Bulgaria to launch AI and computer science research institute backed by AWS, Google and DeepMind
Slovakia in talks over possible transfer of MiG jets to Ukraine
Vandals Scrawl Russian War Symbols on Romanian Cemetery in Moldova
Faroe Islands: the most remote outpost of Scandi Noir
Faroe tunnel investors “serious” about $3.4bn Channel Island link
Allies and Partners practice Air Policing scenarios over Baltic Sea
Latvia welcomes Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russian violence
NATO: Estonia’s capability improvements in line with alliance expectations
airBaltic Receives First Place in Sustainable Brand Index in the Transport and Travel Sector in Latvia
Tallinn to buy 23 new trams from Polish manufacturer
Lithuanian Products Center opens in Taipei
PPA in Narva stopping drivers who display ‘Ribbon of Saint George’
Ruling coalition conceptually agree to build a liquefied gas terminal in Latvia
Sanctions have not yet reduced flow of goods from Russia to Estonia
Read President Levits’ ‘Churchill lecture’ in Switzerland
OX2 expands to Estonia, eyes 500 MW onshore wind
Rally in Vilnius calls on Germany to ‘wake up’ and stop buying Russian energy
Police in Latvia detain man attempting to damage Ukraine’s flag near government building
Pending state decision on cultural heritage, Lithuania’s Raseiniai hides Soviet monuments
Government approves Latvia’s Stability Program 2022-2025
Lithuanian, Ukrainian ministers sign deal to protect children in wartime
The war on Estonian forests
Unprecedented queues form on Lithuania-Belarus border following EU’s sanctions
Investors emerge in future LNG development in Latvia
Lithuania was first to help Ukraine, Zelensky tells country’s parliament
Survey: Kremlin channels lose significance with Russian-speakers in Estonia
Swedish Defense Minister in Latvia for talks
ISS: Economic relations with Russia undermining Estonian security
Hundreds of trucks lined up to leave on Latvia’s eastern border
Lithuania’s budget deficit to reach 4.9 percent of GDP in 2022 – minister
How Mongolia, with a little help from Estonia, became tech’s next hidden gem
Russia’s actions in Ukraine are genocide – Lithuanian parliament
Estonia’s ISS: China was aware of Russia’s planned aggression in Ukraine
War refugee and 300 Lithuanians dedicate song to Ukraine – video
Giant undersea cables set to give the UK and Germany their first direct energy link
First group of unaccompanied children returns to Ukraine from Lithuania
Can Europe and Turkey crowd Russia out of the Caucasus?
Lithuania’s second-largest city to remove Soviet memorials
Russians Use Border Crossing Point in Norway to Reach Europe
Ukraine and Estonia show government digital ID leadership
OPEC tells EU it’s not possible to replace potential Russian oil supply loss
Eurovision 2022 Latvia profile: ‘Eat Your Salad’ by Citi Zēni
In Ukraine, Facebook fact-checkers fight a war on two fronts
Scottish links to the Nordic Council strengthened following international talks
‘Ukrainians appreciated the visit of von der Leyen’
Romania hasn’t always seen itself as a safe haven. War in Ukraine has changed that
Close to two-thirds of Ukrainian children displaced since Russian invasion’s start: UNICEF
Nokia to exit Russia
As EU looks to stop Russian gas imports, Israel sees an opening
NATO Norway drills a cold shot across Russia’s bow
Czechs provide free shooting training for local Ukrainians
Russian Chemical Attack In Mariupol: First Details About Casualties Revealed
Turkey detains former Kurdish party officials for PKK links
Sweden to open museum in tribute to Metallica bassist Cliff Burton
Sri Lanka halts debt repayment pending IMF bailout plan
Denmark’s Hyped Green Hydrogen Company Plunges After Design Flaw
Ukraine says potent Russian hack against power grid thwarted
To Curb Smuggling, Norway Has Been Killing Confiscated Wildlife
Survey: Majority of Finns consider Russia a significant military threat
Italy Arrests Villa of Russian Oligarch of Belarusian Origin
Ukraine: EU countries to receive €3.5 billion in additional pre-financing for hosting refugees
Denmark: ​2021 sees highest pension contribution growth since 2010
Grabbed in the Street and Punched in the Ribs: How “Mobilisation” Goes in the “LPR”
Finland considers allowing police to use passport fingerprints in solving crimes
Sweden’s ruling party launches internal NATO debate as public support grows
