Soviet Invasion of Poland 1939

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1714 September 11: National Day of Catalonia
1997 September 11: Scottish devolution referendum
1997 September 11: Welsh devolution referendum
2001 September 11: 9/11
1939 September 17: Soviet Invasion of Poland
1991 September 21: Armenia Independence Day
1964 September 21: Malta Independence Day
1236 September 22: Battle of Saule/Baltic Unity Day
1944 September 22: Resistance Day, Estonia
2017 September 25: Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum
September 26: European Day of Languages
1991 September 27: Turkmenistan Independence Day
1957 September 29: Kyshtym nuclear disaster, USSR
1938 September 30: Munich Agreement
2017 October 1: Catalan Independence Referendum
1960 October 1: Cyprus Independence Day
1988 October 1: Rahvarinne, Popular Front of Estonia, Established

Setting the Agenda for NATO at London and Beyond
Russia Orchestrated Chechen Rebel’s Murder in Germany, U.S. Officials Say
Bulgaria Charges Head of Pro-Russian Organisation With Espionage
Road to Catalonian independence may go through blockchain
Iceland Consumes The Most News Online Worldwide
Belarus looks to Poland and Baltics to replace Russian oil
EU Names Irish Brexit Critic to Lead Trade Talks With the U.K.
Estonian trade deficit widens as imports up in face of shrinking exports
“Peace Carpet”, United Arab Emirates gift for Latvia’s centenary
Golf: Laila Forstmane wins Latvia Open after major surgery
Latvian exports of goods grow 0.7%, imports up 3.5% in seven months
Kremlin media capitalizes on Latvia-Lithuania misunderstanding
US taking real part in Lithuania’s defense, president says
Lithuanian energy ministry issues timeline for renewables auctions
President of Lithuania wants border with Belarus, not Russia
Communist Party Makes Significant Gains in Russian Regional Polls
Czech President Tells Serbia He Will Seek To Withdraw Kosovo Recognition
Serbs Ignore EU Warning Over Plan to Join Russian-Led Trade Bloc
Portugal parliament condemns plan for dictatorship museum
Macron’s Courtship of Putin Alarming Russia’s Near Neighbors
Poland, Ukraine Hail EU Court Ruling That Curbs Gazprom’s Nord Stream Pipeline Access
LNG market in CEE has potential, but lacks infrastructure
Trump administration approves F-35 jet sale to Poland
Baltic Military Leaders Meet in Naples to Discuss Importance of Maritime Security
Titan Robot Test-Fires Javelin Anti-Tank Missile
Britain Will Soon Only Have 148 Tanks—and No Way to Transport Them
Estonia standing out among OECD members for ratio of people with tertiary education
Estonian president says her country and UAE can help other countries enter the digital revolution
Nordic countries deepen collaboration with Estonia-based cyber security operation
One article, many ways to disinform: Breaking down a Kremlin propaganda piece
New Caledonia looks to Estonia for digitisation guidance
Latvian government fails to declare state of emergency in Riga’s waste management sector
How To Save a Dead Friend scoops the Baltic Sea Docs Award
100 years since Soviet Russia offered peace to Latvia
NATO AWACS plane pays Rīga visit
Tbilisi completes Vilnius square revamp
Leonard Cohen: Statue of late singer-songwriter unveiled in Vilnius, Lithuania
Lithuanian blockchain start-up DappRadar raises 2.1 million euros
European Human Rights Court upholds landmark ruling on Soviet genocide in Lithuania
Lithuania will borrow to reach 2-percent defence spending benchmark
San Marino seizes $19m from Congo dictator who spent $100,000 on crocodile shoes
Six common beliefs on Luxembourg: myth or truth?
Hundreds Bid Farewell To Udmurt Scholar Who Immolated Himself Protesting Russia’s Language Policies
Self-immolation highlights controversy over cultural rights in Russia
EU: Moldova Moving ‘Resolutely’ Forward With Key Reforms
Russia’s Wagner Mercenaries Have Moved Into Libya. Good Luck With That.
US Senate Passes Legislation to Hold China Accountable for Rights Abuses in Xinjiang
US lawmakers want to sanction Chinese officials for interfering in Dalai Lama reincarnation
Belarus: Homophobic Attack on Filmmaker Nikolai Kuprich
Remembering the Sweeping Expulsion of Poland’s Jews—23 Years After the Holocaust
ECB cuts interest rates and relaunches its bond-buying program
Denmark Cuts Interest Rate Back to Record Low Tracking ECB Move
Trump Administration Releases $250 Million In Military Aid To Ukraine
US presents new effort to counter Kremlin influence
As Nord Stream 2 nears completion, unease within Germany rises to surface
Army Multi-Domain Wargame Reveals C2 Shortfalls
Baltic Connection: Kremlin disinformation campaigns could target Canada’s federal election
Eurofile music: The Choral Nation of Estonia
Transatlantic partnership is cornerstone of Latvia’s and Poland’s security – Levits
Latvia invites Azerbaijani startuppers
“You are almost my ambassador”, President of Israel to new Lithuanian ambassador
Lithuania warns about end in rapid wage growth
Russia Tightens Energy Grip on Lithuania
National stadium will be built in Kaunas rather than Vilnius, PM says
Lithuanian parliament considers additional safeguards against Belarusian electricity
Vilnius unveils new artwork in place of Soviet statues
Will Vilnius have a statue of President Antanas Smetona?
