Olympics That Sold Out

Less Support For Minority Languages ​​- Is Kashub Learning In Danger?
Olympic movement has sold its soul by not challenging China on human rights abuses
Gay dating app Grindr disappears from China app stores as content purge continues
Sweden win European Men’s Handball Championship with last-gasp penalty
Egypt receives 115,000 AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines from Latvia
1968 January 31: Nauru Independence Day
US F-15 fighter jets to stay in Estonia for ‘some time’
Retired Irish diplomat to EU Bobby McDonagh has message of support to Scotland
Police: Latvia is starting to become a human trafficking country
Catalan-Cuban artist Chanel to represent Spain at 2022 Eurovision Song Contest
ex winter camp 2022 underway in estonia
Former Hong Kong journalist in ‘just the right place’ to take BNO exit option
Sigulda will be an illuminating sight in February
Lao rights activist held for deportation from Thailand
Belaruskali to wrap up cargo shipments across Lithuania at midnight
Men, women and children risk their lives in the middle of Ouagadougou
Foreign tourism in Rīga at 20% of 2019 figures
At UN, US Demands Russia Explain Its Troop Build-up on Ukraine Border
Estonia’s digital ID-card turns 20
Biden, Qatari Leader Discussing Energy Supply to Europe
Rīga’s old trams not going anywhere for another decade
Biden weighing war-weary US public in response to Russia
Real estate trends in Lithuania: one type of flats is at the peak of popularity – which and why?
Manchester United suspends star after sexual assault charge
How Estonian companies benefit from trading with Lukashenko’s regime
Democrats call on Olympic officials to protect American athletes who speak out in Beijing
Fair and ‘square-code’ winner of Latvia’s word of 2021 announced
Inside Kyrgyzstan’s Campaign To Silence Journalist Bolot Temirov
EU sees Beijing’s treatment of Lithuania as a threat to European countries
Posters Insulting Russian Activist Who Spoke Out On Chechnya Appear At His Mother’s Apartment
NATO’s Unity an Unpleasant Surprise for Russia, Estonia Says
Russia Menaces And Ukrainians Heed Calls For Civil-Defense Training. There’s Just One Thing.
Lithuania: Stepping on the tail of China over Taiwan and yet unperturbed
Carpenter: Russian Security Proposals Are Slippery Slope To World Where ‘Might Makes Right’
Russian plane entered Estonian airspace without permission on Saturday
Russian paramilitary ‘saviours’ star in films on Africa conflicts
137 people tried to cross Latvia-Belarus border over weekend
Anger, reflection as Northern Ireland marks 50 years since ‘Bloody Sunday’
Human-shaped electricity pylons in Iceland?
The missing element of Europe’s energy and climate security policy
Blame the EU for High Energy Prices, Poland Tells Households
Lithuanian growth prospects unfazed by China row – for now
Norway LNG plant restart faces new delay in blow to Europe’s gas supply
Cyprus high court quashes UK woman’s ‘fake rape’ conviction
From Stalin to Putin, Ukraine is still trying to break free from Moscow
EU’s energy taxation policy contradicts climate goals, auditors say
Arla looks to solar for energy in Denmark
Borrell – EU will be ‘trading partner not donor’ in new deal with Kenya
Europe Must Shed Its Illusions About Russia
Dolce&Gabbana drop animal fur starting in 2022
Why Norway is so dominant at the Winter Olympics
Growth slows at end of 2021 in 19 countries that use euro
UK may seize real estate of Russian oligarchs in case of attack on Ukraine
‘A beautiful country’: Afghan photos show Albania’s welcome
Sweden is EU’s best performer in terms of renewable energy use
Portugal’s center-left Socialists get landslide election win
Russia unexpectedly suspends large-scale readiness check of its troops
N. Korea confirms test of missile capable of striking Guam
As tensions rise between Russia and the West, Finland’s president keeps a quiet back channel
Mali’s junta expels French ambassador as tensions mount
Worried about the Market’s Next Move? Pay Attention to What Happens in Ukraine.
