Facing Putin’s Greatest Geopolitical Tragedy

1974 December 13: Malta Republic Day
President of Estonia Alar Karis joining Beijing winter games political boycott
Twenty medics detained for fake Covid certificate issuance in Latvia
Lithuania’s European Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevicius leaves Farmers and Greens Union
Latvia’s estate and land data to be freely accessible as of next year
Lithuanian President’s office wanted Belarus fertilizers off EU sanctions list
Norwegian Norplast Piemare to set up big exports plant in Liepāja
Lithuanian towns experimenting with free public transport point to lack of infrastructure
Person killed in explosion on Pääsküla hiking trail
Lithuania‘s transport minister hands in resignation over Belarus sanctions scandal
Minimum wage in Latvia below EU standard
Lithuania looks to ban transit of Belarusian goods in wake of Belaruskali debacle
Cloud computing growing in popularity among Latvian businesses
‘Russia is really gearing up for war’, Lithuanian FM says in Brussels
Party ratings show half of Latvian electorate up for grabs
EU hesitates over possible Olympic boycott in China
Estonia needs to nearly double CO2 emissions cuts in some sectors
Re:Baltica names Latvia’s main Covid-19 disinformation sources
Beyond PISA: Investment in top tech education key to Estonia’s success
EU should discuss citizens’ ideas for Conference on the Future of Europe – Latvia Foreign Ministry’s official
Development plan: Estonia to get multiple launch rocket systems unit
R&I affirms Latvia’s ‘A’ credit rating
NATO jets in Baltics scrambled twice last week to escort Russian aircraft
A year of crises: Lithuania’s conservative-liberal government marks first anniversary
Unvaccinated people eight times more likely to die with Covid in Latvia
Why is Estonia a Startup Paradise
Electricity distribution tariff to be halved in Latvia
Russia continues to coerce Crimeans into its military and punishes those that resist
Study Details Georgian Attitudes Towards Russia
Finland has no funds for additional rounds of business cost support
New Caledonia referendum: Results show most voters boycotted
IAEA Mission Finds Progress in Nuclear Astravyets
EU Says It’s In ‘Deterrent Mode’ With Russia, Adopts Sanctions On Vagner Group
This Isolated, Idyllic Village in the Faroe Islands Is Also a Surprising Surf Destination
Bulgarian Lawmakers Confirm New Government After Months Of Deadlock
EU further steps up its support to the people of Belarus
Iceland deploys drones to fight massive fish dumping problem
British PM Warns Kremlin Invading Ukraine Would Be ‘Strategic Mistake’
The West Must Deter Russia or Accept Defeat
Kyrgyz Suspects In Kidnapping Of Turkish Businessman Detained
What can you tell me about Iceland’s population growth?
New German government repeats old fallback positions on Nord Stream 2
Cuban citizen deported from Belarus for participation in protest
Angry French fishermen threaten British imports
Former Danish immigration and integration minister sentenced to two months in prison
Balkan brain drain could be costing the region its future
Swedish MEP Karin Karlsbro Would Like To See Lukashenka In Court In 2022
EU to propose joint gas buying in response to high energy prices – document
Romania Looks To Norway For More F-16 Fighters
France to link climate and economic goals during EU presidency stint
Korea signs deal to part-finance Poland’s $8bn air transport hub
Georgia’s EU accession to enter ‘painful phase’, its ambassador says
Sweden’s Social Democrats turn left
EU ministers debate ways to shield Ukraine from Russia
Minsk Counter-Sanctions Went Up in Smoke?
