30 Years Later Baltic Way Human Chain Inspires ProDemocracy Protesters in Hong Kong

1939 August 23: European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism

1979 August 23: Baltic Appeal

1989 August 23: Baltic Way

30 Years Ago: Photographer Aivars Liepins Captured The ‘Baltic Chain’ From Above

airBaltic honours the 30th anniversary of Baltic Way (independence of the Baltics from the USSR) with a special gift

Estonia-based Hongkonger proposes the Baltic Way-inspired human chain in Hong Kong

Estonian Museum of Occupations and Freedom opens an exhibit to celebrate the anniversary of the Baltic Way

Estonia in the grip of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the realpolitik of great powers

The Human Chain Of The Baltic Way

When the course of history moved toward freedom

30 years since the 600km Baltic human chain for freedom and independence was formed across Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia

30 years later, the human chain that ‘unshackled’ the Baltic nations still matters

Baltic Way scrapbook

Scouts and Guides mark Baltic Way with video tribute

Baltic Film Days in Vilnius to commemorate the Baltic Way

Russia reveals ‘secret protocol’ carving up Eastern Europe in 1939 Molotov-Ribbentrop pact

Molotov-Ribbentrop What? Do Russians Know Of Key World War II Pact?

The Lasting Lesson of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Baltic states, Romania and Poland issue joint statement on Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Thirty years since Baltic Way joined Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Baltic human chain still inspires activists 30 years on

Baltic Way: 30 years since the 600-km human chain that helped trigger the collapse of communism

The Baltic Way: 30 years on from a day that changed history

How the Baltic nations’ ‘chain of freedom’ seemed impossible at the time

Meet the pilot who defied KGB orders and scattered tonnes of flowers on Baltic Way human chain

What remains of the Baltic Way 30 years on?

Freedom – the Baltic way

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania remember ‘Baltic Way’ protest against Soviet Union

The Baltic Way to independence: 30 years since the landmark human-chain protest

Baltic dancers on Riga airport runway celebrate the Baltic Way anniversary

Baltic prime ministers mark 30th anniversary of Baltic Way in Riga

Angela Merkel’s Baltic Way message

Carl Bildt’s Baltic Way memories

Formins of Baltics, Poland, Romania call for investigation of totalitarian crimes

Baltics, Poland, Romania call on EU to investigate Stalinist crimes

Estonian signatories of 1979 Baltic Appeal thanked by Estonia’s foreign minister

People on Baltic Way melted totalitarian regime in their hands – Levits

Lithuanian capital marks Baltic Way anniversary with record-breaking radio installation

Hongkongers form pro-democracy human chain across city on 30th anniversary of Baltic Way

Hong Kong protesters join in “Baltic Chain” link of hands

Human chain in Hong Kong for Baltic Way anniversary

‘They want freedom the same way we wanted it’: Cheers and support in Lithuania as Hong Kong embraces the ‘Baltic Way’

Estonia’s President Kaljulaid: I stood in the chain; we were no longer afraid

Scottish independence: What we could learn from Baltic nations

Devil’s Bargain: The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact 80 Years Later

World War II – the first great ‘food war’

Chicagoland Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians commemorate the Baltic Way

Hong Kong brings Korea’s attention to Baltic States’ 1989 protest

Inspired by the 1989 ‘Baltic Way,’ Hong Kong protesters form human chain to demand freedom and democracy

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1991 August 24: Ukraine Independence Day

1991 August 27: Moldova Independence Day

August 30: International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

1991 August 31: Kyrgyzstan Independence Day

1993 August 31: withdrawal of Soviet military from Lithuania, Freedom Day

1939 August 1: Nazi Invasion of Poland and Beginning of WW2

1991 September 1: Uzbekistan Independence Day

1960 September 2: Tibetan Democracy Day

1514 September 8: Battle of Orsha, Lithuania

1991 September 8: North Macedonia Independence Day

1991 September 9: Tajikistan Independence Day

Twitter Helped Chinese Government Promote Disinformation on Repression of Uighurs

Twitter deserves a follow for muting and blocking China

Chinese aircraft use Japan ships as targets in E. China Sea drill

NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence battlegroup uparmours in Latvia

Can Plastic Go Green?

