In Time For Solidarność

1825 August 6: Bolivia Independence Day
1962 August 6: Jamaica Independence Day
Do Latvia’s political parties spend enough on real research?
Convincing win for Latvia in second basketball World Cup warm-up
Ukraine discloses name of Estonian firm involved in corruption case
Tennessee Volunteers Crush U21 Lithuania For Second Straight Day
The complicated case of Nauru, which stood up to China

1960 August 7: Ivory Coast Independence Day
Foreign aid for Estonia up sharply
Sunday night was hottest in history of Latvia
Lithuania kicks off offshore wind with first 700 MW auction
LTV looks at Russian ‘spy gadgets’ in Latvia
77 percent of Estonians prioritize reaching replacement birth rate level
Belarusians no longer welcome in Lithuania?
Estonia: CPI up 6.4 percent on year to July
Latvia: Sabīne Vernere art exhibition opens this week
Kiik: After five quarters of recession is Estonia still en route to wealth?
Next year’s budget in Latvia will have bank excess profits tax
Contractor hired to provide maintenance on Fluence’s 200MWh Lithuania projects
Rīga and Helsinki in 3D images viewed at Āgenskalns market
Lithuania ranks among worst in EU for trans people’s rights – study
Gallery: Depeche Mode play the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
Lithuania records warmest night in history
Tallinna Reaalkool archaeological dig unearths rare and interesting finds
Latvian drug in demand among Russia’s invasion force
Unknown neighbour. The Polish outlook on Lithuanian photography
Four bust through Latvia-Belarus border fence Sunday
Estonia: State to make ready AI strategy by year-end
Large fire rips through recycling plant in Vilnius
Meteorologist: Record nighttime temperatures set in parts of Estonia Sunday
Oil firm moves 1,500-tonne reactor through Lithuania in major transport operation
Electricity bills rise substantially in Latvia
Prosecutors launch probe after Lithuanian minister reveals tank deal on Facebook
Taxes will not be raised in Latvia until inflation stabilizes – finance minister
Stormy weather across northern Europe kills at least 1 person, idles ferries and delays flights
Share of children and state support for families with children up in Latvia
Estonia condemns 15 years of Russian aggression against Georgia
Lithuania-based Belarusian NGO to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Estonia will not revoke Russian, Belarusian citizens’ residence permits
Storms continue to batter Latvia
After Orthodox pro-war controversy, Lithuania moves to allow deregistering of religious groups
USS Roosevelt Arrives In Riga, Latvia
Estonia: TTJA issues 15 new broadcast permits to fill radio coverage gaps
Latvia sends water purification station to Kakhovka dam disaster victims
German television: Estonian tourism sector in crisis
Latvian border guards report new provocations from Belarusian “colleagues”
Lithuanian deep tech startup raises €5 million to transform DNA data storage
NATO’s Northern Flank Has Too Many Weak Spots
Basque Conflict Escape Movie ‘Negu Hurbilak’ Hits Locarno: ‘People Expect Shootouts in Getaway Movies. It’s Not Always Like That’
Georgia: EU condemns continued Russian military presence in Abkhazia and South Ossetia on 15th anniversary of war
Kyrgyzstan Facing ‘All Possible’ Pressure From Russia After Jailing Citizen Who Fought In Ukraine
Meta challenges Norway DPA’s targeted advertising decision
Pope says Church open to everyone, including LGBT people, but has rules
Belarus isolates political prisoners to break their spirit
Germany risks falling back into recession as car industry sputters
North Korean hackers breached top Russian missile maker
Russia spreading ‘fake news’ in Arab world about Sweden Quran burnings
German industrial output falls further in June
Hindus, Muslims clash in India’s Haryana as trouble spreads
Ukraine replaces Soviet-era hammer and sickle with a trident on Kyiv statue
Sweden, Norway issue red alerts as heavy rain derails train, floods roads
Philippines tells China it will not abandon post in disputed reef
Belarus is trying to provoke neighbours, says exiled opposition leader
China praises Ukraine talks in Saudi that Russia said were ‘doomed to fail’
China tells Russia it will uphold ‘impartial’ position on Ukraine
Evans has won Finland before – but this was different
Iceland, Hungary helped shelter Belarusian businessman from EU sanctions
Goldman Sachs’ Jeff Currie, who predicted commodities supercycle, to retire
Sweden’s top Nato negotiator to step down after Turkey deal
The number of ransomware attacks targeting Finland increased fourfold since it started the process to join NATO
Pakistan to privatise loss-making national airline
Denmark wave farewell to World Cup after defeat to hosts Australia
Kaliningrad entrepreneurs of Russia to sign contracts for regular supplies in Baku
New fronts emerge in Russia-NATO conflict

Storm aftermath in Latvia: one dead, several injured, harvest damaged
[Estonia] Ministry official: President’s adviser linked legislative assent to funding
Latvia: Rēzekne to fill budget gap with staff layoffs
Schulte-Ebbert working to grow snooker in Lithuania
Back-to-school charity campaign launched in Latvia
Lithuania’s foreign policy: ‘neo-idealism’ or empty rhetoric?