Two arrested after British and Danish ships collide south of Sweden
Finnish SoC Hub aims for European leadership with first System on Chip (SoC)
Germany wants EU sanctions slapped on Bosnian Serb leader
President Charles Michel met with representatives from democratic Belarus
Swiss drop case linked to Saudi funds for ex-Spanish king
The equivalent of a 10km ice cube is melting each year, space monitoring shows
Burundi says will ‘never’ allow in UN special rapporteur
Czechs hold off on sending troops to Poland-Belarus border
Lebanon’s currency continues to tank amid monetary chaos
Meta/Facebook to expand Odense data center campus in Denmark
Blinken competes with top Russian official in Indonesia
Poland to handle EU vaccines for Eastern Partnership countries
After UAE law change, out-of-wedlock babies still in shadows
Architect’s ephemeral lake art a winter tradition
‘We fought strictly alone’: US Airman whose German tax case was dropped says military must start going to bat for its own
Veteran Chief Of Belarusian Election Commission Replaced Ahead Of Referendum
‘Is a union of Wales and England where anybody really wants to be?’, asks ex-Archbishop of Canterbury
Ukraine accuses Russia of information warfare after ‘neo-Nazi’ arrests
G7, ASEAN declare ‘shared interest’ in free and open Indo-Pacific
Poland still suffering consequences of 1981 Wojciech Jaruzelski’s martial law
Mauritania welcomes back Cuban doctors after terminating their contracts
MFA Ukraine: Canada set to apply all mechanisms to deter Russia from further aggression against Ukraine
US Announces $1.2 Billion in Private Investment for Central America
Russian invasion of Ukraine could be costly even without US troops involved, experts say
Russia Vetoes UN Resolution on Climate’s Impact on Global Security
Record-breaking UN Digital Summit in Poland – more than 10,000 participants from 175 countries
Self-Censoring by Chinese Educational, Cultural Program Worries African Educators
Legendary Cyborg “Chorny” posthumously awarded title of Hero of Ukraine
Trump: Netanyahu ‘never wanted peace’ with Palestinians
Every Sixth Belarusian On ‘Parasites’ Base?
Russia says it may be forced to deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe
Moon says North Korea has agreed ‘in principle’ to formally end Korean War
Gallego led US congressional delegation to Ukraine
Hong Kong activist Jimmy Lai gets 13 months in jail for Tiananmen Square vigil
Taiwan defense ministry says full Chinese invasion would be very difficult
Romania to Acquire 32 Additional F-16s for $514 Million
Macron urges strengthening EU borders during Hungary visit
Cold Colonization in Russia’s Arctic
U.S., Lithuania to beef up defense ties amid Russia, China pressure
Memorial to ‘king of the roads’ Joey Dunlop vandalised in Estonia
U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division completes Winter Shield 2021 in Latvia
Lithuania and Poland Tests Emergency Support on Electricity Interconnection
Belarusian oil products still being exported through Estonia
Simonyte: government commission should’ve vetted changes to Belaruskali contract
Estonian co-produced film receives Golden Globes award nomination
Latvia’s Lokalise locates $50 million in new funding round
Lutsar: Omicron variant could have positive effects
Rail Baltica hackathon winners named
Video: Cops help a delivery robot cross the road in Tallinn
Lithuanian PM ‘not ruling out’ government resignation over Belarus sanctions
How reduced VAT on books and media will impact Latvian publishing
Estonian scientists, together with MIT and others, to seek life on Venus
Latvian companies and GreenTech startups present projects on Future Hub Demo Day
Ukraine stepping up border protection cooperation with Estonia
airBaltic to open base at Tampere Airport
Central criminal police suspect Valga Centrist of vote-buying
Latvia has new Ambassador to Canada
Lithuania: Fellow conservatives urge Foreign Affairs Committee chair to resign
What’s It Like to Be a Student in Estonia?
