Macron v Le Pen; Blinken, Austin to Visit Kyiv

1916 Irish Easter Rising (Éirí Amach na Cásca)
1932 Easter Sunday: Aberri Eguna (“Fatherland Day”) in Basque Country
1946 April 17: Evacuation Day, Syria
1975 April 17: Khmer Rouge Killing Fields, Cambodia
Poll: What is your favourite Baltic entry at Eurovision 2022?
Pro-Russia Serbs protest in Belgrade to support Russia and against NATO
Germany to Provide Over 1 Billion Euros’ Military Aid to Ukraine
1980 April 18: Zimbabwe Independence Day
Almost half of Luxembourg’s salaried jobs done by cross-border workers
Montenegro Arrests Ex-Head of Supreme Court for Abuse of Office
ISIL terrorist plot foiled in Russia’s Karachay
Aynur Shayakhmetov Charged for Quoting Anti-War Tupac Lyric in Bashkortostan
Concacaf, UEFA laud GFF for exposing U-16 Boys in Europe
Russia-Ukraine war: When the truth is denied future is denied
EU renews drone use to detect violations of ship emissions
Russia’s Antipinsky refinery starts fuel oil loadings for Estonia
US security experts: Strategy to defend the Baltics needs to be overhauled
Congregations celebrate Easter in person for first time in two years
Four recipes for leftover Easter eggs
Estonia: Liisa Pakosta appointed new director of National Heritage Board
Riga Photography Biennial starts April 21
Protesters again gather in front of German and French embassies in Tallinn
‘We didn’t want to wait for Russian structures to ruin our lives’: Lithuanian woman returned from Moscow
Estonia: Support for Reform Party hits 30 percent
War has changed imports from Russia
How Estonia wants to steer clear of Russian propaganda
Macroeconomics professor: We have to get used to prices remaining higher
Estonian singer Marju Kuut dies
The lightness of being serious. Short stories by Giedra Radvilavičiūtė
Biggest shipwreck of its kind unearthed at Tallinn construction site
Bite Lithuania opens shop aimed at Ukrainian users
National aviation group Nordica buys Airbus A320
‘It is time to organise an international tribunal on Russian war crimes’
German police probe displays of support for Russian invasion of Ukraine
Syrian fighters ready to join next phase of Ukraine war
United States, Belize, Germany, Indonesia, and Senegal to co-host the second Global COVID-19 Summit
German bosses, unions jointly oppose boycott of Russian gas
Romania to accelerate planned F-16 acquisition from Norway
Mariupol says 40,000 deported from besieged city to Russian regions
Germany suspends project financing in RS over BiH obstruction by Serbia
France’s Macron says dialogue with Putin stalled after mass killings discovered in Ukraine
Albanian ‘ministry of propaganda’ not same as German model
They have fled to safety but Ukraine’s youngest are not fine
Finnish passport ranked “third strongest” in world
Canadian charity sending backpacks, school supplies to Ukrainian children in Poland
Finnish public donates €53 million to help Ukrainians
From theme parks to power plants, why Denmark is our sustainable destination of 2022
US Senators heading to Poland, India, Germany to rally Ukraine support
Norwegian police warn of exploitation of Ukrainian refugees
Denmark wants to create a state-controlled climate label
With relatively modest inflation, Finland no longer so expensive by EU standards
Several dozen hurt in days of unrest in Sweden
Ukraine stares down Russia at Kharkiv’s ‘point zero’
Germany Has a Hungary Problem
‘Finland will be a member of NATO this summer,’ says Finnish Cabinet Minister Mika Linktila
April 19, 1940: Indian Day, Brazil
Suspected 2015 Paris attacks accomplices go on trial in Belgium
UN to debate move to limit veto power of Security Council permanent members
NATO Secretary General participates in leaders’ call hosted by President Biden
From Associated to Candidate Trio? Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova’s EU membership journey
