Negotiating Presence

Coercion with Chinese characteristics: How Europe should respond to interference in its internal trade
US aircraft carriers enter South China Sea, China aircraft flock to Taiwan ADIZ
Belarusian hacktivist group attacks Belarusian Railways as military frictions mount
Tibetan writer missing more than a year after his arrest
Jio Estonia partners with University of Oulu on 6G research
Uyghur sisters jailed for ‘illegal’ religious activities in Xinjiang women’ s prison
NATO to send more ships, fighter jets to Eastern Europe as Russia continues buildup on Ukraine border
Pakistan Swears in First Female Supreme Court Judge
World-leading fasteners manufacturer Dokka Fasteners expands to Lithuania
Germany Seen as Western Alliance’s Weak Link
Futures slide as Ukraine tensions dent mood at start of crucial week
Russian Markets Plunge as War Fears Mount
Estonia’s PM calls for greater US presence in Baltics
Retired Federal Judge From Chechnya Flees Russia After His Wife ‘Kidnapped’
NATO Steps Up Readiness in Eastern Europe to Reassure Allies
U.S. Placing 8,500 Troops On ‘Heightened Alert’ As NATO Allies Bolster Eastern Europe
10 Estonians arrested for trafficking migrants from Belarus
Russian naval exercises near Irish coast ‘not welcome,’ official says
Biden cranks up pressure as Putin mulls Ukraine invasion
Japan allocates $56 million toward developing electric railgun for missile defense
Electricity prices in Latvia 2.6 times higher than in 2020
Mali asks Denmark to immediately withdraw troops deployed there
Poland accommodated 15K political refugees from Belarus after 2020
NASA’s new space telescope reaches destination in solar orbit
Latvia at EU average for online education
Syria Kurdish forces close in on IS-controlled prison wing
Russian invasion of Ukraine would be “painful, violent and bloody business”, Boris Johnson warns
Lithuania blacklists two Russian singers for performing in Crimea
Bitcoin skids to six-month low as fears of Ukraine conflict shake markets
US mulls deploying thousands of troops to Baltics, Eastern Europe – media
EU offers Ukraine 1.2 billion euro aid package
Three years of PM Kariņš’ government in Latvia
Belarus Businessman, Political Prisoner Aliaksandr Vasilevich To Be Tried Behind Closed Doors
Latvia says more NATO forces on its eastern flank needed for defense
Japan should strengthen ties with Poland to keep China in check
Four Continents Figure Skating Championships ends with gala
Danish Сompany JYSK Stops Advertising On Belarusian Television
Post-Soviet Lithuania’s first head of state: ‘Taiwan reminds me of Lithuania’
Lawmakers ask Austin to rush Abrams sale to Poland
Pon.Bike to open 600,000 unit assembly facility in Lithuania
MEPs and U.S. Congressmen: The Deployment of Russian Troops to Belarus May End with Occupation
NATO sending ships, jets to eastern flank
Over 1,600 convicts in politically motivated cases in Belarus last year
Lithuania created ‘historical capital’ status for 4 of its cities
Perspectives | The weaponization of homophobia in Kyrgyzstan and Belarus
‘War is likely’ says Lithuanian FM, calling for ‘unbearable’ sanctions on Russia
‘Stealth omicron’ takes over in Denmark, arrives in UK
185 people tried to cross Latvian-Belarusian border over weekend
Finland’s opposition come first, nationalists hammered in midterm regional vote
‘Place of great terror and oppression’ – Litvak artists presents first exhibition in Lithuania
Western diplomats begin humanitarian talks with Taliban in Norway
Norway is the first country in the world to have a pure stealth fighter fleet
Bill to Benefit Icelandic Investors Introduced to US House
Bill to ban ‘gay conversion therapy’ in Alþingi
Danes mourn deletion of 3,581 words from their dictionary
Huawei brings ICSID claim against Sweden over 5G ban
Finland’s Posiva to support Lithuania used fuel disposal
Yma o Hyd: How a Welsh language community hub survived and thrived in a decade of challenges
