Influential Dictation and Fickle Newsmakers

1917 December 6: Finland Independence Day
Euro banknotes to get first full redesigns within a couple years
What China Learned From the Collapse of the USSR
UNHCR strengthens efforts on digital identity for refugees with Estonian support
Cambodia Bans US Visits to Ream Naval Base After Sanctions
Taiwan, Slovakia hold talks as island firms ties with Europe
Solomon Islands leader wins no-confidence vote after riots
NATO eFP could be example for whole British Army
Japan’s military, among world’s strongest, looks to build
British soldier claims the Estonian cold gave him a stutter; demands compensation
Nehammer sworn in as Austria’s third chancellor in 2 months
Latvia gets its first two Omicron cases
Belarus bans Western imports, airlines from EU and UK
Extent of US’ security help to Baltics should stay at least on current level
Nobel Prizes awarded in pandemic-curtailed local ceremonies
Many public buildings in Latvia still inaccessible in wheelchairs
U.S. wants private sector to operate with full information about China’s Xinjiang
Lithuania’s defense minister: How to tackle threats bleeding into the new year
Estonia’s defense minister: Strengthening NATO, from a 2030 perspective and beyond
Latvia Sells EUR600 Mln in Debut Sustainability Bond
Starlink ready for take-off in India and Lithuania in 2022
Latvia to be represented in Dakar Rally for first time in decade
Lithuania asks EU for ‘strong reaction’ to Chinese pressure
New fixed electricity contracts could see prices increasing 100 percent
Maverick deputy Gobzems detained in unauthorized gathering
Offensive cyber operations exercise kicks off in Estonia
UK-Latvia joint declaration of cooperation
51 percent of Estonian population against mandatory vaccinations
Latvian enterprises report EUR 18.7 million investments from Belarus
Estonian police, prosecutors bust dark web drug market
Rada Speaker: Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania strong in their unity
‘We came for human rights’: Iraqi refugee recalls ‘torture’ and deportation from Lithuania
Estonia to host an EU-Africa virtual hackathon
Number of children staying at orphanages in Latvia down by half since 2018
142,500 vaccine doses sent by Estonia arrive in Uganda
Bashkir Activist Asks For Asylum In Lithuania
Independent election hopeful taken away by police in China’s Chongqing
Finland has highest teleworking rate in the EU before and during the pandemic
Court in China’s Chengdu jails veteran rights activist on ‘trumped-up charge’
New round of Russian aggression against Ukraine would kill Nord Stream 2
New British air defence missile system enters service
Jailed Hong Kong vigil organizer warns world over spread of totalitarianism
Denmark tightens fiscal policy with 2022 budget deal
Myanmar military court jails Aung San Suu Kyi
Sweden starts up oil-fired power plant to alleviate Polish crunch
Cameroon’s albinos threatened by magic and superstition
Iceland top of European team gymnastics
RTV Slovenia Feels Political Heat Amid Program Shuffles
More than 900 political prisoners now in Belarus
India’s Nagaland Erupts in Protests Against Army Killing of Civilians
Putin, Modi Reaffirm ‘Time-Tested’ Ties at New Delhi Summit
Which western bands were banned in the USSR?
Hong Kong Threatens Wall Street Journal With ‘Incitement’
Norway urges World Bank’s Afghanistan donors to channel funds to U.N.
