Founding of NATO to Smolensk Catasprophe

Baltic states stop importing Russian gas
Lithuanian filmmaker Mantas Kvedaravičius killed in Ukraine
Exploring the epigenetics of resilience
1949 April 4: Founding of NATO
1960 April 4: Senegal Independence Day
Lithuania becomes first EU country to stop Russian gas imports
Russians in Estonia protest against Russia’s war in Ukraine
Signet Bank sees some other banks in Latvia for perspective mergers
Russian oligarch-owned business continues to earn millions in Estonia
Latvia lowers level of diplomatic relations with Russia
Russian oligarch-owned business continues to earn millions in Estonia
War In Ukraine, Lviv Region Received Ambulances From Lithuanian Seimas
Eesti Gaas: Not clear how ruble payments to be made to Gazprom
Lithuania, Latvia, Germany Expel Diplomats Over Russia’s Alleged War Crimes
West failing to call Ukraine events genocide
Bill aiming to bar pro-Russian invasion insignia in Estonia sent to justice ministry
Lithuanian president: Russia will be held accountable for war crimes
Estonian wind farm launches €150m green bond
Search for new head of Lithuania’s cyber security centre stalls
EDF commander: We are becoming more like Israel, in current situation
Daugavpils turns out to support Ukraine
Isamaa would borrow a billion euros a year to cover election promises
‘Women Warriors’ project wins Grammy award
Nordea Pank to continue expansion, offer 200 new jobs this year
Turkey, Estonia should cooperate in security: Estonian commander
Serbian basketball team refuses to hold anti-war banner in Lithuania
Estonia: LNG terminal would allow giving up Russian gas by fall
Estonian foreign minister urges sanctions targeting Russian energy sector
Latvian-Estonian Languages Award open for entries
Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia closing borders with Russia, Belarus
Latvijas Gāze: paying for gas in rubles “is possible”
Lithuania says no to IT firms relocating from Russia
Estonia’s Sunly completes acquisition of Polish solar developer Alseva
Lithuania urges EU to cut Russian gas imports as bloc discusses new sanctions
Defmins of Estonia, France discuss NATO’s defense readiness
Estonia Charters Ferry Isabelle to House Ukrainians
US to Investigate Use of Chinese Materials in Imported Solar Panels
World’s First Out Gay Head Of State Appointed in San Marino
Eighteen refugees fleeing war in Ukraine arrive on Isle of Man
10 Ways to Boost NATO’s Black Sea Defenses
Kosovo, Bosnia call for NATO membership as war rages in Ukraine
Russia continues to have an big impact in parts of Eastern Europe, like Moldova
UK will partner with Estonia on Nato Defence Innovation
Execution of Village Mayor Becomes Symbol of Russian Brutality in Ukraine
Tallinn University bars Russian, Belarusian students
Europe’s sanctions on Russia, West’s response to war too weak – Lithuania’s ex-president
Estonia’s PM: Sanctions have not been enough until Ukraine wins the war
Lithuania outlines 3.5GHz spectrum auction plans
5G competition draws four bids in Estonia
Discrimination exhaustion – Lithuania’s elderly among unhappiest in Europe
French minister: With war in Europe, enhancing cooperation an imperative
Ždanoka out in the cold in European Parliament
PGNiG marks milestone in Lithuania
Coalition united on no more Russian gas, says Latvian PM
Vilnius police investigate fresh attack on Holocaust memorial
Ukrainian refugees: We don’t want to live on handouts
Lithuanian FinTech Industry: An Undiscovered Rough Diamond
Valmiera, Liepāja, Daugavpils ready their final European Capital of Culture bids
Estonia expels Russian diplomats, closes two consular offices
Some 2,400 Ukrainian refugees get jobs in Lithuania so far
Tallinn man sentenced to 10 days in jail for signing letter Z at refugees
Latvian central bank publishes annual report
Minister: Estonia to be fully independent from Russian gas by fall
Lithuanian intelligence warns of potential ‘provocations and violent incidents’ on May 9
Estonia’s EU rep: Work underway to end Russian gas, oil purchases
Berliner Philharmoniker Europakonzert to be Held in Latvia Instead of Ukraine
Estonia’s ambassador to Ukraine prepares to return to Kyiv
Tourism trends: Riding the wellness wave in Latvia
Tallinn Ironman triathlon bars Russian, Belarusian competitors
Lithuanian filmmaker Kvedaravičius was executed by Russian soldiers, not killed by missile, associate says
