Putin Will Not Attend UN Secretary-General Report On Crimea

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1514 September 8: Battle of Orsha, Lithuania
1991 September 8: North Macedonia Independence Day
1991 September 9: Tajikistan Independence Day
1714 September 11: National Day of Catalonia
1997 September 11: Scottish devolution referendum
1997 September 11: Welsh devolution referendum
2001 September 11: 9/11
1939 September 17: Soviet Invasion of Poland
1991 September 21: Armenia Independence Day
1964 September 21: Malta Independence Day
1236 September 22: Battle of Saule/Baltic Unity Day
1944 September 22: Resistance Day, Estonia

Russia Approaches a Post-INF Arms Race in Europe With Caution
Pence says US committed to expanding military presence in Poland, details still thin
EU wheat slips to 16-month low as supply pressure persists
Estonia’s Toomas Hendrik Ilves to advise Greece on digitization
UK RAF Typhoons complete NATO air policing mission in Estonia
For these Latvian Americans, summer is for learning about their roots
Snorkel Appoints Distributor for Latvia
John Bolton bids to pivot Eastern Europe away from Russia
Turkmenistan should promote the Trans-Caspian Pipeline more actively
Poland, Ukraine, U.S.: Countries Sign Trilateral Agreement on Energy Security
New US-Poland 5G pact: Will it help loosen Huawei’s grip on Europe?
Trump may score symbolic victory in long fight with Germany over NATO spending
Russian Harassment of NATO Personnel, Families: The Next Chapter in Information Warfare?
Senator Cruz Says U.S. Has Ability To Halt Nord Stream 2
Tripping Out? Finland Tightens Rules For Russians Getting Visas
Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark take up NATO air-policing duties
Over 40 ships begin exercise Northern Coasts in the Baltic Sea
More than 150 visit International Taekwondo Summer Camp in Estonia
Australian Football League: Estonia To Host Baltic Cup
What It’s Like to Be Jewish in Estonia
Henrik Ruben Genz’s Erna at War now filming in Estonia
Telia Estonia to launch own channel Inspiria in January
Estonian President on Offering Georgia EU Membership
At the Edge of Empires – Latvia in Antique Maps
Watchdog raps Latvian fire service over ‘unlawful’ pension payments
Pennsylvania governor will visit National Guard troops stationed in Lithuania and Auschwitz memorial
Chinese diplomats violently clash with pro-Hong Kong protesters in Europe
Lithuania’s Tamkevicius calls his appointment gratitude for faith kept during Soviet times
No proposals ‘at all’ from Britain on Brexit impasse, Ireland says
Bulgaria Scolds Russian Narrative On Soviet Role In Liberating Europe
Belt and road initiative: advancing Chinas debt trap diplomacy/
India to manufacture spare parts, components for Russian defence equipment
UN Secretary-General To Give Report On Crimea At General Assembly
Russia Is Busy as Security Council President, but Putin Is Staying Home
Human speech may have a universal transmission rate: 39 bits per second
Euro zone business growth stays tepid as summer ends: PMI
Lagarde pledges to continue with Draghi’s loose monetary stance
Something wrong? Lukashenka frets about security issues
With Russia, Transparency No Silver Bullet
Report urges greater intel-sharing with allies about unconventional Russian attacks
Why Estonia pioneered digital identity
The robot cleaning up in snowy Estonia’s AI sector
Latvian Prime Minister Visits 1st CAB Soldiers on Lielvarde Air Base
Laser simulation system MILES delivered to Latvian Armed Forces
Belarus’ nuclear ambitions cut into Baltic unity as old scars reopen between Vilnius and Riga
Lithuania’s Nauseda will seek to develop relations with Belarus
This Lithuanian City Played Host to Filming For HBO’s ‘Chernobyl.’ It’s Now Preparing for Its Own Nuclear Radiation Leak
Lithuania: Son of First President’s Widow Sentenced for Tax Evasion
Bots on the Ground: Half of Russian tweets on NATO in Baltics and Poland come from bot-networks
Fearing Western sanctions, Belarus rules out internet restrictions ’for now’
Here’s what the first Ikea store looked like when it opened in Sweden more than 60 years ago
Norway and Uruguay Top New Ranking of Sustainable Countries
US Federal Reserve paves way for second interest-rate cut this month
Meanwhile, across the English channel, EU waits
Kosovo jails six for plans to attack NATO troops, other countries
Italy’s new gov’t takes office, but how long will it last?
Recession risks rise for Germany as industrial orders plunge
Ranking the five games San Marino didn’t lose in order of embarrassment
The rough face of China’s soft power in the Baltics – Investigation
Estonian govt supports increasing maximum size of Iraq mission contingent
Latvia’s ex-prime minister was aware of the possible construction cartel during his term
Latvia’s ex-president becomes a witness in KNAB’s criminal process
Latvia’s image reviewed at a meeting of the Foreign Economic Policy Coordination Council
NATO diplomats and experts meet in Riga to discuss NATO’s nuclear deterrence
Latvia and Lithuania: two Baltic sisters but with superiority issues?
