MLK with Putin & Xi Fomenting Freedom Defenders

Lithuania suggested for US egg export-eligible list
Estonia’s foreign trade breaking records
Most of Latvia’s population do not have savings
Beautiful but risky idea: should Vilnius Upper Castle be rebuilt?
Inflation leaves many at risk of poverty in Latvia
Online food shopping still growing in Latvia
Sildaru wins second World Cup slopestyle competition this season
EUobserver: A Russian spy expelled from NATO HQ of Estonian descent
Bark But Little Bite? Sanctions Don’t Appear To Put Brakes On Trade Between EU And Belarus
Council agrees to remove Estonian singer’s statue from Viljandi park
Amid dispute with China, Lithuania may get foothold in Taiwan’s microchip production
New heads of Latvian Radio and Latvian Television approved
The long-lasting conundrum in Tajikistan’s Pamir region
U.S. Warns Tehran Of ‘Severe Consequences’ Of Any Attacks On Americans
Denmark’s spy chief detained over alleged ‘highly classified’ information leaks
Bulgaria Wants ‘Real Results’ On 2017 Treaty Before Lifting Veto On Skopje’s EU Membership Talks
Sanctions force Norwegian Yara start Belaruskali potash sourcing wind-down
UK resumes sabre rattling with EU, threatens to suspend NI protocol
Catalonia launches first metaverse in Catalan to promote language and culture
Greece fumes as Washington loses interest in EastMed gas pipeline
Maersk edged off world’s largest shipping firm pedestal
Europe nuclear plants ‘need €500bn investment by 2050’: EU commissioner
Azerbaijan and Belarus eye further prospects of cooperation
Macron’s vision of European sovereignty
Will this new superpower molecule revolutionize science?
EU watchdog orders Europol to delete personal data unrelated to crimes
China Offers Kazakhstan Security Support, Opposes ‘External Forces’
UK property developers told to foot bill for unsafe cladding
Finnish American helps Finland lead in cheerleading
Opposition wins revote for governor in heartland of Chavismo
U.S. Mistakes Fed Putin’s Ukraine Temptation
Myanmar’s Suu Kyi sentenced to 4 more years in prison
Xinjiang Paramilitary Anti-terror Cop to Lead Hong Kong Garrison
Ecuador’s Lasso to visit China in February for debt negotiations
Kyiv calls on new German government to unblock weapons supplies to Ukraine
Spain PM Urges Europe to Treat COVID as More ‘Endemic’ Illness
Canada and Czech Republic strengthen military support for Ukraine
US Cyber Officials Bracing for ‘Log4j’ Vulnerability Fallout
Russia says it doesn’t plan to invade Ukraine. US tells Russia to prove it by sending troops back to their barracks.
Putin: No More Color Revolutions
British MPs Urge to Freeze Assets of Nazarbayev’s Family
Intel strikes Xinjiang reference from memo after backlash
Polish diplomat fired after calling law regulating Holocaust speech ‘stupid’
US Treasury sanctions Nicaraguan officials ahead of Ortega-Murillo inauguration
European Parliament President David Sassoli dies
Edward Lucas: Talks with Russia need to be on the West’s terms
Egypt leader criticizes Europe’s handling of migrant crisis
Where Former Soviet Republics Stand Economically, 30 Years After Demise of USSR
YIVO completes digitising Vilna Collections detailing history of Eastern European Jews
Estonian mobility startup Bolt valued at €7.4 billion
Vilnius residents receive ‘cosmic’ heating bills amid soaring energy prices
Several tourism companies could soon go bankrupt in Latvia
Estonia announces tender for geophysical survey of area near ferry Estonia wreck
Two suspects detained in Latvia for espionage for Russia
Taiwan announces further $1 billion investment for Lithuania amid Beijing pressure
First interactive tactile map of Rīga developed
Estonian defense minister: Danish fighters, frigate are powerful deterrent
New businesses actively spring up in Latvia
Lithuania orders SAAB Carl Gustaf M4 multirole anti-tank weapons
Aviation, startups bringing Estonia and UAE closer together
