Will China’s trillion-dollar initiative forge humanitarian crisis connecting Finland and Estonia?

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1990 March 11: Day of Re-Establishment of Lithuania’s Independence

1855 March 14: International Circassian Language Day

1801 March 14: Mother Tongue Day in Estonia

2008 March 14: Tibetan Unrest

461 March 17: Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland

1992 March 21: Tatarstan Sovereignty Referendum

1918 March 25: Belarus Freedom Day (Dzen Voli)

1949 March 25: Operation Priboi, Soviet Mass Deportations from the Baltic States

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UK denies entry to Russian ‘plotting assassination’

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Turkmenistan’s Route To The European Union

Foreign deposits fall in euro zone banks after money-laundering scandals

Caution needed with Chinese tunnel investors

ECB to take over supervision of Latvian bank that accused central bank head

Russia should stop being the world’s bully – Lithuania’s former PM

Portnykov: Crimea is a symbol of international impotence

Russia rewards Berkut officers who tried to crush Euromaidan, while revenging itself on Maidan political prisoner Kolomiyets

Russia’s Pipe Dreams Are Europe’s Nightmare

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Finland, Switzerland and New Zealand lead the way at teaching skills for the future

Switzerland ranked as best country for women’s rights, according to the OECD

NATO’S Black Sea Horizons

No More ‘Business As Usual,’ Russia Not A Strategic Partner, European Parliament Declares

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Estonian rap phenomenon Nublu to perform in Edinburgh

Foreign Intelligence Service: Russia remains military threat to Estonia

Russia Prepares for War With NATO and Strikes Against Western Europe, Report Reveals

Report: Russia will meddle in European elections, keep prepping for war with NATO

Latvia Builds Barbed Wire Fence on Russian Border to Combat Migration

Young adults invited to play NATO “simulation game”

Huawei’s plans in Lithuania under threat after spying allegations

Fintech centre, smart city, and aspiring proptech hub, Vilnius aims to turn itself into a giant sandbox for startups

Tibet activists across the world mark 60 years since uprising against Chinese occupation

Time to rebalance EU-China relations and demand unfettered access to Tibet

Residents, environmentalists to fight Croatia’s LNG terminal

Russia sending two distinct messages to Finland, says new report

MIT Historian Alleges United Nations Scientific Cover-Up Of Death And Disease Toll From Chernobyl

Brussels officially labels China a ‘systemic rival’

Estonian intelligence flags Russian civilian vessels as would-be spy ships

Estonian intel: Russia-NATO war may be sparked by ‘coloured revolution’ in Belarus

Former bank owner Antonov gets 2.5 years in Russian prison

Meeting in Pennsylvania focuses on military cooperation between Lithuania and the US

Distraction as a tool of Russian propaganda

NATO reaffirms open door policy for Ukraine

Canada allocates funds to fight propaganda in Ukrainian elections

U.S. plans tests this year of long-banned types of missiles after exit, along with Russia, from INF

NATO members increase defense spending for fourth year in row following Trump pressure

Batteries included: Sweden’s emissions-free ferries lead the charge

Housing became more affordable in Baltic capitals over 2018

Estonian president discusses security, defence with US Congress speaker

Ott Vatter appointed director of Estonia’s e-Residency programme

Lithuania ratifies North Macedonia’s NATO accession protocol

Vilnius: There will be Belarusian language on monument to January uprising participants

EU must get real on Russia

Poland’s ruling party picks LGBTQ rights as election battlefront

Poland’s Catholic Church: 382 priests abused 625 minors since 1990

Belarus, Russia locked in bitter diplomatic dispute over anti-Russian rhetoric

Regimental set of S-400 air defense systems enters duty in Russia’s west

Canada imposes new sanctions in response to Russia’s aggressive actions

US Deputy Energy Secretary Meets With Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania Energy Officials

Russia’s Next Land Grab Won’t Be in an Ex-Soviet State. It Will Be in Europe.

NATO weighing Huawei spying risks to member countries

Transatlantic energy cooperation must increase, Estonia’s economy minister

Estonia: vote of no-confidence removes Narva mayor

Latvian airline airBaltic becomes number one in Estonia’s capital Tallinn

Baltics among 7 NATO countries that hit defense spending target in 2018

New Zealand in shock following mass shootings in Christchurch

Sieren’s China: A divided EU

Moscow plans to have a million youths in its Youth Army within a year

Crimea is and will remain part of Ukraine, Estonian FM

Latvia is interested in working with Azerbaijan on transport connections

Bulgaria expects Azeri SOCAR to invest in its retail gas network this year

March 16 parade takes place in Rīga

Snapshots from Soviet Lithuania

Mogherini Slams Russia As EU Marks Fifth Anniversary Of Crimea’s ‘Illegal Annexation’

New Estonian government intends to reject EU migrant quotas

Deal on reduction of disposable plastic dishes signed at UN assembly chaired by Estonia

Europe is no longer an innovation leader. Here’s how it can get ahead

Ukraine can’t count on NATO for protection vs the “Russian world”, ex-NATO rep in Russia Capt Gary Tabach

Estonia: Centre Party headquarters windows tagged with swastikas

Man to threaten Estonia’s chief rabbi taken into custody for 48 hours

Baltic states no longer a bridge between east and west, says Latvia

Lithuanian president calls PM’s Astravyets letter “anticonstitutional”

Hybrid attack response drills kicking off in southern Lithuania