Icelandic Series Mania Winner ‘Blackport’ Brings Political Drama, Severed Limbs to Göteborg
Ryanair calls on Belarus to guarantee no repeat of plane diversion
NBI: Thousands of tonnes of waste illegally shipped between Finland and Estonia
Swiss ambassador to Belarus will meet Lukashenko
Norway ‘excellent example’ of how to increase access to biosimilars
poland – majority of hybrid workers want to continue working flexibly
10 Startups Win Prestigious India Sweden Healthcare Innovation Centre Challenge
Poland to send ‘defensive ammunition’ to Ukraine
Most Finns fear Russia could set off war that enmeshes Finland
Lithuanian formin in Finland: we see eye to eye on threats, NATO keeps open-door policy
US State Department orders families of government personnel to leave Belarus amid ‘unusual and concerning Russian military buildup’
China to become high-income country by 2023-end?
Remembering Ann Lovett’s tragic death, and Ireland’s silence in the aftermath
Relishing Mná na hÉireann by Kate Bush for St. Brigid’s Day
An Post marks centenary of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” with new stamps
February: African-American History Month, US
Brazil’s First Indigenous Rap Group Brô Mc’s To Play Rock in Rio 2022
Inuit company wins 7-year maintenance contract for Canadian Arctic radars
Cubans Have Three Options: Obedience, Escape or Rebellion
Balochistan: Iranian forces shot dead Baloch citizen in Saravan
Czech Republic ready to bolster relations with the Kurdistan Region
Swedish publishers demand China free jailed bookseller Gui Minhai
Bangladesh scrambles to save disappearing indigenous languages
In Belgium, government workers no longer have to answer the boss’s emails after hours
Three quarters of Slovaks blame US and Nato for tension between Ukraine and Russia
Russia Stages Drills in Moldova’s Breakaway Transnistria
Mauritian Yeshna came out ‘a new person’ after visit to KGB museum
How a Ukrainian reconnaissance dog escaped from Russian hybrid forces
‘Bordertown,’ ‘Snabba Cash’ Creatives to Make Maritime Disaster Show ‘Estonia’
Britain, Poland and Ukraine Preparing Trilateral Security Pact, Kyiv Says
Lithuania’s Landsbergis talks security in Europe with Swedish counterpart
USA: Russia Deployed Ballistic Missiles In Belarus
Behind sanctions: How Estonian-Latvian conglomerate benefits from oil trade with Lukashenko regime
U.S., Allies Wonder if They Can Count on Germany in Russia-Ukraine Crisis
Montenegro PM Krivokapić meets with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia
British Soldiers conduct urban training in Poland
Lithuanian PM, US undersecretary discuss trade cooperation, China’s pressure
Will The Hague Issue Arrest Warrant For Lukashenka?
German traces in Latvia: Ernst Glück, Luther’s ally in Livonia
Germany commits to hydrogen and digitalization for a greener Europe
Swedish MP on Russia’s challenge: Hell, we have the right to protect our country
The Lukashists Fired at Poland Tonight
Estonian PM calls for strong sanctions and ‘strategic patience’ in dealing with Moscow
Factbox: How Ukraine’s armed forces shape up against Russia’s
Bonkers NSFW song about climate change, ‘eating veggies and p***y’ in running for Eurovision 2022
Germany adds 5 billion euros to funding for energy-saving houses
Putin taunts Europe as Russian jet invades Estonia where hundreds of UK troops based
Blueprint Underway for Commercial Mine Energy Storage Facility in Sweden
Belarus diverts potash supplies from Lithuania to Russia, says PM
Germany, Denmark seek more ambition from EU on green aviation fuel
Vesterstein’s Olympic dream started in Duluth, reaches Beijing, with Estonia in the middle
Sweden offers BAE Systems’ combat-proven CV90 to Slovakia
Silence and uncertainty in seaport as Belaruskali transit ends
Finnish MP poll: Threat from Russia has increased
Kanepi rockets up rankings to 63rd on back of Australian Open form
Denmark presents new foreign and security policy strategy
Lithuanian diplomat at UN: notions of ‘spheres of influence’ have no place in 21st century
M/S Estonia disaster TV series planned, billed as Finland’s priciest-ever drama
Analysts: Estonia’s criticism of OECD minimum tax rules is reasonable
Denmark becomes first EU country to lift all Covid-19 restrictions
Lithuania will Return 1000 Empty Freight Wagons Back to Belarus: Potassium Transit is Completely Stopped