Russian Forces Appear to Move Military Equipment to Finland Border in Video
Environmental activists block transit of Russian coal through Finland
Germany: Over 1 in 4 people have ‘migrant background’
Intelligence: Russian Special Services Plan a Series of Terrorist Attacks in Belgorod and Other Russian Cities
From Denmark to Portugal, Europe ups effort to quit Russian gas
Germany seeks new path in the troubled Sahel
Olivia and Leo Finland’s most popular baby names in 2021
Belarus: Supporter of the “Russian World” Kills Engineer at Peleng Plant Who Supported Change and Ukraine
Why Belarus is yet to join Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
World Bank planning to give support worth $1.5bn to Ukraine
Ukraine snubs German president over past ‘close ties to Russia’
Russia distributes its passports among forcibly deported Ukrainians – Ombudswoman
Turkmenistan: Serdar ascending
Serbia Targets Purchase of Powerful Swedish Facial Recognition Software
Albania’s former ‘Stalin City’ looks West with NATO airbase
1873 April 13: Colfax massacre
As Canada sends more troops to Latvia, some locals fear country may be dragged into larger war
Some NATO countries have doubt on eastern flank capabilities – Lithuanian defmin
Lynx hunting forbidden in Latvia
Ukraine war did not leed to worsened domestic situation in Estonia
We see resistance from several countries – Lithuania’s Landsbergis on Russian oil embargo
Ukraine rapes protested in front of Tallinn’s Russian Embassy
Ukraine’s bombing and shelling lead to Westerners’ holiday cancellations in Lithuania
Ukrainian school opens for refugee children in Tallinn
Lithuanian sauce maker struggles to divest from Kaliningrad
The first Verde building is now more than 60% leased out – KPMG in Latvia joins the community
Ukraine war: Europe’s army of Elves fights real-world Russian disinformation
Egg-sact data from Statistics Office
Russia might spark migration crisis in EU’s east
Tallinn to involve 500 cyclists in mapping survey
Latvian photographer wins top professional award
Territorial Defense commanders from Baltic Sea Region gather in Lithuania
Rīga Contemporary Art Biennial postponed to 2023
Alexela to build Paldiski LNG terminal with Infortar
Lithuania to buy over 100 additional infantry fighting vehicles from Germany
Zelenskyy: The black pages of our history should not be repeated
Ukrainian boxers come to Latvia to train and participate in tournaments
Russia’s war against Ukraine displays clear signs of genocide — Estonian PM
Latvia would be ready to withdraw from Russian-Belarusian power grid already today, but there are physical limitations
NGO chief to MPs: You want to help the children of Ukraine? Send weapons
Latvia announces procurement of nine battery-powered electric trains
Lithuania ready for Russia’s potential hybrid attacks – PM
Saeima Foreign Affairs Committee acknowledges Russia’s genocide against Ukrainian people, calls for comprehensive sanctions
‘Every murderer and rapist will be brought to justice’, Lithuanian president
Baltic and Polish Presidents in Ukraine
Estonia’s Paldiski LNG to be finalised before autumn: press
Latvia to Introduce Its Digital Nomad Visa
Vytautas Landsbergis: German friends, you need to act – opinion
Latvia to give drone training to Ukrainians
Turkey Positions Itself as Key to Ending Europe’s Dependence on Russian Energy
With Russian aggression comes turbulence for Norway’s air defense planning
South Sudan Facing its Worst Food Crisis on Record
Finland, Sweden expect rapid domestic debate on NATO membership
Biden authorizes another $800 million in US military aid to Ukraine
How Germany Inc. played Russian roulette — and lost
Kremlin Rejects Kyiv’s Offer To Swap Captured Pro-Russia Politician For Prisoners Of War
There’s no diplomatic path to end Russia’s assault on Ukraine, Polish diplomat says
Despite sanctions, Russian economy posts record current account surplus in Q1
Sweden wins the NATO lottery
Biden says Russia committing genocide in Ukraine
Guns, bomb shelters and anti-radiation meds: More people in Finland are preparing for war with Russia
Airbus urges EU leaders not to sanction Russian titanium
Luhansk Region Prevents Chlorine Explosion Provocation
Time for Europe to switch off Putin’s energy
Belarusian Taxi Driver Refuses to Serve Russian Occupier
New Zealand court rules suspect can be extradited to China
Remotely Operated Cranes for Norway’s Offshore Platforms