USS Roosevelt arrives in Latvia as part of its Baltic deployment
Severe storm kills woman in Lithuania
First ‘robot barista’ starts work in Latvia
‘This will generate more interest’ | Lithuania scraps negative bidding from offshore wind tender
Estonia: State wants to increase safety for vulnerable road users
Belarus begins military drills near Poland and Lithuania
President of Latvia expresses satisfaction with quality of National Defence Service
Over €100m in Russian, Belarusian assets frozen in Lithuania due to sanctions
Latvia: Environmental service reports improvement in wastewater treatment
Lithuania to deploy more border guards on Belarus border
‘Barbie’ box office receipts in Estonia exceed the 100,000-mark
Latvia: Major General Andis Dilāns appointed as Chief of the Joint Staff of the National Armed Forces
Why Typhoons are perfect for Nato’s air policing mission in Estonia
Lithuanian Interior Ministry drafts amendments on migrant detentions following anti-constitutional ruling
US High Representative to attend Tallinn OGP summit
Lithuania not doing enough to protect women in child custody cases – NGOs
Estonia: District heating cheapest in Narva, Karksi-Nuia and Lähte
Widespread damage after storm rips through northern Lithuania
Gallery: Exhibition ‘Bygone’ opens in Soviet-era Tallinn City Hall
Annual inflation in July at 6.4% in Latvia
Estonian experts start work on EU’s Partnership Mission in Moldova
Swine fever detected on another farm in Latvia
Ukrainian grain transit via Lithuania can be long-term, but investment needed – PM
New expert to be sent by Latvia to EU Ukraine mission
Lithuania’s public sector gets EUR 38 mln in EU funding for electric cars
Liepāja University confirms merger with Rīga Technical University
TransferGo hit with €310,000 fine from Bank of Lithuania for AML failings
Latvia: Tax chief to depart post next February
Urmas Paet: Free societies could be preferred in foreign trade
Abnormal weather in Lithuania becoming the new normal
Urban space festival highlights Tartu’s ‘wastelands and voids’
At-home hospice care to be provided in Latvia
Estonia: Two people injured by Monday’s storm
Estonia: PPA to build drone monitoring station on Narva’s former Soviet tank site
Baltic’s biggest wind farm cornerstone laid in Estonia’s Pärnu County
Deal Struck to Send Leopard 1 Tanks From Belgium to Ukraine
Slovenia devastated by severe flooding
Why Crimean Tatar fighters are playing an increasing role in resistance to Russian occupation
‘Ruzzki not welcome’: the Russian exiles getting a hostile reception in Georgia
Kyrgyzstan: 60 mosques, madrasas shuttered in Osh region
Tajikistan Closes Down Five NGOs In Gorno-Badakhshan
Uzbekistan: Three police officers sentenced over Karakalpakstan abuses
Relentless Wildfires in Canada
Ukraine declares war on Russia’s Black Sea shipping
Germany Receives 178 Compensation Applications from Gay Servicepeople over Discrimination
Germany expects major investments worth €80bn despite economic slowdown
India bars makers of military drones from using Chinese parts
Carbon Capture and Storage projects in Denmark at risk from bitumen formation
How Ukraine could emerge from war as a climate leader
TSMC to invest €10bn in microchip plant in Germany
UK Electoral Commission hacked by ‘hostile actors’
Norway outlines powerful electrification of its North
Norway to fine Meta nearly $100,000 a day over data use
Norway delays hotly anticipated first offshore wind tender that’s stuck in state-aid red tape
Miss Universe Indonesia contestants complain of sexual harassment
Finland, Norway ban taxi customer data transfers to Russia
The Georgian fighters who went to Ukraine to finish their own war
Organise or fight? Three years in exile, Belarus opposition divided about path
Belarus: Three years on, no end in sight to repression of independent media