Denmark prepared to send military equipment to Ukraine
Enefit Green: One wind farm would create up to 300 jobs
Russia asked Finland and other OSCE members whether they plan to comply with commitments not to strengthen security
State of emergency in Latvia’s municipalities bordering with Belarus extended until May 10
Litter-Picking Crows To Help Rid Sweden’s Streets Of Cigarette Butts
Lithuania Refused to Transport Potentially Sanctioned Goods Due to the Belaruskali Situation
Foreign journalists working in China complain of sharp rise in intimidation, other abuses
EV Sales Hit Record in Norway With Fossil Engines Soon Gone
United Kingdom seizes money allegedly laundered via Latvia, Estonia
Celebrations for Year of the Tiger are muted, but bring hope
Germany: 2 oil storage and supply firms hit by cyberattack
Lithuania sends mission to Ukraine to assess its needs for additional assistance
Australia has $1 billion plan to convert ideas into jobs
Aberystwyth town council follow Gwynedd in giving staff St David’s Day off
M/S Estonia disaster TV series to start production in May
A Uyghur gets death sentence, as China bans once OK’d books
Catalan language content on Netflix accounts for 0.5% of the catalog
Freezing temperatures in northwestern Syria kill 2 infants
Hungarian PM seeks gas deal with Putin amid Ukraine tensions
Lithuania’s corruption map: healthcare and courts seen as most bribery-ridden sectors
Tibetan former political prisoner in failing health still watched by police
Israel speeds roll-out of laser interceptors for thriftier defence, Bennett says
27 more attempts to cross Latvia-Belarus border prevented
Clashes between Karennis and Myanmar junta soldiers spread to Kayah state capital
Putin accuses U.S. of trying to lure Russia into war
More than 120,000 Estonian citizens live abroad
Hong Kong’s laid-off journalists see a dark, uncertain road ahead
Germany’s hydrogen diplomacy is a lifeline for Russia
First batch of Lithuanian rum sells out in less than one hour in Taiwan – media
More than 3,000 Myanmar refugees deported from Thailand
Bulgaria welcomes Greek LNG terminal decision for diversification of supply
Free Estonian language courses offered by the Integration Foundation
Yearly ‘battle’ begins in North Korea over human waste for fertilizer
EU to blacklist five members of Mali’s junta, diplomats say
Lithuania devises plan to ensure energy security amid Russian threats – ministry
France “takes note” of Mali’s decision to expel ambassador
Kazakh Woman Faces Prison For Livestreaming Protests
Eastern Ukraine faces threat of new war amid smouldering old conflict
Bamako residents react to French envoy’s expulsion
Thousands Of Russian Intellectuals, Activists Urge Kremlin To Avoid ‘Immoral’ War With Ukraine
Beefing up Lithuania’s defence industry is national security priority – president
Myanmar Cities Stage ‘Silent Coup’ to Mark 1st Anniversary of Military Coup
Survey shows positive attitude in Russia towards Estonia and Estonians
FBI chief: Threat from China ‘more brazen’ than ever
Taiwan Olympians to attend opening ceremony
Minsk knew there was no plane bomb – Lithuanian ministry on ICAO probe
US ambassador labels UN meeting on Ukraine an ‘absolute success’
Berlin blocks takeover of chip supplier Siltronic by Taiwan rival GlobalWafers
1920 February 2: Treaty of Tartu
NATO Is Dangerously Exposed in the Baltic
Construction of EU-funded gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Serbia begins
The multi-ethnic state of Bosnia is once again in crisis
Trans woman killed by brother, perpetrator flees country
Amid pandemic, Indigenous Mexican workers in US fight to be heard
‘Requiem’ for genocide: Installation commemorates Circassian exile
In Clash With U.S. Over Ukraine, Putin Has a Lifeline From China
PMs of Estonia, Sweden discuss security, cooperation, climate issues
Japanese Parliament passes resolution on human rights situation in China
Timeline: Ukraine’s turbulent history since independence in 1991
Latvia to donate vaccines to Bangladesh, Moldova, Tunisia, and Ukraine
US Trade Official Says China Failed to Meet Phase 1 Commitments
U.S. to move 3,000 troops closer to Ukraine as Russia crisis escalates
Growth and inflation: Lithuanian economy in 2021
African Experts Argue Prospects for China’s New $300 Billion Agreement
Where does Germany stand on Ukraine – and Russia?