France’s Le Pen warns against sending weapons to Ukraine
Belarusian Volunteer “Tur” Awarded Title Of Hero Of Ukraine
Forced into a basement in Ukraine, residents began to die
British Intelligence Reveals What’s Behind Appointment Of New Commander Of Russian Forces In Ukraine
Ukrainian Marines Breakthrough In Mariupol: Details Become Known
Netflix to take over Finnish gaming company
Lukashenka Openly Mocked in Presence of Putin
US May Hand Ukraine Missiles Capable of Striking at Russian Airfields
Finland and Sweden joining Nato would increase security in the Baltic Sea region
Amid war in Ukraine, work resumes on Poland-Norway gas pipeline
Finnish Prime Minister: Nato decision will happen “within weeks not months”
Germany faces $240 billion hit if Russian gas is cut off
Zelenskyy’s Steinmeier snub triggers backlash in Germany
Sámi activists win fishing rights case
Global food grain crisis driven by China’s hoarding?
Western fear of arming Ukraine holds back its victory
China to strengthen control, resource exploitation in Tibet with 21.6 billion yuan for road building this year
“Mantinc el català”: 21-day challenge not to switch to Spanish to promote the use of #Catalan
The anti-Azerbaijani campaign in Russian media
Transgender Teenager’s Suicide in Moldova Sparks Call for Law Change
Bosnian Serb Army Officer Faces Srebrenica Trial in Serbia
Bulgaria to Maintain Block on North Macedonia’s Path to EU: Minister
150 salmonella cases in Europe linked to Belgium’s Kinder factory
Maybe Putin isn’t a strategic genius after all
Le Pen wants France out of NATO integrated command, backs NATO-Russia links
Flight free travel is the only option in these 5 European countries
1931 April 14: Proclamation of Catalan Republic by Francesc Macià
1978 April 14: Georgian Language Day
April 14: Rememberance day of Al-Anfal genocide campaign against Kurdistan
Estonia asks for more British troops to deter possible Russian attack
Raydiant Opens Lithuania Office with Plans to Recruit 130 New Employees by End of 2023 as Part of Global Expansion Plan
Pivotal luge Congress in June moved from Latvia to Austria
Lithuania-Taiwan cultural ties showcased at NTMoFA exhibits in Taichung
Estonian president in Ukraine: More military aid urgently required
“A million roses like sentiments” – Monika Liu sings of fading memories in the “Sentimentai” lyrics
Jüri Luik: West has shown unprecedented unity over Ukraine
Lithuania, a new democracy, a new friend— Uzupio, a strange republic
Võru council member loses confidence vote over sharing war disinformation
Tourism in Latvia still in recovery mode after Covid-19 pandemic
Karnataka, Estonia plan exchange programmes in medical education
‘We were melting snow to have water’: Lithuanian-Ukrainian woman escaped from Mariupol
Justice Ministry to propose dismantling Soviet Victory monument in Latvia
Fear of war impacting Estonia’s investors, tourism and education sectors
Interview with editor of new Latvia-based Novaya Gazeta Europe
NATO cyberdefense center in Tallinn raises Ukrainian flag in solidarity
Finland, Sweden in NATO would be ‘game changer’ for Baltic security – Lithuanian PM
Russia threatens nuclear buildup if Finland and Sweden join NATO
Russia already has nuclear weapons in the Baltic region, says Lithuania
2ANNAS film festival announces winners
Estonian War Museum opens ‘legendary’ Javelin missile system exhibition
Special court or tribunal should be created due to Russia’s aggression – President of Latvia
UK RAF Voyager spotted heading over Estonia in major NATO operation
Survey: 66% of Latvia’s population supports sanctions against Russia
Lithuania to suspend state of emergency to pass constitutional amendments
Estonia calls on Nato to double troops in country to deter Russia
Teachers caught spreading Russian propaganda to students in Vilnius have resigned – ministry
Priit Sibul: Ukranian-language, Estonian-minded school for refugee children
The big role that small countries are playing in supplying Ukraine
Rail Baltica publishes 2-billion-euro procurement plan
U.S. Says Seven Boeing Planes Belonging To Belarus’s National Airline Violate U.S. Export Controls
Large trampoline park bounces into Rīga shopping mall
Switzerland adopts further EU sanctions against Russia and Belarus
airBaltic reports 41% turnover growth for 2021
Estonia fast-tracks €200-million armored vehicle procurement
Center MEP Yana Toom: We’re losing voters over Ukraine war