Latvia: Interior Ministry preparing plan to take in between 30,000 to 40,000 Ukrainian refugees
Estonia to host a NATO startup accelerator
Latvia closes Russian consulates general and expels their staff
Lithuanian government proposes sweeping bans of pro-war symbols
English-Estonian-Latvian theater upcoming in Rīga
1320 April 6: Declaration of Arbroath, Scotland and Tartan Day
Pope kisses Ukrainian flag, condemns ‘the massacre of Bucha’
Russia must not win the war, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz tells Bundestag
NordVPN raises its first money, $100M at a $1.6B valuation
CDL-Estonia will infuse an advanced startup ecosystem with global capital and expertise
Lithuania’s Klaipeda plans to remove Soviet memorial – mayor
Estonia to amend State Borders Act to better contain illegal migration
EU embargo would eliminate any Russian ships in Lithuania’s Klaipeda – minister
Estonia’s €220-million military aid to Ukraine substantially diversified
Lithuania can’t cut off transit of Russian trains to Kaliningrad – minister
Estonian diplomat back from Moscow: Many in Russia still in shock
3 million euros allocated to Latvian language lessons for Ukrainians
Lithuanian FM ‘disappointed’ with EU sanctions limited to Russian coal: why not candles and firewood
Estonian government to donate 265,000 doses of COVID vaccines
Three artists showcase Lithuanian photorealistic textiles in France
Latvia puts freeze on Moscow House’s assets
Lithuania to allow negative bids in offshore auction
Minister: Estonia can postpone minimum corporate tax until 2030
These tiny European countries went big and cut off all Russian gas imports
Latvian central bank creates coin dedicated to financial literacy
Commission gives Estonia two months to adopt renewable energy directive
Latvian Saeima committee supports revoking citizenship to those who support war crimes
Lithuanian PM says Russian leaders are ‘acting like the Nazis’
Russian border guards delaying attempts by Ukrainian nationals to enter Latvia – Foreign Ministry
Interaction between Estonia and The Netherlands for a better world
Ukraine downs 8 targets with Lithuanian-supplied Stingers – defence minister
Estonia PM warns against “peace at any price” with Putin
Rūta Meilutytė joins blood-red protest performance in front of Russian Embassy in Vilnius
Bite looks to chew out rivals in Estonia
Vextur becomes a Premium Moodle partner servicing the Baltic States
Jasikevicius: “Catalans have the right to decide their future”
How Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam ushered in era of Beijing’s supremacy
Crimean Tatar Activist Detained In Russia-Occupied Crimea After Police Searched His Home
Mongolia’s razor’s edge relationship with Russia
Prominent Tatar Activist Zakiyev Leaves Russia Over War In Ukraine
In Chuvashia students begin certain lessons by reciting Russian national anthem
Iran-linked militias torch KDP office, after IRGC strike on Erbil
Government seeks legal power to deport Aboriginal non-citizens
Justice and reparations still critical, 30 years on from Sarajevo siege
Nordic countries to make joint bid for women’s Euro 2025
MMA Fighter Facing Charges in Tajikistan Over Pro-Pamiri Comments
Why Kaliningrad port is so crucial for Russia’s Ukraine offensive
1994 April 7: Rwandan genocide
India extends a five-year grant for running of Tibetan refugee settlements
Lithuanian ministers call for Yandex apps to be removed from Europe
Two detained in Estonia on suspicion of Sputnik-related sanctions violation
Lithuania calls on UNESCO to move heritage committee’s session from Russia
Estonia donates more than €12 million worth of humanitarian aid to Ukraine
Latvia’s Positivus festival moves to new location
Finland, Estonia eye floating LNG terminal to ensure supply
A VPN company just became Lithuania’s second tech unicorn
Tallinn hospitals want to employ Ukrainian nurses, midwives as assistants
World War Two memory takes on fresh controversy in Lithuania amid Ukraine invasion
Expert: Limiting maritime and land transport would affect Russia the most
Call for Poland to leave NATO divides Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania
Estonia’s foodbank collecting donations for refugees
Security situation won’t change even if Russia stops war – Lithuanian FM
Collective memory and the war in Ukraine as seen by Baltic twentysomethings