Biden Administration Announces Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics
Why Scotland’s artists hold the key to unlocking the nation’s independence
International Tennis Federation has no plans to suspend events in China amid Peng Shuai concerns
Call for next Archbishop of Wales to be a Welsh speaker
US senators earmark $3 billion to support democracies globally
Catalan president calls Spanish Constitution ‘obsolete’ on 43rd anniversary of ratification
Notorious Tajik Islamic State Recruiter Reappears In Syrian Refugee Camp
Latvian State Border Guard official to be prosecuted for attempted seduction of a child
EDF delegation inspects Pskov-based elite Russian airborne division
Minimal wages in Latvia may have to reach at least EUR 600 following EU agreement
Application of US sanctions on Belarus in Lithuania still unclear, PM says
Study: grey economy in construction materials production causes Latvia considerable losses every year
Minister: Center does not support Estonian-language education action plan
Lithuanian citizenship restored for world-renowned architect Massimiliano Fuksas
Estonian Defence Forces’ mass exercise Siil 2022 to test the regional cooperation
Norwegian firm bags €5m contract for surveillance system on Lithuania’s border with Belarus
Latvia issues eight-year sustainability bonds
Lithuania and its capital Vilnius awarded for World’s Best Tourism Promoting Videos
Estonia fighting EU to maintain current income tax system
Lithuanian parliament renews state of emergency, scraps proposal to extend it on Polish border
Finland independence day marked nationwide in Estonia
West should cut Russia from SWIFT, sanction Nord Stream, Latvia says
Coastal tourism forecast to recover fastest in Latvia
EDF unit in Poland started working on the Belarusian border
A leading figure in Latvian contemporary ceramics passes away
Lithuania is back on China’s customs declaration system
Latvia awards two winners of European Citizen’s Prize
“The opportunities are great.” Lithuanian MPs hopeful after visiting Taiwan
Latvian, British foreign ministers agree to keep working with international partners to hold Russia to account for its actions in Crimea
Bank of Estonia: Record energy prices means inflation will not recede
Lithuanian and Latvian cleaning products companies announce merger
Triple disconnection: how Russia seeks to destabilize Ukraine’s gas, electricity, and coal markets
Blinken to make first Southeast Asia visit as US makes region a priority
Sweden wants to reclaim the names behind Ikea’s toilet brushes and trash cans
U.S. imposes sanctions on people in Iran, Syria and Uganda, citing rights abuses
Pentagon: Russia continues to build up troops near Ukraine
‘Love is love:’ Chile legalizes same-sex marriage in historic vote
UAE shifting to 4 1/2-day work week next year
One of suspected killers of Saudi journalist Khashoggi arrested in France
Norwegian Wolves Are Extinct, With No Genetic Trace Left Behind
Kremlin says presidents agree to further U.S.-Russian talks on Ukraine
Biden administration eying evacuation options for US citizens in Ukraine if Russia invades: report
Russia deploys Bastion anti-ship missile system to island north of Japan
Zelensky: Ukrainian Army can thwart enemy’s aggressive plans
Biden urges Putin toward diplomacy, not war, with Ukraine
Rubio calls on Airbnb to delist some properties in China’s Xinjiang region
Looted Gilgamesh tablet returns to Iraq in formal ceremony
Bottlenecks add to wage pressure in Norway, survey finds
Rohingya Refugees Sue Facebook for $150 Billion Over Myanmar Violence
Strong signs of tourism revival in Finland’s north
UN Launches Historic $2 Billion Humanitarian Appeal to Save Afghan Children
Solvang, a small California town known as the “Danish Capital of America”
UN Court Tells Armenia, Azerbaijan To Curb Feud, Prevent Racial Hatred
Life Sentence Sought For Russian Accused Of ‘State-Ordered’ Killing Of Georgian In Berlin
European Belarus Activists Andrei And Palina Sharenda Deprived Of Registration And Apartment
Religious Communities In Montenegro Are Still Wary Of Vaccination. Muslim Leaders Are The Exception.
Labour migration brings greater inequality to rural life in Norway
U.S., Japanese forces simulate war games in ‘Resolute Dragon’ exercises
Parliamentarians Of Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine Call For Tribunal Over Belarusian Regime
Europe’s Global Gateway: Complementing or Competing With BRI?
