April 7
1994 April 7 – July 15: Rwandan genocide
Car drives into the Daugava in central Rīga; one dead
Estonian defmin seeks approval for four defense industry development bills
Latvia: National Alliance continues to lead in latest political poll
Tallinn’s future coalition parties want more family-friendly city traffic
Disgrace or heritage? A unique district dubbed Shanghai of Vilnius
Russia will try to meddle in EU elections, say Estonian experts
100 years of Latvians and alcohol: Part Three

Google invests €1 billion in new data centre in poorest Walloon area
French archaeologists dig out medieval castle from under Brittany manor
Scotland caught up in heated debate over new hate speech law
Why Malta is the hot new destination for the spiritual set
How Catalonia became a climbing paradise and what is being done to protect nature
Greece raises wildfire alert amid early blazes
Peter Pellegrini elected Slovakia president in boost for pro-Russia PM Fico
Czechia probing alleged Chinese diplomat tailing of Taiwan VP-elect: MOFA
Armenia Says Peace Talks Remain Stuck As Baku Fumes Over Brussels Meeting
Tbilisi’s Ancient Narikala Fortress To Get New Lease On Life
Turkey cancels visa-free travel for Tajiks as Tajikistan rejects Kremlin’s claims Ukraine recruits mercenaries in Dushanbe
Melting glaciers, drying sea highlight Central Asia’s water woes
Canada Unveils Billions for Artificial Intelligence
New Zealand tightens visa rules in response to ‘unsustainable’ migration
Behind the movement that brought homosexuality — and psychiatry’s power — to a vote 50 years ago

April 8
April 8: International Romani day
Holes in Latvia’s import ban from Russia
Germany Begins Deployment Of Permanent Lithuania Brigade
Year passes since murder in Jēkabpils; authorities work on prevention
Estonia: Wolf hunting becomes sharp political issue in Europe
From economic point of view, Latvia has taken advantage of EU opportunities – Dombrovskis
Estonian coach operator continues doing profitable business in Russia
Latvia’s roadworks map of 2024 published
Lithuania’s presidential election: which candidates command biggest war chests?
How much coffee and alcohol do Latvians drink? Ask the wastewaters
Tajik Opposition Activist Sulaimon Davlatov Arrested In Lithuania
Loan secured to build new air traffic control tower in Latvia
Sri Lanka and Estonia conclude bilateral talks
Russian Missile Ship on Fire in ‘NATO Lake’
Experts: Russian church’s influence in Estonia shouldn’t be overestimated
Latvia’s university ethics codes probed by LTV
Russian embassy in Vilnius assaulted with Molotov cocktails
Estonian and US soldiers trained offensive and defensive operations during a joint live-fire exercise
Lithuania plans to build a military training ground jointly with Latvia
Estonia: February industrial production down 5.7 percent on year
Kremlin says German military presence in Lithuania will escalate tensions
Tickets on sale for highly-anticipated FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Riga
Lithuanian troops to safeguard 3SI summit in Vilnius
Estonia’s Kallas: European defense capacity to be key issue for European Parliament
Lithuania: Former military chief Pocius elected to lead parliament’s national security committee
Criminalization of sexual harassment proposed in Latvia
[Estonia] Navy chief: The new vessel to perform universal tasks
Taxi driver caught transporting illegal migrants in Latvia
Kaunas mayor’s company found buyer for its Kaliningrad plant – media
Latvia: Constitutional Court cancels rules on younger tree cutting
Lithuanian farmers say Russian vegetables with fake documents undermine prices
Currently, the ‘biggest question’ is how Ukraine can win the war: Latvian MP for TVP World
Without teacher guidance, Estonian students place blind faith in Wikipedia
Latvia: A monumental project reaches completion: ‘Siberian Exiles – Freedom Fighters’
Cureline bolsters Lithuanian biopharma industry with CDMO launch
Latvia: Car hits bus stop in Daugavpils, two casualties
Estonia: Trust in Riigikogu falls below 30 percent
Latvia at Bologna Children’s Book Fair
[Estonia] Justice chancellor: Stores can’t expect that everyone can use self-checkout
Lithuanian law enforcers investigate forgeries made in Latvia in a multimillion dollar gas project
Estonia’s Kaja Kallas: Europe’s ability to defend itself important once more
Biggest pension in Latvia – EUR 43 000 a month
Estonia: Support for switching to Estonian language education remains high
‘Lithuania’s security is our security’: country welcomes first German troops
Exhibition marking 100th anniversary of Surrealism opens at Tartu’s ERM
First German troops arrive in Lithuania
More than 100 cruise ships expected to visit Estonia this summer
Germany sends first soldiers for permanent Lithuania force
Estonia Enforces Ban on Soviet Symbols: Russian Denied Entry Over T-Shirt
Latvia: Birch sap time is here again
[Estonia] Environmental Board: Linnamäe Reservoir needs to be liquidated in the interests of salmon
Defmin greets first German brigade troops upon arrival to Lithuania
Free Nations League holds first meeting in Estonia
Latvian accused of espionage planned attack on drone testing ground in favor of Russia
Metro group: Proposed Tallinn light metro could compete with car
German troops arrive in Lithuania, their first long-term foreign deployment since World War II
Latvia warns, Russia is ‘much more dangerous than during the Cold War’
Lithuania: One person injured in house explosion near Kaunas
[Estonia] Doctors: Hospital mergers will not solve problems
8 candidates to run for president of Lithuania
Annual Estonian Cultural Days brings diaspora together in New York City
Latvian highway patrolmen get their man after high speed chase
Estonia: Coalition discusses budget cuts and protected areas
Germany deploys combat-ready and independently capable combat unit to Lithuania
Azerbaijani female gymnasts bring home six medals from Estonia
Lithuania proposes dismantling its thermal power plant to deliver spare parts to Ukraine
AI Technology Advancements and Regulatory Perspective in Estonia
The True Story Of How The Grateful Dead Sponsored Lithuania’s 1992 Olympic Basketball Shirts
X-Press Feeders readies for methanol-powered future in the Baltic
Bundeswehr sends brigade to Lithuania to bolster NATO’s eastern flank
Paphos targets Central European and Baltic tourists for 2024
German Army to Send 5,000 Personnel to Lithuania
Estonian defense minister, visiting Iowa, calls for U.S. aid to Ukraine
Germany Deploys Tank Brigade to Lithuania
Ostapenko clinches victory for Latvia to deny hosts on opening day in Portugal
A new dawn for Baltic startups?
