Latvia Demolishes Soviet Victory Monument

Peeling back the curtain on Škėma’s American exile – interview
Facing Dehydration And Death, Romania’s Famed Wild Horses Saved By Concerned Locals
Key woman in Lithuania’s history – the story of Žemaitė
Latvia: Beach volleyball duo win European Championship
Lithuania Pledges Roughly €600M to Promote Innovation, R&D
Latvian awaydays: Lēdurga
New rules threaten to end hot air balloon flights over Vilnius

Narva councilors question legality of monument removal
Why are the Baltics becoming skeptical of relations with China?
Reinsalu: eighth sanctions package should include full energy embargo
LTV’s De Facto probes Russian Gazprom’s influence on Latvian gas companies
Estonia calls on EU to ban Russian tourists
Survey: Latvia’s residents feel safer at night
Estonia’s Battle Against a Deluge of DDoS Attacks
Latvia’s residents not worried about monkeypox, says survey
Lithuania’s environment ministry wants to make cities more dense
EDF Deputy Commander: Ukrainians have up to 10 weeks for counter-attack
Foreigners Purchasing Cars in Lithuania No Longer Need to Follow Extensive Procedures
Tõnis Saarts: Three pillars of success of re-independent Estonia
Viada LT petrol station chain vows to terminate contract with Amic over alleged Russia links
Estonia: Martyred bishop’s message of peace amid war in Europe
One of largest US warships arrives in Lithuania
Overall good year for Latvian farmers, says association
Lukashenko wants to ”punish” Lithuania
Latvia Starts Removing Soviet Monument in Challenge to Russia
Lithuania launches Startupcation program focusing on non-EU startups
Smaller political parties find various ways to meet Latvian election rules
First German troops of Lithuania brigade to come in early September – minister
Latvia among best in Europe for high-speed internet access
Lithuania produces three times less electricity than it consumes – why?
Feature: We need to talk about Narva
Did you know Ogre was once a fashionable summer resort?
Estonia piano to be featured on stamp from ‘Great Estonian Things’ series
Bayraktar drone crowdfunded by Lithuanians is already ‘performing combat tasks’ – minister
Estonia: Court finds man guilty of desecrating Ukrainian flag
As EU members debate a Russian visa ban, a popular Lithuanian tourist attraction is taking a stand
Education minister: Most schools will teach only in Estonian next year
Latvian MEP sensationally switches parties
Lithuania steps up protection of border with Russia to ‘the highest level of readiness‘ – minister
Latvia to issue Ukrainian tribute coin in 2023
Five companies left in the running to buy Viciunai’s Russian business, but names are a mystery
Ukraine bans Independence Day rallies for fear of Russian rocket strikes
Serb official visits Moscow, calls sanctions EU ‘hysteria’
Finland, Sweden offer NATO an edge as rivalry warms up north
EU Is Considering Military Training Program For Ukrainian Forces
Qatar detains workers protesting late pay before World Cup
Denmark’s long-term vision for digital development
Kyiv Says Almost 9,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Have Been Killed In Its War With Russia
End of Singapore’s gay sex ban is small step in Asia-Pacific
Swedish police find bomb at Stockholm festival
US, S. Korea open biggest drills in years amid North threats
UN: At Least 972 Children Killed or Injured in Ukraine Since Beginning of War
In sign of support, US bombers fly over Dubrovnik, Balkans

August 23: European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism
1939 August 23: Nazi–Soviet Treaty of Non-Aggression, Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact
1979 August 23: Baltic Appeal to the UN
1989 August 23: Baltic Way
FSB claim of alleged assassin fleeing to Estonia is provocation
Latvia allocates additional funding to secure natural gas reserves
Estonia will not demolish Maarjamäe Memorial to Soviet Union defenders
Seven detained by Soviet monument in Rīga before demolition
Estonia: Regulatory amendment to allow farmers to grow higher THC cannabis crops
Ogre unveils highest rock climbing wall in Baltics
‘I will not work for the occupier’: Ukrainians from Luhansk and Kharkiv flee to Lithuania
Why Latvians vote and don’t vote in Saeima elections
Tallinn has 800 public surveillance cameras and counting