Political clown, ‘Russian Hitler’, or KGB project? The life and times of Vladimir Zhirinovsky
Latvia’s ‘golden visa’ residence scheme suspended for Russians and Belarusians
US general: NATO needs more permanent bases in Baltics, Poland
Michelin Guide restaurant ranking system reaches Estonia
Two Lithuanian towns organise job fairs for Ukrainian refugees
The Ordinary Civilians in Estonia Preparing to Protect Their Country Against Putin
Coinweb to target European market with digital asset exchange license from Lithuania
The war in Ukraine can help unite Latvian society and strengthen the nation – PM
Heritage body to review protections on Soviet World War Two memorials in Lithuania
Trucker justifying Ribbon of Saint George and Bucha murders denied entry
May 9 in line to be day of remembrance for victims of war in Ukraine
Vilnius, founded 1323 Lithuania, a new democracy, a new friend
Baltic, Polish Transport Ministers working on more Russia restrictions
Estonian passenger ferry opens as temporary home for refugees
Putin’s ‘lake of blood’: Pond is dyed red outside Russian embassy in Lithuania to condemn Ukraine invasion
Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada speaker emphasizes importance of Latvia’s support for Ukraine’s accession to EU
Lithuanian MPs describe Russia’s atrocities in Ukraine as genocide
Jail sentence for National Bolshevik who called to end Latvia’s independence comes into effect
Lithuanian ambassador returns to Kyiv: ‘No time to think about dangers’ – interview
Latvian Foreign Minister calls for permanent NATO presence in the Baltic states
Founder’s guide to Latvia
Belaruskali’s contract with Lithuanian Railways threatened national security – court
PM Karins believes LNG terminals might be simultaneously developed in Estonia and Latvia
Emissions of air pollutants on downward trend in Estonia
Speed up green transition to break from Russian fossil fuels, say Latvia and 10 other EU countries
Significant Sights: Lithuania’s world-famous Hill Of Crosses attracts visitors to ponder, pray for Ukraine
Latvia Wants To Freeze Financial Assets Of Sanatorium Belonging To Lukashenka’s Administration
Lithuania’s foreign minister discusses the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine with PBS
Russia Suspended From UN Human Rights Body
Senators call for US military to shift focus to resounding Russian defeat in Ukraine
Jersey minister visits Poland to see island’s support
Germany intercepts Russian talk of indiscriminate killings in Ukraine
Russian Snipers ‘Trained’ On Peaceful Ukrainians In Hostomel
Denmark to be the home to a new NATO centre
Moscow Patriarchate tells Russian troops: “Your task is to wipe the Ukrainian nation off the face of the earth”
Norway to receive 60,000 Ukrainian refugees in 2022
FBI Destroyed Russian Hackers’ Computer Infrastructure
Rheinmetall successfully demos unmanned combat vehicle in Sweden
Occupiers Burn Almost 50 People Alive In Mariupol Hospital
Finland to invest 850 million euros to speed up Russian energy exit
US Senate Approves Lend-Lease Act For Ukraine
Finland Joining NATO Means ‘Destruction of Their Country’: Russian Lawmaker
Ukrainians Already Destroyed So Much Military Equipment Of RF That It Would Be Possible To Arm Armies Of Several Countries
‘Weapons, weapons and weapons’: Ukraine makes its request to NATO clear
Media: Russian Military Raped 20-Year-Old Student In Mazyr, Belarus
Belarusians, Russians Join Ukraine’s Military, Hoping for Freedom at Home
Russian soldiers gang rape Ukrainian women, including little girls: witnesses of rape survivors
Maldives shelters sanctioned Russian billionaires’ yachts
Runners who live in Russia and Belarus are banned from this year’s Boston Marathon
Moldova parliament bans pro-Russian ribbon despite opposition walk-out
Let 2022 be “last year of genocidal government,” Brazil’s Indigenous movement cries out
Hong Kong gov’t refuses to say which library books are banned under national security law
47 Hong Kong activists fade from view as national security case drags
Exiled Tajik Blogger’s Mother Jailed On Charge Seen As Politically Motivated
Russian Historian Dmitriyev Transferred To Notorious Mordovia Prison
Ukraine War Sparks Suspicion over Russia’s Designs on Kazakhstan
Can’t resort to violence to banish Chinese out of Tibet, says Dalai Lama
Could Spain Finally Be About to Join the 21st Century?
