Same Threats: Did Putin’s Pipeline Clear The Last Hurdle?

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
November 5: International Romani Language Day
1989 November 9: Fall of the Berlin Wall
2014 November 9: Catalan self-determination referendum
1919 November 11: Lāčplēsis Day, Latvian Freedom Fighters’ Remembrance Day
1918 November 11: National Independence Day in Poland
1988 November 15: Palestinian Declaration of Independence
November 16, 1988: Estonian Sovereignty Declaration
November 16: Icelandic Language Day
1989 November 17: Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia
1918 November 18: Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia

Ethnic Divisions among Those Moscow Counts as Mordvins Withstand Divide-and-Rule Policies, Unity Drives and Repression
Irish priests call for celibacy rules to be relaxed and women to be ordained amid clergymen shortage
China – Germany Rail Service via Kaliningrad
Nokia’s collapse turned a sleepy town in Finland into an internet wonderland
Estonia launches criminal probe into Swedbank money laundering scandal
Latvia 1931 anti-tuberculosis semipostal set is difficult to find
Trump’s gay ambassadorial pick handles questions on Russia’s hostility
How the Fight for Lithuanian Independence Crippled Totalitarianism
Laos’s Belt and Road project sparks questions over China ambitions
Female Detainees at Xinjiang Internment Camps Face Sterilization, Sexual Abuse: Camp Survivor
Male Chinese ‘Relatives’ Assigned to Uyghur Homes Co-sleep With Female ‘Hosts’
Tajikistan approves Chinese $360 million grant for highways
Czech-China love affair hits the rocks
Bishop of Iceland Apologises to Gay and Lesbian Community
Denmark Approves Route for a Controversial Russia-German Pipeline
Enterprise Estonia opens an office in New York City
Estonian capital expands citywide network of overhead traffic detection units
Estonia to sign memo with US to exclude Huawei from 5G networks – report
Japanese Merchant Bank Signs Deal to Tokenize Estonian Properties
DJA winds a wooden path and viewing terrace through forest in latvia
More than one-third of orphans in Latvia don’t want to be adopted
Latvian army’s next year’s budget focused on maintaining defensive capabilities and development
Latvia Post invests in new sortation technology
Latvian GDP growth 2.8% in third quarter: flash estimate
Belarus leader to visit Latvia as Baltic ports compete for Minsk business
In Lithuania, 50-year-olds more physically active than young people
Lithuania to get involved in Nord Stream case at EU court
U.S. warns Russian trolls stoking conflict in Chile
Kiribati detains crew reporting on China ties
Mongolia arrests 800 Chinese citizens in cybercrime probe
NATO ships test next generation of electronic warfare defences
Kosovo elections: ‘Most significant change’ in 12 years
46 Crimean Tatar Organizations Call for End to Russian Occupation of Their Homeland
The Catalan uprising – Cristina Costa
Baltic environment ministers sign joint climate declaration
Commission proposes financial aid for fishermen affected by the closure of the Eastern Baltic cod fishery
EU unveils list of priority energy projects, including electricity storage and interconnectors between Baltic states
Sense of Place in Narva: How Do Narva’s Residents Feel and Think about Their City
Estonian, 29, wins French conducting contest
Is e-Estonia Built on Blockchain Technologies?