Personal transfers account for significant slice of Latvian GDP
October tax receipt up 55.7 percent on year in Estonia
Latvian government proposes giving seniors gift cards for getting booster shots
UAE releases Lithuanian woman sentenced to life for drug possession
64% of employees of small businesses in Latvia receive unofficial bonuses
Historic Theatre Season Opens in Estonia
Lithuanian parliament adopts 2022 government budget with 3% deficit
Estonia to start screening background of foreign investments
Incomes rising but so is inequality in Latvia
Lithuanian volunteers campaign for access to border against opposition from Interior Ministry
Latvian media supervisor to request additional authority to battle digital piracy
Searching for Santa Claus
Jailed environment activist in Tibet in critical health
Sweden’s Aerit to fly drone deliveries in vast area north of Stockholm
Vietnamese building Chinese factory in Serbia exploited, workers, rights groups say
Putin won’t stop on Ukraine as he aims for Europe
Tibetan children taken from homes, sent to Chinese boarding schools
Norway wealth fund ‘weeds out’ nine firms over ESG risks
Vietnamese independent journalist Pham Doan Trang is jailed for 9 years
Geologists uncover ‘treasure trove’ of dinosaur tracks in Poland
Presentations point to greater Huawei role in China surveillance than acknowledged
Biden Speaks With Finland’s President About Allaying Tension at Ukrainian Border
All EU nations must legally recognize same-sex parents, rules top European court
Biden scores big with democracy summit, stumbles badly on Ukraine
Cruz offers to swap Nord Stream 2 sanctions vote for ambassador nominees
Headline inflation in Sweden hits fastest pace since 1993
Killings, restrictions on women and girls seen since Taliban takeover, UN rights office says
Ukraine Allows Foreign Forces to Join Planned 2022 Military Drills
Democrats, Republicans call for Biden to support Tibet autonomy
Log4j Vulnerability in Iceland: Uncertainty Phase Declared
Russia Threatens to Deploy Tactical Nuclear Weapons
German Foreign Minister: Nord Stream 2 cannot be commissioned
A War Veteran Goes On Hunger Strike And Invigorates Azerbaijan’s Opposition
Denmark bets on North Sea carbon capture to hit climate goals
Russian Duma OKs Bill That Would Abolish The Title Of ‘President’ In Tatarstan
Sanctions In Action: Barysau Repair Plant Cannot Produce “Cayman” Armored Vehicles
Armenia, Turkey To Appoint Special Envoys In Bid To Normalize Ties
Denmark issues $5.2m fines for selling fuel to Syria
US condemns suspension of Romanian judge over TikTok posts
Up to 18 years in jail: Lukashenka regime passes draconian sentences on defendants in ‘Tsikhanouski case’
France and Hungary set conciliatory tone as Macron visits Budapest
Finland’s Niinistö expresses “grave concern” over Ukraine in call with Putin
Albania worst in Europe for access to fertility treatments
No unity regarding Nord Stream 2 in Europe as Austria asks to launch pipeline “quickly”
Egypt backs federal peace deal for ethnically split Cyprus
NATO’s Stoltenberg seeks to become Norway central bank governor
Liberals U-turn to back member labelled ‘left-wing extremist’ by Slovak secret service
Poland blocking plans for EU legislative priorities for 2022 – EU sources
New Bulgarian PM proposes ‘very fast process’ to lift North Macedonia veto
Denmark, Norway join European corvette program
Serbia takes big step forward in EU membership talks
Greek Discovery of Iceland Supported by Linguistic Evidence
EU plan for sweeping update of Big Tech rules gains momentum
Thousands of tons of bread are wasted every year: The first quantitative study in Sweden
US and Mexico begin work on new security framework
EU states reassert membership promise to six Balkan states
US Marine Corps commandant calls for focus on small forces not just hypersonic weapons to challenge China in the Pacific
Danish fuel trader convicted over exports to war-torn Syria
Karelian Director Sergei Soloviev, Dead at 77
McGregor Again Mocks Dagestan In Response To Makhachev
Can expats be lured back? Why these Latvians are coming home.
