In Kazakhstan Kazakhstan says

Biden tells Ukrainian president US ‘will respond decisively if Russia further invades’
Indian gov’t minister insists China must solve the Tibet issue
Baltics’ record trade with Belarus contrasts sharply with sanctions stance
Russian security services posed the biggest threat to Latvia’s national security in 2021 – Security Service
Almost all migrants on Lithuania’s border are Kurds. Why?
Latvian Central Bank governor warns inequality could rise this year
Pavilionis opts to quit as chair of Seima’s foreign affairs committee
Narva preparing to recover city quarter demolished in World War II
80 years since Audriņi massacre
Estonia Plans to Provide Ukraine with Anti-Tank Weapons
Nearly 250 people turned back on Latvia-Belarus border over holidays
Rüütel: Something wrong if energy policy causes people to use candlelight
Lithuania set to join International Energy Agency
Kersti Kaljulaid thanks contributors to Estonia’s journey in UN Security Council
President: Lithuania needs parliament probe on fertilizer transit and sanctions
20 years of euro: The success and shortcomings
Electric cars take two-thirds of Norway car market, led by Tesla
World’s Largest Consumer Electronics Show Goes Hybrid
Smaller European Nations Uneasy as Germany’s Scholz Plans to Meet Putin
From change in Belarus to greener politics: Five things we’d like to see in emerging Europe in 2022
Trump Endorses Viktor Orban, Hungary’s Right-Wing Prime Minister, Ahead Of Election
Poll Finds Majority in US Consider Democracy Threatened
Sharp Energy Price Hike Triggers Protests In Kazakhstan
Under constant threat of arrest, Belarusian journalist Larysa Shchyrakova aims to expose an authoritarian regime
Ukraine looks forward to support from France during its presidency of EU
While Bulgarian Teens Have Netflix, They Could Use A Little More Sex Education
Suez Canal announces record profits
Russia admits Nord Stream 2 may never be launched
Blinken discusses Russia’s military buildup with NATO allies
“Not our war”: leaders of Bashkir national movement call on countrymen to boycott Russia’s war against Ukraine
British Sikh Army officer becomes first woman of color to ski solo to the South Pole
Campaigners call on Welsh Government to ensure ‘everyday’ use of the Welsh language is accessible to all
Lonely Planet names Boí Taüll one of Europe’s best affordable ski resorts
China says US and Russia must reduce stockpiles after nuclear statement
Has NATO ever promised Russia not to expand east?
Rakvere to host European orienteering championships in summer
Latvia discusses ban on fur farming
Latvia’s ‘miracle’ silver collector coin sells out
Finland significantly increasing defense capabilities
Fruit and vegetables not prominent on the Latvian menu
Urmas Reinsalu: Estonia should launch NATO Article 4 consultations
STRATCOMCOE offers timely tips to avoid being manipulated online
Lithuanian president Gitanas Nausėda chickens out on Taiwan
UK magazine nominates Estonian jazz artist’s album among top for 2021
‘National disgrace’: Vilnius starts demolishing its unfinished 1987 stadium
Two Lithuanian conscripts committed suicide last year. Health experts say deaths reflect nationwide tendencies
1948 January 4: Myanmar Independence Day
Kazakh Police Detain Second RFE/RL Journalist As Energy Protests Continue
China launches freight train to Germany bypassing Belarus
Czech Ex-Soldier Sentenced For Fighting With Russia-Backed Separatists In Ukraine
Sweden announces charges against Swedbank ex-CEO over Baltic scandal
Uyghur scholar confirmed abducted by Chinese police 3 years ago
Russian truculence causes concern in Sweden and Finland
In North Korea, printed calendars separate rich from poor
Italy detains prominent Ukrainian theater director at Russia’s request
Hong Kong court sentences Tiananmen vigil organizer to 15 months in prison
Russians now fear their own government more than they fear a world war
Israel opening surrogacy to same-sex couples
Poland and Romania side with Spain in European arrest warrant case against Puigdemont
Tesla criticized for opening showroom in China’s Xinjiang province
Denmark Dumps $7 Billion in Kroner on FX Market to Protect Peg
USS Abraham Lincoln captain becomes first woman to take a US aircraft carrier to sea
Albania, Brazil, Gabon, Ghana, UAE join Security Council
1968 January 5: Prague Spring
Estonian PM: NATO allies do not underestimate Russia
Lithuania Will Not Extend State of Emergency at Belarus Border
Latvian authorities: Belarus diaspora closely watched by Minsk intel agents
Tartu, Tallinn to introduce smart city solutions at Dubai Expo
The Banker names Lithuania’s Skaistė Finance Minister of the Year
Finnish PR firm to open Latvian office
An Estonian migraine treatment app enters a clinical trial
Latvian government breaks longevity record
Taiwan to invest $200m in Lithuania to offset Beijing’s sanctions
Willingness to defend nation must be imbued from kindergarten age
Lithuania, Latvia to help each other to provide gas to consumers
Blue cows in Latvia return from near extinction
U.S., Croatia share infantry fighting vehicles
Biden administration sanctions Bosnian Serb leader, citing corruption
Lao villagers refuse to cede land for Chinese-owned banana farm
Boosters needed to be considered fully vaccinated in Singapore
Sweden creates Psychological Defense Agency to counter disinformation from Russia, China, and Iran
Healing Hate: Son Of Infamous U.S. Neo-Nazi Rejects Racist Roots To Champion Georgian Orphans
China mounts anti-US campaign in Xinjiang universities
Christmas In Armenia: When ‘Light From The Church’ Brightens The Darkest Days
Kazakh Government Resigns After All-Night Mass Protests
France opens access to quantum computing to researchers, start-ups
Cambodian union leaders arrested in casino labor dispute
EU Foreign Affairs Chief visits Donbas
North Koreans unmoved by lectures praising Kim Jong Un for keeping them safe
US national security advisor discusses Ukraine with Finnish, other Nordic officials
Tibetan monks, local residents forced to watch destruction of sacred statue
Poland summons Belarusian charge d’affaires over diplomat’s expulsion
Tunisia’s hunger-striking former minister fights for life
Three Kings arrive in Catalonia with face masks and limited parades
Africans’ Reactions Mixed to Chinese Presence on Continent
Is China’s ‘Debt-Trap Diplomacy’ in Greenland Simply on Ice?