Ukraine fights not only for its independence but for the future of EU: Latvian Ambassador to Poland
First German Brigade members arrived in Lithuania
In A First, Ukraine Cites Damage To Russian Warship In Baltic Sea

Poland in dialogue with EU over excessive deficit procedure, ministry says
Putin miscalculated on Finland’s border
Ukraine increasing defense capabilities along entire border line with Russia, Belarus – border guards
Ukraine ‘will lose the war’ if US fails to approve aid, says Zelensky
Russia ups blame-shifting for terror attack to Ukraine, brags it’s boosting recruitment
Nicaragua Takes Germany to Court Over Supplying Arms to Israel
EVs on track to overtake petrol cars in Norway in 2024
Belarusian Timber Finds Its Way to EU Despite Sanctions
Russia evacuates thousands amid floods in Ural region
Exclusive: Chad opposition figure was likely shot at point-blank range, experts say
‘Shrouded in secrecy’: Sweden expels Chinese journalist
Russia’s foreign minister arrives in China to talk Ukraine, Asia-Pacific
Denmark contributes almost $6M to restore Ukraine’s energy sector
Russia and Ukraine trade blame over Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant drone strike
Vatican says ‘no’ to sex changes and gender theory in new document
King Frederik and Queen Mary of Denmark under fire
Minsk Launches Probe Against Leader Of Belarusian Aid Group In Ukraine
Norway’s Response to the Gravity: Four Main Measures to Strengthen the Armed Forces
In Ukraine’s Donbas, ten years of war and Russification
Four killed in Russian air strikes on Ukraine’s north and south
How Ukraine is using AI to fight Russia
UN Security Council refers Palestinian application to become full UN member to committee
Russia’s veto on UN sanctions monitoring will further embolden North Korea
White House presses Israel to allow more aid trucks into Gaza
Finland stands tall against Russia
Day of action on 19 April in solidarity with Belarusian unionists
Israel denies Turkey’s request to drop aid into Gaza, Turkish foreign minister says
Sweden and UNDP support parliamentary hearings on green recovery in Ukraine
Gaza still hungry as aid trickles in before Eid festival
New Tesla Superchargers blocked by union efforts in Sweden
Lawyer for ex-Ecuador VP demands access to him in prison
Sweden expels a Chinese journalist, calling her a threat to national security, report says
US, UK, Australia consider Japan’s cooperation in AUKUS security pact
Norway outlines plans for maritime surveillance UAVs amid proposed defence spending rise
Belarus and Russia: not in one but different baskets
Colombia capital Bogota to ration water as reservoirs dry
Seatrade Cruise Global: key updates from Cruise Norway and Cruise Baltic
Amid probe into Musk, Brazil’s top court says ‘every company is subject to the constitution’
Denmark, Poland and UNDP launch another series of short-term vocational courses in Mykolaiv Oblast
Bahrain releases 1,584 prisoners with conditions
If we are to build partnerships around energy Denmark must be willing to address African priorities
North America experiences total solar eclipse, starting at Mexican resort
An espionage scandal rocks Austria, laying bare alleged Russian spying operations across Europe
Levi’s cuts 42 jobs at European headquarters in Flanders
3 Dutch aid organisations sue Netherlands over EU-Turkiye asylum deal
Frisian breakthrough in fight against ‘forever chemicals’
Fiscal nightmares resume in Europe: Italy and France under scrutiny for high deficits
The First Michelin Key Hotels: All the Keys in France
Macron ‘loved’ me sniping at von der Leyen, says French commissioner
The Nordic Council issues statement regarding Israel and Palestine
Fjords, the Faroes and flying fish
Finalists of the 2024 IoM Innovation Challenge revealed
Iceland Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir to step down as PM and run for President
Ireland’s sovereign investment fund to divest from six Israeli firms
Vatican says abortion, surrogacy, war, poverty are attacks on human dignity
Vatican blasts gender-affirming surgery, surrogacy and gender theory as violations of human dignity
Pope meets privately with families of Israeli hostages held in Gaza
70th meeting of the Commission for Europe (CEU)
Open letter: The situation of lead-poisoned Roma communities in Mitrovica, Kosovo, must be resolved
Secretary General welcomes NATO’s partnership with Bosnia and Herzegovina, calls for unity and continued reforms
Bosnia and Herzegovina grants concessions for 192.5 MW of solar
‘Easy Way Out’: pioneering legislative theatre for minority rights in Croatia
Why Portugal is officially adopting Nutri-Score
Catalan president Aragonès warns a ‘referendum on independence’ will be unavoidable
Expect Slovakia To Keep Arming Ukraine Even With A New Pro-Russian President
Resilience and strength of a mother who fled the war in Ukraine
Czech government invests six billion euros in new nuclear reactors
From Moscow to the West: Armenia in a security trap
European Union, United States woo Armenia with economic assistance package
Can Energy Ties Prevent an Azerbaijan–EU Rift?
Abkhazia introduces six-hour power cuts following Enguri HPP damage
The Legacy of the Muhajirs
Protests begin in Georgia against ‘Russian law’
Turkmenistan: A SWOT Analysis
Kyrgyzstan: Civil society under threat as President Japarov signs repressive “foreign representatives” law
Kazakhstan downplaying Victory Day commemoration
Hungary ready to attract labor migrants from Uzbekistan
Empowering Central and Eastern Europe
Ukraine war: why many Nato countries are thinking of introducing conscription and the issues that involves
EU: 166 key cross-border energy projects published
Eurozone Sentix Investor Confidence Index climbs to -5.9 in April vs. -10.5 prior
Canada to boost military spending by nearly $6 billion but falls short on NATO goal
US, UK, Australia considering cooperation with Japan on AUKUS pact
Russia’s veto on UN sanctions monitoring will further embolden North Korea
China now a rival rather than boon for South Korean exporters, warns minister
AUKUS or Not, New Zealand’s Foreign Policy Is Being Remade
Understanding Our Climate: Singapore’s Journey from Data to Action
Putin’s Russia: first arrests under new anti-LGBT laws mark new era of repression
With the Anti-Homosexuality Act upheld, will Uganda loose more donor funding?

April 9
1557/1802 April 9: Day of Finnish Language
1989 April 9: Tbilisi massacre, Georgia: National Unity Day
Russian Missile Ship’s Blueprints Emerge After Fiery Baltic Sea ‘Sabotage’
Luxembourg, Estonia announce contributions to IT coalition for Ukraine
German troops arrive in Lithuania for rare long-term foreign deployment
Latvia: MEPs Ušakovs, Ameriks unlikely to lose immunity: LTV
WU19s ease past Estonia to win group
Latvia’s teachers to hold protest in May
‘It was the right decision’. How Lithuania impeached its president 20 years ago
Estonia: Holm celebrates its anniversary with the most successful year in its history
Germany’s historic step of sending troops to Lithuania
Mortgage relief payments to start rolling out soon in Latvia
Tajik opposition activist arrested in Lithuania
‘Mile of Knowledge’ to be built near Rīga Technical University
Estonia could take delivery of new self-propelled howitzers in five years
The little bit of Beethoven in the heart of Rīga
Lithuanian president, FM agree on ambassador to Poland – aide
[Estonia] Paul Emmet: Maximize opportunities by taking chances. But please provide a safety net
Latvia’s unemployment level remains the highest in Latgale region
AI forcing Estonian universities to rethink study organization
Latvian Radio investigates manganese ore transit via Latvia to Russia
Estonia: New vehicles sales slump continues into March
Latvia embarks on offshore wind voyage
Estonia: Trade deficit up by a half in February
Lithuanian education minister quits over flawed school examination system
EIS system fails again at Estonian language pilot examination
Latvian minister “sweats bullets”. Agnese Logina interviewed by A.Kaimiņš in “Suņu būda V2.0”
HGTV launches in Estonian market “in both English and Russian”
Person suspected of attack on Russian Embassy detained in Vilnius
[Estonia] Jana Toom: Difficult to protect Russian minority’s rights in Europe today
Latvian Saeima committee pores over booze sale rule changes
Germany begins deployment of permanent Lithuania brigade in first since WWII
Estonia: Church rejects interior minister’s demand to separate from Moscow Patriarchate
Latvia: Corrupt former senior customs official sentenced to 6 years
Estonia disarmed the Russians residing in the country
Inflation rate picked up in Latvia in March
Aerial bomb discovered during excavation in Vilnius
Latvia: Aid for startups available to attract qualified workforce
Estonia: Prosecutor’s Office sends Humal and Pruunsild case to the court
Russia and its allies are spreading very aggressive rhetoric: Lithuanian MEP
Latvia’s counter-terrorism plan updated
Lithuania wants to dismantle its closed thermal power plants for the Ukrainian energy system
Travel: Where old and new combine, enchantment of Estonia flies under the radar
Latvia: First bird flu case of the year recorded
[Estonia] Metaprint owner: We have sold off Russian subsidiary firm
Warmest April 9 in Latvia’s history
Prime Minister Christopher Luxon wants New Zealand to be Estonia
Riga’s ‘Invest in Uzbekistan’ conference highlights lucrative opportunities for Latvian investors
Tajik opposition activist arrested in Lithuania over alleged terrorist links
Estonia: SDE, Reform block voting rights discussions from Tallinn coalition talks
Latvian Saeima unlikely to decide on the new minister of foreign affairs this week
Top Estonian fencer to miss olympics over skipped doping tests
Strasbourg Court opens case against Lithuania over penalising migrant aid NGO
Authorities consider Latvia’s grim drowning statistics
Majority of non-Estonian residents define themselves as Estonian Russians
Lithuania in talks with US, French defence industry companies – minister
[Estonia] Andreas Kaju: Europe right now is bolder than the US in its support for Ukraine
Defmin hopes Rheinmetall munitions factory to open in Lithuania by 2026
Estonia: Tartu planning new Emajõgi River harbor
Chairmen of Parliaments of Ukraine, Poland and Baltic States to hold joint meeting on June 10-11
Vičiūnai Group company transported sanctioned goods from Lithuania to Russia
Postimees Grupp: Estonia needs longterm plan to support Russian-language media
Temperature rises to 29.2 degrees in Vilnius on Tuesday
Estonia: Project underway to bring video call option to 112 emergency number
Latvian Saeima supports new time restrictions on sale of alcohol
Madis Mihkels highest-ever placing Estonian in Paris–Roubaix race
Tens of kilometers of trucks queueing at Latvian-Russian border
Estonia: 7 museums offering free events for Estonian language learners
March saw 10th straight month of record global heat
Moscow Church In Estonia Rejects ‘Russian World’ As Being At Odds With The Gospels – OpEd
airBaltic Reaches New Altitudes as March 2024 Sees a Spectacular 24% Surge in Passenger Traffic
ECHR Judgment Concerning Lithuania: inhuman or degrading treatment
Russia bans entry to 347 citizens of Baltic States in response to sanctions
Three films announced for HÕFF, Estonia’s genre film festival
Investment Platform Nectaro Attracts Over 1,500 European Investors in the First Quarter of Its Operations
Germany Begins Deployment of Permanent Lithuania Brigade
Ukrainian Operation Leaves Putin’s Missile Ship Ablaze in Baltic Sea
Now in NATO, Swedish Gripen fighters intercept Russian aircraft
Ukraine Says It’s Behind Blaze on Russian Warship in Baltic Sea
German military in Lithuania to be stationed near Belarusian border
Estonian minister of defense visits Augustana, US
Latvian company implicated in fueling Russia’s “shadow fleet”
Uninterrupted rotational U.S. force presence in Lithuania is my priority, says Minister of National Defence L. Kasčiūnas
Russia’s GPS meddling in the Baltic Sea demands NATO action, Sweden’s naval chief says

Chinese leader Xi meets Russia’s Lavrov as two partners tout strong ties
Milence expands its network to Sweden with the development of an electric charging hub in Varberg
Norway triples seafood sales to Gulf states since 2014
Russia and China Double Down on Defying U.S.