August 9: International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
1965 August 9: Singapore National Day
Doubling Down on the Baltics
Nordecon Group Company Secures Construction Deal in Estonia
Vilnius just held a Pink Soup festival – but there’s so much more to Lithuania’s capital
Enhanced border guarding announced in Latvia
Online growth drives Lithuania H1 gambling revenue up 21.5%
Russian drone comes to Latvian War museum
North East England business leaders foster economic ties with Estonia
Storm causes great loss for Latvian State Forests
Oligarch supplies raw materials to Belarusian factory via Lithuania
Survey: Workplace satisfaction on the decline in Latvia
Belarus holds military drills on border with Lithuania and Poland
Estonia’s Miia Ott finishes sixth in European U-20 Championships 100m final
Fintech companies ask for regulatory changes in Latvia
Estonia: Competition irritated over slow progress in Olerex criminal case
Latvia Boosts Border Security With Belarus As Tensions Grow
Lithuania’s MoD drafts conscription amendments, removing exemption for students
Nearly 1,000 youngsters take part in Tallinn Ironkids races
Latvia Joins The G7 Declaration Of Support For Ukraine
Baltic states and Poland mark Lukashenko’s “massive electoral fraud”
After Lithuanian mother flees Italy, NGOs say state fail to protect women in child custody disputes
Estonia: June goods exports down 14, imports 13 percent
Latvia: Tērvete nature park temporarily closed after storm
Belarusian opposition organise rally in Vilnius 3 years after rigged presidential election
Latvia: President Rinkēvičs says electricity tariffs should be reviewed
WindEurope hails new Lithuanian auction design
Estonia: Raul Kirjanen, Andres Rätsepp, Anders Anderson lead private forest owners
Latvia’s president unhappy with crisis management after devastating thunderstorms
Estonian actress Ita Ever dies
Latvian PM proposes to preserve existing coalition by re-distributing three minister posts
Bank of Estonia: Investment and pension fund assets up 21 percent in Q2
Lithuania looks to close one-third of Belarus border checkpoints over ‘geopolitics and threats’
Disaster alert system too slow in Latvia
Coastal engineer: Estonia is not a paradise with ‘pleasant’ climate change
Latvia’s airBaltic finishes first half of 2023 with €14.6m net profit
Harmony Link to be installed by beginning of next decade – CEO of Lithuania’s Litgrid
Latvia: Kariņš mixes carrot and stick with latest coalition wish list
Latvia strengthens security of its border with Russia and Belarus
Despite warnings and ‘recruitment’ attempts, Lithuanians keep travelling to Belarus – official
Estonia: Government to pick car tax model in September
Lithuania, Belarus: Vilnius to Close One-third of its Border with Belarus Amid Wagner Threat
Estonia continues to support Belarus’ civil society, democratic future
Lithuania hands protest note over crackdown on cultural centre in Moscow
Markkanen dominates as Finland tops Estonia
This one man in Belgium could decide Spain’s future
Belgium leads the way in rare earth metals recycling
Niger junta accuses France of violating airspace, freeing terrorists
Malta has a Soft Spot for Russian Money
Detention of ethnic Greek mayor puts Albania’s EU accession progress at risk
Top US and EU lawmakers say West is too soft on Serbia when it comes to easing Kosovo tensions
Portugal battles wildfires amid third heatwave of the year
Italy waters down bank windfall tax within a day
The US has a chance to defeat Russian imperialism for good
Hungarians in Ukraine turn against Viktor Orbán
Romania cancels 1.2 bln euro warships deal with France’s Naval Group
Russia prohibits display of Crimean Tatar flag in Crimean schools
Know your B9 from your V4
Russian Information Influence Playbook : Polish Elections
