Half-Full, or Half-Empty

Key women in Lithuania’s history – first parliament members and drive for modernisation
Biotech firm Longenesis wins Latvian entrepreneurship award
Cyberattack hits Montenegro government, defence minister points at Russia
ECB policymakers make the case for a big rate hike
Kazakhstan halts arms exports amid Ukraine war

Estonia has banned Russian tourists. Now it’s lobbying the European Union to do the same
Women in Latvia more often invest in the future, whereas men – into gaining more income
PPA interrupt Narva public gathering where banned insignia were displayed
Bank of Latvia completes second solar panel park
Russian citizens own over 41,000 properties in Estonia
Demolition of Soviet monuments: Latvian minister threatens mayor with «red card»
Scientific council chief: Mandatory Covid testing in schools not needed
Liepāja saw foreign tourist numbers rise by 40% this summer
US start-up Guardhat opens a site in Lithuania
One in three Latvians works remotely
Vilnius to blast remains of unfinished stadium with controlled explosions
LTV’s De Facto examines sanction breaches with Russia and Belarus
New poll ranks Lithuania’s most influential public intellectuals
Drivers of Latvia are still aggressive, says road safety authority
Lithuania completes building fence along border with Belarus
FIBA World Cup European Qualifiers: Latvia beats Great Britain, Israel loses to Sweden
Saturday’s ‘Night of the ancient bonfires’ had added significance this year
Focus on Ukraine at Rīga International Film Festival
Lithuanians join together to buy suicide drones for Ukrainian Army
Gas consumption in rapid decline in Latvia
Maria Mölder: Free use of libraries a basic human right
Cranberry season is red hot right now
Who prohibits the display of Ukrainian flags in Hungary?
Latvian citizen charged with supporting Russia’s war effort
Estonia: Price of natural gas sets new record
Daugavpils city council could face dismissal for failing to dismantle monuments
‘Sierra’ takes two awards at Turku Animated Film Festival
‘PutinOut’ – Lithuanian state institutions to compete in saving energy
Energy emergency revives Estonia’s polluting oil shale industry
Vilnius dims street lighting as electricity prices bite
Infortar: Estonia will be ready to dock LNG carrier this winter
Rinkēvičs receives Ukrainian award
Estonia Claims Baltic States Have Proposed 8th Round Of Sanctions Against Russia To EU
Fire on Ventspils–Sweden ferry; no passengers harmed
Lithuania to end free electric car charging by late 2023
Warning over possible emergency service telephone fraud
German and Spanish fighter jets make low-level landings over Estonia
Latvia’s military support to Ukraine amounts to EUR 300 million
Lithuania will continue to turn migrants away, PM says
Over 3,300 Ukrainian children will start school year in Latvia
The gas storage of the Baltic States and Finland is only 55% full
How a terrific collection of stories managed to escape Lithuania and survive
Austria’s largest energy supplier becomes insolvent
Fewer and fewer Walloon pupils learn Dutch as a second language
Gibraltar recognised as a British city, 180 years late
Central Asia’s Middle Corridor gains traction at Russia’s expense
Berlin, Brussels join calls for ‘fundamental reform’ of EU power market
Russia detains Bonduelle employee on suspicion of obtaining a state secret
Hillary Clinton Shares Throwback Party Pic in Support of Finland PM
Pakistan to consider vegetable imports from arch-rival India to mitigate floods fallout
Germany has fiscal buffers to withstand big energy shock – Scope
Indianapolis police quiet on fatal shooting of Dutch soldier
Hundreds of foreign soldiers join military exercise in Arctic Finland
German leader outlines vision for bigger, more coherent EU
Germany’s Scholz Backs EU Expansion To Include Western Balkans, As ‘Center Of Europe Is Moving Eastwards’
Palestinian toll mounts as Israel steps up West Bank raids
Sweden to boost military aid to Ukraine
EU ministers to study call for ban on Russian tourists
Baltic Sea renewable energy island to replace Russian energy for Germany
Protesters march in Belgrade against planned gay Pride event
Kuleba calls on Sweden to provide Archer artillery, RBS-7 air defense systems, more artillery shells
Scholz calls for ‘ambitious trade agenda’ in Europe speech
Denmark and Germany to Build Bornholm Energy Island Together
Ventotene nominated historical and moral capital of European values
Yara inks commercial CCS deal with Northern Lights in Norway
EU Foreign Policy Chief Expects Brussels To Further Restrict Visas For Russians
Germany to support Ukraine “as long as it takes”: Scholz
Kazakhs Confront Russian Tourists Over ‘Z’ Stickers On Cars
Why is independent Ukraine crucial for the Western democracy?