Scottish independence: Downing Street calls on SNP to stop planning for indyref2
Catholic Church admits it holds 1,000 properties in Spain it does not own
Tibetan online religious groups banned in Qinghai
So far, freight on new Laos-China high-speed railway only goes one way
Beauty of Latvia in Infrared
US space agency NASA includes Western Sahara in ‘undivided’ Morocco map
1759 January 25: Burns Night, Scotland
Holyrood committee backs LGBT conversion therapy ban
January 25: Dydd Santes Dwynwen/St Dwynwen’s Day, Wales
Duolingo shares list of Welsh phrases for love birds dating on St Dwynwen’s Day
‘Vilnius – 700 years young’: anniversary anticipation events
Russia cancels visit of Latvian arms inspectors
Report slams Lithuania’s treatment of asylum seekers as ‘inhuman and degrading’
38 more attempts to cross Latvia-Belarus border prevented
Belaruskali demands damages from Lithuanian Railways for contract termination
Starship Technologies agrees on €50m agreement with EIB in Estonia
Estonia: The Land Of Wonders Where Good Times Await
Life-hacks for the Estonian society – how to be polite in Estonia
Lithuania’s 10 Most-Used Active Commercial Aircraft
Latvia concludes 1.5GHz tender as Lithuania delays auction deadline
Estonia adopts digital transport model
Polish PM unhappy with Germany stopping Estonia from giving arms to Ukraine
NATO takes control of troop movements in Ukraine standoff
Australia calls on China’s Tencent to give back prime minister’s WeChat account
US in talks with energy producers to supply Europe if Russia invades Ukraine
Poland Starts Building 5-Meter Border Fence On Belarusian Border
Turkmen Wanted In Ashgabat On ‘Extremism’ Charges Detained In Russia
Chinese Christian group anxiously awaits asylum decision on South Korean island
China’s Xi Pledges Aid, Vaccines To Central Asia In Bid To Improve Ties
Pratasevich No Longer Under House Arrest In Belarus
Iran Jails French Tourist For More Than Eight Years After ‘Masquerade’ Trial
China sends electronic warfare planes into Taiwan’s ADIZ
Ex-banker tells Swiss court that strip club visits were business-related
Gathering Input for Norway’s Chairmanship at the Arctic Council
South Sudan Holds Peace Olympics to Foster Reconciliation
Finland enhances military readiness as tension rises over Ukraine
WHO chief makes case for 2nd term as Ethiopia criticizes him over Tigray
Slovenian Trade Group Reports Chinese Backlash After PM Praises Taiwan
Finnish and Swedish foreign ministers meet with Nato, say they want to stay in the loop
Kyrgyz Media Protest Arrest of Investigative Journalist
‘The Russians are coming’: Sweden on edge as Russia flexes military muscle
Israeli President to Make First-Ever State Visit to UAE
Bonfire of sovereignty: Russian tanks in Belarus
IMF Cuts Forecast for Global Economic Growth
Poland will not support EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ plan in its current form
Taiwan says government officials will boycott Beijing Olympics
Botswana president vows to honour gay rights judgment
Canada’s foreign ministry targeted in cyberattack
Australia calls on China’s Tencent to give back prime minister’s WeChat account
Republicans question NBC over coverage of Beijing Olympics
Atlantic Council Experts: Belarus Exercise is Rehearsal for Ukraine Invasion in a Month
Icelandic record label bought by Universal
Croatia to recall all troops from NATO in case of Russia-Ukraine conflict
Ukraine voices ‘deep disapointment’ over Croatian president’s comments
Donostia uses culture as a tool for integration
In new preparation for war, Russia boosts Kaliningrad gas reserves
Chechnya ‘Won’t Survive’ Without Moscow’s Money, Kadyrov Says
Bahraini political dissident extradited from Serbia
Native Women Face the Highest Rates of Stalking, and it Leads to ‘Missing and Murdered’
1788 January 26: Australia Day, Invasion Day, Survival Day
1950 January 26: Republic Day in India
Hong Kong plans to add more national security crimes, broaden definition of spying