Latvian tennis superstar Anastasija Sevastova puts brake on career
Poll: Nearly All Afghans Say They Are Suffering
New satellite images show buildup of Russian military around Ukraine
U.S. F-15s join NATO mission in Estonia in a clear message to allies near Ukraine, and to Russia
Russia Ramping Up Disinformation Regarding Ukraine, Say Western Officials
Germany bans German-language Russian state broadcaster RT
Marina Kaljurand to run for UN techonology ambassador post
UN chief refused US ambassador’s request to skip Beijing Games
Germany helps Putin with its double standard on arms exports
50 tried to cross Latvia-Belarus border overnight
Task Force X will put flying and seagoing drones to the test during US-led naval exercise
In Rare Protest, Turkmen Block Road Over Bazaar
Strategic roadmap released for deep geothermal energy in Germany
Lithuanian Academy of Sciences slammed for convening all-male presidium
U.S. aircraft carrier runs drills in Adriatic amid Russia-Ukraine tension
Jehovah’s Witness Given Prison Sentence In Siberia
Poland to send air-defense weapons, ammo, drones to Ukraine
Estonian FM to UN Secretary General: Russia threatens global peace
EU’s border-free Schengen zone needs overhaul, political leadership – Macron
Moscow Bans Montenegrin Official After Russian Businessman Granted Asylum
Germany: Publishers and PEN Demand Protection for Kurdish Cultural Property Confiscated by Police
Lithuania pledges 40 mln euros to fund rooftop solar boom
White House cybersecurity official in Europe warning of Russian hacks
As World Tenses For War, People Keep Dying In Eastern Ukraine Fighting
Man caught operating drone in Swedish restricted area is Russian
Online shopping becomes more popular during pandemic
For Taiwan’s Olympics team, everything is in a name
Iranian Political Prisoners Stage Hunger Strike To Protest ‘Murder’ Of Jailed Poet
Putin promises Hungarian Prime Minister $2 billion loan
Former Lithuanian President Adamkus named honorary citizen of Vilnius
As Russia tensions boil, US farmer remains jailed in Ukraine
High electricity prices, renewables and windfall profits – all paid for by EU citizens
75 MEPs sign open letter in defense of Belarusian independence
Estonia commemorates the Tartu Peace Treaty
N Ireland orders halt to border checks in new Brexit glitch
Croat president slams UK, demands agreement with Russia
US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland lauch Partnership Fund for a Resilient Ukraine
Belarus bans transit of oil products, fertilisers from Lithuania
UK scrambles jets to intercept 4 Russian military planes
Europe remains top destination for US LNG for second month running
‘An outward-looking nation’: Wales unveils Brexit-busting international exchange programme to replace Erasmus+
Putin wants to push NATO away from Russia. Instead, he’s getting more NATO troops on his border.