Magruder alumnus to serve as U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Latvia
ECB approves proposed Latvian central bank reforms
Latvijas Banka is issuing a collector coin dedicated to the Freedom Fights
Latvian Saeima starts to scrutinize 2020 budget
Latvian premiere for horror movie filmed at Cesvaine Palace
Lithuanian lexicographer Alvydas Butkus lionized with Balts award in Vilnius
Lithuania is ready to assist Armenia with the development agenda
A gay-themed programme on national broadcaster triggers firestorm
Sun & Sea – The Lithuanian Pavillion At Biennale 2019 In Venice
Russian opposition figure Navalny spotted in Vilnius
Belarus backtracks on proposals to send troops to Lithuanian border
Russia deploys additional air defences in Kaliningrad
Bones of Massive Jurassic Sea Predators Found in Poland
Turkmenistan: Gay Man Missing After Coming Out Online
China’s top political body met in secret and issued an ominous message to Hong Kong
Russian Naval Aviation to form new combat headquarters in Kaliningrad and in Crimea
Russia’s Controversial ‘Sovereign Internet’ Law Comes Into Force
Russia’s ‘troll factory’ is alive and well in Africa
Albania: A legacy of dictatorship
Scottish independence in spotlight as UK election kicks off
U.S. Lawmakers Introduce Bipartisan Resolution To Support Eastern Europe Energy Independence
US military team heads to Montenegro to counter cyberthreats ahead of 2020 elections
Tires to Blame for Tons of Microplastics
Jamestown Foundation recommends two-year conscription for the Baltic states
Cross-border additions needed for Baltic offshore wind
The Paradox at the Heart of NATO’s Return to Article 5
Baltic bourses suspended due to “technical disturbances”
United States–Estonia Joint Declaration on 5G Security
British satire legend John Cleese bringing one-man show to Tallinn
“Go Wild, Choose Estonia!” wins ICCA 2019 Best Marketing Award
Life, death and preserving tradition on an Estonian island of only a few hundred people
Estonia’s Tech Success Rooted in Good Decisions and Training
Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group docks in Latvia
Nearly 9 out of 10 Latvian households now have Internet
Russian singer Grigory Leps blacklisted in Latvia
Zelensky plans to visit Lithuania in November
Lithuanian parish rededicates its South Boston ‘hill of crosses’
Lithuanian doctor’s suicide sparks openness over workloads, abusive management
Russian Naval Aviation to form new combat headquarters in Kaliningrad and in Crimea
Chief of Ingushetia’s anti-extremism center gunned down in Moscow
Moldovan President Says Russia Has Made ‘First Step’ Toward Troop Withdrawal
Putin: Orbán No Ordinary Leader, Stands Out in Europe
The best place to be a woman in emerging Europe? Estonia
Latitude44 will throw open the doors to Estonian innovations in technology
Estonian robot courier beats off competition by Renault to take an innovation award
Operation Tractable brings largest ever military para drop in Estonia
What do we know about the pivotal family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania?
Solomons stamp ticket to Lithuania
The Russian connection to a Berlin hit job that Germany doesn’t want to talk about
In China, every day is Kristallnacht
Saudi Aramco kick-starts what could be world’s biggest IPO, offers scant details
In A Remote Arctic Outpost, Norway Keeps Watch On Russia’s Military Buildup
Estonian town Viljandi is designated as a “creative city” by UNESCO
Estonian Team Wins International Cyber Exercise During North American International Cyber Summit
Estonia pres. looks to push ties amid Kuwait visit
Latvian State Enters Autocephaly Fight Against Moscow Church
Lithuania set to buy almost 200 American JLTVs
As Russians Remember Repression Victims, Moscow Creates More Of Them
Buddhism in Russia: History and Modernity
Trial by fire: A scholar burned himself to death to protest disappearance of indigenous languages and cultures in Russia
Chechnya: Grozny’s ex-mayor involved in torturing detainees
Denmark Conducts First FX Intervention Since January to Prop Up Peg
Nordic, Baltic countries face same threats from Russia, China
Estonian FM advises against any Russian victory day presidential visit
Elza Žiglevica – one of three women to earn the Order of Lāčplēsis
Lithuanian Black Hawks will have special equipment used by US army
Vilnius hosts Nordic conservative parties meeting
Norwegian PM in Vilnius stays silent on possible spy swap with Russia
Young Lithuanians among worst offenders in online piracy
Bank of Estonia analysis warns of negative impact of pension reforms
Konrad Deckert – Latvia’s Baltic German French spy
UK arms industry giant BAE falls short on commitment to Latvian partners
Lithuanian president leaves for Finland
Vilnius looks to attract international filmmakers to old prison
Lithuanian PM takes second day of sick leave for cancer treatment
Memoirs of 1863 uprising leader’s wife to be presented in Lithuanian
Nordic, Baltic center-right leaders recognize Belarus’ N-plant as threat to Lithuania
UK Defence Secretary announces extension of training mission to Ukraine