Latvia must lessen dependence on Russian oil and gas – PM Karins
Conflict with Russia will end when West declares “Ukraine is one of us” – Ukraine’s Foreign Minister
Elderly Uyghur widow serving 17-year term in Xinjiang women’s prison
Lithuania’s Ignitis to set up renewable energy arm in Latvia
Neo-Nazi Russian Attack Unit Hints It’s Going Back Into Ukraine Undercover
Beijing seals up its Winter Olympics ‘bubble’ amid growing calls for boycott
Latvia join NATO Nations and Partners in choosing Avon Protection’s FM50 mask system
Tens of Thousands of Belarusians To Fight Against Russia on the Side of Ukraine
New French law bans ‘conversion therapy’
Remembering the once vibrant Jewish community of Estonia
Russia holds military exercises, sends more forces to Belarus
Croatia buying dozens of Bradley fighting vehicles in deal with US
Latvian defense budget should be 2.5% of GDP, says minister
Russian troops move close to Polish border in Belarus
UN secretary-general says Afghanistan ‘hanging by a thread’
Latvia accuses Russia of COVID ‘pretext’ to cancel arms control inspections
Netherlands, Ukraine Take Russia to European Rights Court
Cyberattack suspected in North Korean internet outage
Risks on Belarusian fertilizer transit “rooted out” – Lithuania’s Landsbergis
Vast majority of Canadians back support for Ukraine in face of Russian invasion
Required App Raises Fears China Will Track Sensitive Data During Olympics
Russia is demonstrating its intention to rebuild the Soviet Empire – Levits
30 years on, only one Russian in 100 connects USSR with Red Terror, shootings and GULAG
Laws, Police Visits Create ‘Climate of Fear’ for Thai Media
Estonia gets its sixth unicorn as Veriff raises $100m from Tiger
US holds firm on Ukraine’s right to join Nato in its response to Russian demands
US-Backed SDF Retakes Key Prison in Northeastern Syria
Democracies must stand with Lithuania against China’s aggression
Belarusian Military Opened Fire on Polish Border Guards
Global Corruption on the Rise Amid ‘Democratic Decline’
Restaurant owner detained on suspicion of human trafficking
‘Military Told Us: Go To Europe And Don’t Come Back To Belarus’
Ukraine: Keep Calm, Don’t Panic
Lithuania Fever in Taiwan: Can China Break It?
U.S. Warns Belarus Against Helping Potential Russian Invasion Of Ukraine
Russia Rejects Biden Warning of ‘Severe’ Actions if it Invades Ukraine
More than half of Latvia’s electricity comes from renewables
Finland set for biggest economic boom since late 1980s
Iran Sentences Prominent Rights Defender To Another Prison Term, Lashes
Estonia joins a US nuclear programme
Norway to get floating exhibition centre in form of salmon’s eye
Kazakh Police Seen Taking Badly Wounded Protesters From Hospital To Jail
Taiwan has not been asked to change name of Lithuania office
Norway’s PM says Russia build-up is `a sign of weakness’
Bratislava, Prague prepare for influx of Ukrainian refugees
Six US fighter jets arrive in Estonia amid Ukraine-Russia tensions
Sweden to build world’s first permanent “electric road”
Intel plans billion-euro investment in next-generation microchips on EU soil
Warning issued about computer virus in circulation
Finns Party Representative suggests Finland will not benefit from NATO membership
Putin sweet-talks Italian firms despite Ukraine tensions
Catalan parliament recognizes women convicted for witchcraft as “victims of misogynistic persecution”
Indigenous town in Mexico survives on remittances from US
Romania is ready to host increased NATO troops if needed, president says
Ancient Carantoñas return to Acehuche
Ugandan author ‘dumped at home by gunmen’ after release from jail
Armenia, Luxembourg keen to promote political dialogue
Spain’s Basque country to host the 2023 Tour de France’s Grand Départ
Polina Osipova Is Putting Chuvash Culture On the Map In Russia–and Beyond
More than 350 detentions, 210 arrests conducted in occupied Crimea last year