Estonia’s Soomaa region dugout boat culture added to UNESCO protection list
EU Must Make Strong Signal of Deterrence to Russia, Estonian PM Says
Colliers acquires commercial real estate consultancy company Solid Real Advisors in Lithuania
Tallink suspends Tallinn-Stockholm line for one month
Ten million passengers and mega runway: future of aviation after Vilnius Airport reconstruction
Estonia’s wood pellet industry stokes controversy
New shipping rules slowed down Latvian purchases from third countries
Lithuania closes embassy in China after last diplomats leave
Estonian FM: EU must respond to potential aggression on Ukraine’s border
EC approves grants for Latvian businesses affected by pandemic
Education ministry officials relocating back to Tallinn from Tartu
Latvia’s KNAB pushes for trial in 2 million euro bribery case
Lithuanian Railways looks to sign major bridge construction deal with Chinese-owned firm
German traces in Latvia: Walter Zapp and his Minox camera
Estonian culture sector’s public appeal: We need support measures immediately
High season for Lithuania’s šakotis makers
Lithuania to promote products to Taiwan through PChome
Lithuanian transport minister says many to blame in Belarus transit debacle
Olympic Champion Ruta Meilutyte Is Back In The Water
Transit of Belarusian goods via Estonia hit record high in 2021
Lithuania Railways CEO to resign over Belarus potash transport
Lithuanian premier rejects ministers’ resignations over Belarus sanctions-busting scandal
US awards Lithuania ‘beacon of democracy’ for its provocation
Sweden Gets World’s First Methanol-Fueled Pilot Boat
Tunisia: Carthage Theatre Days hold after Covid break, thrills stage theatre lovers
E.U. Proposes Changes That Would Chip Away at Borderless Model
US Poised to Become First Country to Ban Goods Made by Uyghur Slave Labor
‘Finland is cool too’: PM Sanna Marin responds to Elon Musk’s joke on Twitter
NASA Probe Becomes First Spacecraft to Enter Sun’s Atmosphere
Why is Russia’s Putin so focused on Ukraine?
Navy tests laser weapon in Mideast
Too many loopholes left in Belarus sanctions regime, says Tsikhanouskaya
Saxony premier targeted in ‘anti-vaxxer murder plot’
Netherland’s GrandVision to Acquire Sweden’s Smarteyes
UK health official labels omicron the ‘most significant threat’ since start of pandemic
Java mouse-deer measuring just 10 cm born in Poland
Guardians of the Constitution handcuff principal in Greece, suggest he be arrested for enforcing COVID-19 measures
Grindr fine cut to $7 million in Norway data privacy case
Navalny’s daughter accepts EU human rights award on his behalf
Ukraine, Sweden sign updated agreement on defense cooperation
Rights group says North Koreans executed for watching K-pop
Mystery of the ‘world’s loneliest lighthouse’ with its links to James Bond and the legend of the Seal Woman
European Court Orders Russia To Compensate Woman Whose Husband Chopped Her Hands Off With An Ax
Baerbock warns Lavrov of “massive consequences” if Russia invades Ukraine
Progress For EU’s Eastern Partnership Members Clouded By Russian Troop Buildup Near Ukraine
Oracle expands cloud cover with data centers in Sweden, Italy
Germany Expels Two Russian Diplomats After Court Finds Man Guilty Of Killing Ordered By Moscow
France, Germany and Ukraine seek fresh peace talks with Russia
Russian Politician Calls for Kidnapping of U.S. Congressman on Live TV
No Holiday: Independence Day In Kazakhstan Means Jail For Critics
Ericsson – and Sweden – in focus at World Expo
EU citizens’ watchdog launches legal case against UK Home Office
Zhengchang prepares for next phase in Belarus feed project
Lightning fast annulment of Serbia’s decree restricting academic freedoms
Future Queen of Norway Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 17, co-pilots a fighter jet on visit to the Norwegian air force
EU tries to salvage Eastern Partnership ties under Russian threat
THE VIEW FROM MITTELEUROPA: Belarus is now just a pawn in the Kremlin’s bigger game
Moldovan president to Russia: joining the EU is our choice
Five companies seek to develop CO2 storage off Norway
New Dutch coalition vows to spend big on broad reforms
Shetland: Two projects to use natural resources to replace fossil fuels
French MPs arrive in Taiwan for visit amid China tensions
Finland to sign $11 million deal to upgrade Leopards
India unveils $10.2B plan to attract semiconductor makers
Concerns raised as puffins wash up dead on the shores of Orkney
Ukraine’s leader seeks Russia sanctions before it’s too late
Nordic Clinker Boat Traditions Added to the Unesco Intangible Heritage List
US Senate approves $768 billion defense bill directing review of Afghanistan war, military justice reforms
YesCymru members vote in favour of reforms – nominations for new directors to begin next week
US Congress sends Biden $2.5T debt limit hike, avoiding default
Inside the brand new royal suite at Sweden’s ice hotel
Karzai says he ‘invited’ the Taliban into Kabul to stop the chaos
ERC-Socialist Catalan film production and dubbing quota deal paves way for Spain’s 2022 budget
DigitalBridge combines Iceland towers to boost 5G
Two assailants of Catalan cultural center in Madrid enter prison
China’s leader warns artists, writers to be ‘upright’ and avoid ‘vulgar’ work
French court victory opens way for a Catalan-language high school in Perpinyà
Malta Becomes First E.U. Country to Legalize Marijuana
Izhevsk pianist and multi-talent artist plays on Vashon
Tatarstan celebrates 1,100 years of Islam
The Soviets turned the Volga River into a machine. Then the machine broke.