Belarus waives visas for citizens of Lithuania, Latvia on 15 April-15 May
Lithuanian parliament grants special status to Rūdninkai military training area
Russian citizens actively applying for Estonian citizenship
Extra US troops with Paladin artillery systems arrive in Lithuania
Estonia to fund emergency alert system and eastern border with supplementary budget
Court orders Ryanair to pay 600,000 EUR to ex-employees in Lithuania
Flagship Of Russian Black Sea Fleet Cruiser “Moskva” Sent SOS Signal And Sank
Lithuania hands over equipment to Ukraine to restore Ukrainian broadcasting in regions – Tkachenko
Still don’t visit Belarus
Over 30,000 Ukrainian immigrants have arrived in Estonia
Latvian Foreign Minister to welcome the Foreign Ministers of the Baltic States and Germany to Riga
Column: Stop Russia now or suffer later
Ukrainian lawmaker: Rape ‘happening systematically’ in areas occupied by Russia
Canadian troops being deployed to Poland on humanitarian mission
UK voices support for possible NATO memberships for Finland, Sweden
Zhadnost DDoS botnet deployed against Finland
Elon Musk Offers to Buy Twitter
Allies practise air interoperability with Finland and Sweden
Israel successfully tests new laser missile defense system
Heads of Czech Republic and Poland parliaments visit liberated towns in Kyiv region
Russian Media Say Popular Computer Fonts Blocked Amid Sanctions Over War In Ukraine
British man captured in Ukraine reportedly pictured beaten and handcuffed
Irish Foreign Minister Travels to Kyiv To Discuss Support For Ukraine
Poland will get a new air-defense system after the summer
ECB confirms plans to roll back stimulus, end bond buys in Q3
Some Belarusians want to fight Russians in Ukraine. They also hope to free their country from Putin’s grip
How Germany manages EU funds in Africa
Kim gives North Korea’s most famous newscaster a luxury home
Why does Germany have such a hot solar-startup scene?
Sweden First Country To Target Emissions From Imported Goods
Egypt, Norway Discuss Enhancing Agricultural Sector’s Ability to Face Climate Change
Ukraine Must Stop Trading With Lukashenka Regime
COAF and Lithuanian Embassy launch women-led business in rural Armenia
Serbian Muslim Leader’s Body to be Exhumed Due to Suspected Poisoning
Albania Govt Expels Helsinki Committee from Asylum Commission
Albania to Build New Interconnector With Kosovo, Montenegro
North Macedonia Central bank raises key rate by 0.25%
Austrian leader says Putin told him gas payments in euros can continue
Switzerland seeking to join six European infrastructure networks
Monaco Grand Prix organisers insist race will retain spot on F1 calendar
The military wants ‘robot ships’ to replace sailors in battle
NATO Scrambling More Often in Response to Russian Jets Near Poland
Chelsea oligarch Roman Abramovich has his assets worth £5.4bn frozen – by the tiny Channel Island of Jersey
A life through the lens of landscape, loss and Latvia
Lithuania to set up new military training ground
IBA Group Opens Office in Baltic Region
Four Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 ships visit Tallinn
3 Orthodox priests sacked in Lithuania after criticizing Russian invasion, patriarch
Estonia’s national defense among the most cost-effective in NATO
Foreign Ministry issues warning as Belarus offers visa-free visits for Lithuanians
Allentown’s Nikos Filipos a double medalist at Estonia’s Tallinn Open
Estonian president on Ukraine visit: Children are playing in the rubble
How to color your Easter eggs the Latvian way
Backlash sparked by Helme claiming Ukraine refugees will ‘bring back’ HIV
Armenia, Lithuania have potential for cooperation in economy, IT, education, and culture
Russia warns of nuclear, hypersonic deployment if Sweden and Finland join NATO
Lithuania starts training Ukrainian troops to use anti-tank weapons
Rundale Palace Is Nicknamed The Baltic Versailles For A Reason
Bite Lithuania starts smartphone rental service
‘Why Bother Talking To Liars?’ Estonia’s Former President Says No Point Negotiating With Russia
Russian, Belarusian trucks to be allowed to exit Lithuania after sanctions’ deadline
Over 370,000 cars leave Barcelona metropolitan area for Easter holidays
NATO’s northern flank would be more robust if Sweden and Finland join, expert says
Snoop Dogg plans ‘epic’ Celtic title celebration in Glasgow if hoops win league
Is Russian civil society dead?