Farees Reaffirms His Pride in His Tuareg Heritage on “Mercury / Orgullosamente”
Slovak flying car gets green light to take to the skies
Moldova: Digitalisation has made it easier to establish, operate and sell companies
Ukraine conflict adds new urgency to get Paul Whelan released from Russian pirson in Mordovia
140 Russian Navy Warships Drilling Across Europe, Middle East as Ukraine Tensions Simmer
World’s Coldest Marathon Held in the “Coldest Town on Earth”
January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Norway wealth fund earns $177 billion in 2021
‘If a war starts, they will come here first’: Latvia mounts a wary border watch
Gotland: Sweden prepares for potential Russian threat
China says EU should not allow Lithuania to hijack their ties
Sweden approves plan to bury spent nuclear fuel for 100,000 years
Denmark Gives up Ownership of Rare Sami Drum to Norway
As Germany sides with China over Lithuania, China sides with Russia over Ukraine
Welcome to Europe’s Smallest – and Coldest? – Jewish Community
Estonia agrees 5G frequency license auction conditions
Denmark pulls Mali troops out as junta takes swipe at France
Riga City Council passes municipal budget with three priorities – social assistance, salaries and traffic infrastructure
Norway to Launch Commercial Hydrogen Ferries in Trailblazing Project
€16 million needed to repair Estonian border security gaps
Bill to boost US businesses includes new protections for China’s Uyghurs
Migrants entering Lithuania via Belarus are neither legal nor illegal – judge
Vietnamese political prisoner moved to criminal cells, beaten by guards
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with Prime Minister of Latvia Krišjānis Kariņš
‘Rampant’ illegal logging in Cambodia an ‘existential’ threat to Indigenous people
EU challenges China at WTO over trade curbs on Lithuania
More than 100 charged under Hong Kong’s national security law amid ongoing crackdown
Lithuanian biathletes don ‘partisan’ uniforms for Beijing Winter Olympics
IOC’s Bach ‘being used’ to convey CCP’s propaganda
Estonia’s soaring fuel prices set new records
More than 100 sentenced to death in Yangon since Myanmar coup
Foreign Minister: Latvia should prepare for prolonged tension
Renounce Dalai Lama to get jobs, China tells Tibetans
Clint Eastwood pursues legal battle against Lithuanian firm despite unfavourable ruling
Mali junta warns Danish, French against internal interference
World Stage: Crisis in Ukraine with Estonia Prime Minister Kaja Kallas
UN demining body explodes landmines in South Sudan
Estonia’s planned offshore wind farms start making waves
Over 5,000 deaths under Ethiopia’s Tigray blockade
Entrepreneurs are the ones generating wealth for Latvia – PM Karins
Biden to Nominate Black Woman to Supreme Court
Ukraine crisis: US fighter jets arrive in Estonia for training
Honduras Inaugurates Xiomara Castro, Its First Female President
Latvian Armed Forces get state-of-the-art gas masks
Cuba Accused of Violating Human Rights of Foreign Workers
Establishing a Business Entity in Estonia
US Aware of Allegations of Russian Links to Burkinabe Coup
Youth media conference ‘Opportunities and Challenges’
Biden to host new German chancellor in February
Tasty Tartu food festival taking place throughout February
Cancer patients who lived near Fukushima as children sue utility
Simonyte: we need to be ready for everything, only Putin can answer on war
Biden speaks with Ukrainian president amid Russian threat
Sikkut: Politicians reminded of e-state importance when something breaks
Russian Supreme Court Trims Sentence Of Ex-Neo-Nazi Activist Jailed For Murders Of Journalist, Lawyer
Lithuania moving toward de facto universal military service – minister
Behind High Walls: The Nazarbaev Family’s ‘Hidden’ Luxury Real Estate In Almaty
Most dangerous shipwrecks in Estonian waters to be threat assessed
Casualties Reported In New Clashes Along Kyrgyz-Tajik Border
46 people turned back on Latvia-Belarus border Wednesday
