Lukashenka will not hesitate to use nukes

Honduras has opened an embassy in China after breaking off ties with Taiwan

1898 June 12: Day of Freedom in Philippines
Nato urged to boost Baltic defences against Russian threat
Wizz Air gradually leaves Rīga International Airport
IMF, Republic of Lithuania: Staff Concluding Statement of the 2023 Article IV Mission
Part of social security could go to health insurance in Latvia
In Tel Aviv, Lithuanian PM extols Israel alliance but sidesteps Nazi collaboration
First Latvian strawberries come in
Estonia: Tax changes to be tied to four separate confidence votes
Federation bars Russians, Belarusians from intl regattas in Lithuania
Man attacks Finnish pastor at Association of Gay Christians event
Lithuanian government walks back resignation pledge following expenses scandal
Sprawling settlement bringing more wild animals to Tallinn
Anyone for an ice cream?
Drought has minimal effect on Estonia’s agricultural output
Sugihara’s visa story is surprisingly relevant amid Ukraine war
Estonia: Center Party’s Riigikogu group to initiate no-confidence motion against PM
Around 10% of Latvian adults are learning
Estonia Bans Kremlin Activist for 10 Years & Revokes Her Residence Permit
Luminor issues €300 million bond
Lithuania launches probe into deportation of Ukrainian children to Belarus
Waste water monitoring points to regular cocaine use in Tallinn and Tartu
Defense Minister: Latvia to train at least 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers this year
Estonia Scales Back New Bank Tax Hike to 18%: Finance Ministry
Osian Pryce returns to Latvia – the country where he started rallying as a teenager
Lithuania’s 14-yr-old Tajus Juska posts 51.13 100 free among multiple age records
Azerbaijani gymnasts win all classes of medals in Latvia
Only one in five Lithuanians think situation in country is improving – poll
Estonia’s Kristin Tattar wins Disc Golf Zoo Town Open
Rīga announces summer event program
Saaremaa excavations unearth Estonia’s oldest artifacts
Persistently high inflation risk to Lithuanian economy, says IMF
Estonian government greenlights hotel, press VAT rate hikes
From Lithuania
Tartu street art exhibition opens in Aberdeen, Scotland
STRATCOMCOE publishes new social media report
Baltic Workboats to build Damen CTVs in Estonia
Final-year student from Mariupol aims to graduate Latvian school
Russian pilot who fled to Baltic states files for asylum
Report unsafe locations in Rīga, municipality asks
NATO intercepts record-high number of Russian planes over Baltics
Circle K debuts “Pay by Plate” service in Latvia
Lithuania to host ISU European Figure Skating Championships in 2024
Estonia to abolish pet exemption for Ukrainian refugees
Lithuanian PM flip-flops on her resignation promise over expenses scandal
Estonia: Politicians critical of economics minister’s decision to skip EXPO 2025
Lice picked to advise Rinkevics on legislation and international law
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Liechtenstein Dominique Hasler Visits Georgia
Iceland Suspends Embassy Operations in Moscow
Victorious Erdogan demands recognition of northern Cyprus
Ukraine, Moldova to build bridge across the Dniester bypassing occupied Transnistria
Why Russian-Backed Separatists Welcome Ukrainian Refugees
The other side of Bulgaria’s Holocaust history is needed
India’s outsourcing giants cut hiring; disheartening for economy, students
Poland to take 2035 combustion-car ban to top EU court, minister says
Ukraine says it recaptured fourth village in modest counteroffensive gains
Mondelez in spotlight in Norway over Russia presence
Fox sends Tucker Carlson cease-and-desist letter – Axios
Denmark considering military submarines after almost 20 year gap
Philadelphia I-95 highway collapse snarls morning commute
Aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford sails away from Norway
Coalition aims to begin Ukrainian F-16 pilot training by summer – Dutch minister
Sweden to extradite self-proclaimed PKK supporter to Turkey amid NATO bid
Flight training for Chinese military pilots targeted in latest US export crackdown
Silvio Berlusconi: former Italian prime minister has died at 86

Exhibition outrages pro-Kremlin activists in Latvia
Council of Europe: Estonia has fulfilled 73 percent of anti-graft recommendations
Liepāja hospital accused of placebo research without consent
Lithuania cherishes its friendship with Israel – PM
Latvia will have one more MEP next term
EU must prepare for Putin’s death and destabilisation in Russia – interview
Ukrainian parliamentary delegation on official visit to Estonia this week
Latvians can feel safe that we will steadfastly stand by Latvia – US ambassador
Pop art museum opens its doors in Tallinn
Latvia: Half of politically repressed status claims rejected in recent years
Vilnius official caught splashing public funds on convertible in Miami
Rail Baltica launches digital newsletter
Lithuanian FM hands ICC evidence on Ukrainian children’s deportations
Roundtable | What Can Be Learned From Estonia’s Tech Success?