Teltonika to Open EMS Center in Lithuania
Taiwan showcases new warships in display of deterrence to China
Blurring of Holocaust in Belarus mirrors Soviet treatment
Kazakhstan government used convicts for pogroms preceding Russian-led intervention, founder says
Retired Uyghur civil servant dies shortly after release from detention
Lukashenka’s regime convicts soldier for taking part in protests
Vietnam police arrest couple as they livestream criticism of the government
Undersea cable connecting Norway and Arctic satellite station damaged
Metallica and Motorhead pay tribute to Budgie’s Burke Shelley
China destroys second revered Tibetan statue in Sichuan
Tampere’s “robot bus” rolls out for public trials
US House Republicans propose designating Ukraine a “NATO Plus” country, sanctioning Nord Stream 2
Russia holds tank drills near Ukraine, sounds downbeat on talks
EU ‘regrets’ Serbian PM participation in Bosnian Serb nationalist extravaganza
2017 terror attacks in Catalonia orchestrated by Spain’s secret service, says former police official
Bulgaria’s surveillance laws breach European human rights convention-ECHR
Mälkki could be 1st woman music director of NY Philharmonic
ALL Under One Banner announces plans for Scottish independence rallies through 2022
Xi Jinping replicating Mao’s Cultural Revolution in Tibet
Gomes calls for ‘consensus’ in charting Kanaky New Caledonia’s future
Flosse maps out plan for French Polynesia sovereignty
West Papuan liberation leader announces provisional government’s diplomatic missions around the globe
Eesti Energia acquires Finnish wind farm in 5-year deal
We are responding to Russia’s actions, says Danish ambassador to Estonia
Latvian goods exports at record levels in December 2021
British armed forces radio daily broadcast covering Estonia deployment
Estonia, Slovenia among new rice markets for Guyana last year
German traces in Latvia: Rīga Central Market
Latvian scientists develop extra-quick sensor
Greece to consider extradition of Ukrainian convicted in Lithuania’s 1991 crackdown case
Baltics in Talks to Increase NATO Troops on Their Soil: Estonian PM
Belarus Loses Key Potash Transit Route Through Lithuania
Despite growth, Lithuanian wages among lowest in EU – central bank
Traditional market industry dwindling in Latvia
Lithuania’s President meets with Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya
Natural population growth in Estonia in minus by 5,300 people
Vilnius seeks to host EU’s anti-money laundering authority
North Korea raises stakes with new Mach-10 hypersonic missile test
World Bank forecasts weak growth in Eastern Europe as region braces for Omicron
Tibetan man arrested for speaking against China’s language policy
UK finance reigns in Europe despite Brexit fallout
Poland’s plans to create global energy giant take another step forward
EU will demand Poland pay fines for disciplining judges
Victims of ‘massacre’ in Myanmar’s Chin state were bound with throats cut
Le Pen wants EU to be ‘association of free nations’
Welsh seaside town shoved London off top of Rightmove UK property search last year
Czech parliament chief urges Hungarians to kick Orbán out
Beninese pray to Voodoo’s sea goddess of fertility and beauty
Global Gateway is a great start for Europe to lead on climate action in developing countries
Sweden declares Russia as danger to Europe
Anti-vaxxers try to storm Bulgaria’s parliament
Israeli researchers claim to teach goldfish to drive a vehicle
Omicron may be headed for a rapid drop in Britain, US
French intelligence: Russia has 3 scenarios for invading Ukraine
Last of new class of US Navy warship departs shipyard
With West Distracted by Pandemic, Vietnam Ramps Up Repression
Germany to stick to guns on phasing out nuclear and coal energy – Scholz
US Police Deaths Reach Record High in 2021
Culture minister calls for everyone to join national pact for Catalan language