Moscow Faces ‘Massive Consequences’ If Russia Continues Aggression Toward Ukraine, Blinken
Terras: Russian blitz attack on Kyiv not out of the question
Modi Hosts Summit With Central Asian Leaders As India, China Compete For Regional Influence
German traces in Latvia: Dunte and the ‘Baron of Lies’
Sahel ministers cancel joint EU talks amid growing chaos
Lithuania’s Electoral Action of Poles leader to join European nationalist meeting
Hungary: Kyiv’s minority rights stance ‘limits’ any support in conflict
British troops are preparing to head to Estonia and NATO sending troops to Russian border as ‘optimism’ fades
It’s time for EU firms to capitalise on the growing Asia-Pacific market
Romania, Latvia Mull Changes To Crypto Regulations, Taxes
Twenty people dominate corruption in Bulgaria, PM tells MEPs
US, NATO using military moves to send message to Russia over Ukraine
Biden says Russian invasion in Feb. ‘distinct possibility’
US Troops at These Bases Are on Alert for Deployment over Ukraine Crisis
France’s Macron takes own path, seeks dialogue with Russia
What Makes Putin Fear Ukraine?
Deutsche Bank sees biggest annual profit in a decade
Judy Asks: Is Germany Damaging Europe’s Position on Ukraine?
N. Korea, after harsh 2-year lockdown, slowly reopens border
What Does Russia Want With Ukraine? Tensions Between Putin and NATO Explained
From Tiananmen to Hong Kong, China’s crackdowns defy critics
U.S. and NATO reject Putin’s demands for security guarantees
Scientists amazed by blinking star’s ‘totally unexpected’ behavior
U.S. preparing to expel Russian ambassador
Newly inaugurated Honduran president says appreciates Taiwan ‘solidarity’
Protests flare across Poland after death of young mother denied an abortion
Hours out of office, Honduras ex-president gains immunity through regional post
The Collapse of Russia and the End for Lukashenka Begins After the First Shot at Ukraine”
U.S., Taiwanese vice presidents speak at rare encounter in Honduras
“Germany bears a special responsibility for European security”: Ukrainian Jews appeal to Chancellor Olaf Scholz
Pentagon denies Ukraine crisis at ‘11th hour’ but warns attack may be ‘imminent’
US mission to OSCE about Lukashenka’s referendum: ‘International community holds no illusions’
Gunman Kills 5 at Ukraine Rocket Factory, Adding to Tensions
Fox News viewership crushes CNN, MSNBC combined for 23rd straight week
Princess Charlene’s Absence Didn’t Stop One Important Monaco Tradition
Transgaz to Join the European Hydrogen Backbone
A Circassian proverb goes to jail
Northern Arizona University Expert Develops Innovative Computer Science Curriculum for Native American Elementary Students
Morocco signs agreement for Amazigh language use in courts
Nigerians Protest In Ireland To Demand Release Of IPOB Leader, Nnamdi Kanu
What went wrong with conservation at Kahuzi-Biega National Park and how to transform it (commentary)
Indonesia’s military says three soldiers killed in clash with separatist rebels in Papua
Rattled by Russia, Finland and Sweden revisit NATO debate
Latvia slams Germany’s ‘immoral’ relationship with Russia and China
Ukrainian minister faults Germany, says Russia may want GDR revived
Explosion knocks Iceland power station offline
Ukraine has more than Russia to worry about
Record numbers visit Finland’s national parks in 2021
67% of Latvians manage access to personal data
Belarus leader tells opposition leaders: ‘Repent and kneel’
High number of children subjected to unpleasant internet experiences in Denmark last year
‘Putin only understands strength’: Estonian PM on Ukraine tensions
Germany expels Russian diplomat suspected of espionage
Nara Walker: the Australian woman suing Iceland
Danish fighters join NATO’s Baltic air policing mission
Russia is ‘deploying more troops’ to Belarus amid ‘continued military buildup,’ NATO says
Sweden, Finland and Austria among the world’s most sustainable food systems… what are they doing right?
