Belarus top brass getting closer with Beijing

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1956 October 23 – November 10: Hungarian Uprising
1955 October 26: Austrian National Day
2014 October 26: Hong Kong Umbrella Movement begins
2017 October 27: Catalan Declaration of Independence
1918 October 28: Independent Czechoslovak State Day
November 5: International Romani Language Day
1989 November 9: Fall of the Berlin Wall
2014 November 9: Catalan self-determination referendum
1919 November 11: Lāčplēsis Day, Latvian Freedom Fighters’ Remembrance Day
1918 November 11: National Independence Day in Poland

Former Premier Kuupik Kleist: The Cold War is Re-Introduced in Greenland
China rejects pollution report in French Polynesia
Rioting migrants demanding freedom torch cars in Malta
Netherlands again tops list in global pension fund rankings
Catalan Independence Movement Has Proven Its Strength. Now Spain’s Government Must Talk to Us
Nordic-Baltic Film Festival NORDIALE from 13 to 19 November 2019 in Vienna
How a college dropout became Europe’s youngest founder of a billion-dollar company
Magnetic Latvia Film Conference attracts the crème de la crème of the audiovisual industry
The Little Free Library and the Latvian Embassy
US moves troops, tanks into Lithuania in message to Russia
Vilnius Ranked #1 for Per Capita Tech Startups
Vanuatu reviews ‘passports for sale’ scheme after EU warning
One of Europe’s last wild rivers is in danger of being tamed
The Vietnam-China Standoff at Vanguard Bank And The International Community
Ninety-two percent of Greenland’s residents believe climate change is happening
47 US attorneys general are investigating Facebook for antitrust violations
Language of a people
This is Why Finland and Iceland Want Security Politics in the Arctic Council
Q&A: China Tibetan Cultural Exchange Delegation
Swiss raise Hong Kong, Tibet and Xinjiang during Chinese envoy’s visit
Croatia Gets Green Light to Join EU’s Visa-Free Schengen Zone
The real cost of Russian gas
Baltics have to do more to strengthen defence, American think tank says
Estonia’s Tallinn Airport voted sixth best in Europe
Estonia and Japan agree a visa-free working holiday arrangement
Riga IFF 2019: Estonia, Latvia and Finland Launch North Star Film Alliance
Latvia, being short of doctors, not planning more funds to training
Number of car thefts in Latvia has significantly dropped this year
‘Urgent information’: Lithuania denounces fake press release about US nuclear weapons
IBM, Tieto to compete for Lithuanian Central Bank’s blockchain sandbox
Central African Republic asks Russia to ‘intervene’ on UN arms embargo
Austria’s early ski slope sparks row among environmentalists
Israel Plans to Go Back to the Moon … And Stick the Landing This Time
Nikki Haley applauds Hong Kong protests, criticizes China in SC visit
What Happens When You Kill the Messenger in Nicaragua
Tuvalu’s former PM would ‘never accept communist China’ in Pacific
US senator Rick Scott says 2022 Winter Olympics should not be held in China
China Sharpens Hacking to Hound Its Minorities, Far and Wide
Chinese loans pose ‘clear risks’ to stability of Pacific nations
Russia’s LUKOIL signs exploration MOU with Equatorial Guinea
Without the US, European Defense Will Fall to Pieces
Kim Jong Un orders demolition of ‘shabby’ South Korean-made buildings at North’s tourist site
Cyprus to probe how Cambodian elite obtained EU passports
Kadyrov devises way to watch young Chechnya leavers
Authorities raid homes of Ingush anti–land deal activists
Russians are coming for Asia and Europe’s coal markets
Confronting its troubled past, Spain exhumes Franco
Spanish state repression in Catalonia may be shocking – but it’s nothing new
5G security, Syria top the agenda at NATO gathering of defense ministers
Welsh justice review calls for Scottish-style devolution of powers
If ‘pagan’ rites are part of Amazon synod, they’re still ‘worship of God’: synod working doc writer
Sweden’s Handelsbanken to cut 800 jobs, pull out of Asia and Germany
Iceland Is the Most LGBT-Accepting Country
EU Commission warns Finland about planned increase in public spending
Belarus top brass considering response to US forces deployment in Lithuania
Minsk seeks closer defence ties with Beijing as China expands presence in Belarus
Baltic States should be wary of any changes in Russia
Japan is getting involved in Baltic synchronization project
Spotlight on Europe and Defense of the West—Riga Conference 2019
Latvia hosts international cyber security session
Lithuania and Japan strive for closer cooperation in energy and IT
Soviet Lithuanian author in the crosshairs of memory politics
Russian media launch coordinated smear campaign against former Lithuanian president Grybauskaitė
How The Basques Became An Autonomous Community Within Spain
4 suspects indicted in case of slain Slovak journalist
10 years of Belarus’ participating in Eastern Partnership: What is to come?