Busy week for NATO’s Baltic air police
Baltics look to NATO for air support in new defence plans
Rail Baltica main-line construction starts this year in all Baltic states
Montenegrin plane did not violate sanctions by flying to Vilnius via Belarus – regulators
Estonian government convenes to discuss ways to prune the budget
Aid convoy heads from Rīga to Kakhovka disaster victims
Lithuania introduces salaries for municipal councillors in wake of expenses scandal
Applications open for Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art summer school
Estonia, Real Estate: 12 times fewer reservations on new developments in Q1 2023 than during peak
Most locals believe foreign service workers should speak Lithuanian – survey
Estonia: Over 200 firms, organizations apply for state defenders recognition
Armenia interior ministry-Lithuania police collaboration strengthening action plan signed
Fire risk means cigarette smoking, barbecues banned on Estonian public land
Latvia approves another €430 thousand aid for Kakhovka
The EBRD invests in renewable energy developer Sunly in Estonia
Latvia: Road-building cartel faces EUR 4.4 million fine
Estonia: Free regional public transport will not end this year
Decrease in productivity caused by lack of physical exercise costs Latvia’s economy EUR 190 million – Deloitte
Urban Space Street Festival begins in Tallinn
NATO plans based on common understanding of threat – Lithuanian defense chief
Estonian men’s tennis team kick off Davis Cup campaign against Montenegro
Lithuanian troops take part in Baltic Zenith 2023 exercise in Latvia
Police in Estonia and Kazakhstan Investigate Atomic Wallet Hack
Russian Citizens Take Language Test to Avoid Latvian Expulsion
Estonia’s global arms buying spree seeks drastic combat gains
Three Lithuanian municipalities declare emergency over drought
Estonia’s support for research and development activities of businesses only a fraction of the OECD average
Burning fuel tank blocks highway in Salaspils, Latvia
Russia detains two Estonian PPA workers after accidental border crossing
Russia’s war in Ukraine poses threat to Middle East, world – Lithuanian PM in Palestine
Melanie Fink on Future of Justice System in Estonia and Beyond
Sami turn down participation in Lapland wind power survey
North Macedonia is the home of EIT’s latest innovation hub
Cyprus calls for EU support against Erdoğan
Basque: The “Miracle” Of Europe’s Most Isolated And Obscure Language
Authoritarian investment in southeastern Europe is a security threat. Here’s what NATO can do.