Coronavirus level in wastewater rising across Estonia
Germany blocks Nord Stream 2 schröderization
Why Finland’s creative sector is booming thanks to a new generation of filmmakers
Latvia could cultivate soybeans in future
Tire manufacturer Goodyear stops cooperation with Belarusian BMZ
2030 Pyrenees Winter Olympics bid faces mounting challenges in Catalonia and beyond
Lithuanian PM to be patron of World Litvak Forum
New discord between Ukraine and US plays right into Putin’s hands
Boris Johnson says a nation ‘must choose her own destiny’ – just not Scotland
Luik: Serious dialogue with Russia impossible while Ukraine is threatened
Belarus Strongman Says Will Go to War if Russia Attacked
Electric Swedish-Kenyan bus starts operating in the streets of Nairobi
What is being done to tackle Latvia’s drinking problem?
Russia’s New Ambassador Gryzlov Heads To Minsk
Pro-Russian Sentiment Grows in Burkina Faso After Coup
W. African bloc suspends Burkina Faso after military coup
Crash involving Comedy Estonia founder Louis Zezeran is under criminal investigation
Monument To Heroes Of Belarusian Revolution To Be Created In Warsaw
Activists Urge Athletes to Speak Out at Beijing Olympics
Latvia lags behind other Baltics in tourism and hospitality
USA: Sanctions will remain in place until Belarus authorities cease relentless repression, release all political prisoners
Toyota Heading to Moon with Cruiser, Robotic Arms, Dreams
Finnish police catch international drug gang led from Estonia, Spain
Russia deployed its newest tank destroyers to Belarus
Record Number of People Suffering Acute Hunger in Embattled Northern Ethiopia
Latvia-Michigan partnership succeeds again at “Winter Strike”
Aliaksandra Herasimenia: If Ukraine Is Free, Belarus Will Become Free Too
UN Security Council meeting to address Russia, Ukraine crisis
Latvia’s GDP grew by 4.7% in 2021
Finnish diplomats’ mobile devices hacked with spyware
President Toqaev Consolidates Power As Kazakh Ruling Party Leader
Another 46 tried to cross Latvia-Belarus border Thursday
Argentina reaches agreement with IMF to refinance debt
Court Says Georgian Chess Master’s Lawsuit Against Netflix Over ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Can Proceed
Latvia’s minimum wage second-lowest in European Union
EU, US pledge cooperation on energy security amid Russia threat
Tajik Migrant Leader’s Disappearance In Russia Sparks Suspicions In Gorno-Badakhshan
European NATO source: Baltics sending weapons to Ukraine greenlit by US, but not Alliance
French presidency to work on ‘European Hospital’ label project
Can Ukraine’s Economy Withstand Russian Pressure? It’s Better Prepared This Time Around.