Crimean Tatar Handed Lengthy Prison Term In Russia On Extremism Charge
Postimees to publish Russian print weekly with government support
War in Ukraine will slow down Latvia’s economic growth: Finance Ministry
Lithuanian, Ukrainian presidents discuss further military assistance
Sunflowers will blossom at Victory Park in Rīga in support of Ukraine
Russian gas could be replaced with Estonian shale oil in heating
Lithuania launches new campaign against war in Ukraine: “I am not Sakharov but…”
If anyone understands Russian cyber dangers, it’s Estonia’s former president
‘Ironically, Russians feel themselves victims’ – interview with Russia anthropologist
Riigikogu strips Mihhail Korb of immunity
Spending habits change with Latvia’s double-digit inflation
Estonia’s Kristjan Prikk says NATO deterrence model no longer enough
76 drunk drivers caught over Easter in Latvia
Zelenskyy hands Ukrainian EU accession answers to diplomat Matti Maasikas
Lithuania to start treating Covid as a regular disease
Grass fires blaze across Latvia with two dead in five days
Ukraine’s largest tour operator Join UP! starts operations in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
Energy crisis in oil supply until end of year in Latvia
Head of Lithuanian Orthodox Church denies supporting war, accuses priests of conspiracy
US Embassy launches 100-day program marking century of US-Estonia relations
Lithuania bans the use of Russian war symbols
Latvian home affairs to require extra funding due to war
Latvian president confident Ukraine will withstand its ordeal and win the war
Latvia plans to compensate abortions for rape victims in Ukraine
Court acquits defendants in Lithuania’s MG Group corruption case
War crime supporters in Latvia to have their citizenship revoked
Protest outside Russian embassy in Vilnius draws attention to Ukrainian rape victims
Latvian luge legends brothers Šics’ careers reach finish line
Latvia to stop using Russian gas as of 2023
NATO launches cyber wargame amid looming Russian threats
Estonia hosts the world’s largest cyber exercise
A fake cyberwar held in Estonia could help nations prepare for real life threats
Poland Proceeds With Barrier-Building on Border With Belarus Despite Welcoming Ukrainians
Canada imposing sanctions on Putin’s daughters
Russia holds about 27,000 Mariupolites in “filtration camps” in Donetsk Oblast – Mariupol authorities
Western Leaders Pledge To Send Artillery To Help Ukraine In New Phase Of War
Denmark to Hike Gas Output to Help Europe Wean Off Russia Supply
Germany releases €3bn to acquire floating LNG terminals
Riot In Dagestan: Caucasians Refuse To Fight Against Ukraine
Rolls-Royce expecting UK approval for mini nuclear reactor by mid-2024
Gas prices lift Norway’s March trade surplus to record
To face the Russian threat, Europeans need to spend together – not side by side
Talks Between Russia And Ukraine Frozen: Erdogan Gave Reason
Britain examining anti-ship missile solution for Ukraine
Has Finland really solved homelessness?
Russian Black Sea Fleet Sailors Refuse To Fight Against Ukraine Because Of Heavy Losses
A viral Ukrainian appeal to the ultra-rich: ‘Buy me a fighter jet’
A Ukrainian-American woman’s family were forced to flee to Russia. She smuggled them to Poland
Huge problem facing Russia, as Russian, Belarusian trucks queue on Polish border
Public Garden In Kyiv To Be Named After Kastus Kalinouski
Poland launches “container towns” for internally displaced Ukrainians
Lavrov Announces Start Of “Next Phase” Of War Against Ukraine
Poland renews push to remove Soviet monuments amid Russia’s war in Ukraine
Military Registration And Enlistment Office In Mordovia Bombarded With Molotov Cocktails
Literary foundation offers Helsinki flats for Ukrainians
Greece Arrests Russian Crude Oil Tanker
The Real Reason Germany Is Always Afraid