EU Council agrees negotiating position on minimum wage directive
Finnish police: Violence among under-15s “significantly increasing”
Armed gangs raise risks in vaccinating rural Nigerians
Norway links hepatitis A outbreak to imported, frozen raspberries
Cambodian mass trial against government opponents reopens
Tit-for-tat? Belarus to impose embargo on food products from Western countries
WHO Europe: Kids in 5-14 age group show highest COVID rates
“This Is My War Against Satanists”: Brave Belarusian Painted House In White, Red and White
End of an era: Germany’s Merkel bows out after 16 years
Journos pinpoint location of Russian-hybrid troops’ tank drills in occupied Donbas
Bidens honor Pearl Harbor’s fallen in visit to WWII Memorial
Lithuanian PM sees no way for Belarusian fertilizer to continue for long time in spite of sanctions
Latvia and Estonia do not plan to take over Belarus transit cargos diverted from Lithuania due to sanctions
Lithuanian Railways say, Belaruskali cargo to go via Lithuania until January
Kristians Rubins’ Journey from Latvia to the NHL
Lithuania successfully tests power link to continental Europe
Estonia launches Bürokratt, the Siri of digital public services
‘It’s like fighting windmills.’ Belarus’ anti-Lithuanian propaganda has not peaked yet
Fastest Growing Market in Europe Attracts New Foreign Direct Investment in Life Sciences
Restaurants and shops migrate to malls to survive pandemic in Latvia
200MW rollout of battery storage to aid Lithuania’s transmission network
Stay within your contact bubble, urges chief of Latvian emergency team
President Karis’ first Christmas card encourages curiosity
Survey: Most Latvian teenagers are not taught media literacy at school
US defence bill proposes $150m for Baltic security
75% of Latvia’s adults fully vaccinated against Covid-19
MEPs congratulate Russian people on USSR dissolution anniversary: we are all Europeans
Attitude toward immigrants in Latvia rather reserved, study shows
Tallinn Design House opens exhibition at EXPO Dubai
Baltic PMs insist that EU should fund Lithuania’s border wall
Estonian PM: EU and NATO will respond to any aggression against Ukraine
Latvian PM Karins underscores successful cooperation among Baltic countries
Estonian parlt committee, Finnish formin discuss regional security
Lithuania says bigger U.S. military presence would deter Russia best
Estonia seeking close to €120,000 in damages from ex education minister
Poland imposes martial law ‘to avert anarchy’ – archive, 1981
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Belarus Christians urge help for jailed Catholic mother of five
Hungary Admits Granting Schengen Visa To Belarusian Official Expelled By Czechs
Woman Was Begging On Her Knees Belarusian Security Officers Not To Throw Her Small Child Into Water
Is Germany’s New Government Going to Break With China?
U.S. Congress includes $300 million for Ukraine, addresses China in massive defense bill
Family of murdered Malta journalist ask EU not to fund gas pipeline linked to suspect
Putin convinces Biden not to impose sanctions against Russian oligarchs and Nord Stream 2
EU carbon price could hit €100 by year end after record run – analysts
Defector Helps Build Case Against Belarus Over Ryanair Flight It Forced Down
Supreme Allied Commander Europe stresses Deterrence and Defence in Estonia
USSR’s death blow was struck 30 years ago in a hunting lodge
Estonian ambassador Kaimo Kuusk: It is an honor for us to stand next to Ukraine and the Crimean Tatars in the fight against Russian aggression
Australia foreign minister welcomes EU security pledge
Depression rising among LGBT people in conservative-ruled Poland, survey finds
Father’s Nazi past haunts Chilean presidential frontrunner
Belarus Ranks With North Korea And South Sudan
French junior finance minister resigns after conviction
As Iraqi and Syrian migrants leave Belarus, some are afraid to go home
Serbia moves to defuse protests over Rio Tinto lithium mine
Belarusian political prisoner Andrzej Poczobut recognised Journalist of Year 2021 by Polish magazine Press
Death toll in latest Darfur tribal clashes now at 88
Ukraine initiates cooperation in agriculture with Oman
Senior U.S. defense official says boosting Taiwan’s defenses is an ‘urgent task’
Imprisoned activist Marfa Rabkova barred from getting medical care, her letters held back
Scholz takes over as German chancellor, ending Merkel era
Belarus Charges Dissident Blogger’s Russian Girlfriend With ‘Inciting Hatred’
Japan’s economy watcher sentiment rises to 8-year high
Heads of Donbas occupation administrations join Putin’s party, reject Minsk peace plan