Taiwan office name not the reason for China’s anger, says Lithuanian MP
EU needs to make African offer on legal migration, says Greek PM
NATO’s Door Open To Georgia But Political Reforms Needed, Envoy Says
Ukraine crisis: Lithuanian president says NATO must send ‘very strong’ signals to Russia – but diplomacy can still work
Europe can only partially replace Russian gas
German Bank Drops Funding For Controversial Bosnian Hydropower Plant
Lithuania warns that Ukraine invasion will lead to ‘war of Europe’
No Nord Stream, no problem
Latvia planning to send soldiers to Ukraine
Media freedom to be focus of Czech EU Council presidency
US Consulate warns Los Cabos hospital preys on Americans
‘Bloody Sunday’ still scars Northern Ireland 50 years on
South America squid left exposed amid surge in China fishing
Tunisia thwarts alleged terrorist attack targeting tourist areas
Chinese soft power in Iraq: Speak the language, get jobs
Brazil’s Bolsonaro fails to appear for testimony after being subpoenaed
Austin says Putin now has full range of options in Ukraine
Support of Taiwan independence could spark U.S. military conflict with China -Chinese ambassador
Russian buildup at Ukraine border includes blood for wounded, U.S. officials say
Wheatus: Boris Johnson isn’t a Teenage Dirtbag, he’s worse – and we back independence!
Inside the World Premiere of SINGING REVOLUTION: THE MUSICAL
US Army Europe and Africa welcomes new senior enlisted leader
NATO Command of USS Harry S. Truman Sends Signal to Russia, Says Secretary General Stoltenberg
Biden already negotiating with Putin NATO presence in areas outside Russian jurisdiction
US Navy and NATO presence in the Black Sea has fallen since Russia took part of Ukraine, figures show
Valereum buys Gibraltar Stock Exchange to create crypto hub
Pope urges parents to ‘never condemn’ their gay children
Mali ‘ruling nothing out’ amid strained France relations
France’s economy bounces back, while Germany’s falters under the strain of Omicron.
After 600 Years, Swiss City at Last Has a Woman on Night Watch
Prince Alois opens Liechtenstein’s Parliament
What the Irish language has in common with Mongolian, Basque and Dutch
Hungary to seek more Russian gas amid energy crunch, Orban says
Ortega Sets Political Prisoners’ Trials in Motion
Cuba’s Political Prisoners Have Faces: the Siblings
Which world leaders are attending China’s Winter Olympics, despite US-led boycott?
At Sundance Film Festival, Virtual Reality Meets Indigenous Experience
Language revitalization efforts continue as UN Decade of Indigenous Languages begins
Kivalliq designer celebrates Inuit fashion with Canada Goose collaboration
1863 January 29: Bear River Massacre
Estonia first to ratify Armenia-EU Common Aviation Agreement
Tibetans, Uyghur compete on China’s Olympics team, drawing praise and criticism
Senior U.S. official to visit Lithuania in show of support over Chinese ‘coercion’
North Korean officials import luxury foods ahead of Lunar New Year
EU launches infringement proceedings against Estonia over whistleblower law
Eight bodies discovered in Myanmar’s Kayah state include women, children
Lithuania To Put Cameras Along Entire Border Barrier With Belarus
Humanitarian Operation in Tigray May Shut Down for Lack of Supplies
Latvia hopes Canada will extend, expand military mission amid tensions with Russia
Bangladesh Police Accused of Hounding Families of Victims of Enforced Disappearances
Surfshark and Nord, two top VPNs, share a common link in Lithuania’s Tesonet
Pristina Protesters Storm Government Building Over Energy Prices
As Russian Troops Mass in Belarus, a Ukraine Border Is Largely Undefended
Kazakh Leader Rejects Outside Probe Into Unrest, Says Country Can Conduct Its Own Investigation
Chair of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus says U.S. must act now to assist Ukraine
Germany’s climate-focused Greens elect new leadership duo
EU to increase purchases of Azerbaijani gas amid rising tensions with Russia
Laos makes big meth bust as UN warns of security breakdown
Finnish teen romance wins audience award at Sundance Film Festival