President Nausėda proposes former Latvian EU commissioner to oversee Baltic grid synchronisation project
‘A second religion’: Lithuania’s insane fan section is easily the best in world basketball
What’s Eaten Where: Lithuania
New Lithuanian president pledges increase in defence spending
NATO states have to protect themselves and help Ukraine and Georgia – Lithuanian president
NATO’s defence measures in Baltics are insufficient, Lithuanian president says
As Brexit uncertainty drags on, Scotland’s appetite for independence grows
Spain court to probe 8 police over Catalan referendum violence
Catalan apples, available from September
In occupied Crimea, Moscow accelerates slow-motion ethnic engineering
Forest grows in the middle of a football stadium in Austria
ASF problems worsen in Russia’s Kaliningrad region
U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper calls out Russia and China in first major foreign policy speech
Putin is the greatest gift to NATO since the end of the Cold War, ex-CIA chief says
Sugihara Chiune: An Intelligence Officer and a Humanitarian
Russia’s Playbook for Disrupting Democracy
Deadly Shooting of Woman Carrying Child Shakes Sweden Awake
Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom to resign
Estonia’s digital life again rated world’s best by InterNation global expat community
Tallinn Digital Summit brings leaders to discuss the present and future of AI
Major Russian, Belarusian military exercises near Latvia’s borders in September
Lithuania’s JustMin drafts EP resolution condemning Russia’s actions against January 13 case
Art installations in Vilnius replace Soviet statues on Green Bridge
Lithuania’s Q2 GDP growth three times above Eurozone average – Eurostat
Political fallout continues after protesters reinstall Noreika plaque
Albania Get The Wrong Anthem Before Match Against France; Apology Made To “Armenia”
Belarus might import oil through Poland and Baltic states – Lukashenko
Chinese embassy in Estonia: Journalist’s task to support good relations between countries
Estonia’s Tallink grows in Singapore
Azerbaijani youth to get opportunity to participate in STARTUP Day in Estonia
Architectural idea competition for Patarei sea fortress area held in Japan
Latvia among the three EU member states with drop of employment Q2 – Eurostat
Is Russia Responsible for the Disappearance of GEOMAR’s Boknis Eck Observatory in the Baltic Sea?
France says EU won’t grant Brexit extension if U.K. doesn’t have a plan
World’s Heaviest Drinkers Are… Europeans
Lithuanian coach goes on expletive tirade after loss to France
FIBA Officials Missed A Call So Bad They Got Kicked Out Of The World Cup And Inspired A Ferocious Coach Meltdown
FIBA acknowledges mistake against Lithuania
‘Millennium’ painting of nude Lithuanian patriarchs moved from President’s Palace to MO Museum
Gas Plants Will Get Crushed by Wind, Solar by 2035, Study Says
President of India Visits Iceland
Sweden partially privatized its Social Security — here’s how it has worked out
Truth Missing in Action in Czech Information Wars
Andorra’s history in the Eurovision Song Contest
Late Liechtenstein equalizer stuns wasteful Greece
Georgia, Baltic states deem ‘elections’ in Russia-occupied Crimea illegal
Cruising the Baltic Sea – A Summer on the Water
NATO scrambled three times to intercept Russian military aircraft
Football in paradise: Estonia U18 team learn valuable lessons from trip to Vanuatu
Eurovision This Decade: Estonia
Estonia’s Kersti Kaljulaid: Children should be better equipped to understand democracy
No reason to expect radical changes in Russia, Latvian minister Edgars Rinkēvičs says
Lithuania proposes green energy auctions to cut power imports
We have to be Lithuanians first and Europeans later, President Nausėda says
Lithuania’s Nauseda calls for promoting historic memory, language, resisting temptations
Lithuania calls on Russia to free other Ukrainians after recent prisoner exchange
‘Green’ Lithuanian commissioner not Green after all
Lithuania’s Farmers and Greens Union refuses to join European Green Party due to LGBT stance
Catalan government announces self-sovereign identity project
The digital future has already arrived – it’s in Estonia: Comprehensive technology education puts the Baltic country light-years ahead
Kaljulaid at World Energy Congress in UAE: First countries to go green will gain
Kadri Simson becomes European commissioner for energy
First Latvian swims la Manche
Dombrovskis nominated as executive vice-president under von der Leyen
Success of Baltic jewellery Show Held in March in Lithuania is Still Bringing Profits for Businesses
Lithuanian Sinkevičius proposed as EU commissioner for environment
Finland trails EU, OECD averages for highly-educated millennials
Norway turns left, green and rural in local elections
Donald Trump fires national security adviser John Bolton, citing ‘disagreements’
As the clock ticks on Brexit, Europe is still in the dark about what Britain wants
Man Dies After Self-Immolation Protest Over Language Policies In Russia’s Udmurtia
Wondering Lights, 18 to 20 September, Tallinn