Turkey Digs In on Sweden’s NATO Bid as Allies Mount Pressure
Swarms of NATO Jets Over Germany May Cause Air Travel Chaos
Russian missile attack kills 11 in Ukrainian president’s hometown
Norway to mandate solar power for new government buildings from 2024
Putin says he might try to seize more nearby territory in Ukraine to prevent cross-border strikes
Illinois becomes first state to pass law curtailing book bans
Finland set to have 1.5m EVs by 2040, but lags behind Nordic neighbours
Denmark to curb children’s data collection by tech giants
Death toll from Kenyan doomsday cult crosses 300
Belarus will not hesitate to use nukes if aggressed: Lukashenko

1940 June 14: Soviets shoot down Finnish commercial airliner Kaleva returning from Tallinn to Helsinki
1941 June 14: Soviet Mass Deportations from Baltic States:
1982 June 14: Falkland Islands Liberation Day
Latvia’s United List proposes two-day ‘coalition seminar’
Immigration without integration: Belarusian and Russian arrivals in Lithuania may end up in ghettos
Latvia: Soviet deportations remembered 82 years on
More than 25,000 Ukrainians employed in Lithuania
Estonia: 1.5-hour commute to school raises concern for Chancellor of Justice
Global Impact Award: Bank of Lithuania
Minister: Joint Expeditionary Force crucial to Estonia’s defense
Lithuania commemorates victims of Soviet mass deportations
Two in five Estonian adults wanted to study more last year
Forest fire warning remains in place across Latvia
Estonian Defense Forces conscripts can now apply to serve together as circle of friends group
Major investment in modern Latvian recycling plant
Lithuania plans to adapt airports to handle military aircraft
Estonia has the biggest budget in the Baltics
Nordic and Baltic consumers consider Oreo boycott over Russia ties
Meeting of European Churches underway in Estonia
Latvia: Volvo driver handed 180 km/h speeding ticket
Estonia’s urban-rural divide: Cracks at home become a chasm abroad
Latvia’s first-ever slime mold exhibit underway
World must condemn Soviet crimes as strongly as Nazism, says Lithuanian official
Estonia: Victims of June 1941 deportations commemorated in Tallinn
Quarter of Latvian population at risk of poverty
Basketball: Breakers pick up ‘influential’ teen giant from Lithuania
Estonia to send €457,000 aid to Ukraine to help overcome consequences of Kakhovka HPP blowing up
Expenses scandal slashes support for Lithuania’s top parties
Estonia: Road construction short hundreds of millions
Names of deportees read out in Lithuania, Strasbourg to mark Day of Mourning and Hope
Estonia’s Premier Wins Confidence Vote That Breaks Deadlock
Pianist Osokins raises 20,000 euros for Ukraine with concert series
Kai Realo: Green turn is both inevitable and an opportunity for Estonia
Lithuania’s low-income families cannot afford to keep homes warm – OECD rep
Maths teacher: Threshold to pass basic school math exam should be abolished
Lithuanian Jewish leader calls for state’s reaction to MP’s anti-Semitic remarks
Riigikogu passes amendments reducing benefits for large families
IMF warns of “serious implications for future prosperity” in Latvia
Lithuania joins €107m air defence purchase for Ukraine
Estonia set to become first Baltic state to legalise same-sex marriage
Some 1,000 German troops to come for exercises in Lithuania
Main Obstacle to Ukraine’s NATO Accession Is Not Hungary, Says Latvian President
Taiwan General Chamber of Commerce to promote food products on Lithuania trip
Estonian language learners put on sustainable fashion show
Nine-hour move operation saves oak at Rīga bus station
Lithuanian Saints celebrate 30th anniversary of missionary work
Bronze Age Artifacts Found at Estonia’s Asva Mound
Tele2 Lithuania Sets Official 5G Speed Record on 26 GHz Band
Latvian PM, US citizen Kariņš wants to drag US sanctioned mayor’s minion party into the government
Klaipedos Nafta has new long-term strategy focused on energy transformation and climate neutrality
Lithuania nails SpiceJet after inspection, fresh insolvency cases in English courts
Iran President Rails Against US Sanctions During Visit to Nicaragua
USA extends protection for migrants from Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Nepal
Catalonia to be awarded World Region of Gastronomy 2025
Catalan separatists want university classes taught in the local language. Spanish academics resist the change.