Andean Community nations push for Venezuela, Chile, Argentina to join bloc
Denmark and Germany back Baltic wind hub to offset Russian gas
Cubans flee island’s economic woes by air, land and sea
Germany’s energy bill spirals as Uniper seeks more cash

August 30: International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances
Despite rising cost of living, Lithuania’s wealthiest splash out on luxury boats
Latvian corruption watchdog swoops on former Agriculture Minister
First Estonian volunteer awarded Ukraine’s Order for Courage
Latvian storage volume lags behind rest of Europe
Lithuania reports 21.1% annual inflation in August
Incoming ambassador: Estonia-Portugal relations more important than ever
A “hierarchy of suffering” exacerbates asylum seekers’ mental health in Lithuania
President Karis decorates outgoing Finnish ambassador to Estonia
Baltic Sea Energy Security Summit taking place in Denmark
Lääneranna Municipality moves five Soviet monuments to museum
Latvian government moves ahead LNG terminal project
Lithuania’s Boomio scores €550k to transform customer loyalty market
Average wage rises, but purchasing power sharply down
Six-month Euribor reaches 1.077 percent
Lithuanian politicians, journalist receive state awards from Ukraine’s President Zelensky
Permanent fence construction on Latvia-Belarus border begins
Halla-aho suggests creating Helsinki monument from Russian tank destroyed in Ukraine
Estonia mulls limiting access to property market for non-EU citizens due to security concerns
Refurbishments begin on British minehunter purchased by Lithuanian Navy
Defense industry does not believe that Russian invasion of Latvia is to be expected – Pabriks
Lithuania’s state property manager hit with cyberattack after announcing ‘putinOut’ campaign
Rail Baltica project signs 8-million-euro ‘Shadow Operator’ contract
Leisure Leagues Lithuania players get world cup chance
UN committee belatedly requests to stop Soviet Victory Monument’s demolition in Pārdaugava
Russian Foreign Ministry in an emotional state over monument’s fate
Denmark and Baltic countries plan ‘seven times more’ offshore wind energy
Germany upbeat on energy security; Baltics count on wind
Estonian FM Says EU Can’t Compromise With ‘Evil’ On Russian Visas
A barrier between Lithuania and Belarus
Nearly entire train network shuts down in Netherlands over strike
Cambio vehicles replace almost 14,000 private cars in Flanders
They called for female leadership at the Vatican. They were arrested.
It’s time for the EU and Three Seas Initiative to align their goals
EU to tighten visa rules for Russians but split on travel ban
‘Tourism Is Not A Fundamental Right’: Romanian Minister Backs EU Ban On Russian Tourists
In Prague, EU Defense Chiefs Agree To Work Toward Military Assistance Mission For Ukraine
Black Hornets: The Micro Drones Set To Spy On Ukraine’s Battlefields
Poland Will Double Military Spending as War in Ukraine Rages
Ukraine launches counter-offensive in south as Russia shells port city
Heavy fighting rages in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied south
Zelenskiy tells Russians to run for their lives from Ukraine offensive in south
Gazprom tightens gas squeeze on France’s Engie
EU plans ’emergency intervention’ to halt energy price rise
Russian e-commerce firm opens Turkish office to help goods flow to home market
Russian liberal sentenced for comparing Stalin to Hitler
1st Ukraine grain ship for Horn of Africa reaches Djibouti
Angolan opposition UNITA rejects ruling party’s election win
Taiwan shoots at Chinese drone after president warns of ‘strong countermeasures’
Taiwan leader tells troops to keep cool amid Chinese threats
U.S. Navy foils Iranian attempt to capture unmanned vessel in the Gulf – fleet statement
Cargo ship beached after collision in Bay of Gibraltar
Female Soldier Stands By Sexual Harassment Claims Despite Kazakh Army Denial
Saudi woman gets 45-year prison term for social media posts, rights group says
Diana’s death stunned the world — and changed the royals
Meghan speaks about her efforts ‘forgiving’ royal family
St. Kitts law criminalizing gay sex found unconstitutional
Norway to Launch Europe’s First Cross-Border Carbon Transport and Storage Project