The European Union supports Senegalese youth
Germany ends projects in Bosnia’s Serb republic over secessionist moves
Poland to hold parliamentary election on 15 October
Romania cancels 1.2 bln euro warships deal with France’s Naval Group
US, Canada issue new sanctions against top Russian ally Belarus
Sweden to clear obstacles for new nuclear reactors
Explosion at Moscow area factory adds to Russian unease as new drone attacks are blamed on Ukraine
China tips into deflation as efforts to stoke recovery falter
Dam in Norway Partially Bursts After Days of Heavy Rains
Mortgage applications triple in Poland after launch of government scheme
Novo’s Value Surpasses Denmark GDP After Obesity Drug Boost
Kremlin aide who brings Ukrainian children to Russia associated online with neo-Nazism
Germany arrests military aide suspected of spying for Russia
Poland to double troops number at border with Belarus, accuses it of organizing illegal migration
Ukrainian forces cross Dnipro River in bid to breach southern frontline

1809 August 10: Ecuador Independence Day
Insuring electric vehicles often costlier than for comparable gasoline cars
Latvia’s electricity rates to be reviewed in December
New NATO battalion rotation begins service in Lithuania
Teenagers keen on summer jobs in Latvia
‘We would be pushing them into prison’: Lithuanian politicians split over Belarusian exiles
Prosecutor: Prints of Slava Ukraini whistleblower found on grenades
Latvia: Bear is here to stay
Sanctioned goods reaching Estonia originate in countries other than Russia
Kazakhstan and Lithuania Bolster Partnership in Development Assistance
Estonia: Coop recalls Polish onions over pesticide residue fears
Lithuania’s Landsbergis voices concern over Lachin Corridor closure to Armenian formin
Estonia: Schools struggling to make up teacher numbers as new academic year looms
Why Lithuania’s Fintech is Booming
Why people in Estonia buy shares more often than people in Latvia?
Lithuania considers joining G7 declaration on military assistance to Ukraine
Estonia Sends More Small Arms, Ammunition To Ukraine
Belarus opposition leader asks to keep humanitarian corridor as Lithuania eyes closing border
Estonia’s Elisabeth Pihela takes high jump silver at U-20 European Championships
Atlanta Firm Ups Latvia’s Lotto Game
Estonia: Lääneranna Municipality returns businessman Parvel Pruunsild’s donation
Latvia: Warning shot fired in apprehension of illegal border crossers
Russian confectionery co supporting war efforts seeks entry into Estonian market
airBaltic bullish about latest financial results
Estonia to donate small arms to Ukraine
Conexus to Conduct Market Study on Hydrogen Infrastructure Development in Latvia
Port of Tallinn profits see sharp decline in first half of 2023
Storm in Lithuania broke over 50,000 trees
Foreign trade down 8.3% in June in Latvia
Lithuanian government in summer doldrums, but situation in Belarus keeps all on alert
Rīga airport has become quieter
The Impact of Digitalization on Lithuania’s Energy Market
Construction output up 15.4% in Q2 in Latvia
Latvian association clears up rumors regarding Kristaps Porzingis’ injury
Osokins Freedom Festival raises more than 32,000 euros for Ukraine
Almost every third registered vehicle unused in Estonia
Bank of Estonia: More than 1.1 million foreign tourists visit Estonia in Q2
Estonia to send handguns, ammunition to Ukraine
Electric scooter drivers in Lithuania may have to take out vehicle insurance
Lithuanians in UK search for ‘Baltic Banksy’ behind mystery totem pole
Lithuanian border service vehicle violates Belarusian border
Estonia now UK military’s largest overseas deployment worldwide
‘This is my world!’: Former Austrian FM spends holiday in Russia
What Would Greenland’s Independence Mean for the Arctic?