Leaders Of Ingushetia Protest Handed Lengthy Prison Sentences
ECHR finds Russia responsible for killing of five detainees in Chechnya
Pärnu: the Cinderella of the Baltic Sea
Olympic curling qualifier: Scotland beat Latvia & Estonia to seal play-off place
Estonia’s e-Governance Academy establishes a subsidiary in Jamaica
Taiwan will support Lithuania in face of intimidation from China, envoy says
Waverly grappler set to join the 2022 Estonia World Wrestling Tour
Lithuania moves forward with setting up trade office in Taiwan
Russia’s Revolut receives banking license from Lithuania’s central bank
Security situation at its most dangerous in 30 years – Lithuanian president
Estonia in winter: into the wilds by canoe and ‘bog shoe’
Lithuania to Ask European Leaders for Help Against China After Diplomats Pull Out
EDF commander: Armed forces could take delivery of MLRS weapons by 2024
Plans for more trees and outdoor gyms win Tallinn’s participatory budget
61 administrative proceedings launched over Latvian MP Gobzems’ activities
Estonia to put three 5G frequency authorizations up for auction
Russian ambassador: Much room for development in Estonian-Russian relations
Several patients accuse doctor of sexual abuse in Latvia
69 people turned back on Latvia-Belarus border
Wiiralt scholarship laureates announced
Riigikogu foreign affairs committee chair: Russia wants to destroy NATO
Logistics center contruction under way near Rīga
US defense budget holds €175 million for Baltics
Institutions must create possibility to inform of internal offenses
GPS Capital Markets Opens Lithuania Office
Landmark terrorism case sent to court in Rīga
21 best Estonian movies of 2021
International adoptions to be more complicated in Latvia
Louis Kahn Estonia foundation claims foreign ministry cultural award
Latvia has best electric car charging network among Baltic states – Linkaits
The Bank of Estonia tests the technological possibilities of a central bank digital currency
Unity announces plans to nearly double its headcount in Lithuania
Women in GovTech: Liisa Past, Chief Information Security Officer, Estonia
UK foreign secretary backs Lithuania over China’s ‘unacceptable pressure’
Lithuania, Key Baltic Ally of US, Stands Firm With Taiwan
Estonian FM approves country strategy for Estonia-Georgia development cooperation
Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on businesses, public to support Lithuania
1971 December 16: Bahrain National Day
1989 December 16: Romanian Revolution
1991 December 16: Kazakhstan Independence Day
Russia increases pressure on Finland over possible NATO membership
Kyrgyzstan Files Lawsuit Against Canada’s Centerra Gold Amid Ongoing Standoff
Finland gets second UNESCO listing (the first is a sauna)
Ukraine, Canada, U.K., Sweden Set Deadline For Settlement With Iran Over Downing Of Airliner
Bipartisan US Congress group calls to ship more weapons to the Ukraine to deter Russia
Japanese prime minister says he doesn’t plan to attend Beijing Olympics
Norway’s central bank raises key policy interest rate
EU decision makers can supercharge the shift to electric vehicles
In first conviction for Donbas war crimes, Ukrainian court sentences aide of Russian FSB Colonel Bezler to 11 years
ECB plots stimulus exit as inflation looms
Colt partners with Oracle in Sweden
US builds new software tool to predict actions that could draw China’s ire
Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova sign joint declaration on coordinating actions to receive EU membership prospects
EU suspends military training in Central Africa over Russian mercenaries
Low-cost Icelandic airline Play expands to US, touts cheap Europe flights
Tech figures call for greater involvement of women at all innovation stages
Russia could invade us ‘in the blink of an eye,’ Ukrainian foreign minister warns
Hungarian fashion studio builds Roma cultural prestige
Kosovo says it’s agreed to rent 300 prison cells to Denmark
Bosnia police jail 8 for war crimes during 1992-95 conflict
NATO Signals Support for Ukraine in Face of Threat From Russia