Beijing fines 7-Eleven for calling Taiwan a country
New Effort By Nicaraguans against the Ortega Dictatorship
Chile’s Upcoming New Constitution & Latin America
Ní Riada’s language strike lauded for upgrade in Irish status in EU
Breton language NGOs denounce censorship of their proposals for education
Multiracism: why we need to pay attention to the world’s many racisms
Rīga mulls possibility of low emission zones with entry fee
Food prices in Lithuania to rise further in 2022 – retailers
Estonian kindergartens must guarantee spots for 1.5-year old children from autumn
Omicron already dominant Covid strain in Lithuania, statistics office says
Postimees names Narva mayor Person of the Year
Latvia and Ukraine plan to develop defense industry cooperation
Estonia: Former interior minister detained over bribery allegations
Local spread of Omicron strain becomes apparent in Latvia
Lithuanian president calls for ‘de-escalation plan’ with China
Estonian prime minister blasts MP’s call to initiate NATO Article 4 consultations
Return to ‘spheres of influence’: where do Russian ultimatums leave Baltic states?
Biden talks tough on Putin, but European allies are less ready for a fight
U.S. to open Special Operations Forces base in Albania
Russia sends military to Kazakhstan to quell anti-government uprising
Dozens of protesters, 12 police dead in Kazakhstan protests
Australia, Japan sign defense pact as China concerns loom
Why Is China Renaming Disputed Locations Around Asia?
Supercomputing: Now Europe wants to be a big player too
Morocco and China agree to implement the Belt and Road initiative
Britain warns Russia over Ukraine: we’re working on high-impact sanctions
China to Appoint Horn of Africa Special Envoy
Ukrainian Court Seizes Property Of Ex-President Poroshenko Following Treason Accusations
Horned ‘Viking’ helmets were actually from a different civilization, archaeologists say
Russian Troops Deploy To Timbuktu In Mali After Withdrawal Of French Troops
Norway Now Reliant On F-35 For Air Defense, Sells F-16s to Romania
Child Abandonment Surges in War-Torn Idlib, Syria
Drone helps save cardiac arrest patient in Sweden
Top Portuguese media group hit by hackers, websites taken down
Senegal rejects bill to double jail time for homosexuality
Disputed reality: ‘Bombtrack’ and Peru’s internal armed conflict
Back again: The Netherlands’ ambitious new government
Free-rider on the storm: How Russia makes use of crises in its regional environment
One year on, Hong Kong activist priest stages rare silent sit-in urging release of detained democrats
Global dementia cases set to triple by 2050, researchers warn
Estonia develops its first offshore wind farms
Estonian MPs call for ‘immediate reinforcement’ on NATO’s Eastern Flank
France wants quick EU response to China’s coercion against Lithuania
Latvian ‘crowdfunders’ reminded to register with regulator
Latvia to send weapons to Ukraine
German traces in Latvia: German art and Latvian craft in Valmiermuiža
‘Krasta City’ plan revealed for riverside Rīga
NATO rules out any halt to expansion, rejects Russian demand
Unrest and internet blackout in Kazakhstan leave Lithuanian trucks stranded
Estonian-American actor Mena Suvari to star in new indie movie
Estonia ranked first in euro area inflation for December
Alleged CIA black site in Lithuania up for sale
Lithuania’s housing market hits new records, with Vilnius apartment fetching €2.7m
France takes EU reins with push for more sovereignty
Tibetan monks beaten, arrested for sharing Buddha statue destruction news
POLL-Norway and Sweden currencies to strengthen vs euro in 2022
Uyghur woman sentenced for 14 years for teaching Islam, hiding Qurans
America, Belarus and the battle for democracy
North Korea will not attend 2022 Winter Olympics
Climate Change: For 25th Year In A Row, Greenland Ice Sheet Shrinks
Fungus-made protein may be an eco-friendly alternative to egg whites
British warship hit Russian hunter-killer submarine with ship’s sonar
NATO Vows United Response to Russian Aggression Against Ukraine
Bulgaria’s Population Falls 11.5 Percent In Decade
Mukhtar Ablyazov: Kazakhs Call Tokayev a Traitor to the Nation
Kazakhstani president issues ‘shoot to kill’ order to quell protests
‘We Are Not Terrorists!’: Kazakh Protesters Try To Make Their Voices Heard Amid The Chaos