Finland’s Valio Mulls Closure Of Production Plants In Helsinki And Turku
Helsinki-based Basemark raises €22 million Series B to make driving safer with AR
US transfers thousands of seized Iranian guns, rocket launchers and munitions to Ukraine
Sweden helps shape Spain’s educational future
European states sign pledge to protect North Sea infrastructure
World’s Largest Thermal Energy Storage to be Built in Finland
David Cameron meets Donald Trump amid push to shore up Ukraine support
Luxcara finances 316-MWp solar portfolio in Denmark
Ukraine races to fix and shield its power plants after Russian onslaught
Russia’s arms sales plummet as India, others seek new suppliers
Swedish lawyers: Säpo’s criminalisation of Kurds in Sweden must end
Germany denies aiding ‘genocide’ in Gaza, says Israeli security at ‘core’ of foreign policy
Euro Truck Simulator 2 developers have renamed the Russian city of Kaliningrad to Królewiec. So far, only in the Polish localization
Humanitarian Impact of Recent Attacks: Critical Services across Ukraine
A Flood Of Anger As Russia Struggles With Raging Waters
Poland pushes ahead with hardline hate speech law
EU sends emergency aid to Ukraine after further attacks on energy infrastructure
Expect Russia to do ‘whatever possible’ to reassert influence in Bulgaria, outgoing PM warns
One killed and 16 injured in strike on Poltava, Ukraine
Norway to Invest in Defense-Oriented Science and Innovation in the North
55th Human Rights Council session : Israel-Palestine, Belarus, Iran, Myanmar and Mali at the heart of concerns
Killing of party official fuels tensions in Lebanon
Denmark’s new gas plant challenges environmental reputation
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy checks Kharkiv fortifications as Russia intensifies attacks
RSF calls on European governments to step up support for Belarusian media in exile
Nobel laureate Bialiatski’s condition worsens after 1,000 days in Belarusian prison, his wife says
UN nuclear watchdog’s board sets emergency meeting after Zaporizhzhia attacks
Rugby Europe: Spain Women’s and Sweden Men’s teams on the top
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: “Even in emigration, Belarusians remain creative, proactive, and hardworking”
Swiss women win landmark climate case at Europe top human rights court
In from the cold: rebuilding Sweden’s civil defense for the NATO era
Russia, Kazakhstan evacuate over 100,000 people amid worst flooding in decades
Westinghouse: Economic Impact of AP1000® Reactor Deployment in Poland & Key Polish Suppliers
Sweden orders LITENING designator pods for Gripen fighters
Blinken says talks on Israel’s Rafah offensive expected next week
Sailing with whales and northern lights for everyone
Construction of geothermal heating plant in Turek, Poland set to begin
Georgians protest outside parliament against ‘Russian law’ on foreign agents
Israel condemns Norway for accusing IDF of ‘breakdown’ of int’l law
124 candles? Peru stakes claim to world’s oldest human, born in 1900
Partner companies plan BEV battery recycling plants in Poland, Germany
Climeworks Receives Funding For Large-Scale Direct Air Capture in Norway
Former Venezuelan oil, finance ministers arrested in PDVSA corruption case
Belarus holds tactical exercises with live firing
Poland to require ridesharing drivers to have Polish driver’s licence
Spain’s parliament to draft amnesty bill for undocumented migrants
Commissioning of the largest LWP Sorting Plant in Denmark
Liberia senate approves war crimes court’s creation
Denmark will enhance the development of energy efficiency in Ukraine through educational and scientific programmes
UK Nobel Prize-winning physicist Peter Higgs dies aged 94
Czech Constitutional Court Rejects Liechtenstein Lawsuit Questioning Confiscation
Swiss Women Win Landmark Climate Victory
Arrest warrant reveals Russian infiltration in Austria
Over 350 tonnes of litter cleared at ‘Great Cleanup’ in Wallonia
China-Netherlands Relations: Bilateral Trade and Investments Overview
France’s spending turns into political liability for Emmanuel Macron
Thierry Breton says European Space Law might be presented after the summer
Simon Harris pledges ‘new ideas, energy’ after becoming Ireland’s youngest PM
Oslo: Sami demonstrators cleared in court
Reindeer skins and sonic looms: Borealis music festival dives into Sámi culture
National parks in England and Wales failing on biodiversity, say campaigners
The United Kingdom remains committed to supporting broad and lasting peace in Colombia
UK will not block arms sales to Israel, says Foreign Minister David Cameron
Secretary Antony J. Blinken and United Kingdom Foreign Secretary David Cameron at a Joint Press Availability
Archbishop Gallagher makes 6-day visit to Vietnam
Gisella Cardia, the psychic who challenged the Vatican
Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia sign deal to merge their power exchanges
UN Tourism Launches Tourism Investment Guidelines for Albania
Kosovo’s ‘First Ashkali Actor’ Fights Prejudice To Build Dreams
Kosovo* adopts Law on the Promotion of the Use of Renewable Energy Sources
Bosnia and Herzegovina to sell surplus weapons
UNDP presented the first Interactive Solar Atlas in Bosnia and Herzegovina
BIRN Fact Check: Eyeing Third Mandate, has Croatia’s Plenkovic Kept his Word?
In Major Upgrade Of Serbian Air Force, Vucic Agrees Jet Deal With France
How can policy help Portugal decarbonize?
Are Israelis buying up Northern Cyprus?