Maronite Bishops express joy for Pope Francis’ visit to Lebanon
Kyrgyzstan intensifies crackdown on back-to-basics Islamic group
China warns U.S. against House Speaker Pelosi visiting Taiwan
Advancing Relations between India and Greece
NATO sharpens technological edge with innovation initiatives
NATO chief pledges more assistance for Ukraine and neighbors
Revoke Russian investor passports, Zelensky urges Cyprus
April 8: International Romani day
Estonia’s prime minister urges vast rise in Nato forces to defend Baltic states
Lithuania urges states to label Russian war crimes in Ukraine as genocide
Russian and Belarusian citizens no longer eligible for Estonian work visas
Latvian charity organisation receives angry calls from residents for its support of Ukraine
Estonia: Paldiski should be ready to receive LNG by November 1
Lithuania reports no attempted illegal crossings from Belarus for 1st time in 1,5 months
Tallinn and Helsinki mayors renew twin city cooperation agreement
Lithuania’s national museum raising funds for preservation of Ukrainian museum collections
Harmony no longer most popular political party in Latvia – survey
Lithuania to receive over EUR 73 million EU support to improve military mobility connections
15 names added to Latvia’s entry blacklist on security service recommendation
Estonia, Secretary general for defense: Our aim is to double allied presence
Latvia-Netherlands wind energy business forum to take place
“Deserted” – A desert fairy tale flirting with Stockholm syndrome
Vilnius mayor says he will not permit May 9 events this year
MP: Finland NATO accession would radically change Estonian security
Latvia’s ex-prime minister blasts criminally accused ex-mayor of Ventspils
Ambassador: Life in Moscow shows sanctions work slowly
Ventspils ex-mayor leaves honorary member status in University of Latvia on his own
Irish Taoiseach: World ‘fundamentally different’ after Russia’s war in Ukraine
Estonian colonel: Russia moving to Plan C in Ukraine
Latvia officially declares 9 May Day of Commemoration of Victims Who Died in Ukraine
Sakkov: Russia cannot prevent Finland from joining NATO
Eight Lithuanian MPs go to Ukraine on undisclosed mission
Increasing number of Ukrainians fleeing war through Russia to Europe
30 Ukrainian refugees return from Moldova with Latvian President
EU in ‘good direction’ with Russian energy bans, but talks give little optimism – Lithuanian FM
Estonia’s Embrace of Digital Citizenship Is a Model for Us All
Lithuania MPs Slam Georgian Govt Over Ukraine Rhetoric, Russia, Stalin
Maryland National Guard To Deploy To Europe In May
Lithuania to spend over €1bn on weapons from US, Germany – ministry
Training to fight Russia – how a volunteer force is growing in Estonia
Most Lithuanians believe Ukraine will win war – survey
Hogan Commemorates Maryland Partnership With Estonia, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Europe can be a global leader in shipping decarbonisation
Russians increasingly casual in talking about use of nuclear weapons
The allure of Middle East hydrogen
Pink Floyd reunite for Ukraine protest song
German regulator welcomes Google’s ‘reject all’ cookie button plan
Nato chief: Decision on Finland’s membership can be quick
If Turkey was an EU member, Ukraine war might have been prevented, says minister
Ukraine war disruptions send food prices to their highest ever
Internet leaders’ concern over revised article on web authentication
Ukrainian President Zelensky warns Russia could “do the same” to Finland
Fear and frustration at EU silence on Tunisia’s slide to autocracy
Russia can only afford its war in Ukraine because Britain helped raise the cash
Donated Australia’s Bushmaster armored vehicles headed to Ukraine
Russian plane suspected of violating Finnish airspace
NATO eyes in the sky, keeping Europe out of Russia’s war
Ukraine war serves as backdrop to France’s presidential elections
Priest dies from stabbing on seaside promenade in Egypt
Finnish foreign affairs and defence ministry websites hit by cyber attacks