Rejected by New Zealand, reporter turns to Taliban for help
Belarus is risking its independence for a Russia-centric foreign policy
First Arabic Netflix film tackles taboos, sparks controversy
‘It Was A Serious Blow’: Ex-Belarusian Railways Worker Says Officials Downplaying Consequences Of Cyberattack
Russia moves naval exercises outside Ireland’s Exclusive Economic Zone
Bangor festival promises multi sensory experience
Italy’s president, 80, is recruited to stay on for 2nd term
Bofill, Bohigas and more – the architects who sculpted contemporary Catalonia
Italy rejects extradition of Venezuela’s ex-oil minister, says lawyer
Labour explain how Keir Starmer will ‘settle’ independence without indyref2
Turkey’s Erdogan threatens media with reprisals over ‘harmful’ content
Message in a bottle from Scotland reaches Norway 25 years later
Hong Kong university covers up Tiananmen crackdown memorial slogan
jaja architects’ church redefines the identity of sola, norway
Dozens sentenced to death over murders of U.N. experts in Congo
Northern Lights put on spectacular show for video creator in Finland
Sex in Norway: Norwegian Sex Habits Revealed in New Study
Australia seeks to join WTO talks on China-EU trade row
Novak Djokovic made honorary citizen of Montenegro town – in pictures
First Irish language film shot in NI hits the big screens
AI and immersive technology are being used to revitalize Indigenous languages
There’s a Wordle for that: Word game adapted for Indigenous languages
Human Rights: Villains Took over the Hall of Justice
Inuit voices to be heard at IMO on critical shipping issues
KNPB calls on OPM, Jakarta to halt armed conflict in Papua
1972 January 30: Bloody Sunday, Northern Ireland
Nadal Edges Medvedev in Five-Set Thriller to Win Australian Open
EU’s fragmented boycott of Beijing 2022
Gunmen Assassinate Christian Priest, Wound Another in Peshawar, Pakistan
When Putin couldn’t take the truth spoken by Lennart Meri
As Warnings To Russia Mount, NATO Urges Greater Energy Diversification By Europe
Canada withdraws non-essential personnel from embassy in Ukraine
From Kabul, pregnant reporter fights NZ govt to come home
Online symposium: “Jonas Mekas and the New York Avant-Garde”
Taiwan VP, in U.S., repeats accusation China blocked vaccine access
Britain considering major NATO deployment amid Ukraine crisis
Cyberattacks shut down Albanian online media
Lithuania and Germany in talks on more troops in Lithuania, president says
Raped, murdered by men in Malta 300 years ago
UK plans to broaden scope of sanctions it could apply to Russia
A DDoS Attack Wiped Out Andorra’s Internet
Storm Malik hits northern Europe with force; at least 4 dead
Armenia and the Netherlands celebrate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations
Deal on Russia sanctions bill possible this week, US senators say
Basque Parliament prepares to recognize Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria
‘Waiting is the worst thing in war’ – Lithuanian man’s two decades in the French Foreign Legion
In Flanders there was a very spectacular action of support for a diplomatic boycott of the Chinese Winter Olympics
Oman, Finland explore ways to boost trade and investment cooperation
A470: Bilingual poetry anthology celebrates Wales’ most famous road
Insult atop injury to Syrian photographer as China diplomat misuses war photos
Violence, poverty haunt Myanmar one year after the junta takeover
‘No justice’: N. Ireland Marks ‘Bloody Sunday’ Amid Brexit Backdrop
Former Peacekeeper Crowdsources On Facebook To Reconnect With Bosnian War’s Childhood Survivors
Serbia’s Foreign Minister Signals Dead End On Kosovo Talks
Police arrest Macau’s No 2 junket boss in crackdown
Portugal picks new government with $50B of EU funds on table
Basque Parliament prepares to recognize Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria
In Flanders there was a very spectacular action of support for a diplomatic boycott of the Chinese Winter Olympics
Pandemic’s hidden toll: tracking excess mortality in Lithuania and across EU