Denmark launches fury at EU as energy red tape hands Russia boost: ‘We can do better’
8.8%: Near 50-year high German inflation strengthens case for larger ECB rate rise
Maersk kicks off construction of green warehouse in Denmark

1957 August 31: Hari Merdeka, Malaysia Independence Day
1962 August 31: Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day
1963 August 31 Sabah Day
1991 August 31: Kyrgyzstan Independence Day
1994 August 31: Withdrawal of Soviet military from Baltic States
Statistics Estonia: GDP grows by just 0.6 percent in second quarter
Waiting for war and ‘Lithuania’s last summer’ – interview
Rēzekne surveys residents about monument demolition
Läänemets: If EU lacks visa ban consensus, it’ll be up to border states
Bear-able photos can enter into Latvian-Estonian contest
Wimbledon and Olympic champions amongst ‘impressive’ WTA 250 Tallinn lineup
‘Time To Wake Up’: Lithuanian Foreign Minister Calls For EU Ban On Russian Tourists
Latest polling suggests new parties will make it into Latvian parliament
Lithuania’s Defence Minister Arvydas Anushauskas claims Mikhail Gorbachev was a “criminal”
Rising grocery costs impacting Estonian consumers’ shopping habits
Watchdog confirms bans on 20 Russian TV channels in Latvia
Lithuanian FM calls for EU peacekeeping mission at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
Erik Gamzejev: Estonian not heard in council elected by Russian citizens
761 residence permits of Russians annulled in Latvia since start of war
Estonia’s August inflation exceeds 25 percent, still highest in euro area
Latvia’s GDP increases by 4.7% in first half-year of 2022
New Estonian ambassador to UN: Ukraine issue must remain in limelight
Latvia Achieves Milestone in Military Aid for Ukraine, Eyes Further Donations
Coach: Kontaveit ready to embrace Williams challenge at US Open
Wind turbine parks in Latvia may start producing electricity in 2026
Number of students in Estonia continues to rise
The 10th edition of the Baltic Pitching Forum announces its selected projects
Audit office: Estonia consistently spends less EU funding than allocated
Latvia backs Skulte LNG import terminal
Estonian Foreign Minister: EU recognizes the country’s right to close borders
Legal persons in Latvia to receive compensation of electricity transmission service fee
Finland and Estonia discussed deepening cooperation to boost digitalisation in logistics
Wages could level out with inflation next year in Latvia
Estonian Prime Minister: Progress made on Baltic region energy security
Why Gorbachev will not be remembered fondly in Lithuania
Estonian team hungry for success ahead of European Basketball Championships
Latvia: GDP figures and business confidence both fairly weak
Narva council to decide next week on whether to sue state over tank removal
Watchdog refuses blanket authorisation for Lithuanian Railways to receive payments from Russia
Justice chancellor: Provisions for Covid rules unconstitutional
We regained independence against Gorbachev’s will: Latvian President
Estonia, economic analysts: Second half of year may bring recession
Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Denmark pledge wind power increase
EU to suspend visa agreement with Russia, Estonia says it’s not enough
Tent rally in Vilnius demands more student accommodation amid soaring rents
Elina Pedersen talks Your Bourse, hiring, Estonia after Soviet rule
Lithuanians slam ‘one-sided’ reax to Gorbachev death
Estonia aims to stop most Russians from entering country within weeks -minister
Poland, Baltics mull barring Russians regardless of EU
Brussels’ guidance on Kaliningrad transit political, not legal – Lithuanian MP
War protest: Statues fall as Europe purges Soviet monuments
While rest of EU mourns, Baltics recall Gorbachev as agent of repression
Two Eurovision Artists To Shine On Latvia’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’
Five EU countries threaten to restrict entry of Russians into the Schengen area
Putin Cronies Threaten ‘Hundreds’ of American Coffins on Live TV
Two high-ranking German officials suspected of having close ties with Russia after inconsistencies found in Nord Stream 2 documents
Accidental Hero: Gorbachev’s legacy dissolves under scrutiny
To Ukrainians, Gorbachev Remains an ‘Imperialist’