Moldova increases cherry supplies to the EU by 12.5 times in 2023
New equipment delivery from Romania to the Moldovan Armed Forces
Czech Republic Has Most Ukrainian Refugees Per Capita of All EU States
Romania eyes 32 F-35s under $6.5 billion deal
Geopolitical Surprise in the Caucasus: Georgia Declares a Strategic Partnership With China
Along the Barbed Wire: Living on the Georgia-South Ossetia Separation Line
As Officials Enjoy Beach Time, Turkmen People Endure Hellish Summer With Food Shortages
Kyrgyzstan to forbid production of plastic bags, items since 2027
Oil-Rich Kazakhstan’s Poorest Families Still Dream Of Homes With Indoor Plumbing
NATO Is on the Back Foot in the Indo-Pacific
NATO troops complete live-agent CBRN training at Exercise Precise Response in Canada
ECB is on back foot and for once it’s down to Germany
Canada accuses China of targeting lawmaker in misinformation campaign
Malaysia bans Swatch LGBT products including watches
Barbie movie banned in Kuwait as Lebanon moves to censor film for ‘promoting homosexuality’
Ukraine Adds Bacardi To ‘International Sponsor Of War’ List
North Korea’s Kim dismisses top general, calls for war preparations
German official accused of spying for Russia
Uganda president defiant after World Bank suspends funding over LGBT law
Poland plans to move around 10,000 troops to border with Belarus
Cuban oil tankers becoming regular visitors to Mexican ports
Belarus hackers target foreign diplomats with help of local ISPs, researchers say
Ecuador in shock after presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio assassinated
Sweden Is Not Staying Neutral in Russia’s Information War
Ukraine announces ‘humanitarian corridor’ for ships stuck in Black Sea ports
Finland Eyes $395m upgrade to M270A2 Rocket System
West African bloc activates standby force for possible Niger intervention
Sweden embassy in Lebanon attacked amid anger over Quran desecrations
On the Brink: Is Russia’s Empire Facing Collapse? Inside the Conflicts That Could Change the World
Finland could seek EU recognition as a wine-producing country by 2028
Ukraine orders evacuation of parts of north-east

1920 August 11: Latvian Freedom Fighters’ Remembrance Day
1947 August 11: Balochistan National Day
1960 August 11: Chad Independence Day
Latvia Keen To Improve Connectivity With Central Asia Through Co-Op With Turkmenistan – Mfa
Tibet Rep in London Formally Invited to Seto Kingdom Festival in Estonia
Rinkēvičs takes on patronage of Liepāja city
Short-term outlook for Estonian exports not good
Vice Mayor Ķirsis might be candidate for Rīga mayor
City of Tallinn pledges green, cyclist-friendly capital when roadworks over
LRT English Newsletter: When it rains, it hails
Estonia’s Viktor Morozov takes U-20 European Championship triple-jump gold
Kariņš: Latvian government should sort its priorities
Baltics could show more joint muscle in Europe – Estonian justice minister
Latvia: Storm damages estimated at EUR 11 million
Estonian parlt committee chair in Taiwan: Democracies need to cooperate
Latvian healthcare export on the rise after pandemic
Three Lithuanian pilots set out on glider flight across Europe, ‘first in aviation history’
Prime Minister: Latvia needs a government that works as a team in the interest of the public
Regulators perplexed by Belarusian radio that can be picked up in Vilnius
Estonia: Riigikogu committee chair calls for prime minister to give evidence
Latvian coalition parties meet for crunch talks
Enefit Green’s July electricity production up 19 percent to 81.8 GWh
Latvia: the next hikers’ paradise?
Lithuanian ‘adult’ crisps outrage Greek parents
Ukrainian singer Ruslana to appear at free concert in Tallinn next week
Latvia: Average speed cameras to finally start working Monday
Lithuania sent additional forces to Belarus border, numbers undisclosed – PM
Russian confectionery firm seeks to enter ‘friendly’ Estonian market
Latvia: Prime Minister Kariņš confirms intention to form new government
Estonia: We may see rise in unemployment this fall
Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus: A Delicate Balance
Media VAT hike in Estonia comes as Russia spending ‘billions’ on media
Trove of ancient and rare silver currency found at site of Lithuanian manor. See it
Estonia: Tax revenues up 9 percent on year to year
Archaeologists unearth medieval Lithuanian money in Kernavė
Huge ‘puzurs’ on display in Sigulda
Luminor second quarter net profit up 81 percent to €53.2 million
Baltic totem pole springs up in southern England, perplexes Brits
Coop Pank seven-month net profit up 131 percent to €23 million
‘We pay taxes, but can’t get loans’ – Ukrainian businesses in Lithuania struggle to expand
Estonian MP calls for more cooperation with Taiwan
NATO summit in focus of hostile propaganda in July – Lithuanian military
