Russia Watching, China Threatens, Hungarian Uprising 63

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1991 October 18: Azerbaijan Independence Day
1984 October 19: Murder of Polish priest Jerzy Popiełuszko by security service
1953 October 22: Laos Independence Day
1956 October 23 – November 10: Hungarian Uprising
1955 October 26: Austrian National Day
2014 October 26: Hong Kong Umbrella Movement begins
2017 October 27: Catalan Declaration of Independence
1918 October 28: Independent Czechoslovak State Day
November 5: International Romani Language Day

Manitoba town keeps Icelandic culture alive thanks to strong connection
Pallas 100: Legendary Art School Tartu Kunstimuseum Estonia
Latvian animation Away wins the Best Feature Award at Animest
Power Perspective: Baltics divide over electricity trade with Russia
Unnecessary, heavy-handed and counterproductive reminder of former Spanish regime – Catalan independence trial at Westminster
Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov on Being a Political Prisoner in Russia
Russian indicted by Mueller for alleged troll-farm activities is released by Belarus
Sweden is not socialist—so stop saying it is
10 key takeaways about public opinion in Europe 30 years after the fall of communism
U.S. Military Nightmare: Could America Fight Both Russia and China at the Same Time?
Tearing Down the Nuclear Firewall
These Army units are going to Europe this spring for Defender 2020 — but they’re pretending it’s 2028
Carbon pricing inevitable for Austria: Verbund CEO
Germany at the helm: Can it bring Europe together in 2020?
Sierra Leone’s ‘smart country’ ambitions
Croatian City Following Digital Estonia and Denmark’s Fine Example
In Estonia, 99% of public services are online
‘We are watching you’: Russia accused of sending threatening texts to British troops
Huawei lashes out at Estonia for ‘unfounded’ security claims
Latvian court rules to seize $30 mln from Yanukovych’s entourage
A NATO ally next to Putin’s Baltic Fortress is welcoming the arrival of US troops and tanks
Lack of women in govt pushes Lithuania down EU gender equality rankings
Tele2 tops Lithuanian ICT firms
Catalan president Quim Torra joins pro-independence protest: ‘Violence does not represent us’
Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez call for peaceful protests on two year incarceration anniversary
Russia confirms huge reprisal sentences against two Ukrainians from Crimea who refused to ‘confess’
‘Think of your family’: China threatens European citizens over Xinjiang protests
Chinese people-tracking cameras are spreading to nations vulnerable to human rights abuse
Can Portugal Remain the Eurozone’s Anomaly?
Risk of ‘Sharp, Sudden’ Financial Tightening Has Risen, IMF Says
Public Finance Blockchain to Track Gov’t Spending
United Nations Issues Human Rights Guidance for Law Enforcement
Norway’s Krone Hits Record Low Against Euro
Sweden’s indigenous Sami people threatened by climate change
Icelandic Writer And Trans Activist Amongst BBC’s 100 Women 2019
Language Technology Tools for Icelandic: Former President First to Contribute Voice Sample
BBC lists Yle Sámi journalist among 100 most influential women in 2019
Nearly quarter of Estonian population at risk of poverty in 2018
Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy visits Latvia
Ukrainian sailors freed from Russian captivity to undergo rehabilitation in Latvia
Three cities set to host the FIFA Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2020
Lithuanian president proposes new blocks against Belarus’ nuclear energy
Senior Slovak MPs stress that jailing Catalan leaders is cruel and does not lead anywhere
Another Russian “humanitarian” convoy arrives in occupied Donbas
Russia’s replacement of population in occupied Crimea violates Geneva Contention – UN report
Cotton On and Target Australia stop buying cotton from Xinjiang over human rights concerns
Russian Oligarch’s Compensation Case Against Montenegro ‘Rejected’
Swiss fine commodities giant Gunvor over bribes in Africa
Tajikistan Declares Opposition Alliance Extremist
Chinese firm will lease part of Solomon Islands after Taiwan ties severed
Family in the Netherlands found living on a remote farm, no contact with outside world for 9 years
Russia’s Putin revokes Geneva convention protocol on war crimes victims
Local protests kill Norway’s wind plans
Minecraft Earth Early Access Begins With Iceland & New Zealand
In the Opening Days of War, Let the Army Lead on Targeting
Eastern EU quartet slams Finland for draft document on seven-year budget
First road in Estonia paved with plastic asphalt
Latvia Hosts First Official Visit of an Egyptian Foreign Minister
Latvia decides: Non-citizens’ children to receive citizenship from 2020
“Alphabet of Latvian Culture” at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris
British role in Latvia’s independence struggle
Rīga International Film Festival starts October 17
Lithuania’s defence spending not adequate for existing threats, conservative leader says
Almost a third of Lithuanians at risk of poverty – Eurostat