Norway to host new aquaculture innovation showcase
‘A Porsche Compared To A Lada’: Ukrainian Artillerists Swap Soviet Howitzer For Polish-Built Krab
Poland Is Gearing Up To Become a Tank Superpower
EU to suspend visa deal with Russia, gives border countries more leverage
Finland to Officially Cut Number of Visas Granted to Russians by 90% From Tomorrow
Deadline looming, China vies to block UN report on Xinjiang
Wealthiest People in Norway (August 31, 2022)
Taiwan vows counter-attack if Chinese forces enter its territory
Inflation unexpectedly rises further in Poland to new 25-year high of 16.1%
As Johnson Departs, Britain’s Next Leader Faces Daunting Challenges
Slovakia, Finland ink production deal for 76 Patria combat vehicles
Awards Ceremony Photos Capture Devastating Impact Of Invasion On Ukrainian Families
US Space Force Partners with Norway to Launch Arctic Comms Satellites
Father of ‘glasnost’ and ‘perestroika’ Gorbachev dies aged 91
Don’t underestimate Russia’s military strength, German defence chief warns
Mexicans march to demand search for 100,000 disappeared
Sweden set to take on more of consumers’ soaring energy bills
U.S. preparing more security assistance for Ukraine -White House
Denmark’s economy grows with clouds visible on horizon
Mississippi’s Capital Enters Second Day Without Running Water
The Hypersonic Potential of India-Russia Military-Technical Cooperation
Borrell Says EU Members Agree On Suspension Of Visa Deal For Russians
Sweden Increases Investment in Naval Underwater Ranges
Ukraine moves forward on media law, chasing EU requirements
Denmark lowers economic growth forecasts
Inflation hits 9.1% in countries using euro currency
The path to peace in Europe also leads via Minsk
Spain’s ‘Tomatina’ battle returns after pandemic hiatus
Sweden’s H2 Green Steel raises EUR 190m
Russian Trial Begins Of Mother Of Exiled Chechen Rights Activists
German companies halt production to cope with rising energy prices
EU’s Michel Urges Faster Work Toward Peace From Azerbaijani, Armenian Leaders
Belarusian hacktivists try NFTs to support antigovernment campaign
Sweden to Donate SEK 500 Million Worth of Ammunition to Ukraine
Russian spies suspected of infiltrating German government, according to report
Belarus Designates Group Of Ex-Cops Who Oppose Regime As Terrorists
Wheelchair handball’s popularity increases in Norway
How digital laggard Germany plans to catch up in tech
Why Washington should provide ATACMS weapons to Ukraine
Norway has NOK200m plan to bolster cyber defences
Germany says it will expand military presence in Indo-Pacific as China threat looms
Iran delivers European ‘peace initiative’ on Ukraine to Russia
Norway Tesla owners go to extreme lengths to make Elon Musk aware of their complaints
Finland set to introduce digital ID cards

1939 September 1: Nazi Invasion of Poland and Beginning of WW2
1991 September 1: Uzbekistan Independence Day
Eesti Gaas once again sharply increases price for household consumers
School year begins in Latvia with concerns about lack of teachers
Russian authorities to install tank monument across river from Narva
Lithuanian schools struggle to attract teachers as new academic year begins
Baltic states and Poland: We must ‘drastically decrease’ flow of Russians into the EU
Estonia buys Polish MANPADS shooting down Russian Su-24 and Su-25
Regulator approves Latvenergo’s new, much higher tariffs
Transport Administration inspectors checking foreign ships in Estonian ports
September begins with first frost in Latvia
Baltics, Poland to seek tougher solutions after EU adopts ‘half-measure’ on visas for Russians
Pärnu Orthodox Church’s dome receives newly gilded crosses
Latvia has extradited to the United States man suspected of embezzling USD 7 million
Insights from the Education Nation: The Case of Estonia
Documentary about Jonas Mekas to premiere at Venice Film Festival
Helicopter above Rīga maps ‘digital twin’ of city
Czech Slavia buy Gambian striker Singhateh from Estonian Paide
Standard type apartment prices going down in Latvia for the first time since 2020
Many schools in Estonia starting new year without speech therapist, psychologist
Unemployment in Latvia – the highest among Baltic States and below average in Eurozone