‘Dec. 7, 1941, changed our lives’: Scores of WWII vets venture to Pearl Harbor on attack’s 80th anniversary
Poland Probes Jewish Website Editor Over a Tweet About the Holocaust
Minsker sentenced to 5 days in prison for candle in memory of murdered protester Raman Bandarenka
Czech government agrees to send troops to Poland-Belarus border
Stanley Black & Decker selling security assets to Sweden’s Securitas in $3.2 billion deal
Israeli Woman Held In Belarus Urges Homeland To Get Her ‘Out Of This Hell’
Denmark lines up first green bond to hit climate goals
With vaccine resistance high, Poland faces surge of deaths
Two Finnish-produced movies chase Oscar dream
Body found on Polish border: four-year old Iraqi missing
Finland’s Sampo buys remaning stake in UK insurer Hastings
Ukraine, Croatia sign declaration on European prospects
Centrica to sell Spirit Energy’s Norway assets for $1.1 billion
Biden says U.S. will not unilaterally send troops to defend Ukraine
Sweden’s first female Prime Minister visits Finland
Ukraine opens honorary consulate in Turkey
Sweden Joins Europe’s Big League for Listings in Record Year
Poland Orders Science Academy to Disclose Members’ Contacts With Israeli Researchers
Ossetian-Ingush Tensions Escalate Into Series of Clashes
Abkhazia’s ‘President’ Floats Idea to Lift Real Estate Purchase Restrictions for Russian Citizens
Lithuania gears up for China-led biz boycott
Latvia trials automatic water quality sampling with DJI drones
Putin’s Ukraine Crisis Is Fueling Baltics Tensions, Estonia Says
Another hidden shaft found in Rīga Central Station after ceiling collapse
This year’s ‘Gingerbread Mania’ focuses on music
Politico names Lithuania’s FM and Belarus dictator among most influential Europeans
Estonian MEP Riho Terras: EU must send clearer sanctions message to Putin
Latvian Constitutional Court gets new Justice
Merkel’s call helped stabilise situation on Lithuania-Belarus border, president’s adviser says
First Carl-Gustaf M4 batch anti-tank weapons reaches Estonia
Latvian Parliament Allows Probe Against Lawmaker Suspected Of Spying For Moscow
Estonia could produce nuclear energy with neighbors
Europe Raises China-Lithuania Trade Dispute With WTO Chief
Russia must not be given any say regarding NATO – Estonian PM
Frontex officers allowed to use Lithuanian border guards’ weapons
Estonian government confirms €654 minimum wage
EU renews roaming until 2032 with gradual reductions for data cost
Public support for Estonia’s E-residency program hits record high
US Department of State honours Latvian head prosecutor as Anticorruption Champion
Lintgen announced as T1 mall buyer
Lithuania’s Telšiai marks 80 years since extermination of local Jewry
Latvia elected for first time to UN Peacebuilding Commission
Estonian health-care platform Salu enables you to chat with a doctor
Latvia confirms a record 130 entries received for Supernova 2022
5 Western Nations Join Together in Diplomatic Boycott of China’s Winter Olympics
Estonian Professor: It Started With Small Demonstrations. A Year Later The Protest Was A Success
Biden pledges central Europe more ‘military capabilities’
1961 December 9: Tanzania Independence Day
Crimean Tatar leader Dzhelyal kept in unheated Russian prison as temperatures approach freezing
Hong Kong Tycoon, 2 Others Convicted Over Tiananmen Vigil
China’s coercive school system aims to make children alien to their Tibetan root
Germany warns Russia of ‘high political and economic price’ if it moves against Ukraine
Britain sending 140 engineers to Polish border with Belarus
Biden kicks off global democracy summit, acknowledges challenges in US
China angry that ‘uninvited’ Australian diplomats will boycott Beijing Winter Games 2022
WNBA team speaks out in support of Peng Shuai
Number Of Jailed Journalists Increased In 2021, With Belarus Among Top Five Worst Countries
US, Israel defense chiefs discuss Iran as nuclear talks falter
Activists In Kazakhstan Under Pressure Before Independence Day, Massacre Anniversary
Poland gets World Bank loan to help wean households off coal heating
Taliban Accused Of Forcibly Evicting Ethnic Uzbeks, Turkmen In Northern Afghanistan
Norway launches coast guard helicopter market survey
Next Door To War: Voices From A Frontline Ukrainian Town
2,500 US troops expected to remain in Iraq despite end of US combat mission
More Than 10 Thousand Migrants Got To Germany Through Belarus
Italian regulators fine Amazon $1.3 billion for violating competition rules
Could Danish concerns over fishing rights be remedied by Scottish independence?