Lithuania presses for EU hard line on Russian tourist visas
33 years since the Baltic Way changed the world
Surveillance Systems on Border With Belarus Must Be Installed by the End of the Year, Lithuanian Minister Says
Latvia drops out of cross-border offshore wind project with Estonia
Finland PM Sanna Marin: The Baltics should have been heeded over Russia
Flower power: Lithuania celebrates 33rd anniversary of Baltic Way with flower exhibition
Signatures collected to organise paid repatriation of disloyal Latvian residents to Russia
Lithuanian government to spend up to €1 billion on electricity, gas subsidies next year – PM
Estonia FM urges against travel to Russia in wake of Dugina murder
Baltic countries, Poland and Finland could ban Russian tourists -Lithuania
Estonia MoF forecasts 1 percent economic growth this year, 0.5 percent next
Lithuania to send 30 instructors to UK to train Ukrainian troops
Külli Taro: Different understandings of democracy and freedom in Estonia
History of Latvian teachers’ protests: LIZDA can and has accomplished much with strikes
Estonian officials slam Russia for claiming the killer of Putin ally’s daughter fled there, suggest her death may be a Russian false flag
With no EU agreement on visa ban for Russians, Lithuania will go for regional solution – FM
Power outages unlikely in Estonia but risks have gone up
Green Genius inks loan for 15.7 MW of remote solar projects in Lithuania
Estonia: Average monthly pension to increase by more than €100 next year
Alleged fraud in Latvia-Belarus border fence construction procurement
Wood pellet prices in Estonia triple on year
Defence Minister: Ukraine offered to invest in Lithuanian companies that could quickly boost drone production
Russia justifies pact between Soviet Union and Nazi Germany on Twitter
Bug species found in Latvia for first time
Chancellor of justice criticizes Russian-language Narva council session
Parts of Rīga’s Soviet monument demolished on Tuesday
Estonian-Finnish co-production 8 Views of Lake Biwa currently shooting
Latvia: Donations sought to help low-income pupils
Appeasement policy toward aggressors doesn’t work – Lithuania’s President
Scammers in Latvia often pretend being bank and police workers
Unmanned Surface Vehicle Mariner Next Ghost Fleet Vessel to Join US Navy
Germany to deliver IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine in coming weeks
Russians From Pechenga Region Show No Interest in Using Local Border Permit to Enter Norway
Canada sanctions Russian officials, defense entity over Ukraine invasion
Cuban government starts selling dollars — with limits
Russia’s war on Ukraine is becoming a battle for Belarus as well
Energy crunch in Belgium drives spike in demand for renewable energy cooperatives
Horseback Therapy Aids Ukrainian War Amputees’ Path To Recovery
Enemy actively employing e-warfare systems near Ukraine border in Belarus
Superyacht linked to sanctioned Russian oligarch is auctioned in Gibraltar
UK shows Ukraine solidarity with sunflower display
Porsches and Bentleys fill Helsinki airport as Russian tourists head to Europe
Kazakh crude exports hit by Russian terminal repairs
Kazakh Foreign Ministry Summons Ukrainian Ambassador Over ‘Inappropriate’ Comments
German publisher pulls Winnetou books amid racial stereotyping row
Hard-Won Unity: Polls Show Russian Invasion Is Transforming Ukrainian Self-Identity
Germany secures raw materials and energy in Canada
Moscow seeks a ”sense of normal” amid Ukraine conflict

1991 August 24: Ukraine Independence Day
New season of ‘Terevisioon’ kicks off August 29
President: Latvia’s nation has become more patriotic, national and more prepared to defend their country
UK minister in Estonia: Ukraine can win war, with sufficient western aid
Availability of energy resources remains chief concern for Latvian businesses
Construction material created in Tartu, used in Kenya
Simonyte, Nauseda, Landsbergis ranked as Lithuania’s most influential politicians
Karis: Teaching Ukraine’s history will ensure non-recognition continues
Cyber attacks on Latvia grew rapidly over past half year
UK Armed Forces Minister meets UK troops in Estonia
‘Sunflower path’ weaves through Rīga on Ukraine’s Independence Day
What happened to Afghans who fled from Taliban to Lithuania one year ago?