Legal basis exists for restricting EU tourist visas
Suspected gang leader in employment of Lithuanian Amateur Football Association
Royal Welsh Battlegroup conducts final exercise in Estonia
Preview: 2022 FIA World Rallycross Championship – Riga, Latvia
Russian citizen arrivals in Estonia increase considerably over summer
Energy subsidies should take priority over higher defence spending, Lithuanian president says
Estonia, Center Party founding member Olav Anton dies
Khodorkovsky, Kasparov urge against blanket visa bans for Russians
Latvia, Saeima Elections 2022: How it all happens
Lithuanian Railways received pre-payment for 3 weeks of Kaliningrad transit
Blackstone buys even more of Luminor
‘Teachers here are softer.’ Some 7,000 Ukrainian kids start school in Lithuania
Skulte and Tīraine could lose electricity next year
Telia Lietuva biggest spender as Lithuania’s 700MHz auction wraps
Photos of Pride’s history in Channel Islands and UK on display in Guernsey
Channel Television celebrates 60 years of broadcasting to the islands
Irish language film celebrates Vancouver’s Irish LGBTQ community
No Bus, No Fuss: Slovenia Opens EuroBasket Defense With Win
Mozambique reaffirms commitment to bilateral relations with Portugal
Magellan got the credit, but this man was first to sail around the world
Slovakia’s economy minister resigns as coalition crisis climaxes
Georgia welcomes EuroBasket: inside full of belief Tbilisi
Uzbekistan’s Ethnic Minorities: Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind
Russia considers doubling fines for ‘LGBT propaganda’ in new law
Russia’s Stranglehold On The World’s Nuclear Power Cycle
Turkish club’s doner sale turns into political crisis in Denmark
EU hits 80% gas storage target early despite Russian cut offs
CO2 pipeline to connect Germany, Norway for underground carbon storage
To China’s fury, UN accuses Beijing of Uyghur rights abuses
Germany launches Kinofest as admissions plummet nearly 40%
Putin denies Gorbachev a state funeral and will stay away
Norway officially commissions new Rheinmetall MAN logistic vehicles
Uyghurs in Turkey disappointed by UN report on China’s Xinjiang
New findings expose machinery of Russia’s ‘filtration’ of Ukrainians
LUKoil Chairman Is Latest Russian Businessman To Die Under Mysterious Circumstances
U.S., Denmark Like-Minded on Ukraine Aid
German government announces fifth floating LNG terminal
With NAFO, Ukraine turns the trolls on Russia
Gorbachev remembered fondly in Germany for enabling unity
GP shortage in Norway much larger than previous estimates indicate
IAEA experts ‘not going anywhere’ after reaching Ukraine nuclear plant
One of Sweden’s largest tomato growers to stop cultivation during winter
Bloody Crackdowns And ‘Criminal’ Inaction: Mikhail Gorbachev’s Darker Legacy
Finland drastically cuts tourist visas for Russians
Kosovo is a frozen conflict which Russia is championing
Energinet, Gasunie to partner on hydrogen infrastructure between Denmark, Germany
German gasoline, transport prices jump as subsidies expire
Start of an uncertain school year for four million schoolchildren in Ukraine
Russia warns Moldova not to threaten its troops in breakaway region
Finland to slash electricity tax over winter, subsidise bills
Ukrainian Player Refuses Handshake After Defeat To Belarus’s Azarenka At U.S. Open
Belarus to hold exercises on “liberating territories”: Ukrainian Armed Forces prepared
Australia, France deepen defense ties after breakdown
IOM Belarus Response for the stranded migrants in Belarus
Indian troops join Russian military exercise despite U.S. concerns
Putin pays respect to Gorbachev before fleeing to shady hideaway on Europe’s doorstep
Russian Billionaire Renounces Citizenship, Will Move To Disputed Nagorno-Karabakh
Putin Visits Baltic Exclave Kaliningrad As Tensions With EU Soar
LGBTQ activists in Peru demand autopsy for death in Bali
Norway steps up for Europe’s energy security
China has been simulating attacks on U.S. Navy ships, Taiwan says
Scholz: Germany will get through winter, even without Russian gas
Pussy Riot Members Fined In Switzerland For Attempting To Paint Anti-War Graffitti
Poland Demands $1.3 Trillion War Reparations from Germany
Taiwan president says she looks forward to producing ‘democracy chips’ with U.S.