China’s Bankers denies abusing dominant oil position in Albania
EU approves new budget support for Moldova
Russia Tightens Quotas on Imports From Moldova
Daghestani Supreme Court ‘concealed’ ruling on Chechen border dispute
Imprisoned Uyghur Advocate Ilham Tohti Awarded EU’s Top Human Rights Prize
Russia sends S-400 missile defense systems to Serbia for military drill
Italy’s Female Soccer Stars Are Fighting to Change the Law That Limits Their Pay to $33,000
OECD releases updated proposal on digital era taxation
Mario Draghi saved the euro, but leaves ECB at a crossroads
Rosneft switches contracts to euros to shield from U.S. sanctions
How Russia helped Nigeria defeat Biafra during Civil War
Germany’s Factory Recession Sends Industry Employment Plunging
Tajikistan: Another Chinese company gets tax exemptions
Pentagon announces big push to incorporate 5G technology for military use
The limits of Chinese military power
Three Years of Uncertainty: Charting How Brexit Has Shaped U.K. Financial Markets
High Cost of Impeding Automation
Why Facebook News shouldn’t be trusted
U.N. Climate Scientists Think They Can Halt Global Warming for $300 Billion
Which of Lapland’s magical countries is best – Finland, Sweden or Norway?
Denmark passes legislation to strip ISIL fighters of citizenship
Human rights activists report on 126 arrests in occupied Crimea this year
Thirty-four movies produced in Estonia in 2018
Lithuanian and US forces guide B-52 strategic bombers on training mission over Baltics
Russian delegation walks out during Lithuanian parliament speaker’s address in Strasbourg
Relatives Fear Missing Chechen Man Has Joined Thousands Of ‘Disappeared’
U.S. bans flights to all Cuban cities except Havana
CARAT Exercise Puts US-Brunei Defense Relations into Focus
Solomon government says Chinese company’s lease of island ‘unlawful’
‘Armenia is Sole Guarantor of Artsakh’s Security,’ Mnatsakanyan Tells BBC
Who is Laos’ first special economic zone benefitting?
