Putin’s Laments in Familiar Theatre

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1992 March 21: Tatarstan Sovereignty Referendum

1918 March 25: Belarus Freedom Day (Dzen Voli)

1949 March 25: Operation Priboi, Soviet Mass Deportations from the Baltic States

2004 March 29: Baltic States Join NATO

1949 April 4: Founding of NATO

America’s top defense officials say Google’s work in China benefits Beijing’s military

Costa Rica aiming to be world’s first plastic and carbon-free country by 2021

Baltic regulators fret that scandal could drive Nordic banks away

Joint NATO-Georgia Military Exercises Kick Off Near Tbilisi

Russia bolsters military presence in Abkhazia with 30% troop increase

Norway says it proved Russian GPS interference during NATO exercises

Appeasement of Lukashenka threatens independence of Belarus

US nuclear bomber reportedly spotted flying near St Petersburg

After the Cold War, an uncertain peace

Putin, rap and Night Wolves: Russia marks 5 years in Crimea

Paul Goble: Moscow engaging in slow-motion deportation of Crimean Tatars

Russia’s New Program to Rapidly Populate Crimea with Russians

Putin expresses regret in his immediate entourage and wishes he hadn’t ordered to occupy Crimea, – Dzhemilev

Russian ‘troll slayer’ undercover at a troll factory found hundreds of Russians working as paid trolls in rotating shifts

Estonia receives first of two donated US tactical transport aircraft

Questions over municipal post Rīga mayor’s wife held for eight years

Lithuania set to pay whistleblowers

Lithuania adopts maximum diversification as defensive strategy

Lithuania makes its choice: odd unions raise some, side-line others

Credibility of German Multilateralism

EU eyes June to begin membership talks with North Macedonia

Political divisions widen in Albania as EU decision nears

Germany, Belgium propose new tool to police EU democracies

5 consequences of a life without NATO

Russia deploys more S-400 air defense missiles in Kaliningrad enclave

U.S. B-52 Bombers Belonging To Task Force Deployed To UK Perform “Theater Familiarization Flights” Across Europe

B-52 bombers are flying near Russian and Chinese waters this month

Russia has banned fake news, while also being one of the world’s prime exporters of fake news

Big Norwegian Aluminum Producer Suffers Extensive Cyber Attack

Moscow’s Minsk Gambit: Can Russia Swallow Belarus?

Tourists explore flooded landscape by canoe during Estonia’s ‘fifth season’

Head of Estonian delegation to NATO PA inspecting Pacific missile defense system in Hawaii

Former sumo wrestler Baruto becomes lawmaker in Estonia

Rail Baltica initially expecting fewer than 100 passengers per train

Documentary, exhibition to record British role in Latvia’s independence struggle

Finance watchdog: There are too many banks for size of Latvian market

Alternative für Deutschland politician seeking election to Brussels via Latvia

Latvian central bank earned 14.6 million euros in 2018

Lithuanian PM considering moving embassy to Jerusalem

Lithuania and Romania – highest increase of new car registrations in the EU

President: Lithuania has its own priorities in the European budget

GRECO declares Belarus non-compliant with anti-corruption standards

Qatar asks IAEA to intervene over ‘threat’ posed by UAE nuclear plant

Europe’s center-right suspends Hungary’s ruling party

US Air Force B-52s conduct missions across Europe, including Estonia

Google bans VPN ads in China

France: A European army would help — not threaten — US troops

Researchers praise Iceland model to reduce teen drug use

Making waves: Europe’s first underwater restaurant opens in Norway

Finland is the happiest country in the world again

Finland Needs to Defuse a Demographic Time Bomb

Baltics to receive 323 million euro electricity connection grant

Estonian policeman’s son is charged with murdering French film producer in London

Competition watchdog alleges cartel in Rīgas Satiksme “nanowater case”

Latvia police arrest 5 over defrauding EU fund

Welles Declaration: Personal tragedy led to 50 years of protecting Baltic statehood

Lithuanian pleads guilty to scamming Google and Facebook out of $123 million

Lithuanian PM meets with Chinese ambassador amid growing tensions over Huawei

Finland to join Lithuanian-led EU cyber security force project

Lithuanian MP Cleared of Sexually Harassing Female Applicants

Lithuania’s running out of possibilities to buy power from Belarus, parliament speaker says

Harvard’s president read a Uyghur poem to students at Peking University

China’s Uyghur detention camps may be the largest mass incarceration since the Holocaust

New Zealand Shooting Suspect Praised China For ‘Lacking Diversity’

Two Russian Tu-142 Maritime Reconnaissance and Anti-Submarine Warfare Aircraft Intercepted by Italian Typhoons Off Iceland

Finland is investigating Nokia phones sending data to China

Large numbers of foreign intelligence staff in Finland, Russia and China particularly active

From California to Oslo – foreign subsidies fuel Norway’s e-car boom, for now

Oil Riches Put Norway on Divergent Path Toward Higher Rates

World’s Cheapest Mortgage May Be Around the Corner in Denmark

Baltic countries to discuss compensation for damage of Soviet occupation

Estonia’s Reform remains hopeful of forming government

Brexit is a mess, but UK startups may find refuge in Estonia’s e-Residency

US court charges two men of smuggling microchips to Russia via Estonia

Donor to Latvia’s Biggest Party Linked to Laundromat

Riga Moves to Shutter Gambling Halls

First Lithuanian Minister of Interior at Eurojust

Lithuanian conservatives’ leader warns of Orban’s threat to European liberal democracy

Czech Foreign Ministry Summons Russian Ambassador Amid Growing Apartment Scandal

Poland refuses to invite Russia to WWII commemoration ceremony

Finnish and Swedish fighter jets fly low over Lapland

Kaliningrad gets Moscow energy boost as Baltic states pull plug

Tallinn to ban single-use plastic dishes, utensils at public events

Estonian yacht captain convicted of drug smuggling in British court

Opposition groups in Lithuania’s parliament agree on leader

Polish PM to pay visit to Lithuania in early April

Operation Allied Force: NATO Bombing Of Yugoslavia