35th anniversary of first major public event openly critical of the Soviet occupation of Estonia
Latvian Stevedoring Company Association considers challenges and sector’s development scenarios
Riigikogu Finance Committee member: Estonia’s state budget not balanced
Happy Independence Day, Ukraine! [from Latvia]
New survey ranks Lithuania’s most influential people in business
Humanitarian aid head: Military assistance alone not enough to win this war
Baltics want to end EU tourist visas for Russians. What do other countries think?
Estonian politicans congratulate Ukraine on its Independence Day
Lithuania’s biggest fertiliser maker suspends production over soaring gas prices
Latvia, May 9 and the Soviet Victory Monument: timeline, public opinion and Armands’ view
Protest at Maarjamäe Memorial highlights nuclear disaster threat
‘Victory and European integration’ – Lithuanian leaders congratulate Ukraine on Independence Day
FinTech forum coming to Rīga in September
Estonian TSO: Paldiski LNG terminal will also protect against power outages
Talpa’s “Dream Duets” to Lithuania; “M*A*S*H” special set at Reelz
Estonia’s Education Ministry reduces foreign-language info on homepage
Latvian residents’ donations to Ukraine continue dwindling
Hospitals put off EU-funded Covid isolation wards construction to next year
One in ten women in Latvia has experienced sexual harassment at work
Estonian choir sings Ukraine’s ‘Quiet Water’ for Independence Day
Zelensky sends greeting in Lithuanian: Ukraine’s independence day is also a holiday in Lithuania
Narva council chair: Deputies speak Russian ‘for political reasons’
Lithuania’s military aid to Ukraine exceeds EUR 120M
Tallinn city council chambers to hold regular question time sessions
Latvian gas trader will no longer offer ‘balanced’ payment
Court sentences child molester who worked at a school to 9 years
Ukraine: And then they came
5,323 Ukrainian refugees registered as unemployed in Estonia
Lithuanian president backs EU visa ban for Russians: all ‘must feel the consequences of this war’
Some gender stereotypes still exist in Baltic states, survey suggests
Estonia’s AI Govstack to help other countries digitalize, offer virtual admin assistant
Ireland hammer Lithuania in record 19-0 win to kickstart EuroHockey qualifiers
State takes possession of preservable parts of monuments taken down in Narva
Finland salutes Ukraine’s Independence Day
Passivity of Russian citizens legitimises aggression on Ukraine: Estonian FM
In the AI-Generated ‘Symbiotic Architecture,’ Manas Bhatia Envisions an Apartment Complex Within a Live Redwood
Norway, Britain donate micro drones to Ukraine
Six Months of Putin’s War Unravels Russia’s Superpower Image
China warns of ‘forceful measures’ if Canada interferes in Taiwan
Germany inaugurates world’s first hydrogen-powered train fleet
People facing acute food insecurity reach 345 million worldwide – WFP
Trans community in Poland braces for political attacks as election nears
Pride, defiance and solidarity mark Ukrainian Independence Day under pall of war
Poland favours broader visa ban for Russians
‘Large-scale’ fighting shatters lull in Ethiopia’s Tigray
Solar power is booming in Germany as Russia turns down the gas
Israel’s premier urges West to reject Iran nuclear deal
Poland’s Azoty Group suspends fertiliser production as high gas prices sting
Western leaders salute Ukraine on its Independence Day
Denmark keen to join with Baltic countries on wind energy
Italy’s natural gas storage is 80% full as prices hit record
Germany: Crowds return to Gamescom convention after COVID
15 reported killed in Independence Day attack in Ukraine
Germany approves rules to turn down heating, lights this winter
US to give $3 billion in military aid as Ukraine marks 6 months of war
Norway Eyes High Gas Output Until 2030
Kenyans taking UK to European court over colonial-era abuses
US and Norway forge unprecedented ski jumping partnership
Serbia’s Vulin in Moscow – a disaster for Belgrade
Project in Finland investigating cell-cultured cocoa
Spain to put video cameras in abattoirs
Canada, Germany sign deal to start hydrogen shipments by 2025
Angolans to vote in tight race that could affect pro-Russia ties
Russia’s Rosatom files claims worth €3bn against Finland’s Fennovoima
Yehor’s Diary: Singer Buys A Home For 9-Year-Old Boy Who Documented Mariupol Siege
Russian opposition politician arrested over Ukraine war criticism
The Star Of Last Year’s Ukrainian Independence Celebrations Is Now A Child Of War
Russia’s War on Ukraine: Six Months of Lies, Implemented
A sneak peek into Germany’s new – unbudgeted – digital strategy
Belarus congratulates Ukraine on Independence Day
Poland begins to dismantle Soviet-era monument
Sweden to test super-fast ferries to beat traffic congestion

1825 August 25: Uruguay Independence Day
28 percent of Russian entrants into EU since February 24 came via Estonia
IMF cuts Latvian growth forecast for next year by 1.5pp to 2.5%
Reinsalu fails to convince Hungary to back Russian visa ban
Baltic parliament leaders would back regional solution to bar Russians
Russian visa ban a matter of national security and EU credibility, says Estonia’s PM
Corruption watchdog swoops on State Revenue Service of Latvia
Estonia has more solar plants than neighbors combined
Lithuanian border guards complain they are underarmed: how are we to hold out against invasion?