UK raises interest rates as central banks focus on inflation
Epic sea level rise drove Vikings out of Greenland
Free Democrats won’t sit with Alternative for Germany
EU Is Ready To Donate Vaccines Against COVID-19 Vaccines To Belarusians
China’s #MeToo victims face abuse, payback for going public
Humans reached the Faroe Islands much earlier than expected
Nigerian lawmakers reject bill seeking gender equality
Vatican May Consecrate As Saint Catholic Nun From Navahrudak
Afghanistan’s health care system on the brink of collapse
Westminster’s justification for denying Wales a St David’s Day bank holiday is inane and insulting
Haitians celebrate as UNESCO declares ‘joumou’ pumpkin soup cultural heritage
Flat Tax Quadruples in Belarus
EU leaders agree on new sanctions with U.S. if Russia invades Ukraine
Huawei invests in data centres in Africa
F-35A Lightning II makes long-awaited European arrival
Belarus seeks $3.5 bln from Russia-led Eurasian Fund
UK restores presence in Germany with hub for army vehicles
German warship enters South China Sea on 1st deployment to region in 20 years
Norwegian vessel teams up with US carrier strike group, maintaining trend toward cooperation
Ukraine ready for any format of talks with Russia – Zelensky
Uyghur poet Gulnisa Emin imprisoned on separatism charges in China’s Xinjiang
Migrants Stormed Border And Wounded Two Polish Soldiers
UK high court allows Uyghur forced labor case to proceed
Unknown Attacked Internal Troops Base In Village Of Valoushchyna
The Chinese want Apple Daily in Taiwan closed
EC President von der Leyen: There should be no loopholes in sanctions against Belarus regime
Clashes in Myanmar’s Karen-controlled territory follow military raids
In east Ukraine city, thoughts turn again to war
Xinjiang forced labor bill heads to Biden’s desk after unanimous House, Senate votes
Quarter of EU members officially support Ukraine’s membership as Slovenia signs corresponding declaration
Senegal national dish added to UNESCO heritage list
White House Delays Moving Military Assistance to Ukraine
Niger: Thousands flee homes following threats from jihadist groups
Crimean Tatar ornament now part of UNESCO World Intangible Heritage list
Zimbabwe hit by exodus of health professionals
Russian court publishes documents proving Russian army presence in Ukraine, deletes them hours later
US Slaps Sanctions on China Over Uyghur Oppression
Charles Michel: We Are United In Support Of Belarusian People
Albania’s Torment Under a Psychopathic Communist Dictator Left Deep Scars
First group of migrants from Cyprus relocated under Pope pledge
Culinary extraordinaire and Basque matriarch Mayie Maitia dies at 92
Ukrainian language teachers in Crimea wary of persecution
Tundra To Table: Quark To Launch Unique Inuit Culinary Adventure
The truth about the world’s most misunderstood country
Yamal Tundra United Volunteers of the “Explore Yamal” International Volunteer Expedition
Russia demands Ukraine, ex-Soviet nations barred from NATO
Moscow demands: No NATO troops in Estonia without Russia’s explicit permission
U.S., Lithuania Sign Agreement to Further Military Interoperability
Narva council elects chairman as new mayor
China Refutes Claims Lithuanian Envoy Left Beijing Due To Security Concerns
19% of Latvians check online rumors
Estonian MFA: China’s pressure on Lithuania ‘unacceptable’
Latvia tested sirens and alarms Friday morning
‘Grey area’ between diplomacy and intimidation. Why Lithuanian embassy was forced to leave Beijing
Minimum wage for cultural workers to increase to €1,400 in Estonia
Irregular crossings down on Lithuania-Belarus border, more migrants attempt to enter Latvia
Food Union invests EUR 1 million in new and environmentally-friendly car park, reducing CO2 emissions
EU ready to impose restrictive measures against Russia – Lithuanian president
Bank of Latvia reduces Latvia’s GDP growth forecast by 13% to 4.6% this year
Lithuania to Welcome a Performing Art Genius Dimitris Papaioannou
By accepting Russia’s demands, NATO and the US would make the Baltic States indefensible – Pabriks
Environment Ministry suspends Jūrmala entry fee increase