Estonia: Home appliance retailers: Sales down on year
Latvian citizen Petr Aven slapped with U.S. sanctions
Ignoring Lukashenko’s bluster is no longer a viable strategy
Russian Tycoon Aven’s Latvian Citizenship Should Be Linked US Sanctions, PM Says
Russian officer flees to Lithuania and requests political asylum
Sixty82 appoints Progear in Estonia
Latvian Ministry of Finance predicts continued drop in exports of goods
FM Gabrielius needs to learn geography rather than meddle in Garabagh issue, expert says
Player Spotlight: Arturas Butajevas – The fast rising force from Lithuania
Small steps at the Vilnius NATO summit
Serbia’s Vucic ’Does Not Think’ Ukraine Will Recognise Kosovo
Spain edges past the Netherlands to reach first ever Women’s World Cup semifinals
‘Strip off or leave’: Campaign to get Catalonia’s nude beaches naked again
World Masters Orienteering Championships 2023 begins Saturday in Košice, Slovakia
EU prosecutor swings into action over misused European cash in Bulgaria
‘Reasonable’ to believe genocide against Armenians being committed, former ICC chief prosecutor says
Artsakh Counters Russian Account of Baku Talks; Demands Lifting of Blockade Before All Else
Barcelona expands into Kyrgyzstan, hopes to unearth talent
Virginia Guard Conducts Mountain Warfare Exchange in Tajikistan
Kazakhstan’s Economy Grows 5% in First Half of 2023
Trial Opens In Uzbekistan Over 65 Chldren’s Deaths Blamed On Indian-Made Medicine
Trump’s Former Chief of Staff: “NATO’s Northern Flank Has Its Weak Points”
Saudi Arabia pushes to join fighter jet project with UK, Italy and Japan
New Zealand’s National Security Strategy: Greater regional presence, Aussie ties, and questions
Women’s World Cup: Sweden to play Spain in semifinals after impressive victory over Japan
China uncovers alleged Chinese spy for CIA – security ministry
Nerves, apathy as Russia’s war shakes Romanian towns near Ukraine
Three bulk carriers robbed in Singapore Strait
Belarus Is Abducting Ukrainian Children in Plain Sight
A frigid apocalypse doomed early humans in Europe
China courts Germany’s far-right populist AfD
Taiwan steeling itself for Chinese drills over VP’s US visit
Why Norway’s record-breaking climber is facing backlash after Sherpa death
Judge warns Trump not to threaten witnesses in 2020 election subversion case
Poland and Netherlands among remaining elections across the EU this year
Hawaii fire on Maui leaves death and painful questions in its wake
Danish defence minister dismisses key staff member after Israel arms purchase
Germany yet to make decision on sending Taurus missiles to Ukraine
Ukraine fires military conscription officials for taking bribes
Danish F-35s To Arrive In Denmark Oct. 1

August 12: Day of the Tribes in Nauru
Isamaa foundation conducts unethical survey on behalf of Tartu University
I remember his look. The story of a soldier and a migrant
Latvia: Nearly EUR 150m of ‘fiscal space’ available says Finance Ministry
‘Relying on Soviet nostalgia’: Lithuania’s controversial Polish-minority party losing members
New survey shows strong support for armed resistance if Nordic countries are attacked
Vatican City’s Energy Market: An Unlikely Pioneer in Renewable Energy
Ukraine Makes ‘Tactically Significant’ Advances Amid Three Sector Push—ISW
Croatia top in Europe for swimming water quality
Russian warplane on training mission crashes in Kaliningrad, killing its pilots
Is China Facilitating Corrosive Capital in Serbia?
Germany rejects over 30,000 Iraqi asylum seekers in six months
China Overtakes Greece as the World’s Largest Fleet Owner for the First Time
Ukraine’s Odesa opens a few beaches for the first time since Russian invasion
Putin’s Sheriff: The billionaire who spends his downtime on holiday…in Ukraine
Eiffel Tower evacuated after bomb threat – French police
117 Crimean Tatars among 175 political prisoners held in Russian prisons
Kyrgyzstan’s Path to Rearmament
‘We will defend Israel’: Mass anti-judicial overhaul protests enter 32nd week
Australia progresses to Women’s World Cup semifinals after dramatic penalty shootout win over France
Taiwan vice president leaves on sensitive trip to United States

1960 August 13: Central African Republic Independence Day
August 14: Navajo Code Talkers Day
1592 August 14: Falklands Day
1947 August 14: Pakistan Independence Day, Youm-e-Azadi
1980 August 14: Founding of Polish non-governmental trade union Solidarność
August 15: Liechtenstein National Day
1945 August 15: National Liberation Day of Korea
1947 August 15: India Independence Day
1960 August 15: Republic of the Congo Independence Day
1945 August 17: Indonesian Declaration of Independence
1960 August 17: Gabon Independence Day
1919 August 19: Afghan Independence Day
1991 August 19: 1991 Soviet coup d’état attempt, August Putsch
1991 August 20: Day of Restoration of Independence of Estonia