Cambodian officials move against opposition activists ahead of June elections
Russia finds sympathy in Germany’s east, Putin’s old stomping ground
Tibetan language advocate barred from hotels in Tibet
Sweden to provide 20,000 emergency shelters to Ukraine
Japan amends law to allow military aircraft to evacuate foreigners from trouble spots
Ukraine is scanning faces of dead Russians, then contacting the mothers
Ukraine’s port of Mariupol holds out against all odds
What the ruthless new commander of Russia’s military in Ukraine signals for the war
Albania could be gas hub of the Balkans with new US deal
HS: Imports of Russian crude oil to Finland could stop in July
China stages military exercises as US lawmakers visit Taiwan
NATO troops conducted a routine war exercise in the Arctic. This year felt different
US cannot ‘take lightly’ threat Russia could use nuclear weapons – CIA chief
NATO wants Sweden’s military might ‘They’re more powerful than most countries’
Russia asks Brazil to help keep sway at IMF and World Bank
Bucha: a turning point–not only in Putin’s war in Ukraine, but in relations between Moscow and the world
Britain Imposes Sanctions On Close Associates Of Billionaire Chelsea Owner Abramovich
Russians Robbed Police Station In Chernobyl And Sent Radioactive “Gifts” To Mothers
Kurdish Traders Brave A ‘Killing Field’ On Iran-Iraq Border
Poland ready to repatriate Poles in western Ukraine, PM pledges
Over 10% of citizen proposals on EU’s future require treaty changes, expert says
Some Of Russian Military Planes Disappeared In Belarus
Siberian Journalists Face Prison for ‘Fake’ War Reporting
Poland accelerates delivery of a new air-defence system amid war in Ukraine
Kosovo Police Attacked Near Border with Serbia
Sinking Of Russian Black Sea Fleet Flagship Caused Storm Of Memes On Net
UN Food Chief Says Mariupol Is Starving
Finland Joining NATO ‘Highly Likely’ And Hopefully ‘Swift,’ Finnish Minister Says
For Ukrainian competitors Invictus Games are break from war
Cuba viewed as Belarus’ reliable ally
Activist who was imprisoned in China returns to Taiwan
Soldiers Of Brigade Named After Black Zaporozhian Cossacks Repeated Feat Of 300 Spartans
Ukraine agrees to financial support from Japan, Canada
Applications are now open for Denmark’s Village of the Year award
Zelenskiy asked Biden to designate Russia a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ – Washington Post
The West Finally Starts Rolling Out the Big Guns for Ukraine
Riots erupt in Sweden’s Orebro ahead of right-wing extremist demonstration
Havila Forced to Cancel Norway Sailing due to Russian Sanctions
Written to the sound of Russian artillery fire, Oleksandr Shchetynsky’s Lacrimosa to be performed in Lviv
Russia will go all the way to protect Belarus
Belarus bans EU-registered trucks from entering country
What If Germany Boycotts Russian Energy?