Latvia pushes its renewable energy credentials to investors
Estonian population census to start on December 28 with online survey
Estonian MFA makes excuses in recent sanctions bypass scandal
Estonian central bank head: ECB is ready to tighten monetary policy faster
Latvian traders council demands shopping centers open on weekends
Lithuanian BS/2 eyes introducing its cash counting machines in Azerbaijan
Ekspress Grupp buys media company Geenius Meedia
Railway bridge contractor ruled threat to Lithuania’s security due to Chinese ownership
Latvian central bank promises you a miracle for 62 euros
Making buildings in Estonia energy efficient to cost €22 billion
Lithuania’ Rapšys scores second medal at World Swimming Championships
EXCLUSIVE China pressures Germany’s Continental to cut out Lithuania – sources
EU may involve WTO to resolve China-Lithuania trade row, Commission says
1907 December 17: National Day of Bhutan
1928 December 17: Kurdistan Flag Day
2010 December 17: Arab Spring
Moroccan court rules in China’s favor to extradite Uyghur accused of ‘terrorism’
Sweden brings back pandemic relief for companies as infections rise
Chinese traditional medicines increasingly contaminated by chemicals: experts
Poland marks 51st anniversary of tragic anti-communist protests
Tunisia appeal seeks to decriminalise homosexuality
Denmark predicts strong economic growth despite new COVID-19 wave
UNESCO lists “tbourida”, a Moroccan equestrian art as intangible cultural heritage
Poland, Like Ukraine, Is in Putin’s Crosshairs
US lawmakers call on NBC to address China human rights abuses in Olympic broadcasts
Finland’s forest growth declines for first time in 60 years
US Olympians to be Briefed on Chinese Law Before Beijing Games
Polish soldier reportedly crosses border into Belarus claiming asylum
North Korea Marks 10th Anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s Death
Hitachi Energy storage system to harness Faroe Islands’ windpower
Euronews changes hands with global ambitions in sight
Charlemagne Prize: Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya among three winners from Belarus
EU energy talks dissolve over carbon, green finance fights
Norwegian Foreign Minister agrees with Tsikhanouskaya regarding Yara and sanctions
EU to review its African military missions following Wagner link
In East Ukraine, a Web Designer Learns How to Ambush a Tank
Time’s Up: Kyrgyzstan’s Supreme Court Rejects Monitor’s Electoral Fraud Complaint
Russia stops delivery of gas to Europe via Poland
Russia Issues Travel Ban To Seven Britons In Response To U.K. Sanctions
Crisis in Poland’s Museums
Russia sets out tough demands for security pact with NATO
Russia Proposals For Security Guarantees Seen As Largely Unacceptable
Danish film in contention to win unprecedented best feature triple at the Oscars
Austria to allow tightly limited right to assisted suicide
Ukraine’s Fight Against Corruption Scares Russia
AP photographer beaten by Israeli police in east Jerusalem
European Broadcasting Union calls on Belarus authorities to release all imprisoned journos
Pope at 85: Gloves come off as Francis’ reform hits stride
Belarusian Blogger Eduard Palchys Gets 13 Years In Prison
Suspected arson in downtown Osaka building leaves 24 dead
Norway grants €100 million for clean hydrogen
Pentagon looks to microbes to feed troops with air, water, maybe even trash turned to protein
Cuban Protester Expelled From Belarus After 30 Years Weighs His Options In Moscow
EDF shares plunge after faults found at French nuclear power reactor
Sweden’s most endangered Christmas decorations burnt, again
S&P dumps Chinese property giant Evergrande into default
Russia continues to amass new troops near Ukraine’s border despite Biden urging Putin to de-escalate tensions
Lapland authorities scramble to find housing for quarantined tourists
Ag businesses with Ukraine ties keep wary eye on Russian tension
Bank of Finland downgrades economic outlook due to Covid
Belarus grateful to Azerbaijan for support in EU summit
Norway’s FREYR Battery signs ‘US$3 billion’ off-take deal with energy storage industry customer