For Kazakhstan’s Autocratic Neighbors, Unrest Is A Warning And A Test
EU Leadership Says ‘No Solution’ To Russia-Ukraine Tensions ‘Without Europe’
Denmark frees three suspected Nigerian pirates at sea, detains fourth
1.8 million deaths are linked to air pollution worldwide
The REAL Scottish Politics: Scandal shows why British state is beyond repair
Swedish defence strategy in tatters if Russian demands met – military chief
Sweden and France launch joint team to prosecute IS fighters over crimes against Yazidis
Boeing to upgrade Japan’s F-15s into Super Interceptors that can keep pace with the F-35
Scientists find surprisingly cool ‘hotspots’ under Earth’s crust
Dylan Thomas could speak Welsh, according to the 1921 census
The 10 songs that got Hongkongers through 2021
Luxembourg opposes classification of nuclear power as sustainable energy
Kazakh despot’s daughter went on London spending spree after moving $300m out of country
Russian FSB attempts to create an agent network among the Crimean Tatars
Estonia-Singapore tech corridor: conversation with Priit Turk, Estonian ambassador to Singapore
Dukurs, Bos close in on World Cup skeleton overall titles
NATO reiterates unacceptable nature of Russian demands
Poems and history – what do migrant children study in Lithuania?
US F-16s strengthen air policing mission with long-planned Poland deployment
How do you survive? High prices, low incomes in Lithuania puzzle expats
US trade chief Katherine Tai expresses support for Lithuania amid China ‘coercion’
Latvia’s State Security Service pushes for prosecution over radio invitation against independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity
Estonia: Arriving
US, Lithuania agree to address China’s ‘economic coercion’
1918 January 8: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points on free trade, democracy and self-determination
German SPD official defends pro-Nord Stream 2 policy
Ukraine Accuses Iran of Premeditated Terrorist Act in 2020 Plane Shootdown
Russian general who led Crimea occupation charged with CSTO military mission in Kazakhstan
Tensions between US, Russia rise over military involvement in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan adds uncertainty to U.S. talks with Russia on Ukraine
Serbia’s Back-Door Bid To Embed Chinese Snooping Tools In Kosovo
Myanmar junta protests to UN migration agency about Rohingya Cultural Memory Center
North Korean ‘Ghost Ships’ Washing Onto Russia’s Coast
Sinéad O’Connor’s son found dead days after going missing from Newbridge
Defense minister warns Greece not to test Turkey’s patience
Livelihood of Cameroonian pygmies at risk from persistent logging
Bosnia’s Dodik: From moderate to genocide-denying autocrat
Saltire on food and drink products much preferred by Scots, poll finds
Duchess of Cambridge, the reliable royal, turns 40
Women Truckers Stepping Up Amid US Supply Chain Woes
Albanian police fire tear gas as protesters storm party offices
Indian Muslim Women ‘Auction’ App Shows Tech Weaponized for Abuse
Saudi princess and daughter released after three years in jail
Finland’s biggest bank reports cyberattack
Indigenous leaders call on nations in Russia to boycott crackdown on protesters in Kazakhstan
Taliban arrest popular Afghan professor critical of govt
Cyprus foreign minister quits amid presidential run tussle
Pope baptizes 16 babies in Sistine Chapel after year’s break
Lack of English speakers embarrasses Czech coalition
Sri Lanka seeks Chinese debt restructuring amid crisis
Blinken does not expect to see breakthroughs in talks with Russia
Italy Sends Back Parthenon Fragment in Landmark Loan to Greece
Amid tensions, Bosnian Serbs celebrate outlawed holiday
This will be South Sudan’s hungriest year ever, experts say
TAR regional congress ‘elects’ new gov’t chairman; vice-chairman put under corruption probe
‘The revolution has started’ – revolt against poverty and corruption in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan says 164 killed in week of protests
Kristjan Ilves wins ski jump competition at Val di Fiemme
Latvia’s got personality: Busy beekeeper Edgars Šneiders
The West has a rare window to put Putin in his place
US, NATO rule out halt to expansion, reject Russian demands