US Senator Booker Joins Virtual Bipartisan Meeting with Ambassadors from Eastern European NATO Countries to Discuss Ukraine-Russia Crisis
Caution from OPEC+ producers to keep oil prices high
Germany’s special path is destroying Europe
Barcelona hotels lose up to €2.5bn since start of pandemic
Europe’s most used consent system deemed incompatible with EU privacy rules
Lithuanian Lawmakers Call for Permanent U.S. Troop Presence
Anti-vaccine protest in Canada spurs outrage
Golden Ratio used to identify the ‘most beautiful dog breed in the world’
German industry scores gas win in EU taxonomy
Norway scrambles jets as group of Russian aircraft flies from the north
Serbian opposition parties unite against Vucic’s populists
Save Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum campaign marks the 175th anniversary of Black ’47
Tibetans in Europe Hold Mass Protest at IOC’s Headquarters in Switzerland
US to continue working with Peshmerga in the fight against ISIS
Scholar Spotlights Early Role of Rastafari Women
Ortega Strips More Universities and Schools of Legal Status
Ecuadorian Court Rejects Oil Drilling on Indigenous Lands
Gabriel Boric Sends Message to Chilean Business Owners
‘Please cheer us on’: Taiwan’s tiny Winter Olympics team weathers frosty Beijing ties
As Russia menaces Ukraine, Crimea’s Tatars turn to Turkey
Paraguay’s drought hits biodiversity, Indigenous communities the hardest
Loss of Native Languages Leads to a Generation’s Identity Crisis
Secretary General welcomes Prime Minister of North Macedonia to NATO
N.Ireland first minister quits over post-Brexit trade rules
France hopes to seal Romania 1.2 bln euro warship deal quickly
Interview: Hong Kong with political prisoners is ‘the sad reality now’
Media leak classified response of NATO & US to Russia’s “security guarantee” demands
Kallas: Unity is the best deterrence against Russia
Cockroach farming: Africa’s “new oil” to look out for
Russia’s Defence Chief Oversees War Games in Belarus
US Export-Import Bank Continues Charm Tour Of Lithuania
Beijing Olympics Bubble Offers Rare, Temporary Oasis of Media Freedom
Ukraine’s past strengthens its resolve against Russia’s threats
Family doctors concerned about next stages of Omicron wave
Mali Government Blames Sanctions for Treasury Bonds Default
Could Poland throw the EU into disarray or is it an empty threat?
Duluth native Katie Vesterstein realizes Olypmic dreams with Estonia
NATO Welcomes Additional US Troops to Bolster Alliance’s Eastern Flank
Polish Orlen Found Way To Supply Petroleum Products To Ukraine Bypassing Belarus
Latvian businesses have little hope for targeted aid in energy crisis
US special forces kill ISIS leader in northwest Syria raid
Polish, Czech governments sign deal on lignite mine
Taiwan’s Diplomatic Offensive in Eastern Europe
Liberal cardinal urging ‘fundamental revision’ in Catholic teaching on homosexuality
U.S. says new intel shows Russia plotting false-flag attack
Lithuanian Railways looks into possibilities to ship freight via Poland
State media documentary admits ‘food crisis’ in North Korea
A global flashpoint, but all quiet on eastern Ukraine’s frozen front lines
Lithuania calls for more German troops to face Russia ‘threat’
Moldova’s Eurovision ‘Train’ Song Speeds Off Track Over Unification Reference
Poland to lobby for permanent rotational U.S. troop increase
Survey: Estonia’s quality of life least impacted by coronavirus rules
Brussels Will Have Little Recourse If Hungarian Elections Aren’t Free And Fair
China cuts down Putin’s delegation to Olympics
Taiwanese supporters queue up to buy Lithuanian rum held up by mainland China
A Young Bulgarian Mother’s Hospital Wait Was Filmed. And Then She Died.
Stalin’s centralization of archives leaves post-Soviet states without key sources on their histories
Riigikogu member, volunteer rescue worker Madis Milling dies
Putin Meets Chechen Leader Amid Outcry Over Threats Against Activist’s Family
Belarusians abroad robbed of ‘referendum’ vote
Lithuania’s resistance to Chinese pressure a test for US strategy
How do you say Amazon in Italian? Monopolista
Turkish president agrees to provide Ukraine drones, but also offers to serve as a mediator with Russia
Lithuanian exporters look for alternative routes as Belarus slaps transit ban
EU reviewing contingency plans for gas supply disruptions
NATO estimates Russia will have 30,000 troops in Belarus as tensions over Ukraine grow
Minsk’s response to Lithuania’s halt of fertilizer transit was foreseeable – president
Tunisia’s democracy on the brink as President Saied cracks down
NATO says Russian buildup in Belarus is biggest in 30 years
British soldiers reunite lost dog with his owner
Russia retaliates against Deutsche Welle over German RT ban
Will Putin Forgive Lukashenka For Kaliningrad “bombing”?