‘Russian warship, go …!’: Ukrainians queue for stamp celebrating act of defiance
Denmark’s capital region to open medical clinics for Ukrainian refugees
Ukrainian identity: away from Moscow
Germany Enlists Defense Firms to Supply Ukraine With Weapons
Finland to provide another batch of military aid to Ukraine
Europa’s similarity to Greenland hints that Jupiter moon could harbor life
Digital Tirana: Albania’s capital invests in tech
All large euro zone banks can withstand Russian write-off, ECB says
NATO Military Committee Chair commends Bulgaria for reinforcing NATO’s Collective Defence
Moldova Makes Plans to Escape Russian Energy Dependence
Azerbaijan quiet as Karabakh negotiations progress
Polish ambassador predicts rapid change for Russia if it loses Ukraine war
Censored in Russian, anti-war activists turn to indigenous languages
Baerbock: We have much to learn from the Baltics in terms of defense
German Foreign Minister Baerbock begins Baltic tour with promise of stronger support
Latvian, German foreign ministers meet in Rīga
Ukraine needs greater and more widespread support – Rinkevics
Joint Foreign Ministers’ Statement on Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine
Live updates | Desperate appeal to evacuate Mariupol mill
Electricity behind Estonia’s industrial output price rise in March
Ukrainian refugees quick to find jobs in Cēsis, Latvia
‘I’ve always identified most with my Lithuanian side’, says American who obtained Lithuanian citizenship
Feldmans: LNG terminal is in Latvia’s strategic interests
Lithuania’s LNG terminal helps Europe to cut Russian gas addiction
Latvia ranks highest among OECD countries for women in science
Lithuanian municipalities allowed to remove Soviet heritage at cemeteries
Tallinn wants to rename Lembitu Park as Ukraine Square
Namejs 2022 military training takes place in Latvia
Lithuania shuts Russian consulate
Lost Russian supply forcing companies to buy expensive wood from Nordics
A Brief Guide to Online Gambling in Latvia
Chicken eggs among foods whose prices continue to rise
Latvian media space shifts focus from Covid to war: LETA
Estonia spent EUR 170 m on helping pay energy bills this season
About hundred half-naked women stage rally at Russian Embassy in Riga to protest sexual violence and war crimes in Ukraine
Per GDP, Estonia has donated far more to Ukraine than any other nation
Annual Rīga Airport passenger numbers up 9.2 times in March
Estonia must recognise Chinese genocide in Xinjiang
Latvian Saeima committee supports development of infrastructure necessary for construction of nuclear power plant
Taxi prices not affected by Yandex leaving market
Belarus tech firm in Vilnius attempts to transfer sanctioned funds from Russia – LRT Investigation
Man to be put on trial for publicly speaking against Latvia’s independence
Wolt and Bolt Food stop deliveries from restaurants linked to Kaunas mayor
Government agrees in principle to give up Russian gas imports and build LNG terminal in Latvia
Lithuania wants NATO to prep ‘forward defence’ in Baltics
Rapid inflation may force early pension indexation in Latvia
Chinese man gets 20 years in Rwanda for whipping a local man
Nicaragua shuts down more than two dozen NGOs critical of Ortega
Garry Kasparov: Putin Will Die At Hands Of His Entourage
Iceland Would Support Finland Joining NATO, Prime Minister Says
Momentum builds for Sweden to join Nato
Wimbledon bars players from Russia, Belarus due to war in Ukraine
Independent Trade Union Representatives Detained In Belarus
In ‘land of partisans,’ Belarus activists fight their government’s support of Russian war
Russia issues new warning about Finland, Sweden joining Nato
Ukraine receives fighter planes, aircraft parts to bolster air force
Norway sends Ukraine 100 anti-air missiles
China Deploying J-20 Fighters in Asia to Counter US F-35s
Denmark in talks with Rwanda on transfer of asylum-seekers