Average life expectancy in Estonia fell to 77.2 years in 2021
A NATO brigade in each Baltic state is just a minimum for peacetime
Latvian defense sector in development phase, says expert
Monument to Soviet soldiers vandalised in Lithuania’s Tytuvėnai
We say Hej and welcome to the first IKEA store in Estonia
Minister suggests raising minimum wage to €800 in Lithuania
Demolition of Soviet Victory monument in Rīga
Tallinn launches Song Festival Grounds holistic spacial vision competition
Air pollution up in Lithuania due to prolonged drought
Rīga International Film Festival will open with ‘My Love Affair With Marriage’
Having lost hope of employment in their profession, Ukrainian medics leaving Estonia
Baltic and Finnish Foreign Affairs Committee heads in Ukraine
Seven countries’ Foreign Affairs Committee chairs want stronger sanctions
Latvia Topples Soviet World War II Monument in Swipe at Russia
Estonia donates first €350,000 in coin card proceeds to Ukraine
Over 20% leap in construction costs in Latvia in July
Achema closure signals more troubles to come, says Lithuanian business rep
Latvia Removes Controversial Soviet Monument
The pros and cons of unanimity in EU’s foreign policy and what’s better for Lithuania – opinion
Switzerland’s Svizraa files protest against Dmitry Mazepin limiting its operations in Latvia
Lithuanian Customs tightens checks to enforce sanctions
Fermi Energia to evaluate NuScale SMR for Estonia
Goodbye USSR! Eastern Europeans dismantle monuments of the past
Latvia’s eCommerce giant, Joom, sponsors schools rating
Nuremberg trials provide a model for holding the Russian president and members of his regime accountable
Bulgaria refuses extradition of Russian anti-war protester to Putin’s regime
Arm for the storm: Germany’s new security strategy
U.S. report identifies 21 ‘filtration’ locations run by Russia for processing Ukrainians
Finland, a Country Built on Military Self-Reliance, Prepares for NATO Collective Defense
Putin orders Russian military to beef up forces by 137,000
Manizha: Russian Eurovision star faces hate campaign over opposition to Ukraine war
US Senator Arrives in Taiwan, Defying Angry Beijing
FSB announces detention of Azov supporter in Kaliningrad for allegedly plotting attacks on Baltic Fleet and airport
S Korea signs $2.25 billion deal with Russia nuclear company
Fortum reports staggering losses, more than €9b in second quarter
Kyiv renames nearly 100 streets to shed Russian past
Israel PM refuses to meet Norway’s FM
British sewage overflows stink up relations across Channel
Poland to receive 250 advanced Abrams tanks under $1 billion contract
U.S. State Dept approves potential sale of military helicopters to Australia
Canada to return five remaining Nord Stream turbines to Germany
Ukrainian nuclear plant temporarily cut off from power grid
French oil major suspected of supplying jet fuel to Russians in Ukraine: report
Helsingin Sanomat journalists on trial for disclosure of state secrets
Fiskars retains top spot as most respected brand in Finland