Danske Bank dividend policy brings Estonia case back in spotlight
Another Beijing Olympics with human rights still major issue
US Senate Passes Bipartisan Resolution In Support Of Democracy In Belarus
Lithuanian president suggests raising tax-free income and making EUR 100 one-off payments
President Xi Jinping, China’s ‘chairman of everything’
‘We finally made it’: Denmark ready for men’s, women’s Olympic hockey debut
Baltic countries have significant impact on NATO policy-making – Canadian defense minister
EU nations debating borders, migration policies
Norway Underestimated How Fast It Could Phase Out Gas-Burning Cars
France and Latvia discuss digital sovereignty
For Uyghur torchbearer, China’s Olympic flame has gone dark
Why is Denmark going through a baby boom?
Estonia Seeks to Expand EU Sanctions on Belarusian Oil Products
Israel, Bahrain sign new defense memo in signal toward Iran
Sweden Starts 2022 With Plugin EVs Already On Top
Rising prices in housing market in Latvia
IS leader stayed hidden as he rebuilt his group from defeat
Aside from the fame and glory, esports earnings
The use of offshore wind to be discussed at the wind energy conference this year
Turkey, Armenia plan 2d round of talks on Feb. 24 in Vienna
Setting up the first deep tech fund in Denmark
Estonia suspends all oil transit from Belarus
China, Russia ‘coordinated positions’ on Ukraine, says Chinese foreign ministry
Referrals to Gender Clinics in Sweden Drop After Media Coverage
Estonia to sell off 5G airwaves in April
Peru PM denies domestic violence allegations as new crisis heats up
EU coordinating response to Russian letter, says von der Leyen in Helsinki
Belarus rail freight ban won’t have ‘significant impact’ on Lithuania – minister
Four aides quit amid tumult in UK PM Johnson’s premiership
Icelandic series Verbúðin (titled Blackport in English) wins best script award in Gotheburg
Estonian government approves Interreg Estonia-Latvia program as condition for EU support
US gives military helicopters to Croatia, Russia arms Serbs
The little corner of America importing a slice of Wales
Food prices will ‘inevitably’ rise in Latvia, say producers
Countdown commences for first space rocket launch in Scottish Highlands
Estonia keen to become recognized development center for bioeconomy
Lithuania transfers 117,000 vaccine doses to Cyprus
Catalan fashion designer Toni Miró dies aged 74
U.S. F-18s carry out Adriatic-to-Baltic training run
China’s state security targets family of doctor who blew whistle on Olympic doping
Prosecutor asks for former Latvian central bank boss to be taken back into custody
Uyghur kids recall physical and mental torment at Chinese boarding schools in Xinjiang
Estonia to auction 650 GWh of renewables next year
Hong Kong immigration officials deny visa to human rights law lecturer
Co-Chairs of US Senate Baltic Freedom Caucus Meet With Lithuanian Delegation To Discuss Russian Aggression Toward Baltic States
1945 February 4: Yalta Conference establishing post-WW2 world geopolitical boundaries
1948 February 4: Sri Lanka Independence Day
February 4: Dydd Miwsig Cymru, Welsh Language Music Day
Ortega’s Critics Railroaded as Trials Resume in Nicaragua
Exhibition ‘A Nation in Retreat. The Retreat Seen by the International Photography Agencies’
Wordle finally has an Irish-language counterpart
Indigenous activists’ deaths highlight surging Colombia conflict
Ecuador Court Gives Indigenous Groups a Boost in Mining and Drilling Disputes
Facebook takes down social media pages of Ingush news site Fortanga
Aboriginal flag to permanently fly above Sydney Harbour Bridge as premier blasts timeframe
Former Malian rebels sign pact with ruling junta
‘Free’ Review: A Childhood in Communist Albania
Montenegro’s conservative pro-Serbian governing coalition collapses
Men Victorious In Gibraltar’s Battle of the Sexes
Eysturoyartunnilin, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