Greeks pay the highest electricity price in the EU
This measure of German inflation just hit its highest level since 1949
YouTube Blocks Account of Hong Kong’s Sole Leadership Candidate
One million Ericsson 5G products made at Tczew factory in Poland
Ethiopians Line Up at Russian Embassy as Officials Deny Recruitment Effort
Report: Hunger kills hundreds of kids in Ethiopia’s Tigray
Germany calls for global food security alliance
Giving for Ukraine’s Victims Slows Even as War Intensifies
Poland to double budget of rail investment plan
Finance Ministers From Western Countries Walk Out Of G20 Meeting As Russian Delegates Speak
Germany Rejects Putin’s Demand for Gas Payments in Rubles
Students Raise Cash For Archery Coach Fined For Removing ‘Z’ Sign In Buryatia
Belarus: Doctor Cuts His Throat In Pre-Trial Detention Center
First American howitzers bound for Ukraine arrive in Europe as US troops begin training Ukrainians on the cannons
Germany to give up Russian oil by year end – Baerbock
IMF cuts eurozone 2022 growth forecast on Ukraine war
Poland and Hungary Part Ways on Putin
Slovakia’s former prime minister faces criminal charges
Belarus launches new crackdown on activists, journalists
G-7 finance chiefs commit at least $24 billion to support Ukraine
UN asks China to account for custodial disappearances of Tibetan writer, musician, teacher
Austria Stopped Importing, Refining Russian Oil In March, Claims OMV
First Day of Summer in Iceland
Serbia’s president Aleksandar Vucic rejects sanctions on Russia
Australia rejects claim its security forces in Solomon Islands were told not to protect Chinese-built buildings
Pope receives Hungary’s Prime Minister: focus on Ukrainian refugees
The West can’t afford to neglect Moldova — because Putin won’t
Russia’s economic crisis threatens Uzbekistan from within
Georgians demand escape from shadow of Russian bear
Armenia and Russia working to dedollarize bilateral trade
Jacinda Ardern questions motive for China-Solomons security pact
Sanctioned Russian banks seeking way out of Kazakhstan
Iraqi Kurdistan leaders revive bid for confederation
Zambian student faces three years in jail in Russia for ‘Nazism’ after TWERKING in front of a war memorial
Talking Targeting in Estonia
More than €272 million to improve passenger transport by train in Latvia and Lithuania
Finland and Estonia bunk on floating LNG terminal to secure gas supply
New reality check both to Lithuanians and Ukrainians – very few flats left for rent in Vilnius
Latvia to initially join Paldiski LNG terminal
Russia to close consulates of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Heads of EKRE Narva branch leave party
Lithuania needs new training area, possibly shared with Latvia – MP
Estonia’s gender pay gap falls to smallest on record
Among Lithuanian fighters in Ukraine: ‘it’s our chance to crush them here’
Ukrainian MPs in Estonia: Russian actions in Ukraine genocide
Lithuania Delivers Heavy Mortars To Ukraine As War With Russia Continues
Brainstorm’s summer tour free for Ukrainian refugees
Estonia joins Baltic neighbours in outlawing symbols of military aggression
Latvia could send criminal experts to Ukraine
Ukraine looking to divert trade through Baltics
Talks on North Macedonia’s accession to EU must be started as soon as possible – Latvian president
Government denies artists in support of Putin entry into Estonia
Some Lithuanian Orthodox priests to turn away from Moscow Patriarchate
Estonia supporting Latvia in case against Sweden in European Court of Justice
Lithuania bans Gazprom-Media channels
Estonia offers free e-residency to Ukrainian entrepreneurs
Lithuania Offers Four-Day Week for Parents of Young Children
No assembly within 200 meters of Soviet victory monuments in Latvia
Lithuanian parliament amends Constitution to allow direct mayoral elections
Nataliya Kuksa: Shame on you, Russia!