The ‘Glass Man’: How a former CIA worker helped bring the Hmong to America
How Jack O’Lanterns Originated in Irish Myth
Microsoft wins Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI cloud contract, beating Amazon
Norway wealth fund hits record 10 trillion crowns as stocks rise
Export-Focused Sweden Unlikely to Avoid Global Slowdown
Finland’s Government Will Consider Decriminalizing Marijuana In Response To Citizen Petition
Baltic defense conference to explore new technologies
Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Crimean Tatar language to be registered in UN
NATO exercises in Baltics to flex muscles unused for 18 years
Over 5,000 signatures collected for appeal to ban fur farms in Estonia
Estonia: Going against the trend, Central Bank announces plans to issue 10 million one-cent coins into circulation
Smart futures: Tallinn, Estonia leads emerging fintech hubs
One of our main challenges after regaining independence has been countering Russia’s propaganda efforts against us
Repaying mortgage loan is harder for Latvian residents than for residents of Estonia and Lithuania
Decided: Latvia to have packaging deposit system from 2022
Latvian weightlifter Suharevs regains Junior European Champion title
Russia moves to pardon Norwegian involved in spy swap with Lithuania
Lithuanian Navy hosts hackathon aboard its ship
Lithuania gives proper burial to last anti-Soviet resistance leader Kraujelis
Protesters dressed as animals rally in Vilnius against forest cutting
Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin – Lithuanian film festival outside Lithuania returns for 9th edition
Poland ready to halt import of Russian gas
Journalist comes out to police chief in Chechnya who oversees the ‘gay purge’
FSB detains two supporters of shaman who was heading for Moscow to “exorcise Putin”
10,000 Syrians cross into Kurdistan Region fleeing Turkish offensive
Turkey illegally deports refugees into conflict zones in northern Syria: Amnesty
Russian Agent Maria Butina Returns to Moscow After U.S. Deportation
An Advocate For Kazakhs Persecuted In China Is Banned From Activism In Kazakhstan
A meeting of minds: Nordic & Baltic states visit Ireland to plan for future
The Suwalki Gap Is NATO’s Achilles’ Heel and the Place Where Russia Could Start War
Baltic defense ministers agree on new BALTNET configuration
Bank of Lithuania Issues Guidelines on Security Token Offerings
Lithuanian illustrator entrusted with visuals for world’s leading children book fair
Inside Turkmenistan, secretive Asian dictatorship stricter than North Korea, where the streets are paved with marble and gold
ISIS’s Leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi—the World’s Most Wanted Man—Is Dead
Belgium names first female prime minister
The pact that triggered WWII
Cold War cool
Protesters in Lebanon formed a human chain across the entire country
Ott Tänak becomes the 1st Estonian World Rally Champion
An enchanting journey through fairytale-like Estonia
Estonia is akin to a Nordic getaway
Cargo ship breached while mooring, oil leak, Latvia, Baltic sea
Latvenergo corruption case: Two taken to prison, one detained
Nicola Sturgeon: #indyref2020 will be focus of Scottish National Party election campaign
China’s first Free Trade Agreement with an African nation with Mauritius
Step Toward Parole of Child Rapist and Murderer Sparks Outrage in Belgium
Swedish parliamentarians visit Saharawi refugee camps and liberated territories
What caused the communist iron fist ruling Berlin to rust?
Bulgaria expels Russian diplomat that it accused of spying
Donetsk radio tower blown up in protest at Russian-controlled ‘republic’s’ torture & illegal prisons
Fishing Plastic ‘Ghost Nets’ Out Of The Baltic
Denmark approves Baltic Pipe, but not Nord Stream 2
Baltic States Get Their Culinary Due
Think tank report outlines steps NATO needs to take to defend Baltics
30 metres of RUSSIAN territory in Europe – There’s No Checkpoint, But You’ll Be Arrested if You Stop
Russian Federation aircraft in Estonian airspace incursion
Remembering Estonian political prisoner Kalju Mätik
New exhibit commemorates 100 years of the Latvian Order of Lāčplēsis
Lithuanian film Nova Lituania wins top prize at Riga Film Festival
Lithuania starts relocating Venezuelans of Lithuanian descent
Russia remains a threat, says Lithuanian Defence Minister
Estonian prime minister meets UN secretary-general in New York
Support for EU membership in Estonia at 74 percent
Rail Baltica project to seek new CEO
Lithuania and Finland discuss cooperation on nuclear safety
Lithuania grapples with ecological effects of tire warehouse fire
Lithuania marks 80 years since bittersweet victory of regaining Vilnius
NATO ambassadors, Stoltenberg to visit Ukraine
EU-mediated Russia-Ukraine gas talks in deadlock
Footage of alleged prison abuse in South Ossetia leaked online
Blogger Beaten Up In Georgia’s Breakaway Abkhazia Over Comments About Lavish Wedding
Gagauzia – object lesson for Ukraine on how a ‘reintegrated’ region gives Moscow leverage
Spain warns Belgium if it fails to hand over Puigdemont
Major poll predicts big wins for Socialists in Spain and pro-independence ERC in Catalonia
All modern humans originated in northern Botswana
50 years ago today, the internet was born in Room 3420