Witold Waszczykowski: Lukashenka must leave
Germany officially seizes world’s largest yacht owned by Russian oligarch
Putin thought Ukraine war was a missile to Nato. It may be a boomerang
A look into Sweden and Finland’s Russia policy
U.S. Joins Norway in Probe of PetroNor Executives
Russia shelled its village to blame Ukraine, SBU intercepts claim
Egyptian, Danish geoscience students explore jointly sustainable agriculture
How Russia justifies the murder of Ukrainians: Russia’s 2022 “genocide handbook” deconstructed
Kazakhstan: Labor unrest troubles another Chinese project
China makes fresh forays into gold mining sector in Tajikistan
Russian émigrés face chilly reception in Georgia
Officials in Karabakh break with Armenia over negotiations
Lebanon ready to work with Cyprus, but not Israel, on offshore gas
Kosovo’s underground LGBTQ community leads ‘double life’
Romania suspends military MIG-21 flights, to speed up F-16 purchase
Czechia is taking the reins of the EU presidency – what exactly does that mean?
Does Spain have the Holy Grail?
Greece Stands Firm on Russia Sanctions, Despite the Cost
Explore Portugal’s Black History With The African Lisbon Tour
Croatia’s first unicorn opens 150 million kuna campus in Zagreb
Foreign Ministers of the North Macedonia and BiH meet in Sarajevo
North Macedonia expels another six Russian diplomats
UK, US health officials investigating cases of severe hepatitis with unknown causes in children
Overwhelming support for retention of Ireland’s military neutrality
Russia blocks FRANCE 24 sister radio station RFI website
schmidt hammer lassen will build the world’s tallest timber tower in switzerland
From Luxembourg’s 1960s: two venerated art rebels
Ukraine war: Germany boosts military aid budget to €2 billion — as it happened
Proper evidence key to Isle of Man wallaby policy, says charity
Baltic and Polish presidents promise Zelensky to continue military and humanitarian support
Ghanaian duo named in Estonia Premier League Team of the Week
Fernandez, Marino both victorious in qualifier as Canada takes strong lead over Latvia at Billie Jean King Cup
Number of Ukrainian war refugees registered in Lithuania rises to 45,500
A new Estonian centre to be built in Toronto
A Top 10 tennis star talks her meteoric rise, her off-court hobbies, and playing through war close to home
Latvian President says there are signs of genocide in Ukraine
Representatives of Estonia, Latvia discuss possibilities for developing transport
Ukraine: Royal Welsh troops aid Estonia amongst war
In exchange for Incukalns gas storage, Latvia will receive supply capacity from Klaipeda
How Clare Daly and Mick Wallace became stars of authoritarian state media
Latvia for first time since February does not record highest Covid-19 mortality rate among EU/EEA countries – ECDC
With holiday season approaching, Ukrainian refugees to lose housing in Lithuanian resorts
Lithuania’s president urges Sweden and Finland to join Nato
Ukrainians can apply for jobs in Finland, but will they find them?
Armenian Troops Committed Atrocities Against Azerbaijani Captives During Second Karabakh War, Says US State Department
Russian Su-35s Flew From Belarusian Baranavichy To Bomb Lviv Region
Russia warns Czechia against supplying Ukraine with weapons of Soviet origin
Germany promises to boost military aid to Ukraine
Udogie hands Nigeria blow as he picks Italy for international matches
British aircraft carrier visits remote island in Norwegian Arctic
Dodik and Vucic: Relations between Serbia and RS have never been stronger
Lithuanian citizens travelling to Belarus, Russia are being recruited – minister
Pro-Russia Serbs protest in Belgrade to support Russia and against NATO
Taiwan, Poland ties face challenges
US Ambassador to Albania Warns Opponents of Justice Reform
Nicola Sturgeon ‘won’t shy away from condemning’ Vladimir Putin after Russia ban
Japan firm donates 1,000 interpreting devices to help Ukrainian evacuees
North Koreans pay for sons to spend military service in cushy capital posts
Britain’s Boris Johnson banned from Russia over support for Ukraine
Russian Warship Stamp Becomes Collector’s Item in Ukraine
Poland’s deputy PM: War gives Poland, Ukraine chance to bury troubled past
Russian oligarch Deripaska’s yacht arrives in Turkish waters