Biden Administration Considers Sending Ukraine Military Equipment Once Bound for Afghanistan
Gdansk Came Out To Rally In Solidarity With Belarusians
Ukraine, EU to discuss attracting resources for green transformation in Ukraine in early 2022
New strengthened UN Crimean resolution calls on states to join Crimea Platform, names Crimean Tatars an indigenous people
Ukraine, France intensifying cooperation in agriculture
Mental Disorders: Lukashenka And Chikatilo – 25 Matches Found
King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden’s parties with strippers are back in the spotlight
Poland angers U.S. by rushing through media law
Welsh language board game surges to top of Amazon bestseller list
Alleged police abuse against migrant workers shocks Portugal
Cyprus, Jordan sign bilateral agreements
Czech Republic president swears in new coalition government
Chinese emblem replaces Hong Kong insignia in city’s legislature for lawmakers’ oath-taking
Lithuanian PM thanks President of Senate of France for support and solidarity
Estonian defense minister: Russia’s demands are unacceptable
No shock value, just shock: Exhibit shows Boris Lurie’s searing post-Holocaust works
Euro Member Estonia Moves to ‘Smooth’ Inflation Spike on Its Own
Invented woman, invented city. Tūla by Jurgis Kunčinas
Estonia to modernize its tracked armored IFVs with Remote Weapon Station
Lithuanian diplomatic mission in China will temporarily operate remotely
Estonia Inquires About Georgia’s Alleged Secret Surveillance on Diplomats
Belgium joins diplomatic boycott of Beijing 2022, Latvia will not
Estonian National Library closes for extensive renovations
‘A mouse under an elephant.’ What’s behind Lithuania’s move against China?
Latvia’s MFA: non-compliance with Belarus sanctions “undermines international reputation”
Lithuanian troops deployed to border with Belarus to receive 125 off-road vehicles
Names emerge in alleged Riga bribery case
Is China Forcing Lithuania To Pay An Economic Price For Supporting Taiwan?
Estonia approves bill ensuring whistleblower protection
Iraq agrees to move stranded nationals to Lithuanian capital
Taivo Raig Obituary (1935 – 2021): West Hartford, CT
December 18: International Migrants Day
Little joy for many migrants and refugees this festive season
Migrants from Belarus border crisis arrested heading towards Arctic route to Europe
Iraq announces evacuation of 3,817 citizens stranded in Belarus
1878 December 18: Qatar National Day
Rockefeller Center tree towers over others in online searches
Russia: Security Proposals Are Aimed at Avoiding Military Scenario
Rebuilding Tornado-Ravaged Kentucky Town Could Take Years
Russia envoy: Moscow may up the ante if West ignores demands
Pandemic Could Extend To 2024, Pfizer Says
Book by imprisoned philosopher Matskevich presented in Warsaw
Cruz to get Nord Stream 2 vote as part of deal on Biden nominees
Welsh Government reveals scheme to buy flats caught up in unsafe cladding crisis
With Four Kids By Her Side, A Tajik Mother Collects Trash To Make Meager Living
Newest Russian corvette burns down at shipyard in Saint Petersburg
Regulator Says Russian State Media Broadcasting In Germany Without A License
Hand-drawn Scottish atlas puts nation ‘on display’
Moldova Calls Russian Envoy’s Presence At Transdniester Inauguration ‘Unfriendly Action’
Multimedia project Izolyatsia: Must Speak sheds light on infamous Donetsk “concentration camp”
Independent Medics Say Georgian Ex-President’s Health Compromised By ‘Torture’ In Prison
Princess Madeleine of Sweden’s Incredible Life in Photos
The Ukrainian Town Where ‘Masochism’ Was Born
Russia sends nuclear-capable bombers on patrol over Belarus
Gender pay gap persists in Europe
Miss Sweden and Bugs Bunny add up to a bad day in court for Ghislaine Maxwell
People pressure governments worldwide to act on inflation
China says it carried out nuclear, chemical, biological warfare drill in occupied Tibet
Thousands demonstrate to defend Catalan language in schools
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