Sweden awards $50M deal for thermal weapon sights to Leonardo DRS

1885 September 2: Rock Springs massacre
1945 September 2: Vietnam National Day
1960 September 2: Tibetan Democracy Day
Estonia President Alar Karis: We study and learn for the sake of freedom
Lithuania Wants to Partner with India in FinTech, Biotech, and Soft Power
Putin Must Pay for Ukraine and Europe’s ‘Painful’ Winter: Estonia
Turn off the lights to defeat Putin
PM: Latvijas gāze is not interested in peace in Latvia and peace of mind in people’s heads
Regional visa restrictions for Russians to be discussed next week, Lithuanian FM says
PM Kariņš: ‘We do not need a teacher strike in Latvia now’
Ukraine celebrates independence day with rave in Lithuania
Latvia saw hottest August in 80 years
Intelligence chief named Lithuania’s most influential public servant
Estonia to play leading role in Open Government Partnership launched in 2011 by Barack Obama
Kaunas school sheds Alexander Pushkin name
Comprehensive EU-level solutions should be developed to restrict entry of Russian citizens into EU member countries – Rinkevics
Lithuania officially closing Medininkai migrant centre
Latvia’s total Covid case count passes 900,000 mark
Blackstone acquires Nordea’s remaining shareholding in Luminor
MSF urges Lithuania to end lengthy migrant detention
Kohtla-Järve resident sentenced to 10 days for inciting hatred on TikTok
Annual Poetry Days festival begins in Latvia
Estonia and Ukraine to strengthen cooperation in developing digital society
Russia’s defeat in Ukraine would help it shed imperialist mentality, Latvian minister says in Vilnius
Estonia, Ministry of Justice plans to merge prison medicine with general healthcare
It is important to expand economic cooperation with Turkey – Latvian Foreign Ministry’s state secretary
More than €175 million from defense budget reaches Estonian economy in 2021
Lithuania’s Car Crash Deaths Decrease by 50% Over a Decade
Estonia’s representative will not attend Gorbachev’s funeral
Latvia, Saeima Elections 2022: All The Parties (Part 1)
Burning fuel oil will keep heating bills low this winter, Vilnius mayor says
Tallinn ‘pocket parks’ aim to improve city’s streets
Lithuanian president calls for more pressure on Moscow over Crimea
US B-52 strategic bomber makes flight over Estonia
Majority owner bids to buy out Klaipėda stevedoring company from Belaruskali
18th International Mark Rothko Painting Symposium starts
Opposing EU visa ban on Russians ‘is shortsighted’ says Lithuania’s president
Estonian FIU: Money flows related to Russia, Belarus have decreased sharply
Latvia’s Olympic champions set to represent Riga on FIBA 3×3 World Tour in Montreal
Home cooking by Fontecchio and Melli as Italy beats Estonia
Japan and Latvia and make their Oscar submissions
Turkey can play a more constructive role in Russia’s war on Ukraine
Breaking Bad: A Disaggregated Analysis of Inflation Inertia
Algeria’s move to English signals erosion of France’s sway
France to restart all nuclear reactors by winter amid energy crunch
A third of women in Iceland been harrassed at their workplace
Young people in Ireland face ‘terrifying’ rent crisis due to chronic housing shortage
RX2E: Raül Ferré – Andorra’s rising rallycross star
Chile and Montenegro Floored by Ransomware
Albania, Serbia and North Macedonia will Ask the EU for Help to Survive the Winter
How young Albanians are lured into drugs and violence in Britain
Moldova summons Russian diplomat over Lavrov threat
Children of war recover from trauma in Pearl of Transnistria summer camp
Transnistria Celebrates ‘Independence Day’ in Shadow of War
Slovakia leaning towards national gas price cap for households
Another Gorno-Badakhshan Activist Detained In Moscow; Relatives Fear His Extradition To Dushanbe
Swiss Franc No Longer a Sure Bet as ECB Contemplates Jumbo Hike
ECB to cut its policy rate early next year – Allianz
Prepare for Jumbo ECB Hikes in Each of Next Two Meetings, Citi Says
Compromise Lies Behind Singapore’s New Approach to LGBT Rights
Why Is Kazakhstan’s President Calling A Snap Election?