Sherman: NATO ‘in complete unity’ in response to Russian threats
Democrats push rival bill sanctioning Russia over Ukraine
‘Bus Sleepers’: Impoverished Iranians Find Shelter In Tehran’s Night Buses
After Kazakhstan unrest, relatives await detainees’ release
NATO Rejects Russian Security Demands, But Says It’s Open To More Diplomacy
65 children in Germany freed in investigation of sexual abuse network
Around a dozen Tibetans arbitrarily detained and tortured, second Buddha statue dismantled in Drakgo crackdown
Ahwazi refugee Abdolkhezer Dorghi with his seven children at risk of deportation from Turkey to Iran
Imprisoned Artist Luis Manuel Otero Terrifies the Cuban Government
Cherokee Nation helps launch United Nations’ International Decade of Indigenous Languages
L.A. County foster care system to ramp up services in Indigenous languages
1991 January 13: Freedom Defenders Day in Lithuania
The collective Putin and the collective West
The West Is Right to Deny Russia a ‘Sphere of Influence’
Baltics in talks to increase NATO troops on their soil
Estonian Navy Officer takes command of NATO Mine Countermeasures Group
Ministry secretary general, Estonia: NATO resolve unanimous
Ukrainian soldier inspired by Lithuania’s January 13 moment: ‘It was critical for all independence movements’
Estonia’s NATO ambassador: Russia must soon decide which path to take
Vilnius names square after 16-century Queen Bona Sforza
Latvia, Lithuania, Poland Rapped Over Belarus Border Methods
Latvia plans to make public defibrillators available
Estonian president: NATO will fight for every square centimeter
Lithuanians light candles in their windows to commemorate January 13 events
Take a look at photos from Barricades in Rīga center
Anti-vaxx protesters disrupt Freedom Defenders’ Day events in Vilnius
Lithuania records highest industrial growth in eurozone
Lithuanian Ambassador to NATO: ‘Negotiations with Moscow went better than expected’
How the pandemic impacted emigration from Latvia
Taiwan likens Beijing to Soviets, thanks Lithuania for precedent in freedom fight
Families of Lithuania’s January 1991 victims sue Gorbachev over Soviet crackdown
Lithuania ups troop readiness amid Russia tensions
How Lithuania’s minorities joined the fight for independence in 1991
How Russian imperialism jailed Ukrainian dissidents 50 years ago and today
EU funds fact-checking website in Hungary ahead of crucial elections
Face masks ‘make wearers look more attractive’, Cardiff University study suggests
Germany leads Europe with target to reach 100% clean power by 2035
World Bank predicts Belarus GDP fall
French EU presidency has hope for Conference on Future of Europe
Igualada kicks off Capital of Catalan Culture celebrations with concert on February 5
Novi Sad Becomes European Capital Of Culture For One Year
EU blocks merger of South Korean shipbuilders
NATO Secretary General speaks about threat of war after talks with Russia fail
Africa takes vaccination into its own hands
Japan reported to have conducted free navigation ops in South China Sea
UN forecasts lower global economic growth for 2022 and 2023
Social economy can create sustainable wellbeing in Finland and throughout Europe
Europe is trying to deal with its gas crisis
Detailed US government study declares China’s maritime claims unlawful
New Czech centre-right government wins confidence vote in parliament
Fate of Nord Stream 2 linked to Russia’s behaviour in Ukraine, EU says
After 4 years in detention, Uyghur brothers forced to work at factories in Xinjiang
Europe at greatest risk of war in 30 years, Poland warns
Cambodian authorities worried about Candlelight Party
Elbit Awarded a Contract to Supply Combat Management Systems to the Royal Swedish Navy
Two Tibetan monks arrested, held with no word to their family
Denmark Accuses Russia, China, Iran of Posing Espionage Threat
‘I didn’t leave Hong Kong, Hong Kong left me.’