Japan to expel 8 Russian officials, impose new sanctions
Ukraine’s disappeared in Russia-occupied Ukraine
North demolishing hotel that was symbol of Korean engagement
Finland expels two Russian diplomats
EU says resuming diplomatic presence in Kyiv
Poll: Nearly half of Germans want more action on Ukraine
EU agrees to freeze assets of Sberbank boss, Putin’s daughters
Finland denies entry to Russian and Belarusian lorries
Condemning Bucha cruelty, EU offers speedy start for Ukraine membership
Sweden set to be world’s first country to target consumption-based emission cuts
Support for Ukraine’s EU accession hits historic high of 91% amid Russian invasion – poll
Slovakia Gives S-300 Air Defense System to Ukraine, PM Says
U.S. To Send Patriot Air-Defense System To Slovakia After Its Donation Of S-300 To Ukraine
European Parliament President Warns: ‘If Ukraine Falls, We All Fall’
Greece launches the largest bifacial solar farm in Europe
Japan funds Climate Action in Bosnia and Herzegovina to support inclusive Decarbonization
Armenia has new Ambassadors to Kazakhstan, Andorra, Ireland and Malta
Gibraltar-based PT to drive car full of clothes to Poland for displaced Ukrainians
Vatican Children’s Hospital to treat little patients from Libya
What were the Troubles that ravaged Northern Ireland?
New charity set up in Guernsey to help train Ukrainian bomb disposal teams
Sir William Percy Cowley Memorial, Cregneash, Isle of Man
France’s #MeToo battle has just begun
France Can’t Erase Algeria From Its History
Abramovich-linked yacht in Netherlands changed hands on day of Ukraine invasion
Belgium shuts Ferrero plant over Kinder salmonella link
Is Switzerland moving towards a European security alliance?
Switzerland continues to lead on patents per capita
Tajikistan authorities dither as remittance plunge looms
Cyprus’s Varosha, where time came to a halt in 1974
What will the EU do about Hungary’s Orban?
EU to fund Bulgaria’s €6.3bn recovery plan
The Mother of All Lines Extends 16 Blocks in Havana
European Network for Linguistic Equality asks recognition of Catalan as official EU language
Documentary filmmakers from Basque country in Boise
PNG students turn to TikTok to breathe new life into native tongue as country’s traditional languages die out
Gumbaynggirr Giingana classes underway at NSW’s first bilingual Indigenous school
Australia: children would rather learn an indigenous language than Japanese
Glasgow museum items to be repatriated to Nigeria, India and Native Americans
“Known For Cruelty”, The Brutal Chechens Who Have Putin’s Complete Trust
DRC’s indigenous Batwa being wiped out in the name of conservation: NGO
House of Representatives Launches Tamazight Interpretation in Parliament Sessions
HDP deputy asks Turkish minister why ISIS’s slave houses in capital are free of scrutiny
Kazakhstan: Survey finds 46% of respondents refraining from adopting a position
Supply Chains Widely Tainted by Forced Labor in China, Panel Is Told
Chinese authorities jail at least 100 Uyghurs from the same Xinjiang hamlet
India’s Hindu hardliners jump on Kashmir blockbuster
WA Aboriginal site near Rio Tinto mine more than 50,000 years old, new study reveals
1557/1802 April 9: Day of Finnish Language
1989 April 9: Tbilisi massacre, Georgia: National Unity Day
Prime Minister’s felicitations to co-founders of Nord Security, Lithuania’s second unicorn
Estonian tech regulator blocks access to four more Russian websites
Number of Ukrainian war refugees in Lithuania rises to 41,900
Estonia revoking visas for border crossers showing hostile insignia
Luminor Bank grants 3 million euros for the development of a logistics centre in Ķengarags
Wastewater study shows coronavirus declining across Estonia
Lithuanian volunteer rescuing irregular migrants: ‘I’m told I’m harming my country’ – opinion
Estonia helping Ukraine restore power lines
Lithuanian diplomat: UN human rights body preserved ‘moral integrity’ by suspending Russia
Refugees facing problems with Tallinn’s rental market
Louise Balkwill wins Riga Jazz Stage 2022