Latvia’s budget deficit at 7.3% of GDP in 2021
Latvia’s challenge is to ensure energy independence from Russia in very short term – Karins
Latvia to create gas reserves at Inčukalns
Baerbock: Germany will support Estonian security, as Russian threat is real
Defense budget to rise to 2.5% of GDP in Latvia
Poll: Russian-speaking Kazakhstanis more likely to support Putin’s war in Ukraine than Kazakh speakers
Latvian and Estonian parliaments say Russia committed genocide in Ukraine
Almost 1,000 migrants fled from temporary accommodation sites in Lithuania
Poll: 9 in 10 ethnic Latvians back Ukraine against Russia, even 1 in 5 ethnic Russians there do
Lithuania extends state of emergency until late June
Latvia plans to raise minimum wage to EUR 640 or EUR 700 from 2023
Lithuania launches talks to buy more than 120 Boxer military vehicles
Biden approves another $800M in military aid, including more howitzers, for Ukraine
Expert: Shoigu’s Positions Shaken
Let It Be! ‘Owain Glyndŵr was the ancestral uncle of John Lennon’
Historic Wolt takeover halves in value after share price collapse
Catalan parliament calls on Puigdemont to explain independence movement’s alleged ties to Russia
Russia planned to invade Belarus after Lukashenko was reelected – GUR
Lubov Chernukhin: Tory donor ‘linked’ to sanctioned Russian oligarch’s secret London property
Police halt blockade of Russian coal, detain five activists
Russia Demands Return of Jerusalem Church as Tensions Rise
Norway’s Wealth Fund Lost $74 Billion in First Quarter
China Censors National Anthem Lyrics Used as Lockdown Protest
Germany Tries Crimes Against Humanity Committed in Gambia
Afghan Man Fights for Women’s Education
Germany’s Security Revolution Is Already Stalling
UK’s Boris Johnson compares Putin to crocodile, says Ukraine peace talks doomed
Denmark steps up NATO contributions
Kyrgyz Interior Ministry Denies Politics Behind Probes Against Noted Journalist
Denmark freezes state student grant for studies in Russia and Belarus
Former Senior Manager At Russian Energy Giant, Family Members Found Dead In Spain
Libya condemns deliberate abuse of Holy Quran in Sweden
New Foundation Urges Kazakh Authorities To Properly Investigate Deadly January Protests
Poland buys Saudi diesel in record import spree fueled by Ukraine war: sources
NFT Grab: Georgians Sell Off Russian Territory To Raise Money For Ukraine
Denmark, Spain PMs pledge more weapons to Ukraine in visit to Kyiv
‘I Will Remember This Forever’: Kyiv Orchestra Begins European Tour
Finland’s startups attracted record-breaking investment in 2021
Europe must play its key role in starving the Russian war machine
Norway issues formal apology 50 years after decriminalising homosexuality
Ukraine’s foreign minister to Bulgaria: ‘It’s time to make a choice’
Russia insists on Belarus’ inclusion in future agreements with Ukraine
Europe rediscovers biogas in search for energy independence
Russia plans sham referendum to formalize its occupation of Ukraine’s south
Queen Elizabeth II privately marks her 96th birthday
Germany plans workaround for arms deliveries to Ukraine
Powell reinforces expectations of sharp rate hike next month
Denmark Proposes Carbon Tax for Heavy Industries and Energy Sectors
Korean leaders exchange friendly letters in rare break from tensions
Container farm solution appreciated by Norway and Arab countries
Canada would be supportive of Sweden and Finland joining NATO -PM Trudeau
Singapore unveils acceleration programme for startups eyeing Sweden
Most Swedes favour joining Nato – especially if Finland does
Telecom firms ordered to refund customers in Poland for unwanted services
Poland wealthier than Portugal for the first time, show EU data
Lexology, War in Ukraine, migration and employment in Lithuania
Union warns Scotland is facing its ‘biggest rail strike in modern history’
France issues international arrest warrant for ex-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn
Dutch aim to stop using Russian fossil fuels by year-end
Ecuador begins effort to extradite Rafael Correa from Belgium
War Crimes in Ukraine: Austria Supports International Criminal Court
Homelessness much higher in French-speaking Switzerland, shows study
Luxembourg worried about problems at EDF nuclear plant near border – Le Parisien
History and Tradition May Not Be Enough to Save F1 Monaco Grand Prix
Northern Ireland faces loss of 1 million sheep and cattle to meet climate targets
Foreign tourists cancel bookings in Latvia due to war in Ukraine
Sen. Rick Scott Becomes First U.S. Senator to Visit Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania
Laba Daba festival returns after two years
Refugees continuing to arrive via Russia, Tallinn Bus Station overwhelmed
Lithuania’s president calls for more NATO troops
‘The role of music is to lift us above everyday life’: conductor Kristiina Poska
Estonian National Museum lamp exhibition lights up Tallinn’s Rotermann Quarter
Lithuanian conductor, composer Lionginas Abarius passes away aged 92
Estonia working on fall coronavirus plan
Baltic nations not buying Russian gas at the moment, Latvia says
Estonia sends €200,000 worth of aid to bombing victims in Ukraine
Germany ready to contribute to NATO brigade formation in Lithuania – minister
Urmas Reinsalu: Putin needs to be tried over genocide unfolding in Ukraine