Sweden boosts patrols on Gotland amid Russia tensions
Turkish Court Hands Life Sentence to Award-Winning Kurdish Journalist
Yazidis Laud France, Sweden for Launching Joint Probe to Prosecute IS Fighters
Nobel Panel: Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed Has ‘Special Responsibility’ to End Tigray Conflict
Portugese MEP: International Support To Belarusian People May Become Turning Point
In Photos: Secret Czechoslovak Gulag Files Released
Seven More European Countries Joined Extended Criteria For Sanctions Against Belarusian Regime
Campaign Against Nazarbaev And Cronies Of Kazakhstan’s First President Has Begun
Finland shares forestry expertise with Africa
Moldova Pays Gazprom December Gas Bill, Asks For January Extension
Rojava migrants take refuge in the Kurdistan Region’s Bardarash camp
The New Nicaragua – Kingdom of Surveillance, Silence & Fear
“Buy Indian Act” – Seeking to Do More Business with Indian-owned Businesses
How four men with a beach umbrella made history in the battle for Aboriginal sovereignty
Estonia’s CIO on how the country remains a digital leader in Europe
Businessman Zuravlovs faces criminal charges for calls against Latvia’s independence
Estonian MPs form support group to protect domestic interests in EU climate package
Latvian hotels and restaurants in deep crisis, says association
Lithuania-China | A David and Goliath state of affairs
Latvian residents still have millions of lats
Estonia, Doctor of the year is Pille Mukk
Hotel visitor numbers in Latvia up on 2020 but still low
Lithuanian PM: the flow of migrants to Belarus has stopped
‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ the most popular book in Estonian libraries
China looks to France for better EU ties amid tension over Lithuania, sanctions
Brussels backs Lithuania in row with China over Taiwan
Towards the end of the road for the EU’s inhumane live animal transports?
Cambodian government is ‘playing with fire,’ defiant labor leader says
France: blood donation to be open to gay men without conditions from March
Poland Asks EU to Hold off Fines for Disciplining Judges
French CAP plan prioritises legumes, hedges and carbon farming
China steps up repression in Xinjiang and Tibet
Russia brands key Navalny aides ‘terrorists’
Norway Raises 2022 Spending From Wealth Fund to $41 Billion
Croatia’s population drops nearly 10 percent in a decade
Vietnam arrests land rights activist for ‘spreading anti-state materials’
Stoltenberg: Big powers cannot decide about smaller ones
Lavrov: discussion about withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian borders is out of question
EU excess deaths in November hit highest in a year – Eurostat
Philippines to buy India’s BrahMos supersonic missile
‘Deal to be done’ on NI protocol, says UK Brexit minister
EU launches investigation after Russia’s Gazprom reduces gas supplies to Europe
EU pledges cyber support to Ukraine, pins hopes on Normandy format
Uyghur Man’s Long Journey to Freedom May End With Return to China
China’s trade surplus surges to record $676.4B in 2021
Finland has no plans to join NATO -foreign minister
Unlike other sports stars, Andy Murray won’t play in Saudi
Anxiety and Depression are Surging During Covid-19
China touts support from Gulf states for Uyghur treatment
Sweden to Withdraw From French-Led Special Forces Mission in Mali
U.S. approves possible $88 million sale of intelligence equipment to France
British Intelligence Shines Light on Chinese Spy ‘Hiding in Plain Sight’
U.S. arms control group makes Mexico minister ‘person of year’ after gun lawsuit
Malians rally in support of the ruling junta, protest ECOWAS sanctions
Lisbon fined for sharing protesters’ data with targetted embassies
Dems block Cruz’s Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill
Shocked Ireland falls silent for murdered young woman
Ukrainian official sites under massive cyberattack with a Russian trace
Netherlands won’t send diplomatic group to Beijing Olympics
Meta sued for $3.2 billion in UK class action lawsuit alleging Facebook exploited data
Denmark to join diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics over human rights
Russia preparing false-flag operation as pretext for Ukraine invasion, US warns
UN chief to attend opening of Beijing Winter Olympics
Armenia, Turkey Hold First Round Of Talks On Normalizing Ties, Agree To Hold More
Swedes step up military contingency over Russian activity
Lithuania, Latvia Welcome RFE/RL’s Jamie Fly—and “Mr. Landsbergis”
Germany appoints its first ever LGBTQ+ commissioner
US Special Coordinator of Tibetan Issues Uzra Zeya Calls for Direct Sino-Tibetan Dialogue Without Preconditions
Cuba Ratifies Ban on Private Tourist Guides & Agencies
Telephone Spyware Targets El Salvador’s Independent Journalists
In Georgia, six months after the tragic death of journalist, authorities blame drug overdose
Estonian interior minister: Broad-based national defense in place
All bark, no bite? Despite sanctions, EU trade with Belarus at full speed
Dukurs, Bos clinch World Cup skeleton overall championships
British Army members finish winter exercise with ice plunge drills
Seven years with the euro, Lithuanians still hold onto their old money
Documentary shows life with horses in Rīga environment
Over 100 EDF members decorated for foreign mission service
Cannon fodder and US puppets: what is Chinese propaganda saying about Lithuania?