Comedian from North Ossetia Ariana Lolaeva demands to recognize article on discrediting Russian army as unconstitutional
Karakalpak human rights defender Dauletmurat Tajimuratov sentenced to remain in prison for sixteen years
A Not-So-Secret U.S.-South Korea Action Plan
Russian Missiles Strike Ukraine as Counter-Offensive Makes Limited Gains
Ugandan law widens Anglican Church rift over LGBTQ rights
Unprecedented 3-year agreement between Norway and UNESCO: US$ 45 million for education
Nigeria allows naira to drop more than 36% on official market
Will Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Have a ‘Left Hook’?
Russian soldiers’ corpses line road into liberated Ukrainian village
Valery Zaluzhny, the man behind Ukraine’s counter-offensive
Clooney Foundation sues Venezuela over alleged human rights abuses
OECD Economic Surveys: Sweden
U.S. senator Jim Risch blocks arms sales to Hungary over blocking Sweden’s NATO bid
Belarus starts taking delivery of Russian nuclear weapons
Turkey won’t back Swedish NATO bid unless it stops anti-Turkish protests, Erdogan says
Denmark could train Ukrainian F-16 pilots this summer
Analysis: Ukraine counteroffensive takes shape but main test still to come
Finland’s nuclear catacombs nearly ready to house waste
At least 79 drown, countless missing in migrant shipwreck off Greece
Ukraine war: ‘Extremely fierce battles’ as Kyiv seeks to advance
Germany to buy Iron Dome air defense system from Israel
MEPs Grill Poland Over Anti-Russian Influence Law

June 15: International Uyghur Language Day
Baltic States Lag on LGBT+ Rights
On the border between Belarus and Latvia, migrants face hunger, freezing temperatures, beatings and death
Health System Performance Assessment Framework for Estonia
University enrollment criteria change this year in Latvia
US A-10 Warthogs in maritime target exercise off Estonian coast
Liepāja port sees tenfold increase in shipments over the year
New names added to Tallinn’s Victims of Communism memorial
Latvia is close to declaring an emergency situation in farming
Estonia set to become first ex-Soviet state to back gay marriage
The National Film Centre of Latvia announces its production grants for 2023
Estonia one of strictest Schengen states on visa issuing
Latvia: Court process ongoing in ‘Ukrainian flag attack’ case
Vilnius second-hand bookshops are facing tough times
Minister: Latvian agriculture is facing an emergency due to drought
Riigikogu worked through the night on bills tied to confidence votes
24 forest and grass fires in 24 hours in Latvia
Lithuanian MP under investigation after posting anti-Semitic remarks
Latvian media organizations ask for dismissal of regulatory body
Four Lithuanian dentists head to Ukraine’s Kharkiv
Estonia: Stora Enso closes Näpi Sawmill, 100 people to lose jobs
Estonia: Javelin thrower Gedly Tugi takes first place in Czech Republic
Baltics and Poland pile pressure for Ukraine’s NATO membership – NYT
Liisa Rohumaa: It is time more straight people supported LGBTQ+ rights in Estonia
Lithuania’s Freedom Party leader says no support for tax reform
Russia releases Estonian PPA officers detained on Tuesday
ERM cancels Israeli artists’ exhibition over ‘Russian’ concerns
Latvia’s housing prices up 6% on year
Lithuanian public is getting more involved in refugee integration – UNHCR rep
Ventspils named business-friendliest city of Latvia
Riigikogu forced to cut short excise duty hike deliberations
Estonia holds combat aircraft exercise between two largest islands
Estonia in the line of fire
Latvia: Tourist numbers up again in April
Estonia’s NyxAir to launch Bari-Tivat flights – report
PM Kariņš remains in office after confidence vote
Parts of Lithuania experience water supply disruptions amid spiking consumption
Bank windfall profit tax may weaken Lithuania’s reputation – IMF
New Chinese ambassador arrives in Latvia
Estonia drafting law to use frozen Russian assets to rebuild Ukraine