European Commission drafts directive designating gig workers as employees
Poland demands European Commission begin investigation into Russia’s Gazprom over soaring gas prices
Uzbek President Sets Out Proposals for Constitutional Reforms
Helsinki to offer free period products to school pupils
In Nepal, Calls Grow for the Restoration of a Hindu State
Ukraine working with allies on ways to deter Russia – Kuleba
Ecuador and the First AIIB Project in Latin America
1,000-year-old seal returns from Denmark to Bruges
Gwadar Protests Highlight CPEC’s Achilles’ Heel
Ukraine Commanders Say a Russian Invasion Would Overwhelm Them
Czech president clashes with future FM over Israel, China, Russia
Catalonia to take part in White House Summit for Democracy event
EU trio holds consultations as end of Slovenia’s stint nears
Talented chemistry student, political prisoner Artsyom Bayarski sentenced to 5 years in jail
German offshore wind expansion ‘will be a major effort’, says Habeck
Inside the South African lab that discovered Omicron
Lukashenko: ‘I talk to Putin about Serbia almost every time we speak’
‘No Bomb Threat:’ Polish Probe Into Ryanair Diversion Dismisses Belarusian Account
Filipino journalist shot dead while watching TV in store
Cambodia placed under US arms embargo over China ties
Trapped by snow in an Amazigh mountain village
Poland: Concerns grow for missing four-year-old refugee girl
Danes arrest 4 people for leaking classified intelligence
Uyghur Tribunal finds China committed genocide in Xinjiang
Russia military chief warns Ukraine against attacking rebels
Ukraine will reject anything decided behind its back – Ukraine’s Foreign Minister
Russia keeps tensions high over Ukraine while waiting for next Biden move
Chopin’s last piano gets its 19th-century features back
State-backed China hackers targeting South China Sea claimants
Belgium: Mixed-race women lose crime against humanity suit
Croatia can join border-free Schengen area, EU governments say
Chinese boats spotted illegally hauling tuna in Indian Ocean
Cooling body armor, vehicle safety system and building layout software take top honors in US Army innovation contest
Britain will get fastest trains in Europe in £2billion deal with Hitachi and Alstom
1948 December 10: Human Rights Day
NATO must discuss European security issues with all allies – Estonian president
Four Ways the U.S. Can Keep Putin From Invading Ukraine
Karis: Biden did not raise NATO meeting with Russia in B9 phone call
Biden vows extra military capabilities amid Russia tensions, adviser to Lithuanian President
Security expert: Russia wants to influence NATO’s new strategy
Liik: USA might be after reinstating weapons control talks with Russia
Kunnas: Biden should emulate Churchill over Chamberlain
Baltics can expect US military support amid ‘direct threat’ from Russia – President Nausėda after talk with Biden
Activists urge Lithuanian athletes to raise Uighurs’ rights at Beijing Olympics
Natural gas tariffs for households in Latvia will increase by between 54.2% to 93% from January
Estonian foreign minister: We will not withdraw our support for Ukraine
Lithuanian Customs returns Belavia shipment to France
Estonia’s Mobile-ID procurement fails
Lithuania wants Klaipėda to be included in trans-European railway network
What to feed birds in winter?
Ingrida Šimonytė: Lithuania Will Find Way To Terminate Contract With Belaruskali
Foreign and transport ministers should step down, not wait for PM’ word – Lithuanian president
Lithuania’s foreign minister hands in resignation over Belarusian potash transit
Transport minister doubts LG and Klaipeda executives can continue working
Lithuania May Introduce National Sanctions Against Belaruskali
Latvian President will not attend Winter Olympics due to epidemiological restrictions
Postimees to leave Estonian newspapers’ press awards system
National Film Center of Latvia offers 30-year anniversary selection
Estonian Association of Media Enterprises 2021 chooses COVID-19
Latvian days to happen in Tokyo in December
Tallinn to host EU E-Codex data exchange channel
As a modern and mature 21st century country, Latvia must develop a forward-looking science policy – Levits
Vilnius to roll out longest-ever electric bus
Latvia can become leading developer of multilingual technologies in Europe – Tilde
Sweden and Uganda partner to improve nutrition in West Nile
Bulgarian Parties Reach Coalition Deal, Ending Months Of Deadlock
In May KGB chairman Ivan Tertsel brought Lukashenka plan to seize Ryanair aircraft for approval
Bosnian Serb Parliament Votes To Advance Secessionist Bid
Norway’s Magnus Carlsen wins FIDE world chess championship