Why Ukraine’s language law is more relevant than ever

Equatorial Guinea to build West Africa’s first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage and regas plant

Ironic, Informal And Expressive, ‘New Rules Of Language’ Evolve Online

New Facebook Ads From Chinese State Media Want You To Believe Xinjiang’s Muslim Internment Camps Are Just Great

After 5 years of conflict, Ukraine’s barrier to peace is still ‘Russia’s political will’

Donald Trump: It would be appropriate for Russia to rejoin G7

Everyone Is an Agent in the New Information Warfare

Angela Merkel urges ‘humility’ towards nature at Iceland climate meeting

Nordics Seek Common Stance on Climate After Talks in Iceland

Latvia’s Piena Cels and Estonian cooperative E-Piim in joint €100 million investment

Plans by Estonians, Latvians may ramp up competition for raw milk in Baltics

Baltic Film Days in Latvia to offer free screenings of Lithuanian and Estonian films

Blue-collar Latvian ‘Schindler’ saved dozens with few resources of his own

Naidu bats for India-Latvia partnership

India, Latvia can be vital partners as world economy move towards 4th Industrial Revolution: Venkaiah Naidu

Latvia charges energy company SIA Rīgas enerģija executives for attempted fraud

Ingushetia: 13 ex-police officers persecuted for refusal to disperse rally

Trump cancels his state visit to Denmark over Greenland

Coincidentally, Obama is visiting Denmark in late September

Norway’s $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund grows despite a volatile quarter for markets

Following revolution, Armenia becomes more attractive to diaspora

Tall Tales from Ortega about Mega-Projects in Nicaragua

How a Soviet emigré tied to Miami Beach’s ‘B-girls’ scam became Grenada’s man in Moscow

Migrants flooded to modern-day Denmark from all around Europe 2,200 years ago after the ‘Nordic Bronze Age’ triggered a period of wealth in Scandinavia

It’s Time for a NATO-China Council

‘Desperate Need For Speed’ As Army Takes On Chinese, Russian, ISIS Info Ops

Switzerland Has a New Way to Impose World’s Lowest Interest Rate

Artificial Solutions to Deliver Conversational AI to Retail Giant Circle K

Venkaiah Naidu reaches Estonia, bats for intensifying bilateral cooperation

India, Estonia to strengthen bilateral cooperation in trade and commerce

Naidu urges Indian companies to consider Estonia as launchpad for European markets

Uber Rival Bolt Launches Food-Delivery, Starting With Native Estonia

Oscars: Estonia Selects ‘Truth and Justice’ for Best International Feature Category

New Contemporary Arts Center Will Open in Estonia Next Month

For Estonians, Kurds are not strangers

Ferry in Estonia Upgraded to Battery-Hybrid

Latvia’s anti-corruption squad swoops on Ogre mayor

Victory for the Czech pilots at the FAI European Microlight Championships

25 years later: Remembering the Lithuanian Lion, Vitas Gerulaitis

Lithuania’s most influential businesspeople ranked

Countries without same-sex marriage saw rise in homophobia, study shows

Lithuanian Navy tests drone technology ‘to protect’ shipping in the Baltic Sea

Awww! New Zealand lawmaker baby-sits colleague’s newborn while presiding over Parliament

China ‘will not sit idly’ if US sells fighter jets to Taiwan

No pot of gold for locals as China mines Sierra Leone

Kosovo Parliament Dissolves Itself, Opening Way to Snap Election

Rwanda Encourages Youth to Use Electric Motorcycles

Banned at home but thriving abroad: China’s social media campaign

Sweden Delivers ‘Neutral’ Fiscal Policy as Recession Fears Grow

Lesbian PM Or Not, Serbia Blocks Gays’ Path To Parenthood

Finnish portion of Nord Stream 2 has been completed, Putin says in Helsinki

Belarus’s Lukashenka, Weary Of Russia Union, Seeks To Buy U.S. Crude

Expert: With Belarus electricity freezing Baltics’ solidarity, Moscow is over the moon

Baltic, Nordic countries mulls joint response to Russia’s PACE reinstatement

Estonia to allow savers to unlock 4 bln euros in state pension funds from 2021

Estonian Information System Authority concludes agreement on enhancement of cyber-security with India

Estonian-Latvian documentary Immortal to be submitted for Oscar

Riga planning to introduce tourist fee – one euro per day

Soviet Symbols Aren’t ‘Funny,’ Lithuania Tells Amazon

Lithuania urges Amazon to drop Soviet-themed goods

Lithuania’s Landsbergis asks Amazon to stop selling Soviet-themed merchandise

25 years of Lithuanian peacekeeping: first soldiers deployed four years after independence

Lithuanian government aims for €1.5bn reserve in case of downturn

Lithuanian MP’s links to Russia under scrutiny

Vilnius court frees Russian oil contamination suspect

Under Shadow of War With Russia, Ukraine Celebrates Independence

“Homeward”, a story of Crimean Tatars and the annexed Crimea, nominated for Best International Feature Film at Oscars

Qatar may be losing the top spot as world’s biggest LNG exporter

Tesla announces expansions in Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovenia

US pullout from Afghanistan could deepen Russia-China competition in Central Asia