More Destructive Variant of HIV Spotted in the Netherlands
China restricts movements of dissidents as Winter Olympics open in Beijing
US Counters China’s ‘Economic Coercion’ Against Lithuania in Taiwan Dispute
UN rights office in unholy Olympics collusion with China
EU military mission in CAR sets out conditions to resume operations
New poll puts Estonia’s populists in pole position
Russia rapidly moving landing ships, submarines of Baltic, Northern & Pacific fleets to Black Sea
Africa’s First mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine Produced
Seven Latvian Olympic hockey players test Covid-positive
Gas Prices Heading Back Up As Tensions Between Russia And Ukraine Escalate
Russian Journalist ‘Temporarily’ Leaves Amid Threats from Chechen Leader
Chechen Leaders Step Up Threats To Activist’s Family As Kremlin Looks On
A new exhibition by Estonian portrait photographer Kaupo Kikkas opens in Tallinn
U.S. asks Japan to help with LNG in the event of Ukraine disruption
Facebook Share Price Plummets, Leading Broad Rout of US Tech Stocks
Latvian diplomat, scientist Rolands Rikards passes away
What Germany Can Teach Serbia About Confronting Genocide
NBA Star Enes Kanter Freedom: ‘What I’m Doing Is Bigger Than Basketball’
Juuso Syrjä and Måns Månsson to direct disaster series Estonia
Baltic States To Discuss Additional Sanctions Against Lukashenka Regime
News Corp Suspects China Behind Cyberattack on Its System
PM Kariņš: Baltic states should produce more energy
Russian Hybrid Threats Report: Missile battalion confirmed in Belarus
China Looms Large as Blinken Heads to Australia, Fiji
10 exceptionally promising Estonian startups to watch in 2022 and beyond
On Ukraine, Many Russians Have No Doubt: It’s the Fault of the U.S.
At Beijing Olympics, Xi and Putin Announce Plan to Counter US
Independent English-language podcast offers weekly Latvian news and views
Dismal Russian Record in Occupied Eastern Ukraine Serves as Warning
Putin Helping to Revive NATO, Say Western Officials
Car owners in Estonia to get notifications of manufacturers’ remedial campaigns
Hungary blocks Ukraine’s membership in NATO’s Cyber Defense Center
French president, German chancellor to visit Russia, Ukraine as tensions rise
President Levits: Second language in schools should be EU official language
Germany’s former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder to join Gazprom board
Veteran Hong Kong activist arrested ahead of planned Olympic protest
Vilnius to New York and now online: biggest collection on Jewish life made accessible to all
Mark F. Brzezinski ’91 Embraces Role as US Ambassador to Poland
New US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel meets with Japanese prime minister, reaffirms alliance
Pig-farming facing economic crisis
First U.S. reinforcement troops for Europe arrive in Germany
House passes sweeping China competition bill
Speaker of Azerbaijani parliament arrives on official visit to Lithuania
German security assistance to Ukraine perpetually on hold
Lawmakers introduce bill to rename Taiwan office in Washington
Covid-19 incidence in Latvia higher than EU/EEA average
Poland receives US army equipment in effort to bolster eastern flank against Russia
EU Looks To Azerbaijan For Increase In Supply Of Natural Gas
Lithuanian archbishop calls for ‘hard line’ deterrence against Russia – media
Fort Bragg troops arrive in Germany and Poland as Russian buildup continues near Ukraine
Tajikistan’s Pressure On ‘Informal Leaders’ Of Gorno-Badakhshan Angers Locals In Restive Region
Canada might consider sending additional troops to Baltics and Poland
Poland Is Sending Missiles, Drones and Artillery Rounds to Ukraine
EU states agree to ‘mandatory solidarity’ on migration
Estonia suspends logging at Natura 2000 forest habitat sites for 28 months
With a missile shot, Ukraine sends a public warning to Russia.
