70, 70, 15 and 10 for SovDefMin

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1918 March 25: Belarus Freedom Day (Dzen Voli)

1949 March 25: Operation Priboi, Soviet Mass Deportations from the Baltic States

2004 March 29: Baltic States Join NATO

1949 April 4: Founding of NATO

April 8: International Romani day

April 9: Day of the Finnish Language

April 9 in Georgia: Day of National Unity (1989) and restoration of independence in 1991

1998 April 10: Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland peace process

1978 April 14: Georgian Language Day

Norway will install the world’s first wireless electric car charging stations for Oslo taxis

Russian intelligence plotted terror attack in Ukraine ahead of elections

Estonia to study siting of Moltex advanced reactor

Telewizja Polska targets Lithuania

Why Is John Travolta Palling Around With Putin’s Cronies in Russia?

Iceland to Maintain Budget Surplus Through 2024 Despite Slowdown

Want to Stop Russia from Invading the Baltic States? Turn Poland Into a Military Powerhouse.

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Latvia’s membership in NATO

Russian air force planes land in Venezuela carrying troops: reports

NATO Confirms Plans For $260 Million U.S. Storage Site In Poland

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Finland Reach 5.7% Market Share

Anti-government protesters march in Belarusian capital

ECHR decision on “ethnopolitical genocide” in Lithuania deals blow to Soviet crimes

Poland’s electoral reforms criticised as return to Communist times

Russia and money laundering in Europe

‘Undesirable Elements’: How Stalin Deported Nearly 100,000 From The Baltics In Operation ‘Priboi’

Baltics marks 70th anniversary of major Soviet deportations

Victims of Soviet deportations remembered in Estonia

Latvia: March 1949 deportations remembered 70 years on

Truth, justice and an outsider’s affection for Estonia

Russian jailed for murdering Georgian man in northern Sweden

Stoltenberg: Georgia Will Join NATO, And Russia Can Do Nothing About It

NATO Is Dying, but Don’t Blame Trump

Estonia, Slovenia and Lithuania top new EBRD Knowledge Economy Index

Choose your Latvian coin of the year!

Annual Latvian literary prize nominees named

Swedbank handled €135bn of ‘high-risk’ flows through Estonia

Ukrainian political prisoner Pavlo Hryb goes on hunger strike in Russia following effective death sentence

Ever-rapacious Russia in denial over mass deportation of Estonians

Estonia is Building a “Robot Judge” to Help Clear Legal Backlog

Initial idea behind e-Residency was to ‘make Estonia great’: Arnaud Castaignet

Latvian Television worker sacked over Russia Today studio rental

Lithuania to reinstate rail link to Latvia

Modi hails India as military space power after anti-satellite missile test

U.S. and India Are Co-developing Military Technologies

Police Raid Sweden’s Leading Bank as Russian Money Laundering Scandal Spreads

Swedish authorities widen Swedbank inquiry to include suspected fraud

Trump tells Russia to get its troops out of Venezuela

China expels ex-Interpol president from public office, party

Russia has eliminated all classes taught in Ukrainian since its annexation of Crimea

Lukk: The trail of a tyrant – 70 years since the mass deportation of Estonians

Latvia will open consulate in Minneapolis

Latvia awarded long-delayed Olympic gold

Soviet military personnel sentenced over 1991 massacre in Lithuania

Lithuania convicts ex-Soviet officers for death of 14 in 1991 January Events

Former Soviet Defense Chief Convicted Of War Crimes In 1991 Vilnius Crackdown

Chinese officials pressured Canadian university to cancel event with Uighur activist

How China Used the Swedish Ambassador to Threaten Angela Gui

European Parliament approves law banning single-use plastic items by 2021

How Hydrogen Is Transforming These Tiny Scottish Islands

Swedbank chief executive fired as money laundering claims rock the bank

At 70, NATO is strong — but it must adapt to new demands

On its 70th anniversary, NATO is bigger than ever – here are its 29 members in action

Poland & the Success of its “Intermarium” Project

Ukraine’s heated presidential campaign most expensive ever

Russia arrests 23 Crimean Tatars after largest raid ever in occupied Crimea

New arrests add 55 children to the victims of Russia’s war against Crimean Tatars

Nord Stream 2 runs aground in Denmark

The 1st design contract for the Rail Baltica main line signed

Estonia is winning the cyber war against election meddling

Einars Giels appointed head of Latvian public television

Number of deaths in workplace accidents in Latvia twice as high as in EU

Russia calls Lithuania provocative after conviction of former Soviet official

Lithuanian parliament marks 15th anniversary of NATO membership

Russian Navy escorts NATO ships in Black Sea on way to Ukraine

Going Past Monopoly: Developing a Balanced Baltic Sea Regional Gas Market

Digital initiative follows famous family during rise of independent Latvia

Latvian ships being used to deliver oil to Venezuela

Lithuania celebrated its independence in Athens with a screening of “The other dream team”

Russia threatens Lithuania over 1991 massacre convictions

Estonia: King of Belgium to visit Belgian troops serving at Tapa military base

COUNTERPOINT: ‘Nazi’ slander aims to undercut our Baltic presence

Elly Gotz: A survivor

Humanist lawyer becomes Slovakia’s first female president

Tallinn Music Week 2019 review: ‘We All Value Being European’

No Coincidences: Reflections on the 90th Birthday of Lennart Meri

Eco-tax championed, contested and still marginal in EU

NYPD investigating Porzingis for possible rape

NATO in Lithuania: capabilities and expectations

The big loser in Ukraine’s presidential election? Vladimir Putin

Baltic, Nordic, Visegrad formins to meet in Palanga to discuss security, EU issues

Estonia celebrates its 15th anniversary as a member of NATO

Mass email bomb threats to shopping malls in Tallinn continue into Monday

Estonia looks to expand e-voting as continuous service

Security Service probing New Zealand terrorist’s possible Latvian visit in 2018

Rīga City Council will not be sacked right now, says minister

Vilnius University to honor people removed by Nazis, Soviets

Troops from 12 countries to take part in special force exercise in Lithuania

Nominations open for “Balts’ Award” 2019