In Greenland, Trump’s Unsolicited Interest Is Raising Hopes for a Tourism Boom

Turkey Affirms Its Claim On Cyprus Oil And Gas

Czech president’s summer power play comes to an end

Finland urges EU to consider banning Brazilian beef over Amazon fires

Fireworks of Pro-Kremlin Disinformation

Estonia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia and Spain to build unmanned military ground vehicle

An exhibition about Alfred Rõude, one of Estonia’s greatest art collectors, and his collection

Estonia: Minister defends investing hundreds of millions in shale oil

IKEA to land in Estonia from next week

Index shows Estonia as country with lowest money laundering risk globally

Estonia plans rail electrification to meet 2030 climate goals

Estonia to Import Russian Gas via Lithuanian LNG terminal

Riigikogu to convene for no-confidence vote against Ratas

Riga pledges to increase use of Latvian in kindergartens

Tautumeitas – new folk sounds from Latvia

Moscow-founded port logistics startup Marine Digital announces new pilot project after receiving Latvian Startup Visa

Mamontovas named most influential rep of pop culture in Lithuania

Georgian, Lithuanian Presidents Speak ‘Borderization’ in Vilnius

Europe can no longer blindly rely on US for its security, Lithuanian president says

Following protests, supporters of Jonas Noreika to hang new plaque in Vilnius

Ghettoed by Nazis, deported by Soviets: Lithuanian woman recalls horrors of both totalitarian regimes

Tusk Says G7 Has More Reasons Than Ever To Keep Russia Out

Portland air guitarist crowned World Champion in Finland

Mystery YouTuber Will Teach You More about Soviet Union Than Your Professors

The Lost Tribe: The CIA’s Secret Army in Laos

Will Europe Ever Shake Its Dependence On Russian Energy?

Minor differences not undermining Baltic unity: leaders of Baltic states

Dual Estonian-Russian citizen suspected of treason in Russia

Latvia continues to see drop in the number of medics

George Takei Honors Legacy of Japanese Diplomat Who Saved Thousands of Polish Jews During WWII

Finland crush Germany to win World Team Disc Golf Championships in Estonia

Portugal’s bright outlook offers Europe some hope

Estonian president ahead of Bled forum in Slovenia: We need to prepare for world in 2050

Skeleton’s Ultracaps to power streetcars in Germany

FIVB Jurmala: Samoilovs-Smedins take gold, fifth for Allen-Slick, Patterson-Budinger

Georgian national, Chechnya–Russia war veteran killed in Berlin

Macron Announces Major Ukraine Peace Summit In September

Germany must re-embrace America, Europe

China’s yuan slumps to 11-year low, stocks fall as U.S. trade war escalates

On Women’s Equality Day: A look back at the fight for votes in CEE

Reykjavík Police Force to Wear Body Cameras

Baltic PMs agree on need to speed up Rail Baltica project

Estonia: Centre support falls among Russian-speaking voters, Reform’s rises

Reform most popular, Centre gains support

Latvia wrapping up Arms Trade Treaty presidency in Switzerland

Financial Times ranked Vilnius in top 10 capitals for fintech

Lithuania top ranked CEE economy on digital quality of life index

Lithuania set to declare Sugihara’s year, hopes for impulse in ties with Tokyo

Lithuanian customs officers detain shipment of explosive ammunition from Russia

1st CAB Soldiers Run Eastern European Logistics Hub

Castles and Manors of Lithuania: Architectural Journey

Historian and three priests among Lithuania’s top 10 most influential public figures, according to 1,000 select

Two armed Russian border guards detained after ‘inadvertently’ crossing into Lithuania

Lithuanian Foreign Ministry investigates Chinese Embassy’s contribution to Hong Kong rally in Vilnius

NATO air policing jets scrambled three times last week over Baltic airspace

Baltics now a 3 billion euro venture capital market

Wabadus armored train to arrive in Tallinn Sunday

European Capital of Culture 2024: Europe needs Narva

European Capital of Culture 2024: Tartu Arts of Survival

Oil stain spotted in Lithuania’s and Latvia’s waters in Baltic Sea

The Hill Of Crosses: Lithuanians Kept The Faith After Generations Of Destruction

Can Lithuania close its grid to Belarusian nuclear energy?

Lithuanian-Latvian row over electricity imports may be taken to Brussels

Netflix picks Vilnius to shoot new Sweden-set crime series

Catalonia 2019-2020: a new clash with Spain for independence?

Czech fairground owner suspected of forced labour and human trafficking in Lithuania

Lithuania considers housing and employment assistance to nationals relocating from Venezuela

Average wage grows 13 percent in Lithuania

Baristas with mental difficulties offer free coffee, fight stigma in the society

Helsinki’s Oodi voted world’s best new library for 2019

Bolton Arrives in Ukraine to ‘Underscore US Support’

Armed FSB plant ‘prohibited books’ to arrest Crimean Tatar activists and terrorize their children