Spain Supreme Court summons Catalonia fugitive separatists in alleged terrorism investigation
Carles Puigdemont to return to Catalonia for swearing-in even if not elected president
Italy dam blast leaves several dead and missing
Gagauzia Plans to Declare Independence If Moldova Pursues Unity With Romania
Moldova to Probe Ex-President’s ‘Unfair Trial’ Complaint
Bulgaria appoints caretaker government with Dimitar Glavchev as new PM
How the Bulgarian election will play a part in the Ukraine war
Bulgaria to hold early elections concurrent with European elections, sixth occurrence in three years
The Former Insider Out To Rid Hungary Of Corruption And Orban
Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan: Bridging the water gap
EU supports conference in Azerbaijan on landmine victims
With legal restrictions lifted, it is time to break “soft” barriers to women’s employment in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan doubles down by expanding gas exports to Europe
Russia-backed borders in Georgia condemned by rights court
Georgia launches new push to adopt Russian-style foreign agent law
Turkmenistan to introduce commissioners for protection of rights of children, women and entrepreneurs
Kyrgyzstan releases 4 Temirov Live journalists; CPJ calls for dropping of charges against all 11
Uzbekistan Aims to Allow Private Medical Institutions to Deliver Babies
Azores ‘critically important’ to NATO, US ambassador says
Lagarde sets the stage for a June rate cut: What hurdles remain for the ECB?
Eurozone consumer inflation expectations ease
Canada stuck in NATO penalty box through 2030
Australian FM says Canberra to consider recognizing Palestinian state
A man named Brick is being caned in Singapore for illegally sneaking into the country on a small boat
What ‘vibecession’? Some 80% of people in Singapore say they’re bullish about the economy

April 10
1998 April 10: Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland peace process
Germany Eyes Ordering 35 Battle Tanks for NATO Unit in Lithuania
Economy in focus: Latvia
Germany sends military contingent to Lithuania, calling it historic decision
NATO Fighter Jets Scrambled to Intercept Russian Reconnaissance Plane
airBaltic Sees Continued Strong Demand in March
One of the most prominent achievements of the Lithuanian space sector: Lithuanians will develop an earth observation tool
Latvian ex-PM’s private flights estimated to have incurred EUR 545 000 in unjustifiable expenses
Lithuania will sign an agreement with Rheinmetall on the construction of the plant
Latvian Postal Service to keep more departments open
‘No Time’ to Lose Against Russia’s War Economy, Lithuania Says
Latvia: Survey suggests most schools plan to replace Russian with German
Estonia Strengthens Ties with Kazakhstan Across Multiple Fronts
Liepāja plans first hydrogen production plant in Latvia
Tallinn City Council convening Sunday to vote in new mayor
Kaunas mayor’s company exported dual-use goods to Russia – LRT Investigation
Latvian Prime Minister suspends head of the State Chancellery
Germany Eyes Ordering 35 Battle Tanks for NATO Unit in Lithuania
Visit Estonia showcase highlights wild nature, medieval cities and more
Lithuania Considers Canceling Residence for Russians and Belarusians Making Regular Trips Home
Latvia: Audit Office says some of Kariņš’ flights were ‘unlawful and uneconomical’
Russia plans to move Buyan-M missile ships from Baltic to Black Sea
Latvia: More Russians could be required to pass Latvian language test
The Toronto writer who is putting Lithuania’s storied history on the literary map
Rīga Freeport to sell off landmark building
Estonia: Sugared drinks tax postponed to 2026
Latvia and Ukraine to sign long-term support agreement
Belarusian businesses in Lithuania feel the squeeze under prospect of more restrictions
Employers welcome Latvia’s revised guest worker salary rules
Estonia: Elektrilevi profits more than doubled in 2023, to nearly €100 million
Lithuanian president says he ‘will not rush’ to appoint new education minister
Latvia: Full audit of former PM Kariņš’ private flights published
Festival review: Tallinn Music Week, Estonia – 3-7 april 2024
Latvia: STRATCOMCOE trumpets its new training tool
Lithuanian fintech firm receives $10m investment from Taiwan fund
Sri Lanka And Estonia Successfully Conclude Inaugural Bilateral Political Consultations
Lithuania to sign agreement with Rheinmettal for production of 155mm artillery shells
Estonia: Not all politicians serious about the need for austerity yet
Audit of Krišjānis Kariņš’s private flights reveals signs of illegal and uneconomic conduct
Tallinn to demolish illegally constructed building
airBaltic invites Technical professionals behind the scenes: exclusive event offers insider access to aviation industry
Estonia: Finance minister launches special audit at Eesti Energia
Latvia: State Chancellery’s director suspended over Kariņš’ flights
Georgia: Otar Shamugia meets Lithuania’s delegation
[Latvia] Prosecutor on Kariņš’ flights: Several officials will be looked at
[Estonia] Pharmacist: Collection of customer data at pharmacies a gray area
NATO jets scramble to intercept Russian spy plane over the Baltic Sea in latest aerial stand-off between Moscow and the West
Latvia: New stamp dedicated to ancient rafting trade
Lithuanian defmin met with President Zelensky in Ukraine
Latvia: Foreign trade figures worsened in early 2024
President of Ukraine met with Minister of National Defense of Lithuania
[Estonia] Analyst: No rapid recovery in exports on the horizon
Under EU asylum reform, Lithuania would have to accept 158 people or pay €3m – minister
The Ecosystem: European Investment Bank aims to improve SME access to finance in the Baltics
Germany Establishes Permanent Military Forces in Lithuania for First Time Since WWII
Nordic, Baltic nations urge EU, NATO help for Ukraine
Latvia does well for foreign language learning
Estonia restarts development cooperation in Armenia
‘LG’ TV owners in Latvia asked to check security updates
Estonia: Konstantin Vassiljev gives up national football team captain’s armband
Estonia to help Moldova bolster its air security
[Estonia] Supreme Court: Damages not in order for every negative comment
Lithuania will look for opportunities to increase assistance to Ukraine – Defense Minister Kasčiūnas.
Two detained for damaging Ukrainian flag in Rīga
Tallinn to donate ambulances, medical equipment to Ukraine
Ukrainian president meets with new Lithuanian defense minister
German who learned Estonian: I don’t believe in linguistic talent
I’ve been to 107 countries. Italy and Mexico are great, but these 5 underrated destinations should be on your travel radar.