British and Swedish troops to join Finnish military exercise in Lapland
Norway has overtaken Russia as Europe’s biggest supplier of natural gas

2006 August 26: Murder of Akbar Bugti, the father of the Baloch nation
Those who dare: celebrating 31 years of the Baltic States‘ independence
Visa ban will not affect Russian minority, Czech envoy to Latvia says
Ukrainian children to be taught in Estonian in rural schools in Estonia
Latvia-Belarus border situation tense again
Tallinn City Government removes Nõmme Soviet-era memorial
University of Latvia starts building House of Letters
Estonia’s media houses hit by ‘intensified’ cyber-attacks Friday morning
Lithuania Preliminarily Confirms Seabed Suitability for Offshore Wind Farm Construction
Russian-language kindergartens too short on teachers to switch to Estonian
Lithuania’s minimum wage, tax-free income should rise at similar rates – finmin
Estonia: Ministers want to increase salaries for police, rescuers, teachers
Poll ranks Lithuania’s most influential pop culture figures
Latvia’s basketball stars secure famous win over Turkey
Estonia to Receive NATO Military Chiefs of Defence Conference
Nordic Investment Bank reports ‘significant increase’ in demand for financing
Commission approves €125 million Estonian scheme to support companies in context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Lithuanian MFA: Russians Should Be Asked About Their Views on Crimea in Order to Enter EU
Martin Kadai: No reason for Covid testing in schools this fall
Lithuanian prosecutors ask court to liquidate pro-Russian organisation
Melody: Estonia’s largest sailing yacht unveiled
Memorable night for RFS in Belfast
PM: Estonia helping Ukraine defend their country
Nearly 2 million payments made per day in Latvia
Estonia, Health Board: Once the meds reach pharmacies, we can reclassify COVID
Overnight fire at Kaunas recycling plant consumes tonnes of hazardous waste
Eesti Energia must ensure 1,000 MW dispatchable capacity until end of 2026
Lithuania’s biggest telco Tele2 primed for commercial 5G launch
Estonian ‘Melchior’ film trilogy to be turned into miniseries abroad
Soviet monument disappears from Alūksne municipality
International community should take example from Iceland, Lithuanian president says in Reykjavik
Low productivity farmland sustains near-threatened waders habitat best
Eurofighters will be on low-altitude training runs over Latvia
Lithuania to buy 37 kamikaze drones for Ukraine
People Continue Crossing the Russian-Estonian Checkpoint Despite Sanctions, Authorities Report
Latvia And Estonia Win The Team Sprint At The Rollerski World Cup
Sampling the Vilnius start-up ecosystem
8 Best Places To Visit In Tallinn, Estonia
Latvian firm Dobeles Dzirnavnieks does not receive permission to acquire Lithuanian company Baltic Mill
Compensating for electricity prices is this, next year’s priority – Lithuanian president
Spanish Army sends 4 fighter jets and 130 soldiers to Estonia to boost NATO flank
Germany: Baltic Sea has ‘enormous’ wind energy potential
How to Grab Knowledge about Profitable BTC Trading in Lithuania?
