Day of Restoration of Independence of Estonia

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1980 August 14: Founding of Polish non-governmental trade union Solidarność
1945 August 15: National Liberation Day of Korea
1991 August 19: 1991 Soviet coup d’état attempt, August Putsch
1991 August 20: Day of Restoration of Independence of Estonia
1939 August 23: European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism
1979 August 23: Baltic Appeal
1989 August 23: Baltic Way
1991 August 24: Ukraine Independence Day
1991 August 27: Moldova Independence Day
August 30: International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances
1991 August 31: Kyrgyzstan Independence Day
1993 August 31: Withdrawal of Soviet military from Lithuania, Freedom Day
1939 August 1: Nazi Invasion of Poland and Beginning of WW2
1991 September 1: Uzbekistan Independence Day
1960 September 2: Tibetan Democracy Day

Guccifer Rising? Months-Long Phishing Campaign on ProtonMail Targets Dozens of Russia-Focused Journalists and NGOs
Roll for Initiative: NATO’s Navies Need a Wargaming Series
Järvenpää Art Museum is bringing the art classics of the Finnish Golden Age to Tallinn
Estonia: Opinion Festival attracts 9,000 people
Latvian Railway removes scandalous board members. Temp board members take office
‘Bee-therapy’ creates a buzz in Lithuania
Lithuania boosts solar power funding to 18 million euro
Scottish indy movement’s favourite band to perform in Catalonia during Catalonia’s National Day
EU cohesion policy: winners and losers under the new criteria
Hungary Gripens Alerted over 40 Times during Baltic Mission
World’s Longest Undersea Rail Tunnel Hits First Obstacle
Estonian nature documentary wins the best feature award in Mexico
Estonian Crowdfunding Platform Seeks to Carve Out €5 Billion of European Real Estate Financing Market
Latvia: Increasing demand for local fruits and vegetables
Kiev no more: AP Stylebook changes spelling of Ukrainian capital to Kyiv
Bank Records Link President of Cyprus to ‘Troika Laundromat’
North Macedonia battles youth ‘brain drain’
Driverless Electric Trucks Are Coming, and They’ll Affect You More Than You Think
One budget line Congress can agree on: Spending billions on the US military
Angela Merkel ignores NATO defense pledge, snubbing US demands to spend more
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact: A bad deal, 80 years ago
4 NATO Countries Could Be Targets of a Russian Invasion by Sea (Due to 1 Weakness)
Russian president to meet Finnish counterpart in Helsinki on Wednesday
Time to Shed More Light on Russian Harassment of Spouses of Dutch Fighter Pilots Deployed in the Baltic States
Tense incident between Spanish and Russian aircraft over Baltic Sea
Estonia expresses doubts about €15bn Baltic tunnel plan
Watch These Magnificent A-10 Warthogs Land on an Abandoned Runway in Estonia
Kentucky Fried Chicken coming to Tallinn in October
Planning problems impede growth of Latvia’s defensive capabilities
Latvia’s 2020 budget will be its largest yet – PM Karins
Lithuania’s president says he sees no reason to meet with Putin
Lithuanian intelligence names Russian-led Orthodox forum a foreign policy tool
Lithuanian mountaineer perishes in French Alps
President Nausėda and Chancellor Merkel exchange promises of support on security and sharing refugees
Northern Ireland conflict 50 years on: will a no-deal Brexit threaten the peace?
Silent Ethnic Cleansing Underway in Crimea
Norway’s first battery-powered plane crashed into a lake
Flying Wind Turbines Make Their First Trip Offshore in Norway
Liechtenstein celebrates 300th birthday
Hoffman and Soames: Stop Putin now, as Churchill would warn, or West will face the consequences
ZeroAvia unveils hydrogen fuel cell powertrain for aviation
Technology born from the US and Israel’s special defence relationship
Over 1000 electric vehicle charge points in Scotland
US blacklists Chinese nuclear company over theft of military tech
Trump advisor Bolton accuses Russia of stealing military tech
First contract signed for investor deliveries under the Baltic Pipe Program
Tension Between NATO & Russia Intensifies Amid Flight Over Baltic Sea
Lost in the digital society of Estonia
Integration Foundation offers free Estonian courses
Russia-24 accused of inciting hatred in Latvia
ECB to shut down Latvian bank PNB
Lithuanian president unhappy with Latvia’s decision to purchase energy from Belarus
PM Kariņš denies information about Latvia’s intention to buy electricity from Belarus NPP
28 years ago, Lithuania becomes first country to recognize independence of Republic of Armenia
New ‘borderisation’ in South Ossetia cuts off property of two Georgian families
Over 25,000 residents of occupied Donbas granted Russian citizenship
Norway detects radioactive iodine days after explosion in Russia
Will ‘Chernobyl’ Show Have Spin-Off Called ‘Severodvinsk-Astravets’?