Latvia debates future of Russian-language media in the country
Nordic, Baltic states to forge an expert group to aid Ukraine’s accession to EU
Heat records broken in Estonia as temperatures hit 25 degrees
Global Estonian Report: April 10-17
Billie Jean King Cup Europe/Africa II: Croatia, Lithuania and Egypt to fight for promotion
Lithuanian MPs debate restricting Belarusian travel home
More Latvian heat records tumble Wednesday
British TV personality Lucy Worsley to visit Tallinn for HeadRead festival
Estonia: Future of Rail Baltic funding uncertain due to delays,EP elections
Estonia: Young fathers most likely victims of occupational accidents
Kazakhstan expands its exports of cathode copper to China, Turkey and Latvia
Estonia: Riigikogu removes tax exemption from Slava Ukraini NGO
Minister: Nordic, Baltic nations call on NATO to increase support for Ukraine
The Nordic countries intend to create a group to support rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU

Poseidon expands into Norway
Denmark wants court to dissolve Danish arm of Bandidos motorcycle club, citing violence
Finland’s organizations to work on hydrogen storage research project
Finland Targets €3 Billion Budget Boost, Helsingin Sanomat Says
Norway salmon farmers head back to court over ‘traffic light’ production cuts
Zelensky says he will listen to Trump’s ideas to end war in Ukraine ‘with pleasure’
Another Belsat project was deemed extremist by the authorities in Minsk
EU: Multi-agency Donor Coordination Platform for Ukraine meets in Kyiv
Sweden Rocks Eurovision: A Look Back at Their 7 Victories
Winters in Sweden are disappearing
Operator turns on the turbo to boost Norway gas production into Poland
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Makes the Case for Spring Wool in Bouclé Andiata Blazer
Australian court holds that transporting coal within Russia is prohibited by sanctions
Exploring Poland: A Family Cycling Guide for Spring 2024
House of Representatives holds off on Ukraine aid package − here’s why the US has a lot at stake in supporting Ukraine
Top US general warns Ukraine on brink of being overrun by Russia
Game-changing ReSource Denmark sorting plant completed
Russia creeps forward as Ukraine strikes its air force and navy
Tesla strike in Sweden continues, union says, contradicting Musk
Poland’s battle over homework
How Denmark could copy Swedish model to make trains and buses cheaper
China’s Xi says nobody can stop ‘family reunion’ with Taiwan
Belarus: Right Livelihood and Viasna demand accountability at UN Human Rights Council
Stubb: Finland will be a loyal, constructive, responsible Nato partner
Germany detains two Iraqis suspected of IS genocide against Yazidi minority
NATO Secretary General: Finland takes security and defence seriously
More than 220 illegal migrants tried to break through the Polish border from the side of Belarus
Belarus the latest European country to suspend the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe
German university rescinds Jewish American’s job offer over pro-Palestinian letter
Arctic region of Norway asks EU Commission for 26-hour day
Global Drive to ‘Quit Like Sweden’ Will Save Millions of Smokers’ Lives
EU parliament approves migration system revamp ahead of bloc’s election
“Gay sex party” priest handed prison sentence in Poland
Media visibility related to foreign and security policy has made Finland better known around the world
Poland won’t accept migrant relocation mechanism, PM says
Finland Rattled by Political Strikes Against the Conservative Governments’ Anti-Union Agenda
Gazans live on memories of past Eid festivals as war ruins special day
Poland’s Largest Offshore Wind Project Readies for 2025 Auction
Switzerland to host Ukraine peace conference in June, without Russia
US to make additional nine-figure push in funding in response to Sudan conflict
Kongsberg to provide maritime surveillance services to Norway
Triple-murder, suicide in Spain blamed on gender-based violence
Illinois Air Guard Supports Partner Poland
How Bodø Has Become Norway’s New Culture Capital
Russian missile attack kills four in Odesa district, governor says
Norway to establish embassy in Senegal
Israel to open new north Gaza crossing for overseas, Jordanian aid
For Poland, the unfreezing of €137B in EU funds is an opportunity for research, but money alone is not enough
Norwegian city’s decision to only accept Ukrainian refugees is ‘discrimination’, says top authority
Canada risks another ‘catastrophic’ wildfire season, government says
Denmark’s taekwondo Olympian on how “immigrant mentality” helps him win
Cuba says drug use on the rise, especially among youth
EU Bishops to gather in Poland for COMECE Plenary Assembly on 17-19 April
Tesvolt breaks ground on 4GWh BESS manufacturing plant in Germany
Three sons of Hamas leader Haniyeh killed in Israeli airstrike
Legal pressures mount on Germany to cut aid to Israel
Biden, Japan’s Kishida forge new partnership, eyeing China and Russia
NATO Doesn’t Have Enough Troops
Monaco private bank faces US lawsuit based on anti-mafia laws
Closure looms for Liège Airport following negative permit advice
My hike on the hardest trail in Europe – Corsica’s GR20
Serbia’s Vucic agrees purchase of Rafale fighter jets with Macron
Serbia to Procure 12 Rafale Fighter Jets From France
Macron’s poodles are the new dogs of war
Full starting orders for the 2024 Isle of Man TT revealed
Costco launch Isle of Man membership drive ahead of new Liverpool ferry terminal opening
Bjarni Benediktsson to return as Iceland PM
Why so few witches were executed in Wales in the middle ages
AXIS Aviation meets new demand with San Marino Aircraft Operator’s Certificate
Matthew Attard on Representing Malta at the 60th Venice Biennale
Sitting volleyball: Slovenia and Ukraine qualify for Paris 2024
Slovenia to start building nuclear waste disposal facilities in May
North Macedonia landmark burns down without answers
Bosnia and Herzegovina at a Euro-Atlantic Crossroads: Introducing a ‘New Security’ Pact
Harnessing Human Capital for Growth in Croatia
Croatians prepare for early election amid political turmoil
Serbia Sells More Arms, Worth 14 Million Euros, to Israel
‘The critics are ignorant’: the designer facing death threats for his Portugal government logo
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: “For years, the Belarus regime was using Cyprus for the evasion of sanctions”
Turkey-Greece tensions flare (again) over marine park plans
‘The Book of Pintxos’: A celebration of small bites from Basque Country
Spain to end golden visas for foreign real estate investors
Italy launched its long-awaited ‘digital nomad visa’ — here’s who qualifies and how to apply
Moldova’s Restive Gagauzia Region Mulls Using Russian Payment Cards
​Moldovan president tells students from Gagauzia about benefits of European integration
Moldova, our work with Roma communities
UK, Bulgaria crack down on EU-Turkish border over English Channel people smuggling equipment
Bulgaria brings disquieting installation art to Venice Art Biennale 2024
USEUCOM: Czechia Chief of Defense visit underscores multinational readiness, cooperation
Greenpeace: Nature Crime Files – Romania
Romania-linked ‘Rubycarp’ hackers look for cryptomining, phishing DDoS opportunities
ECHR finds “multiple violations” by Russia in Georgia’s case on human rights toll of occupation
FAO trains farmers in Kyrgyzstan in modern horticultural techniques
Tajikistan and EU Enter Third Round of Negotiations on Partnership and Cooperation
Kazakhstan: New history of Kazakh peoples strives to dispel historical misconceptions
Three Seas Initiative goes beyond abstract regional concept
No coastline, no problem: Czechia active member of Three Seas Initiative
Tactical Data Link Satellites Will Soon Begin Testing Over NATO Territory
NATO is about security — not dollars and cents
NATO Doesn’t Have Enough Troops
European Parliament agrees on stricter EU migration rules
Qatar Airways avoids Australian lawsuit over women’s invasive examinations
Australia installed 2.5GWh of battery storage in record-breaking ‘Year of the Big Battery’
South Korean opposition wins legislative election, deepens political deadlock
Microsoft to invest US$2.9 billion in AI and cloud infrastructure in Japan
Taiwan earthquake: Natural disaster expertise helped limit death toll
China’s Xi meets with Taiwan’s former president Ma in Beijing
A Small State Heavyweight? How Singapore Handles U.S.-China Rivalry
John Cena would ‘throw himself in harm’s way’ to protect his gay brother growing up

April 11
Nordic-Baltic foreign ministers’ meeting on Gotland
Spain, Portugal now securing the skies on Baltic sea, first mission achieved
Sri Lanka and Estonia successfully conclude inaugural bilateral political consultations
Lithuania Is The Happiest Country In The World For People Under 30
Latvian Prime Minister Evika Silina welcomes new investment by the Estonian company Fibenol
Bulgaria’s Radev on a working visit to Vilnius
101st Airborne Division snipers place in international competition
‘Impulse buying’ booze online could be restricted in Latvia
The First LNG Bunkering Operation Performed at Klaipeda Port, Lithuania
Latvia’s Kariņš on special flights: “I’m not uncomfortable with what I’ve done”
Sarens expands its presence in Estonia
Latvian MEP Ždanoka gets penalty from European Parliament
Lithuania Joins The MICHELIN Guide Collection!