Let’s send signal to Putin from Vilnius by inviting Ukraine to join – interview with former NATO chief Rasmussen
Lithuanian police will not investigate sexual assault allegations at Rammstein concert
‘Extremely high risk’ of forest fires across Estonia
Cuba, Iran presidents meet in Havana, vow to confront ‘Yankee imperialism’
Collapse of a mountain peak in Austria amid thawing permafrost triggers a huge rockfall
Breton urges more EU countries to ban Huawei, ZTE from networks
Faroe Islands resumes controversial dolphin hunt
Frankfurt Guest of Honor Slovenia: A ‘Honeycomb of Words’
Portugal: 47 footballers victim of human trafficking released
UK and Portugal celebrate the world’s longest diplomatic alliance
Italy mourns and asks who will succeed Berlusconi
Russian telecoms investor loses claim against Turkmenistan
Tajikistan Aims to Revitalize Transportation Corridor to Europe
Four more Allies join NATO’s Multinational Ammunition Warehousing Initiative
Mapping the Indian Ocean Region
European Central Bank diverges from Fed, raising rates to highest in 22 years
Israel’s military called the settler attack on this Palestinian town a ‘pogrom.’ Videos show soldiers did little to stop it
Australia blocks Russia from building new embassy near parliament
New Zealand: Economy slips into recession after interest rate hikes
Japan Passes Watered-Down LGBTQ Bill Opposed by Rights Groups and Conservatives
Ukraine to get more Leopard-2 tanks from Western partners
Beyoncé blamed for keeping inflation high in Sweden. Is Springsteen next?
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy says ‘vital’ that Switzerland allow re-export of weapons
Strengthening European defence. The Italy-Germany action plan
Ukraine reports advances in early stages of counterattack
Finland soon to see Europe’s cheapest electricity – analyst
Exclusive: African leaders to propose ‘confidence building measures’ to Russia, Ukraine
Parliament calls on NATO to invite Ukraine to join the alliance
Russia tries to signal normalcy as Ukraine forces advance
US senators launch bill to seize and transfer Russian assets to Ukraine
US government agencies hit in global hacking spree

1904 June 16: Bloomsday
Tank battalion and surveillance left out of Estonia’s national defense plan
Avian flu warning throughout Latvia
Estonia donates €100,000 to alleviate humanitarian situation in Syria
Rīga expects over 60 cruise ships this summer
EBU chief: governments are putting more pressure on public media – interview
Cooperation prospects in focus of Latvia’s first political consultations with Trinidad and Tobago
Lithuanian government had EU’s go-ahead for migrant detentions – minister
Latvian potato plants doing poorly
France to step up delivery of Caesar howitzers to Lithuania
Baltic Foreign Affairs Committees prepare for Vilnius summit in Sigulda
Pevkur: NATO would fight Russia from first meter under new defense plans
Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania combat Russian propaganda: Polish UN envoy
Gauss: airBaltic could be listed in a year’s time
Lithuania restricts access to forests due to fire hazard
Canada to add 15 Leopard tanks, 130 troops to NATO battlegroup in Latvia
Lithuanian organizers put European Figure Skating Championships budget at EUR 1.5 mln
Latvia’s new passenger trains could be on the tracks in autumn
LTG Cargo begin regular trips on route between Lithuania and Poland
Latvia: Finance Ministry ups growth forecast for 2023
Riigikogu to process delayed laws at additional session on Monday
Famous basketball win for Latvia over mighty Spain
Record number of Tartu and Tallinn high school pupils graduate with medals
Latvia trying some WRC ideas in ERC
Estonian tennis body bans funding for athletes playing alongside Russians
Drop in Latvia’s job vacancy numbers in Q1 2023
Lithuania’s crisis centre decides against declaring national emergency over drought
Postal services of Estonia and Kazakhstan jointly to develop e-commerce