Russian, Belarusian haulers can no longer enter Estonia, EU
Tallinn’s Raeapteek: One of the oldest pharmacies in Europe turns 600
Smart-ID, Mobile-ID service provider in Estonia struggling to find insurance
Good Deed Education to invest €2 million in general education in Estonia
EU ambassador Matti Maasikas returns to Kyiv
‘Putin is killing civilians’: the train station where Russians are greeted with images of war
Dzintars reaches EUR 2 million turnover, starts further expansion in Estonia
Blockchain start-up Zenith Chain secures $35 mn funding from GEM Digital
Abducted and executed: Lithuanian film director dies at hands of Russian fascists in Mariupol
Did Putin set sights on Latvia next? Kremlin rants against Baltic ‘neo-Nazi’ for May 9 upset
The Politician Who Could Be NATO’s First Female Chief Says Putin Lost The Ukraine War Before It Even Started
European Leaders Stream Into Ukraine to Show Solidarity
Bipartisan group of US lawmakers to travel to Germany, Denmark, Poland and Greenland
S&P downgrade indicates Russia headed for historic default
Pension hike not enough for Venezuelans to afford basic food
Stand Up For Ukraine: 9.1 billion euros pledged in support of internally displaced and refugees
Denmark’s ambassador visits northern Manitoba First Nation
Danes revel in ‘dancing cow day’ for first time since Covid outbreak
Ukraine’s History Rhymes With Finland’s
Sweden Democrats leader wants party to change on NATO membership if Finland applies to join alliance
Professionals in Poland find new calling: Helping Ukrainian refugees
Finland’s Center Party Opens Door to NATO Application
PM: Finland supports tougher sanctions on Russia
New EU sanctions ban Nokian Tyres imports from Russia
Russia Complains To Turkey Over Its Tanks Total Destruction With Ukrainian Bayraktars
Norway’s Defence Minister resigns over affair with young woman
EU sanctions ban Russian wood exports
Poland to freeze relations with Hungary over Ukraine
Italy lines up gas deal with Algeria in effort to cut dependence on Russia
No Solution in Sight as License Plate Agreement between Kosovo and Serbia Set to Expire
Sberbank signs deal to sell 44% of Croatia’s Fortenova to Hungary’s Indotek
Christians, Muslims must help poor, says Vatican message for Ramadan
Prime Minister pledges UK’s unwavering support to Ukraine on visit to Kyiv
What you need to know about France’s presidential election
Switzerland protests Kramatorsk rail station bombing
Kazakhstan’s Air Astana flies above pandemic turbulence
The Fed and ECB in dilemma
Russia stages war games in Kaliningrad enclave, Ifax says
Iran to release 3 Americans in exchange for funds in South Korea
Canada budget puts billions behind push for emobility
Putin’s Next Problem: Finland Might Soon Join NATO
Finland and Sweden could soon join NATO, prompted by Russian war in Ukraine
Cyprus President welcomes establishment of American University of Beirut campus in Pafos
What can Europe learn from Orban’s victory in Hungary’s elections?
YouTube Blocks Russian Parliament Channel, Drawing Ire From Officials
Breton Regional Council votes for Breton reunification and autonomy
An independent Scotland would need a national anthem – but what would it be?
In occupied Crimea, Russian military marauders put up on sale loot brought from Ukraine
Nunavummiut say direct flight to Greenland could strengthen cultural, language ties
Solution to Western Sahara conflict lies in right of Sahrawi people to self-determination
Sikh Genocide 1984: How Genocidal Impulse Turns Your Neighbours into Enemies of Your Life?
China’s security deal with Solomon Islands raises alarm in Pacific
Publisher appoints Wales’ first two full-time editors of colour thanks to new scheme
SNP and Nicola Sturgeon top new poll with Scots voters still backing EU
Palestinian militant killed in battle with Israeli forces
Pakistan’s embattled PM ousted in no-confidence vote
1998 April 10: Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland peace process
2010 April 10: Smolensk Catasprophe