Latvian olympic official claims he has come under political pressure
State high schools in northeastern Estonia to hold entrance exams on paper
Taiwanese representative on declining trade with Lithuania: ‘Don’t look only at dollars’
Icebreaker Botnica summer charter contract with BP for 2024
First turbine goes up at Lithuanian wind farm
Scooters and cyclists wake up for the spring in Latvia
Latvian MEP faces sanctions after breaching MEPs’ code of conduct
Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Joins European Leaders At Lithuania Summit Amid Ongoing War With Russia
Vietnam, Latvia enjoy enormous potential for stronger trade, investment links: Ambassador
Estonian innovation combines in Vok serial hybrid cargobikes
Ukraine and Latvia signed a bilateral security agreement
Overview: European Parliament elections in Estonia
Zelensky arrives in Lithuania for Three Seas Summit
Estonia: Glitch-hit state school exams IT system costs ministry €300,000 a year
The Nonprofit Sector and Philanthropy in Latvia
Many Tallinn eateries may this summer have to hire staff who lack Estonian skills
Latvian political party faces renewed illegal financing allegations
The European Union procures Modern Air Surveillance System for the Armed Forces of Moldova
Court says nothing wrong with banning fur farming in Latvia
Zelenskyy arrives in Lithuania: announces signing of new security agreement
Ragnar Klavan: Vassiljev is ready to defend Estonia, so he’s an Estonian
Turbine installation starts at 80-MW wind project in Lithuania
Minister says Latvian government cannot take on new expenses
First Lithuanian restaurants awarded Michelin stars to be unveiled in June
Estonian MEPs: EU must be bolder in supporting Ukraine and defending itself
Flu, Covid incidence remains low in Latvia
Lithuania allows defence procurement of components from China
Estonia: Climate ministry ends talks with companies bidding for Nordica
ERR in Riga: Latvia wants to privatize a couple of dozen state firms
Zelensky In Lithuania Pleads For New Air Defence Aid
Latvia’s Ušakovs, Ameriks get to keep their parliamentary immunity
U.S. F-15s on Russia’s border a clear message to allies, and to Putin
Pre-paid vouchers now available for Rīga Airport taxi rides
Estonia: Government approves sugary drinks tax bill
Latvia: Saeima committee approves ‘clarifications’ of NATO treaty
Independents putting pressure on Tallinn coalition to have a deal by Sunday
WRC is Riga-bound for Tet Rally Latvia super special
IKEA turnover soars to €95 million in Estonia as other furniture sellers struggling
Ukraine, Latvia sign long-term security agreement
Lithuania donates counter-drone systems and generators to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Latvia: Tougher sentences for animal abusers move forward in Saeima
Zelenskyy visits Three Seas Summit, strengthens military cooperation with Baltic states
Latvia: Medical complaints most frequent in dentistry
[Estonia] Minister in the US: Security on both sides of Atlantic our shared responsibility
Zelensky in Vilnius calls for implementation of Western aid initiatives
Minister of Justice to serve as acting Latvian PM during Siliņa’s visit to Austria
The President of Ukraine Met with the President of Lithuania in Vilnius
Latvia and Ukraine step up cooperation at parliamentary and presidential levels
The organizers of the “Pride” march in Vilnius hope to receive as many as 20 thousand people this year
airBaltic won Best Employer award in Transport and Logistics Sector by CV Online Latvia for 12th Year
Lithuania favours broad European consensus on Palestinian state – FM
Latvia: ‘2Annas’ film festival winners awarded
Baltic countries pledge closer collaboration to secure offshore wind
Military Aid and International Cooperation: the President of Ukraine Met With the President of Latvia
Estonia’s Kallas: Not possible to raise taxes in next year’s budget
Russian ‘Shadow Fleet’ Ups Risk Of Baltic Sea Spill: Finland
Minister discussed reducing EU bureaucratic burden on Estonian firms
Security agreement between Ukraine and Latvia (full text)
Lithuania will send Ukraine equipment from its non-operating TPPs and NPPs to repair damage to power system
North Sea, Baltic Sea Countries Enter Pacts to Protect Offshore Energy Infrastructure Amid Concerns Over Russian Sabotage
Lithuania: Vičiūnai Group to be probed over alleged sanctions violation following LRT investigation
The Prodigy to play Tallinn Song Festival Grounds in August
Ministers and international partners agree to strengthen support for Ukraine’s transport reconstruction
Estonia: Prime Minister Kaja Kallas visiting Poland
Latvia to provide EUR 112M in military aid to Ukraine in 2024
Prosecutor’s office launches probe into Vičiūnai Group amid reports of sanction violations
Drug dealer group detained in Rīga
Michelin Guide arrives in Lithuania
Jašin: Non-citizens voting rights included in Tallinn coalition agreement
Latvia’s President Rinkēvičs: Ukraine has right to strike back at targets in Russia.
Malaysia: Much to gain from tie-up with Lithuania
Estonia: Ministry of Finance partner firm provides several options on planned loan register
Estonia: Opinion journey general principles to make it to the climate law
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy urges allies to act on military aid promises
Challenges and security issues of the region discussed: Armen Grigoryan’s working visit to Lithuania
Three Seas Summit welcomes Zelenskyy in Lithuania
3SI leaders talk aid for Ukraine at Vilnius summit, Zelenskyy urges for more Patriot systems
Three Seas Initiative crucial for regional cooperation: Polish President
President Nausėda chairs Three Seas Initiative summit in Vilnius

China Reaches out to Russia, North Korea as US Cements Trilateral Partnership With Japan, Philippines
Mass use of guided bombs driving Russian advances, says Ukraine
A Conversation With Deborah Feldman, an Unorthodox Voice in Germany
Poland is debating an end to its near-total abortion ban, setting up a heated political fight
“Strong focus on aesthetics” contributed to collapse of Norway timber bridge
Japan bans exports of 164 industrial items to Russia & bans import of diamonds
Sweden’s earliest ‘summer’ recorded as temperatures surpass 10 degree mark
Ukraine’s parliament scraps demobilization plans in bid to boost military
Syrian Brigadier-General stands trial in Sweden – Civil Rights Defenders will report from the courtroom
Slovenian institutional websites down after cyberattack
Royal or Movie Star? TikTok Is Just Discovering Sweden’s Charming Prince Carl Philip
Germany set to permanently pay for reliance on Russian gas—‘significant structural demand destruction’ means it will never fully recover from energy crisis
Meet the Ukrainian amputees returning to the front to resist Russian advance
Azerbaijani FM leaves for Belarus
‘Turning a blind eye’: Zelenskyy slams allies as Russia intensifies attacks
Norway aims to meet EU green directive deadline – minister
The CEO of Norway’s $1.6 trillion sovereign wealth fund has a fun side gig: Hosting a podcast that features top C-suite execs like Elon Musk, Michael O’Leary, and Ana Botín
Riksbank governor: On track for cutting interest rates in Sweden
Abortion back on the agenda in Poland as lawmakers debate whether to liberalise strict access
Norway to host US Space Development Agency RF antenna, new Link 16 test: SDA director
Reconstructing Ukraine as Russian bombs fall
Man awaiting trial for insulting Belarusian president dies in jail
Russia and Ukraine urged not to ‘roll the dice’ at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
Euroviews. To counter Putin’s ‘Nazi’ spiel, Ukraine must include the Roma in its postwar plans
Major Russian air strikes destroy Kyiv power plant, damage other stations
Finland continued to support Ukraine through development assistance in 2023
Russia and Kazakhstan battle record floods as rivers rise further
Finland’s largest drone survey: 91% are welcoming of drones near their homes in emergencies
A decade on, tragedy of Nigeria’s Chibok Girls endures outside the spotlight
Ukraine recap: Russia intensifies its air war as Kyiv begs for western military aid
The worst version of Nicaragua against the best version of Germany
New godparents for political prisoners in Belarus from Sweden, Austria and Switzerland
Russia expands diesel exports to Sudan amidst EU embargo
Three castaways rescued after a week on remote Pacific islet, US Coast Guard says
Outcry In Sweden After Father Gunned Down By Youth Gang
Russia and Germany urge restraint as Iranian threat puts Middle East on edge
Norway: Lack of justice for the attempted murder of PEN International Vice President William Nygaard
Netherlands to pledge additional 400 million euros in aid for Ukraine, RTL news says
Denmark prohibits scrubber discharge in its waters
Support from ‘indispensable’ US vital for Ukraine’s survival, Japan PM tells Congress
Poland supports funding of dual use technologies in EU’s next research programme
Poland has Soviet-made air defense missiles that may be sent to Ukraine, Duda says
Mexico calls on World Court to suspend Ecuador pending embassy raid apology
EU and Germany support water supply system and wastewater treatment in Ajara
O.J. Simpson, football star turned celebrity murder defendant, dead at 76
U.S. Policy on Venezuela Is Converging
Signa’s Benko Faces Liechtenstein Fraud, Money-Laundering Probe
Be who you are: Luxembourg promotes living together concept
Avalanche in Austria kills three skiers from the Netherlands
Chatbot helps Flemish voters make a decision for the upcoming elections
France talks tough on Ukraine while gobbling up more Russian gas
Macron calls for ‘sustainable’ effort to scale up arms production
French President Emmanuel Macron to visit Canada this summer
Scandinavia broke away from Greenland as a “seed” 3.75 billion years ago, study finds
The Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales – a different kind of debate?
EU Commission, Spain, UK seek final agreement on Gibraltar
Andorra and EU to negotiate border control
Is Malta the New Kassel?
An Everest of elevation: bikepacking in Slovenia
North Macedonia Big Parties Squeeze Independents Out of Election Races
North Macedonia police arrest journalist Furkan Saliu at soccer match
Is Serbia preparing to invade Kosovo?