Putin Drinks Vodka to Russian Soldiers in North Caucasus
Field Of Nightmares? World Cup Stadium in Kaliningrad Sinking
Prague To Remove Statue Of WWII Soviet Marshal, Sparking Moscow’s Ire
Russia jamming Ukrainian radio in northern Crimea – human rights activists
EU envoy Markus Ederer urges bloc to engage more with Russia over 5G and data
US DOD Strengthens Ties With Nordic, Baltic Nations
Baltic and Nordic foreign ministers agree to continue cooperation on climate change
Finnish President Niinistö visits Ukraine with message of support, solidarity
Employers Ring Alarm as Poland Promises to Double Minimum Wage
The invisible women of Europe’s fishing industry
Estonia’s hard-line interior minister wants to unilaterally revoke visa freedom to Ukrainians
Estonian minister sees Ukrainian guest workers as Trojan Horse
Kaljulaid: Ukraine can become the next success story
Estonian Language lessons to take place onboard Tallinn-Narva trains
Estonia takes part in two UN working groups for cyber stability
WOCCU, Va. League, CULedger explore credit union future in Estonia
Estonia’s Milrem Robotics Debuts Upgraded Ground Robot
Cyber threats no longer know borders
Latvia hoping to switch part of Russia-Europe freight traffic to Rail Baltic
ECB’s Toolbox Allows for More Bond-Buying, Latvian Governor Says
Estonia labor cost increase in Q2 2019 by 8.3%
Hourly labour costs in Latvia up 8.9%
Latvian Justice Ministry insists on improving prison infrastructure
The history of reading in Latvia from the Reformation to Swedish Livonia
Daugavpils city votes to quit local government association
Lithuanian scientists contributed to creating the record-breaking solar cell
Pennsylvania Guard to help Lithuanian army develop division-level HQ
Child murder in Lithuania leads EU court to impose emergency call tracking
Ukraine fears forced concessions at talks with Russia
Battle to Power Electric Vehicles Reaches Sweden
China’s clout is growing on the edge of the EU, and the US is worried
White House says bin Laden son killed in US operation
Not Just F-35s: Poland Has Big Plans to Prepare for a War with Russia
‘The New Battle’ takes a complex look for peace
How the European Union Lost Its Luster
EU finance ministers weigh aviation tax, fossil fuel levies in Helsinki
I am proudly ‘Baltics-returned’
President Kaljulaid: Estonia supports Ukraine’s aspirations to be closer to EU
Estonia plans to restrict govt use of Huawei 5G technology
Chasing Unicorns: A hilarious new movie about Estonian entrepreneurs taking on the world
Estonian foreign ministry to set up a cyber diplomacy department
Latvian municipalities brace for major changes
Baciuska leads Q1 at the World RX of Latvia
mirage architecture encloses lithuanian concert hall in two layers of delicate glass
Oscars: Lithuania Selects ‘Bridges of Time’ for International Feature Category
Poll finds support for votes on Irish unity and Scottish independence
Support for Welsh independence soars in new poll by YouGov for Plaid Cymru
What’s Behind the World’s Biggest Climate Victory? Capitalism
Rescuing Puffins in Iceland
After Years Of Stalling, Can Ukraine Finally Become Energy Self-Sufficient?
Eighty years after the Soviet invasion of Poland, the Western Left is still playing apologist for Russia
Garry Kasparov Keynote Address, Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact 80th Anniversary
Chilling conspiracy theory behind Vladimir Putin’s rise to power
Carl Bildt: Remembering miracle of 1989
Women Leaders to Watch at the UN’s Big Meet
Ukrainian Language Near Banished In Donbas Schools
Now hodling: Bitcoin whales
Riga – the hub of the Baltic Way
Kazakhstan and Latvia significantly increase mutual trade
Ghost of ETA refuses to fade for Spanish right
China’s Belt and Road grip reaches the Baltics – Investigation
How to Visit Iceland on a Budget: The Ultimate Guide
Unofficial part of Russian-Belarusian military drill
Where You Can Hear the Fastest-Moving Glacier in the World
Stakeholders involved in environmental disputes related to Lapland rarely find common ground
ECB prepared to cut rates again, says its chief economist
Nord Stream 2 pipeline edges closer to Danish deadlock
Opal pipeline complies with order to curb gas flows, reviewing next steps
It’s Time for NATO to Engage in the Arctic
Why Stalin’s Dreams of a Soviet Navy of Battleships Never Came True
America’s Nuclear Missile Submarines May Get Smaller Tactical Nukes
Russian diplomatic Twitter accounts rewrite history of World War II
We want to expand cooperation in talent-based areas, Armenian formin in Vilnius
Bank Profits Plunge in Denmark as Negative Rates Take Toll
Yle’s “troll factory” game unmasks how fake news spreads via social media
Europe’s electricity network will help increase energy exchange opportunities
Get ready for Europe’s first digital health conference on cardiovascular disease
Pan-Baltic accelerator Startup Wise Guys awarded at the CEE X-Tech Awards
Car Free Day in Tallinn and Tartu on Sunday
Rīga Marathon 2020 registration opens
For the first time an aircraft marked with Lithuanian tricolour flag landed in Vilnius
BaltCap might be involved in construction of Lithuania’s cult stadium
Research probes why Lithuania’s consumption rate is highest in Baltics
Lithuania reburies Polish Armia Krajowa soldiers who fought Nazis
Swastika appears near Jewish community building in Vilnius
Palestinians hope for Vilnius office, ask for Lithuania’s assistance
Fontainebleau in France honours Lithuanian poet-diplomat Oscar Milosz
Kaljulaid on reconciling with Russia: We cannot go along with this game
Latvia picks film on rescuer of Jews as Oscar entry
Lithuania and Poland look to help Belarus withstand Moscow’s pressure
Hungary’s Orban points to EU ‘enlargement fatigue’
Up to three thousand Ukrainians jailed in Russia in human trafficking scam