EU is preparing to refuse recognition of Russian passports issued for Donbas
IFI: Automation risk in CEE ‘relatively low’
Alexela opens first LNG station in the three Baltic States
NATO F/A-18 Fighters vs. Russian Su-27s: An Incident You Need to Know About
Danske wields risk axe after Estonia money laundering scandal
Estonian Solarstone receives funding to place solar panels on rooftops throughout Europe
First high-level official visit from India brings vice president to Tallinn
Russian businessman behind shuttered Latvian bank PNB attacks ECB
Klaipėda sets out to ‘digitize’ its cemeteries
The Fourth Battle of the Atlantic, the Nordics and the Direct Defense Challenge
Why Russia Still Hates the Air Force’s F-15 Eagle
Monaco: One of Europe’s smallest nations is going green
Estonia: Enefit Green’s Polish solar power plants showing good output
Reform wants no-confidence vote for Estonian government before Riigikogu summer break ends
Levits praises good relations between Latvia and Germany
Domantas Sabonis, Lithuania rout Russia
Lithuania sees sharp increases in Campylobacter, Salmonella this year
India’s VP Naidu accorded Guard of Honour on his arrival in Lithuania
Baltic Way in the nude: story of a 30-year-old photo
Phantom Borders With Russia That NATO Won’t Defend
Aug. 18, 1989: Kremlin admits Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact
US Ambassador for Europe and Eurasia Visiting Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, and Finland
In case of no-deal Brexit, Latvia’s payments into EU budget would increase by EUR 23.27 million
Latvian pair retain title at FIVB Beach World Tour event in Moscow
‘Immense potential for growth in bilateral trade’: India’s VP Naidu in Lithuania
Animal Welfare Issues Ignored during Transport of Live Farm Animals from Lithuania to Israel
Russian activists hold rally in center of Moscow demanding to return Crimea to Ukraine
Ukraine launches investigation into IMAX cinemas in annexed Crimea
Belgium joins race to host women’s World Cup in 2023
Iceland commemorates first glacier lost to climate change
UK RAF Typhoons scrambled to two Russian fighter jets over Baltic Sea
The Threat Of A New Chernobyl
Baltic Way vintage car rally celebrates 1989 human chain for independence
Protesters call for pro-democracy ‘human chain’ across Hong Kong on 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way
Broadway director writes musical about Estonia’s Singing Revolution
Latvia speeds up campaign on 5G, digital technology
Miss Latvia crowned Miss Heritage Global
Latvia will not buy Belarus’ nuclear energy – Latvian PM
Lithuania Buys $1 Million Worth Of Iodine Pills As Belarus Prepares To Launch Nuclear Power Plant
Lithuania posts record immigration month, experts warn of challenges
Georgian president, Moldovan PM to attend ex-Lithuanian president’s conference in Vilnius
Twenty-eight years since Estonia regained independence from Soviet Union
Oļegs Burovs becomes new mayor of Rīga
Indian vice president pays a visit to Latvia
Latvia’s Brain Games buys Lithuania’s New Media Publishing
Latvian government launches “zero bureaucracy” drive
Fivefold increase of Lithuania’s solar energy producers expected – 10,000 residents to generate electricity
Lithuania makes All Souls’ Day a public holiday
Lithuanian expatriates to get their own member of parliament
Lithuania mulls making public transport free to cut car pollution
Lithuanian leader, in Estonia, calls for renewal of regular meetings of Baltic presidents
Iranian Kurds’ Open Letter to Finland, Sweden and Norway as Iranian Foreign Minister Visits
Remembering the miracle of 1989
Indianapolis Baltic community invites everyone to mark #BalticWay30