EU renews Russia and Bosnia & Herzegovina sanctions regimes
Serbia is not as neutral on Ukraine as it claims
Safety and justice: demanding accountability for attacks against journalists in Serbia
UN Peacekeeping Force Seeks Renewable Energy Solutions In Cyprus
Greece: Three girls found dead off Chios after migrant boat ran aground
Far-left separatists, conservatives lead official polls in tight Basque election race
Catalonia in Venice—Carlos Casas: Bestiari
Second wave of Catalan pro-independence activists flee country
Leader of restive Moldovan region returns from second visit to Russia
Moldova’s President Faces Protests as New Pro-Russia Front Opens
The leader of Gagauzia has been accused of illegally receiving funding from a pro-Russian party
Needs assessment in the field of social rights concerning vulnerable groups in the Republic of Moldova
ILO launches new EU-backed project to strengthen labour market institutions in Moldova
EU Ambassador: Moldova could join without Transnistria but option not preferable for Brussels
Czech whip-round raises hopes on Ukrainian front lines – and questions for European capitals
IAEA Director General Visits Romania to Talk Energy Future, Ukraine and Rays of Hope
Russia recruits Crimeans to “special” Rosgvardiya unit – Chubarov
Opinion: Historical versus real Armenia – Pashinyan’s push for a new narrative
Is peace possible between Armenia and Azerbaijan?
Is Abkhazia being absorbed by Russia?
In Abkhazia, the opposition has issued an ultimatum to the president
Thousands of pro-EU protesters in Georgia again take to the streets against foreign agent law
The legacy of the displaced in the South Caucasus: from yesterday till today
Breakaway Georgian region awaits ‘signal’ before referendum on joining Russia
Turkmen Workers Executing ‘Orders From Above’ As Killing Of Dogs, Cats Continues
Kyrgyz officials optimistic about China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway project
Eurozone finance chiefs fear trade jitters could get in the way of EU competitiveness plans
Europe launches subsidies probe into Chinese wind turbine suppliers
ECB Signals It’s Moving Closer to a Cut but Keeps Rates Steady
European Central Bank holds interest rates at 4% in contested decision
ECB holds interest rate at record high 4.5%
Indonesia ready to normalize ties with Israel as part of bid to join OECD – official
Trudeau says China tried to meddle in Canada elections
Australia joins global subsidy race with ‘Future Made in Australia’ plan
China is sending its highest-level delegation to North Korea since 2019 to kick off a ‘friendship year’
Singapore Marine Biofuel Premiums Drop Further on Soft Demand
Singapore’s Temasek Plans to Boost Investments in Europe; Opens Office in Paris
EU Parliament refuses decision on budget until members commit more Patriots to Ukraine

April 12
Latvian official says proposed NATO fund for Ukraine would show unity within alliance
Zelensky meets with Hungarian president at Three Seas Summit in Lithuania
Estonia’s defended principles for digital ID, Smart-ID gains users in Belgium
In Vilnius, Europe’s economic dependence on Russia and China has decreased
Roadwork season begins across Latvia
Estonia’s Kaja Kallas commemorated the victims of the Katyn Massacre
Latvia: Balvi municipality to fire 100 employees to solve financial crisis
Estonian Interior Minister wants Moscow Patriarchate church to be recognised as terrorist organisation
Latvia: Ferris wheel in Pārdaugava could open in August
LRT English Newsletter: Government fails the test
Digital subscription results of AS Ekspress Grupp for the first quarter of 2024
Latvia: One-time Financial Assistance for Citizens of Ukraine
Estonia cancels sale of Nordica and Xfly
Upon the arrival of the first troops of the German Brigade in Vilnius, Kasčiūnas says: it raises us to another level of security
Estonia: Minister to propose classing Moscow Patriarchate church as terror organization
Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis meets with EU leaders ahead of Three Seas Summit in Lithuania
ECB’s Kazaks Says on Track to Cut Interest Rates in June
Moldova Premier Recean in Vilnius: We continue to strengthen our relations with strategic partners
Old Rīga revitalization plan promised
Only political platform for peace talks is proposed by Kyiv, says Zelensky in Vilnius
The Jesus and Mary Chain to perform in Tallinn in August
Rīga: Bridge in Pārdaugava unlikely to be torn down soon
Estonian Interior Ministry proposes to recognize Moscow Patriarchate as a terrorist organization
Lithuania approves draft law to empower defence
Estonia: Internal Security Service publishes 2023-2024 annual review
Latvia will have more than a token presence at Dubai crypto conference
EIB provides €400 million to support green and digital investments in Estonia
Latvia Orders 27 Russian Citizens to Leave
Sides burn midnight oil to hash out Tallinn coalition agreement
Moldovan archival documents shed light on USSR’s 1949 Baltic deportations
Lithuania seeks stronger defense ties with Philippines – DND
Estonian Biobank’s Personalized Medicine Project To Unlock New Insights For Drug R&D
Ignas Vėgėlė – the richest candidate in Lithuania’s presidential race
Latvia: Liepāja-Rīga-Daugavpils bus to start running in May
This Is The Happiest Country In The World For People Under 30
Estonia wants to declare the Moscow Patriarchate a terrorist organization
Baku to host screening of Lithuanian director’s documentary movie
Latvia and Hungary shine on Day 1 of FIBA 3×3 Olympic Qualifying Tournament
Political campaign for parliamentary election begins in Lithuania
Four arrested on suspicion of murder in Rīga
ISS yearbook highlights risks of Russian citizens working in Estonian IT sector
Lithuanians advised against travelling to countries popular among Russian tourists
Estonian services: Russian FSB accused of abusing Ukrainian refugees at border
Secretary of Armenia’s Security Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania referred to security situation in South Caucasus
Estonia: Räägu Ukrainian School celebrates second anniversary
Luca Banchi reveals hilarious Porzingis story, his Top 5 players
ISS director: Russian influence activities in Estonia have become harsher
Lithuania’s defence build-up intensifies amidst regional uncertainty
Estonia’s Enefit Green to invest €80 million in wind power in Poland
The European region where young people are happiest
DPI accelerates digital economies by building the ‘roads and railways’
Lithuanians invited to join commandant’s offices
Latvia’s investment in Azerbaijan’s economy increased by nearly threefold
Putin vows to eradicate Nazism for good
Hannah Lahe: It’s about time we talk about lowering the voting age in Estonia
More than EUR 1.3 million paid in compensations for health problems in Latvia last year
Elisa Estonia to start 3G disconnection in May
Adidas collaborations and an abundance of flowers: Exploring Baltic fashion at Riga Fashion Week
Estonia Considers Declaring Moscow Patriarchate a Terrorist Organization
Latvia’s roads still among Europe’s deadliest
Estonia: Russia used nationals abroad to sow discontent over Finland’s border closures
Port of Klaipeda makes history with inaugural ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operation
Estonia: Around 150 Narva teachers may lose their jobs in 2024 over language requirements
Oruga Unitrack – Latvian company develops electric all-terrain single-track motorcycle.
History Museum opens exhibition about multi-ethnic Estonia
MEPs urge intelligence services to give names of Russia-financed politicians
Martin Rajasalu: Artificial intelligence no longer a toy
Greenpeace targets Russia-linked Baltic Sea fuel tanker
Latvia to give Ukraine 0.25 per cent of GDP as part of 10-year deal
Estonia Weighs Wheeled Artillery Options Beyond France
Death hostel owner Rieksts declared wanted
Lithuania: Conservatives fail to have no confidence vote against Kaunas mayor
Estonia: TS Laevad awarded larger islands ferry connection tender to 2033
Polish President Duda vows that Poland would defend Lithuania in case of attack
Estonia: There will not be a smooth transition to Estonian education
Estonia: Disassociating MPEÕK from Moscow Patriarchate will not be easy
Estonia: Wolf Group remains tight-lipped about its Russian production unit
Estonia: Isamaa, Parempoolsed, SDE receive most donations in Q1 2024
Russia Ratchets Up Threat to Baltics, Estonia Spy Chief Says
Interior Minister of Estonia urges labeling Patriarchate of Moscow as terrorist group
Webinar sheds lights on Vietnam-Latvia trade potential
Estonia and UK are preparing ammunition initiatives for Ukraine similar to Czech one – Pavel
Lithuania investigating VICI’s involvement in supply of military goods to russia
Lithuania backs PH on territorial integrity, rights
The Three Seas Initiative’s digital imperative
Three Seas Initiative Cultural Cooperation Network
Europe is already planning for what happens if Ukraine loses. It’s ugly
First day – Young European Federalists federal committee in Tartu, Estonia

Denmark’s tough stance on migrants plays well at home. In Brussels, it could be a different story.