Scholz meets with Macron in France on 1st trip abroad as German chancellor
New German Chancellor Called Lukashenka Dictator Without Legitimate Support Among Population
Gas and nuclear: Fate of EU green taxonomy ‘now in the hands of von der Leyen’
Finland picks Lockheed Martin for fighter jet purchase
Internet guardians want to break web’s language barriers
Socialist International Demanded Immediate Release Of Mikalai Statkevich And All Political Prisoners In Belarus
Poland facing hybrid threats
Russian ship arrives in Kaliningrad after release from arrest in Denmark
Australian military switches from European to US helicopters
White-Red-White Flag Flies At High Altitude Near Minsk For Fifth Day
Tunisia: LGBT activist’s assault by police seen as a pattern
UK, Norway and EU sign agreement on North Sea fishing catch limits
Sudan group: Tribal violence in Darfur kills 33 more people
German Foreign Minister Urged EU To Put Pressure On Belarusian Regime
Resona forms 31-firm consortium on facial recognition payment system
Finland looks to democratise the ‘wild west’ of artificial intelligence
Paraguay ‘remains firm’ on Taiwan ties after Nicaragua pivots to China
Polish Journalists Finds Man Who Earned Most On Transportation Of Migrants To Belarus
U.S. imposes sweeping human rights sanctions on China, Myanmar and North Korea
U.S., Australia, Denmark, Norway to curb tech exports to human rights abusers
Ukraine says Russia rejects new ceasefire proposals, prisoner swaps
Southern Norway seen tipping into power deficit by 2026
Ukraine buys anti-drone jamming guns from Lithuania
Norway seen hiking rates again despite COVID surge
Russian occupiers pursue repression in Crimea under guise of anti-terror efforts
British Airways panned as contest to ‘thank all NHS staff’ opens to England only
Poland reiterates Nord Stream 2 opposition to German foreign minister
Ex-Northern Ireland manager calls for team to drop ‘God Save the Queen’ like Wales
Elle magazine switches from Russian to Ukrainian
Tory grandee fears ‘English nationalist’ UK Gov could ‘breakup’ the union
Tsikhanouskaya speaks at Summit for Democracy, calls Lukashenka regime ‘thugs terrorising whole of Europe’
Volkswagen confirms intention to manufacture electric cars in Catalonia
Kremlin’s plans for Ukraine include destabilization from within
Judge imposes 25% of Spanish in Catalan Canet de Mar classroom, sparking tensions
Russia urges NATO to break promise to Ukraine as part of security package
Nicaragua breaks off diplomatic ties with Taiwan, switching recognition to Beijing
Chinese official press journalist says if Taiwan leader was Catalan she would be in jail
North Koreans scour farms for burnable waste to cope with fuel shortage
France to declassify Algerian war archives
US defense bill could open way to Taiwan joining RIMPAC naval exercise
Afghan Farmers Continue Growing Opium Poppy as Taliban Sends Mixed Signals on Poppy Eradication
China places lawyers, activists under house arrest on Human Rights Day
The ‘Chain Murders’: Iran’s Long, Bloody Reach
Tibetan writer given 10-year prison term in secret trial
Vancouver, Whistler and First Nations to explore feasibility of 2030 Olympics bid
1981 December 11: El Mozote massacre, El Salvador
1994 December 11: First Chechen War
Lithuanian Teqball Federation President confident sport will “grow tremendously” after World Championships debut
European Union Owes Poland , Latvia and Lithuania a Thank You
Newsmakers: What can Lithuania’s history tell us about its decisions?
Snorre Karkkonen Svensson: the embodiment of Nordic-Latvian ties
Long exile story: political prisoner returns to Lithuania after 75 years in Siberia
EXPO Dubai 2020 Podcast: Estonia’s circular economy
Latvia’s got personality: Horse lover Māra Dakere
Lithuanian President to go to Ukraine next week to meet with Duda and Zelensky
Drone company wins Latvian-American innovation award
Vilnius to replant trees felled during construction works
Malta, Estonia agree on common challenges
Cambodia’s Hun Sen orders destruction of country’s US weapons
Denmark collaborates with Colombia to improve swine health
Opposition leader in Benin sentenced to 20 years in jail
California man charged in Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot flees to Belarus
Cuban Journalist Beaten by Masked Men
‘Arctic Heroes’ by RAX Chosen Best Photography Book of the Year
Night of tornadoes kills more than 70 in Kentucky, other U.S. states
Despite appeals from Ukraine, Biden admin holds back additional military aid to Kyiv amid diplomatic push
Azerbaijani Activists Raise Alarm About Domestic Violence