Latvia’s got personality: Bird painter Ineta Freidenfelde
China’s trade war with Lithuania a ‘test’ the West cannot afford to fail
1999 January 15: Račak massacre, Kosovo
UK defence minister warns of ‘consequences’ if Russia invades Ukraine
Kazakhstan Puts Unrest Death Toll at 225
Ex-Nato secretary general: “Finland and Sweden could become members overnight”
China Seen Backing ‘Digital Authoritarianism’ in Latin America
The Ticket Collector from Belarus — the Nazi killer who worked for British Rail
Canadian foreign minister to visit Kyiv next week to deter ‘aggressive actions’ by Russia
Russian troop strength in North Caucasus same as at peak of Russo-Circassian War
Two Of Nazarbaev’s Sons-In-Law Pushed Out Of Key Energy Posts In Wake Of Kazakh Unrest
Sejm passes horrific anti-LGBT+ bill in Poland
Mug Shots To Bug Shots: A Former Romanian Cop Becomes A Celebrated Wildlife Photographer
Ukrainian Official Says Belarusian Intelligence Likely Behind Cyberattack
Iran’s Iraj Pezeshkzad, who wrote ‘My Uncle Napoleon,’ dies
Yamal gas pipeline continues flowing eastwards from Germany to Poland
Kazakhstan activists recall path from protest to bloodshed
Swedish police hunt for drone seen flying over Forsmark nuclear plant
French Guiana’s Christine Taubira joins crowded France’s presidential race
Gaudi’s story is an example of Catalan language battle
UN envoy visits Western Sahara camps in new peace push
Welsh minister criticises ‘grim’ property article that says English speaking parts of west Wales are ‘more desirable’
COVID, China, climate: Online Davos event tackles big themes
Catalonia’s future coast in the hands of the government, builders, and society
Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes to Host Annual “Would Jesus Eat Frybread?” Conference
IPOB Declares Sit-At-Home In South East On Tuesday Because Of Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial
Somaliland offers to resist growing Chinese influence in Africa as it seeks US recognition
How to measure Hong Kong’s mass exodus
Iparralde children, teachers and parents demonstrate for school children to be able to do their exams in #Euskara
A festival of witches and rituals in the Basque Pyrenees
Cree author poetry book meant to empower Indigenous kids
Inside Estonia’s approach in combating Russian disinformation
Estonian women take eighth and 11th place at figure skating European champs
Lithuania lifts border emergency state as migrant flow stops
Afghan evacuees move to major Lithuanian cities, start work and school
Latvian bobsleigh team triumphs at European Championships
Iraq, Lithuania reaffirm efforts to tackle migration crisis
Portugal’s election campaign begins under pandemic limits
Ukrainian Ministry Accuses Russia of Being Behind Cyberattack
Tesla inks deal to get key battery component outside China
Brest school principal fired for posting real results of 2020 election
Omicron exposes inflexibility of Europe’s public hospitals
The End Of Main Currency Supplier In Belarus
Russia moves Iskander missile systems from Siberia to Ukrainian border
Plaid Cymru calls for devolution of broadcasting to safeguard the future of Welsh media
Language Law For National Print Media Comes Into Force In Ukraine
Old rural pigsty converted into a cultural center