Greenland’s Arctic Strategy: “It Is A Power Shift from Denmark”
Sweden: Woman wins discrimination case after being fired for wearing headscarf
Uzbek FM pays first official visit to Belarus
Sweden vital maritime contribution to NATO
Finland fears an environmental disaster due to Russian oil
More than 100,000 evacuated after flooding hits Russia and Kazakhstan
Sweden’s Renewcell set out to enhance the sustainability of the fashion industry, but it filed for bankruptcy just a year later
BASF puts plans for cathode material factory in Finland on hold
Spain and Norway leaders back recognition of Palestinian state
‘Quit Like Sweden’ Global Effort Takes Off
Plagiarism scandals rock Norway as second minister quits government
Germany: Landmark Vote for Trans Rights Law
Meet Princess Nina of Greece and Denmark: Businesswoman and Fashion Sustainability Advocate
Denmark confirms latest extension of Germany border controls
Trump thought Ukraine ‘must be part of Russia’ during presidency, book says
The 8th Meeting of the Japan-Finland Joint Committee on Cooperation in Science and Technology
Moscow suggests 2022 draft document as a basis for future Ukraine peace talks
Russia says it foiled terror plot against Moscow synagogue
Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Belarus discussed strengthening of cooperation
Ukraine’s Three-Front War: Advancing Russians, Depleted Artillery, Exhausted Troops
Argentinian president Milei to visit Denmark and meet PM Frederiksen
Finland in NATO is a Security Provider
USA and Norway: Will Build Satellite Station at Andøya For Early Missile Warning
Metal detectorists find ancient portrait in Danish field. See the ‘legend’ it depicts
China Has Helped Russia Boost Arms Production, U.S. Says
Belarus convicts a famous dissident rock band and sentences its members to correctional labor
Kazakhstan, Finland Strengthen Trade and Transport Ties at Commission Meeting
Sweden will miss its climate goals without policy changes, environment agency says
Denmark’s climate debate is getting increasingly heated
Norway ‘ready’ to recognize Palestinian sovereignty: PM Store
Sakellaropoulou: Greece supports Belarusian aspirations for democracy
UN says 45 migrants missing after boat capsizes in Mediterranean
France, India, Russia, UK issue travel warnings over Israel-Iran tensions
Poland’s parliament votes to progress toward easing abortion restrictions
In US meeting, Philippines says it will assert South China Sea rights
OSCE Presence organizes exchange visit for Albanian journalists to Sweden to enhance media reporting on security affairs
Haiti decrees creation of transition council after month’s delay
High-speed trader XTX Markets to build vast data centre in Finland
Kazakhstan, Belarus Set to Foster Cooperation
Georgieva selected for second term as IMF managing director
Norway says ‘nei’ to private equity
Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli dies aged 83
Germany Deporting British-Palestinian Surgeon to Prevent Him from Reporting on Israeli Atrocities in Gaza
Chile says killing of Venezuelan opposition figure in Santiago was political
Belarus supplies 8,400 tonnes of sugar to Central Asia, emerging as alternative to Russia
Luxembourg banking on polyglot singer with Israeli roots for its Eurovision return
The People of Switzerland Will Get to Vote on Their Country’s Famous ‘Neutrality’
Austria rocked by massive Russian spying scandal
Minor detained for sending threatening mails to around 30 Walloon schools
Belgium declares war on MEPs who took Russian ‘cash’
Fluence to build 35MW/100MWh BESS for Engie in the Netherlands
France will stand by the Ukrainian people and government for as long as necessary
Ireland, Spain, Norway moving closer to recognising a Palestinian state
Greenland’s Arctic Strategy: “It Is A Power Shift from Denmark”
Scotland fights UK government to reunite Palestinian families divided by Israel’s war on Gaza
UK lifts tariffs on east African flower exports to boost trade
Intangible Cultural Heritage: the United Kingdom becomes the 183rd State to join UNESCO’s Convention
Pope Francis will be in Southeast Asia and Oceania from 2 to 13 September
‘New chapter’ opened in Cyprus-Andorra relations
Montenegro blocks Pegasus Airlines’ Istanbul service
“We are fighting against a ‘digital army’: Albania’s Citizens Channel faces cyber attacks
Albania’s Parliament Blocks Court Review of Former Minister’s Immunity
Canada Parliamentary Secretary Oliphant to travel to Kosovo
Maryland Guard, Bosnia and Herzegovina Conduct JTAC Training
UN Tourism and Croatia to Establish Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism
Innovations from Serbia at the World Circular Economy Forum in Brussels
A Look Back at Portugal Prior to the 1974 Revolution
Greece launches free seven-day holiday programme for tourists who escaped 2023 Rhodes wildfires
Sagrada Familia celebrates Sant Jordi with AI art projection
The Kremlin Decides to Buy a Population
EU candidate Moldova takes action to prevent Russian influence in referendum
UNHCR promotes the inclusion of Roma refugees in countries of asylum
Peaceful resolution of Transnistrian conflict is the only option that Moldova supports
Moldova counts on assistance in speeding up withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistrian region
Nobu Hospitality to open two locations in Bulgaria
Romania: A Sanctuary for brown bears
Romania President Blames Missed Defence Spending Target on ‘Budget Issues’
ATESH movement discovers new Russian army units in Russia-occupied part of Kherson region
Armenia appoints military attaché to its embassy in UK
New owner of Abkhazia’s only independent channel is pro-government businessman
New Airport in Tbilisi, Georgia – $1.26B Project Announced
Tbilisi Real Estate: Value in the Caucasus
Turkmenistan companies seek commercial partners
UNDP and partners held a Regional seminar on water diplomacy to strengthen cooperation for sustainable water management in Central Asia
Turkmenistan to chair UN Special Programme for Economies of Central Asia
Kyrgyzstan: Central Asia’s Island of Democracy Sinks Into Authoritarianism
Tajik Regime Alarmed As Moscow Terror Attack Fallout Has Migrants Streaming Home
Tajikistan Condemns Alleged Torture of Crocus Attack Suspects
Kazakhstan, Georgia to Enhance Cooperation in Trans-Caspian International Transport Route
Brussels Meeting Focuses on Kazakhstan-EU Trade, Investment Ties
Iran’s desire to retaliate after Israel’s Damascus strike is balanced with its need to avoid a wider conflict
Australia is playing catch-up with the Future Made in Australia Act. Will it be enough?
The US-Japan meeting reveals the conviction of both nations to counter China
China designates 2 US defence firms selling arms to Taiwan
Singapore ‘tightens screws’ on Myanmar generals with arms trade crackdown
Some parties seek LGBT vote as most Indians disapprove of homosexuality

April 13
1873 April 13: Colfax massacre, US
Chess: Riga is set to host unique 100-Board team tournament
Estonia is worried about the “increased activity” of Russian and Chinese intelligence
Latvian nest-cam season underway
Tallinn coalition-in-waiting agreement ready in principle
Latvia: Rail Baltica bridge construction moves forward
Estonia President Karis at 3SI summit: Ukraine links with Europe must be strengthened
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“The Eastern Front” Special: “Before Bucha Was Abkhazia”

1931 April 14: Proclamation of Catalan Republic by Francesc Macià
1978 April 14: Georgian Language Day
April 14: Remembrance day of Al-Anfal genocide campaign against Kurdistan
1946 April 17: Evacuation Day, Syria
1975 April 17: Khmer Rouge Killing Fields, Cambodia
1980 April 18: Zimbabwe Independence Day
April 19, 1940: Indigenous Peoples Day, Brazil