Helsinki Jewish congregation spends 450,000 euros a year on security
Protesters In Serbia Block Roads For Third Consecutive Weekend Over Lithium Project
Poland’s Hardt Sees 50 Basis-Point Rate Hike in January
Bulgaria’s PM Designate Petkov Presents New Government Ahead Of Parliament Vote
NORRØN architects designs a learning space among the trees of denmark’s gribskov forest
Iran cautions against reported U.S.-Israeli military drills
U.S. diplomat Donfried to travel to Ukraine and Russia – State Department
Vindman: US has been ‘fickle’ in its friendship with Ukraine
Finnish general: If war breaks out in Ukraine, it also affects the Baltic Sea region
Angry Canada threatens to impose tariffs on U.S. goods over EV tax credit plan
G7 ministers present united front against Russia over Ukraine crisis
Germany says time is running out for Iran nuclear deal
Hackers steal research data from Sweden’s Volvo Cars
Japan’s Nintendo game console pioneer Uemura dies at 78
Ukrainian political prisoner starts a hunger strike in Russian prison
Cuban family finds welcome, refugee status in distant Serbia
Catalan government opens delegation office in Mexico
Catholic women urge Vatican to sign Europe rights convention
Belorusneft cancels supplies to Germany over sanctions
German ship with burning timber cargo towed to Swedish port
Sweden win gold at Men’s World Floorball Championship 2020 in Helsinki
Indian farmers end yearlong protests and return home
Russian court extends arrest of Yana Pinchuk until April 30
US inflation hits 39-yr high of 6.8%, fueling quicker Fed tapering
At Nobel ceremony, Maria Ressa slams social media’s ‘toxic sludge’
Turkish president calls social media a ‘threat to democracy’
1963 December 12: Jamhuri, Kenya Republic Day
Enterprise Estonia set to enter UAE Food and Beverage market with innovations
From luxury to a house built of trash. How love of ‘a weirdo’ changed Lithuanian artist’s lifestyle
China’s Xi and Russia’s Putin dominate the G7
Latvian Beehive for Freedom under Attack in Belgium as Inappropriate for some Historians
Lithuanian Border Guards Report 22 Shots From Belarusian Side Of Border
Germany blocks delivery of anti-drone jamming guns from Lithuania to Ukraine
Latvia Detects Uncontrolled Mutation Of COVID Among Minks
Romuva? Lowdown on Lithuania’s latest state-recognised, and the only traditional, religion
In Lithuania Children’s Drawing Exhibition, dedicated to 30th Anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence
Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) warns of Java vulnerability
Lithuanian Railways set to return Belaruskali advance payment for fertilizer transportation
17 more Lithuanians and relatives relocated from Venezuela
Recovery: airBaltic Passenger Numbers Increase 265% From 2020
Lithuanian pavilion opens its window shutters to the world at Expo 2020
Festival of Light: Sweden’s Santa Lucia comes to Italy
Thousands of Russian troops have massed on the border of Ukraine
China Grows Balkan Investments by Asking Less Than EU
Norway, Sweden and Switzerland provide 1.2mn vaccine doses to Bangladesh
Is Afghanistan Really Exporting Terror to Central Asia?
Belarus Migrant Crisis, Russian Military Buildup On Agenda As New German Chancellor Visits Poland
The curious case of a map and a disappearing Taiwan minister at U.S. democracy summit
Why Finns came top in the happiness ratings four times in a row
Austria ends lockdown restrictions for vaccinated people
Aggressive Migrants Wound Polish Soldier In The Face While Trying To Break Through Border
Apart from huge Kanak boycott, New Caledonia votes ‘non’
International Work Group For International Affairs Is Assisting Indigenous People in the Arctic
‘More and more convergence’ with allies on costs to Russia if they invade Ukraine
Symbolism and hidden meanings behind the Sagrada Família
Belarus authorities on a hunt for ‘dissent’ in large companies
Meet the Welshman who’s been named the best new guitarist in the world
Australia could impose sanctions against Lukashenka’s regime, Latushka says
Mark Cousins: ‘Scottish Government’s nationalism made me open to independence’
Imprisoned politician Ryhor Kastusiou has cancer, doctor confirms
Electric vehicles are gaining traction in Rwanda
G7 warns Russia of ‘massive consequences’ if Ukraine is attacked
Israeli PM Travels To U.A.E. In Historic First Visit Against Backdrop Of Iran Talks
Former National Bank Head Tells What Will Happen To Belarusian Economy In 2022
Breakaway Authorities Stage Vote In Moldova’s Transdniester Region
Weird Planes From Belarus Spotted In Belgium
Bosnian Drama Quo Vadis, Aida? Wins Top European Film Awards