Mirziyoev Approves New Leader Of Uzbekistan’s Autonomous Karakalpakstan Region Following Deadly Unrest
Turkey, Finland, Sweden Discuss Security Concerns, to Keep Meeting Through Autumn
Underground theatre: Ukraine actors return to stage in bomb shelter
Taiwan: China, Russia disrupting, threatening world order
Little Humanitarian Aid Reaching Ukrainians in Russian-Controlled Areas
Germany, Denmark sign deal to ramp up renewable energy
New Jersey Charity Helps Deaf, Hearing-Impaired Kids in Ukraine
France keeps blocking MidCat gas interconnection with Spain
Iranian Women, Allowed Into Stadium To Watch National Soccer Match, Pay Tribute To Female Fan Who Set Herself On Fire
Visit Pyramiden: Norway’s Arctic Abandoned Mining Town
Turkish pop star’s arrest over religious schools quip stirs fierce criticism
Britain to see 80% spike in energy bills as crisis deepens
Turkey plays down US sanctions threat over Russia ties
Soviet-Era Bomb Shelters To Be Restored In Kazakhstan’s Largest City Amid Russia’s Ukraine Invasion
How Ukraine turns cheap tablets into lethal weapons
Scholz’s SPD lawmakers demand an end to Ukraine war, negotiations with Russia
Russia a strategic challenge for NATO in arctic, Stoltenberg says
Denmark Caps Rent Increases to Soften Blow From Inflation
European dividends grow by 28.7% in Q2 2022
Drought forces earliest harvest ever in French wine country
Russia forces in Syria say Israeli jets attacked research facility – agencies
Lukashenka Says Belarusian Military Planes Ready To Carry Russian Nuclear Armament
Montenegro’s state infrastructure hit by cyber attack -officials
France keeps blocking MidCat gas interconnection with Spain
World Volleyball Championships kick off in Poland and Slovenia
Johnson’s likely successor set to suspend NI protocol
Ukraine says it took out important bridge in occupied south
Inauguration of the gas interconnector between Poland and Slovakia
SpaceX and T-Mobile unveil satellite plan to end cellphone ‘dead zones’
Ukraine: the $10bn steel plant at the heart of Russia’s economic warfare
Cash-hungry Germany criticised by watchdog over money laundering
Russian tourists withdrawing cash from Finnish ATMs using Chinese credit cards
Sweden’s far-right surges in polls ahead of election

1991 August 27: Moldova Independence Day
How Ukraine is using resistance warfare developed by the US to fight back against Russia
Tallinn, Tartu science parks to operate NATO innovation accelerator DIANA
Long lines of trucks at the Latvia-Russia border show immense toll of war
Riigikogu committee sends universal electricity service bill to first reading
Necessary modernisation or waste of defence budget? Lithuania to build a cyber force
Vaccination against Covid will be seasonal in Latvia
Collective punishment or effective sanction? Europe weighs banning Russian tourists
Blue-eyed and good at digesting fats. Scientists sequence Lithuanian genes
Police in Estonia fending off info operations targeting Ukrainians
Lithuania Red Cross uses Taiwan financial donations to help Ukrainian refugees
International business accelerator CDL-Estonia launched in Tartu
USS Sioux City (LCS 11) Arrives in Fredericia, Denmark
Omniva: Humanitarian aid packages to Ukraine to cost 90 cents per kilogram
Kurdish man facing deportation would ‘rather die in Sweden than Turkey’
Estonian descendant Nicole Aunapu Mann to command a space flight
Does a world leader have a right to party? Finland’s young, female PM puts it to the test
Czech Republic, Poland Agree To Protect Slovak Airspace Until Delivery Of U.S.-Supplied F-16s
South Korea, Poland sign $5.8 billion tank, howitzer contract
Moldova’s Sandu Condemns Russia, Presses EU Bid In Independence Day Speech
Garbage piles in Scotland raise health concerns amid strikes
German tourist detained in Iran
China Making Inroads, Building Influence In Kyrgyz Media
Russia blocks final document at nuclear treaty conference
Turkey says it ‘neutralised’ nine PKK members in northern Iraq
Hungary Approves Construction Of Russian-Built Nuclear Reactors
Nations fail to reach deal on UN treaty to protect sea life
Macron visits famed Disco Maghreb record shop on Algeria trip
U.S. To Establish Ambassador’s Post For Arctic As NATO Homes In On Region’s Defense
Taiwan says China continuing military activities around island
Serbia’s Vucic Cancels EuroPride Event In Belgrade, But Organizers Vow To Push On
Japan pledges $30 billion in African aid at Tunis summit

August 30: International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances
1957 August 31: Hari Merdeka, Malaysia Independence Day
1962 August 31: Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day
1963 August 31 Sabah Day
1991 August 31: Kyrgyzstan Independence Day
1994 August 31: Withdrawal of Soviet military from Baltic States
1939 September 1: Nazi Invasion of Poland and Beginning of WW2
1991 September 1: Uzbekistan Independence Day
1885 September 2: Rock Springs massacre
1945 September 2: Vietnam National Day
1960 September 2: Tibetan Democracy Day
1980 September 3, Tokehega Day, Tokelau
2010 September 3: Belarus Journalist Aleh Biabenin Found Hanged