Barcelona flooded with over half a million Catalan independence supporters
Bulgaria soccer coach Krasimir Balakov resigns after racist abuse of England team
EU blocks Albania and North Macedonia membership bids
Tyrants celebrate as U.N. elects Venezuela, Mauritania, Libya, Sudan to top rights body
UEFA to keep teams from Kosovo and Russia apart
France under fire for ‘historic error’ of blocking Balkan EU hopefuls
Russia Is Getting Ready To Get Up Close and Personal With NATO F-35s
DoE visit reaffirms US aspirations in Ukraine, Poland and Baltic region
Farm Slaves Rescued in Ukraine
EU Support for Polish Efforts in Energy Diversification Makes Greens Furious
Richard Stengel on disinformation and the threat to democracy
Iceland Grey Listed for Inadequate Money Laundering Policies
Nordic ideals of Estonia and Finland: a longing for a strong leader sets Finland and Estonia apart from Scandinavia
Estonia ‘has become a destination country for human trafficking’
From Estonia, with Love: a Letterpress Edition of “The Little Prince”
Current Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev received former Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis
MAAS Aviation Commits to Construct and Operate Aircraft Paint Shops at Kaunas Airport, Lithuania
Lithuania eyes UH-60M Black Hawks
Lithuanian Days In Scotland aims to ‘make the future connections between our communities more tangible’
Moscow to return Norwegian citizen in Lithuania-Russia spy swap
Catalan president’s call for dialogue falls on deaf Spanish PM’s ears
Police in spotlight as 58 journalists injured in Catalonia
US slaps new sanctions on Cuba over human rights record, support of Venezuela
Deadly protests in Guinea as Russia calls for change of rules to keep despot in power
Azeri police detain scores of protesters, including opposition party leader
Russia, Serbia vow to boost ties despite Belgrade’s EU bid
Chinese national convicted of trying to export US military technology to China
Apple reportedly won’t bid for ‘South Park’ streaming rights because of China’s ban on the show
North Macedonia calls snap election after EU talks setback
Could France and Germany Jointly Build an EU Aircraft Carrier?
May take decades to see positive natural population growth in Estonia
Lithuania-based veterinary student: ‘Think beyond the obvious’
Week of unrest throughout Catalonia leaves 579 injured
“The whole town was on their knees the day of her father’s funeral… Today the country weeps for Yaroslava…”
Russia dam collapse at gold mine kills at least 15, several unaccounted for
Electric vehicle prices finally in reach of millennial, Gen Z car buyers
India’s finance minister: ‘We made our position very clear’ on China’s new Silk Road
Russia covered up explosion of Skyfall nuclear superweapon that could have affected the Baltic states
Silhouette of bear and raven wins Finnish nature photo prize
Estonian drug lord among Europol’s “most wanted” women
Estonian startup Gelatex wins a sustainability award in Germany
Kuwait, Estonia sign MoU on boosting cooperation on cyber security
Estonia to financially support democracy in Eastern Europe, Central Asia
Estonian minister greets Finnish, Hungarian colleagues on Finno-Ugric Day
Latvia receives Husky landmine detection and route clearance systems
Former Citizen editorial cartoonist specialized in gentle lampoons
Ostapenko wins Luxembourg Open final
Kalmyks Protest Donbas Separatist Who Was Appointed Mayor of Republican Capital
Story of Father Ivan Kypriyan and his children who froze to death in a soviet gulag
Damning ECHR judgement puts future of Ukraine’s lustration law in question
U.S. Democrat Rep. Max Rose demands Ukraine’s Azov Battalion be designated as terrorists
A Soccer Team In Denmark Is Using Facial Recognition To Stop Unruly Fans
‘A tsunami’: Green Party makes historic gains in Switzerland vote
Rail Baltica signs data deal with Bentley Systems
Returns on voluntary pension schemes in Estonia lowest in Europe
Russian impact on Estonian economy has declined
Moscow seeks more power in Latvian Orthodox Church
Latvia’s Rebeka Koha triumphs again at European U-23 championships
Baltic-Russia Youth Forum in Lithuania to focus on energy security
US moves troops, tanks into Lithuania in message to Russia
Estonian javelin thrower Magnus Kirt shortlisted for European athlete of the year
Estonia’s govt debt to GDP ratio still lowest in EU
TransferWise expands to UAE
Levits in Japan stresses role of Japanese embassy after 1940 occupation
Bank asset tax stalls in Lithuanian parliament
Lithuanian parliament speaker survives second no-confidence vote
Real estate tax proposal stumbles in Lithuanian parliament
Cruel world of blood-soaked Kyrgyzstan dog fighting where wolfhounds rip themselves apart in front of kids
Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin
Donbas militants ‘sentence’ journalist Stanislav Aseyev to 15 years for ‘spying’ & ‘extremism’
Troops’ arrival shows Lithuania can trust US despite ‘mistake’ in Syria – Hodges
British Parliament finally approves Boris Johnson’s Brexit bill – but moments later votes down three-day timetable