Commission adopts €6.4 billion Partnership Agreement with Lithuania for 2021-2027
First ‘Melchior the Apothecary’ film off to successful start in Estonia
Olaine Prison chief selected to lead Latvia’s Prison Administration
Finland wins cyber defence exercise Locked Shields 2022
Lithuania Selects Easier & Idemia for the Biometric Entry/Exit System
DDos cyberattacks against Estonian state websites continue
Lithuania to build infantry fighting vehicles workshop in Rukla
Baltic PMs stress extensive sanctions on Russia, military support to Ukraine
Lithuanian President Urges Berlin To Tighten Sanctions Against Lukashenka Regime
Latvian Russian Union gets warning by security service
Lithuania PM Calls Russia-Ukraine War A ‘struggle Between Tyranny & Freedom’
State debt growth observed in seven EU member states, Latvia included
Lithuanian actor, monk Kęstutis Marčiulynas dies in South Korea
Germany’s Baerbock calls for stronger NATO strategy in Baltics
First NBA Basketball School in Eastern Europe opens in Vilnius
Ogre municipality to dismantle five Soviet monuments
Kazakhstan and Lithuania increase interregional cooperation
Hun Sen favors cronies with parcels of drained lake land
Finland ramping up preparations for NATO accession
Vietnamese journalist serving 5-year sentence loses appeal
Time for Sweden to drop the neutrality facada and join NATO
Japan keeps watch as Russian and Chinese vessels steam near its territory
The Ukrainian Aleppo, or unprecedented terror in Borodianka – Dispatch from Ukraine
Retired Army general appointed by White House to manage military aid for Ukraine as country braces for Russian assault
MEPs blast Brussels inaction on Poland’s ‘fence of shame’ in protected forest
France Blames Russian Mercenaries in Mali for False Claims About Mass Graves
French companies continue doing business as usual in Russia
Johnson calls Russian takeover of Ukraine a ‘realistic possibility’
1,700-year-old sandal found on a remote mountain in Norway
Bashkir Activist Ruslan Gabbasov Gets Political Asylum In Lithuania
Russian Missiles Launched From Belarus Nearly Caused Nuclear Catastrophe
Dutch Subsidiary Of Russia’s Alfa Bank Declared Bankrupt
NATO Membership for Sweden Would Be ‘A Small Step For The Military, But A Giant Leap For The Political System’
Warsaw mayor asks for more support, EU coordination on Ukraine refugees
Putin Promotes Commander Of Brigade That Committed Bucha Massacre To Colonel
Far-right Salvini and Orbán agree to create a new EU ‘centre-right’
Sweden charges man with spying on military installations
Warming in Europe reached 2°C on average in 2021, EU data shows
The scope of the EU energy dependence on Moscow and practical ways out
Slovakia forges ahead on carbon farming
Finland restricts electricity from Russia to prevent interference in Nato membership debate
US, EU and Western allies to subscribe to democratic principles of the internet
Sweden’s NATO debate enters decisive phase
Ukraine’s reconstruction will require sums ‘beyond imagination’, says EIB head
Germany, India in talks for sustainable development tie-up
Portugal identifies suspect in probe of missing British girl
Belarus opposition leader calls for more sanctions against Lukashenko over Ukraine
Spain museum confident it can keep painting stolen by Nazis
Ukraine war puts new focus on Finland’s network of bunkers
The Edsel, Quibi and CNN+? New addition to business failures
Ukrainian refugee children in Poland get ‘kindness backpacks’ from UK
Cyber attack causes chaos in Costa Rica government systems
Poland Could End Russian Gas Reliance by October, Shell Says
Kremlin pursues more cases against critics of Ukraine war
Poland shortlists Boeing, Bell for combat helo acquisition
Vietnam, Denmark seek ways to enhance cooperation
Sweden’s ruling party to decide on NATO by 24 May
Vladimir Putin’s nightmare scenario looks more likely as Finland and Sweden consider NATO membership
Germany makes swap deal with Slovenia to get heavy weapons to Ukraine
South Korea’s highest court overturns military convictions of two gay soldiers
Canada’s top athletes begin mobilizing to change high-performance culture
‘Not a good role model’: Hungary ties weigh on Slovenian leader’s re-election bid
‘Forgotten Genocide’ in Armenia must never be repeated anywhere | Opinion
Chile: Ricardo Lagos and the Return of the Living Dead
Feds, Inuit leaders implement new policy to recognize Inuit homeland as a distinct region
Scotland Is Poised to Become the World’s First “Rewilding Nation”
UFC Legend Khabib Nurmagomedov Walks Out With a Ukrainian Flag
BingX Opens Its Doors in Lithuania, Expanding Its Global Footprint
303 April 23: Catalonia: Sant Jordi’s Day
Death toll in Afghan mosque bombing rises to 33, Taliban say
Russia using weapons supplied by France, Germany against Ukraine
Blinken, Austin to Visit Kyiv Sunday, Zelenskyy Says
Belgium to send weapons to Ukraine, including artillery, anti-tank guided missiles
Thousands protest plan to raze German village for coal mine
Ukrainian refugees queue for food in wealthy Switzerland
Rescuers reach 4 of 10 miners missing at coal mine in Poland
Anniversary of marriage of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco
French election: Macron in pole position, Le Pen racing hard
Exhibition Difficult Pasts. Connected Worlds opens at the National Gallery of Art in Vilnius.
Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia demand a stronger NATO presence in the region
Riga hosts political consultations between Latvia and Azerbaijan
NATO ships stop at Rīga port
Lithuanian minister in Hague: justice must triumph in Ukraine
Lithuanian Airports says Soviet-era terminal ‘a propaganda tool’, calls for demolition
2022 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 World Championship: Latvia upsets Sweden!
Baltic PMs call for more military assistance for Ukraine
Latvian Russian-Speakers Protest Against Kremlin’s War In Ukraine
Lithuanian minister in Kyiv: ‘absurd’ that Russia chairs UNESCO heritage committee
Latvian ambassador returns to Kyiv
Latvia is interested in closer relations with Kosovo – Levits
Nine out of ten Lithuanians anxious about their finances. Why?
Baerbock praises German firms for staying in Lithuania despite China’s pressure
League Of Nations – UN -?
Waste has untapped potential for increasing Latvia’s energy independence – Getlini Eko
President unveils memorial plaque to Estonia’s Constituent Assembly
“Hey Hey Rise Up”: Pink Floyd and Marlaine Maas revived Ukrainian military anthem
Guglielmo Marconi: Making history in Ireland
Mexican workers vote for independent union at border plant
Manx bomb disposal specialist training troops in Ukraine
Holy Fire lights up Jerusalem’s Holy Sepulchre
Over 99,000 Ukrainian Refugees Have Arrived in Italy So Far
Russia Warns Greece of Complete Breakdown in Relations
1 Killed, Several Injured as 5.7 Quake Shakes Bosnia
European Union limits targeted advertising and content algorithms under new law
Kyiv Awaits NATO Summit Invite As Wider Security Concerns Mount
Saab anticipates fresh opportunities if Sweden joins Nato
Czechia volunteers to replace Russia on UN Human Rights Council
Will Russia Invade Moldova Next? Experts Weigh In
Russian lawmakers visit Armenian Genocide Memorial
USS Abraham Lincoln, with VIPs aboard, displays airpower at sea to underline US-Japan alliance
Tour boat with 26 aboard missing in frigid Japan waters
Female artists dominate the Venice Biennale for 1st time
Queen ‘will accept’ Scottish independence in event of Yes vote, says biographer Robert Hardman
PM vows to put Balochistan on path of rapid development
WFP: Ethiopia’s Combined Drought and Conflict to Be ‘Catastrophic’
Encounter Breaks Out In South Kashmir
Aid group says tribal violence kills 8 in Sudan’s Darfur
Clashes in Iraqi Kurdistan: Differing casualty figures from both sides
Satellite imagery shows another mass grave near Mariupol
Lists, Disappearances, And Talk Of A Referendum: Life In Russian-Occupied Southern Ukraine
Crimean Tatar leader urges Crimea youths, reserve officers not to become murderers
Russia Adds Ekho Moskvy Editor, Navalny Ally, Others To ‘Foreign Agents’ List
Invaders Lost Nearly All DPR “Militiamen” In Battles Near Mariupol