EU to provide €5 billion macro-financial assistance for Ukraine
Afghan mosque blast kills 18, including pro-Taliban cleric
Russia says no U.S. visas yet for Lavrov visit to United Nations
What could NZ learn from the post-war housing movement that helped shape Norway?
Jailed Kazakh Opposition Politician Fears He May Be Attacked In Custody
Regions eye energy supplier role in switch to clean planes
Earthquakes shake Liechtenstein parliament during quake insurance debate
‘No time to waste on Brexit’: EU uneasy about Truss as UK leader
Germany: 25-year old transgender man dies after Pride event attack
G-7 pledges to move forward with Russia oil price cap system
U.S. compels Iran to again release seized U.S. sail drones
Norway to extend life of its last Arctic coal mine to meet demand
EU’s top executive backs price cap on Russian pipeline gas
Israeli attacks squeeze Iranian aerial supplies to Syria, sources say
Sweden’s Electrolux sells Russian operations to local management
Myanmar court convicts Suu Kyi of vote fraud, adds jail time
Argentina’s VP Kirchner unharmed in point-blank attempted shooting
Finland to pilot student loan forgiveness scheme
Biden to host Pacific Island summit with wary eye on China
Denmark expects a winter free of COVID restrictions
N. Korea calls UN monitor on its rights issue ‘puppet’ of US
Sweden’s cost of living crisis spooks voters ahead of election
French prosecutor warns of elevated terror attack threat
Lukashenko humiliated as Belarus student displays ‘save me’ sign during propaganda class
Market mayhem awaits Britain’s new leader
Chair of NATO Military Committee visits Sweden
Belarus Finds Itself as Accomplice in Russia’s War Against Ukraine
Finland hosts historic military training drill, Swedish forces under Finnish command
Allied joint tactical attack controllers train skills in Czech-led exercise Ample Strike

1980 September 3, Tokehega Day, Tokelau
2010 September 3: Belarus Journalist Aleh Biabenin Found Hanged
Historic ‘Vidzeme market’ in Rīga struggles to find its future
George P. Kent nominated next US ambassador to Estonia
Amid defence spending boost, what upgrades is Lithuanian military getting?
Helsinki hosts major pro-Ukrainian demonstration
Minister: Aiding Ukraine in cyber development helps Estonia too
Haavisto upbeat about Nato bid process
Why the Baltics fear Russia
Evan Fournier and France prevailed over Lithuania
A pilgrimage to Sweden’s Stonehenge and the lost temple of Uppåkra
‘Absolutely Hilarious’ – Chaotic Scenes In Moscow As Hackers Create Massive Traffic Jam In The Russian Capital
A Growing Backlash Against Russian Tourists Is Dividing Europe
Liechtenstein doesn’t have an army, but it has a historic victory with it
Ukraine Sees Many Ways to Hurt Russia in Kherson Offensive
Iceland tops Luxembourg as best place to retire
Russian military death toll in Ukraine war rises to 49,050
Ryanair threatens to pull out of Belgium
Sweden announces emergency support for energy producers
Pope dissolves Knights of Malta leadership, issues new constitution
Fog of war: Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russian forces
Cyprus records 8.9 per cent inflation in August
Erdogan accuses Greece of ‘occupying’ demilitarised islands
Hungary’s Orban Travels To Moscow To Attend Gorbachev Funeral
Mikhail Gorbachev funeral draws thousands in Moscow
Former Kyrgyzstan president Roza Otunbayeva named UN envoy to Afghanistan
Thousands protest in Prague against Czech government, EU and NATO
China warns of ‘counter-measures’ as US approves $1.1bn arms sales to Taiwan

1968 September 6: eSwatini Independence Day
1822 September 7: Brazil Independence Day
1278 September 8: Andorra National Day
1514 September 8: Battle of Orsha, Lithuania
1991 September 8: North Macedonia Independence Day
1991 September 9: Tajikistan Independence Day
2019 September 10: Albert Razin dies after self-immolation protesting Russian language policy in Udmurtia
1714 September 11: National Day of Catalonia
2001 September 11: 9/11