Erdogan says Turkey, Israel can jointly bring gas to Europe
Private village completes solar panel project
Xi: China supports Russia’s demands for ‘non-expansion of NATO’
Albanian ex-minister jailed for assisting drug trafficking
Russia’s troop deployment in Belarus a ‘great concern,’ Lithuania says
Activists Of Brest, Lida Hold White-Red-White Action
Mexican cartels now use IEDs as well as bomb-dropping drones
Inflation relief should target the vulnerable, not everyone – Lithuanian central bank chief
U.S. Slaps Belarusian Officials With Additional Sanctions For ‘Repression’ Of Athletes Abroad
Germany should send Ukraine weapons, says Munich Security Conference chief-designate
Russia works to ‘divide allies and partners’, Lithuanian PM says
John Peel and the fight for the future of Welsh language music
Queen Elizabeth quietly marks 70 years on the British throne
Lithuania could survive Russia‘s gas blockade – minister
Families against 25% less Catalan quota in Canet school take case to court
Bomb threat shutters Okinawa schools and city offices near US Marine bases
Baltic Prime Ministers coordinate on security, sanctions, pandemic and Green Deal
Norway: Porsche Taycan Outsold All Gas Cars Combined Last Month
US and NATO jets intercept Russian aircraft over Baltic, North Sea
Latvian companies promise to produce ‘healthier’ food
NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg Named Governor of Norway’s Central Bank
Survey: two thirds trust Finland’s ability to defend against a military attack
Everything illuminated is at the Copenhagen Light Festival
The Beijing Olympics looks a lot like Nazi Germany’s
Bayonne: a human chain for the right to take exams in the Basque language
1997 February 5: Gulja massacre, East Turkistan/Xinjiang
February 5: Kashmir Solidarity Day
Newly-arrived Rojava migrants settle into life in Duhok camp
Yuli Gurriel Prohibited from Visiting His Relatives in Cuba
Spain persists to deny the right to conduct criminal proceedings in Catalan
New Zealand Wins Historic First Winter Olympics Gold
Australian policeman faces trial over Aboriginal teen’s death
As I reclaimed the Māori language, the more I heard whisperings to go to the sea
Sculpture of Algerian hero vandalised in France
OSCE recommends full-scale electoral monitoring mission in Hungary
The 40 Most Expensive Jewels Ever Sold at Auction
Belarusian opposition leader asks West for help on troop buildup
Gafarova: Azerbaijan has become dependable supplier of natural gas to Europe
Winter Olympics open in Beijing as China points torch at rights critics
Russian bombers fly over Belarus amid Ukraine tensions
Estonia donating excess Janssen, AstraZeneca vaccines to countries in Africa
Tibetan monks sent to labor camps for spreading news of Buddhist statue’s destruction
Iceland to end whaling from 2024 amid controversy and falling demand
Greek court to rule on January 13 case extradition to Lithuania next week
City hall orders Cambodian casino workers to end strike
Germany’s Scholz seeks to build trust in Washington debut
The UK to deploy 850 more soldiers to Estonia
US lawmakers nominate Uyghur rights groups for Nobel Peace Prize
‘Song Is Our Weapon’: Exiled Belarusian Free Choir Keeps Protest Spirit Alive
Waiting for invasion in Ukraine: ‘We saw who our friends are – Great Britain and little Lithuania’
North Korea arrests teacher and students for ‘capitalist’ dance moves
In ‘Winter Journey,’ a son pushes his father to reflect on his past in Nazi Germany
Estonian-Swedish artist and illustrator Ilon Wikland is 92
US student invents Braille system for visually impaired Uyghurs
US troops land near Poland-Ukraine border amid tensions with Russia
Latvian Code. Renaissance Man. Dokumentāla filma
Kashmir Journalist Arrested under India’s Anti-terror Law
Finland: Runeberg Prize goes to Quynh Tran for debut novel
John Bimshas, Inertial Guidance Systems Engineer, 1932 – 2022
Pandemic and Security Top 35th African Union Summit
Factories Are Empty: Large Scale Absence At Work Among Belarusians
Estonia ready to help Lithuania if Russia, Belarus threaten security
Iconic tapestry of Picasso’s `Guernica’ is back at the UN
Why Kate Middleton’s Trip to Denmark This Month Is Actually a Huge Deal
Nato must boost Eastern Europe troops if Russians stay in Belarus
Mass swarm of dead fish from Lithuania-registered trawler Margiris prompts European inquiry
Moscow’s continuing lies about Katyn ‘analogous to Holocaust denials,’ Romanov says
Lithuania sees great potential in the North Sea-Baltic Corridor for freight transport in the Western direction
Ecuador sees trade deal with China at end of year, debt talks to begin
Norway must stop violating Sámi rights
Great expectations and harsh realities of renting in Tallinn
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