Concrete residence in latvia unfolds two distinct volumes with dynamic cantilevers
Recovery fund: Council gives green light to Estonia’s amended national plan
Lithuania Targets Dual-Use Products to Russia in Signal to EU
Some still oppose NATO’s regional defence plans – Lithuanian minister
NATO ministers agree on rotational air defence – Lithuania’s Anušauskas
Modern wood product plant under construction in Tukums, Latvia
Air pollution from forest fires becomes more common in Estonia
Goals and Summary of Latvia 2-3 Turkey in UEFA EURO 2024 Qualification
NATO to deploy anti-aircraft forces to alliance’s eastern flank
Lithuania considers banning dual-use goods transit, fearing they end up in Russia
European Union grants Estonia nearly €1 billion in support
The Evolution of Lithuania’s Energy Market: Past, Present, and Future
Estonia to draft law to use Russian assets for Ukraine’s reconstruction
Elering: Lithuania speeding up desynchronization process breaches agreement
Foresight Centre: Green Investments Bring Major Economic Profit to Estonia
Taiwan, Lithuania sign MOU to bolster agricultural cooperation
The 17-car, four-make battle set to commence in Latvia
Estonia finds solution for forwarding frozen Russian assets to Ukraine
Exploring the Growth and Challenges of Lithuania’s Energy Market
Belgium flirts with joining FCAS fighter program
Binance to Quit Netherlands After Failing to Acquire License
France, Germany at loggerheads over EU spending rules
France to invest Eur300 million/year in clean aviation over 2024-30
France investigates Binance over money-laundering, canvassing breaches
Croatia Company to Help Repair Ukraine’s Soviet-Era Tanks
EU calls Serbia and Kosovo to Brussels for crisis talks after recent tensions
Greece boat disaster: Up to 500 people still missing says UN
Italy’s Government Acts to Curb Chinese Influence on Tiremaker Pirelli
Romania unveils new government after unprecedented PM switch
Another Crimean Tatar Activist Gets A Lengthy Prison Term in Russia On Terrorism Charges
Kazakhstan to chair the Dialogue of Women of Central Asia 2023
Wave of closures of Telegram news channels in Uzbekistan
NATO Has No Good News for Ukraine
EU and NATO have further deepened their strategic partnership
NATO Weighs Extending Stoltenberg Term
A NATO Office in Japan: Much Ado About Not Much
ECB warns Brussels against windfall levy on frozen Russian assets
Canada’s population surpasses 40 million
Taiwan crisis could erupt before 2027, U.S. lawmaker warns
Australia’s visa overhaul leaves Chinese millionaires in limbo
Zelenskyy: Ukraine Meets ‘Very Tough Resistance’ Dislodging Russian Forces
U.S. still expects Sweden’s NATO ascension by July despite Turkey tensions, U.S. ambassador says
Russian troops to get bonuses for destroying Western tanks
2023 Trafficking in Persons Report: Belarus
Four-party coalition deal struck in Finland
NATO meeting fails to approve first defense plans since Cold War
NATO Must Answer Putin’s Latest Nuclear Threat Tit-For-Tat
Norway, Denmark to Send 9,000 Artillery Rounds to Ukraine
Xi Jinping meets Bill Gates in China, calls him ‘an old friend’
Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Is Underway. How It’s Going Isn’t Clear
African leaders greeted with explosions over Kyiv on peace mission to Ukraine
African leaders start peace mission in Ukraine despite Russian missile barrage
Germany finds that on defence, growing up is hard to do
Focus of war shifting south towards Mariupol, Ukrainian minister says
US Energy Dept got two ransom requests from Cl0p in data breach
African peace mission: Ramaphosa’s security stuck in Poland

1944 June 17: Icelandic National Day
1953 June 17: Uprising of 1953 in East Germany
1972 June 17: Who Needs Watergate, When There Is WordPress
Russia’s war in Ukraine: Canada to deploy tank squadron to Latvia
Estonia supports special tribunal on crime of Russian aggression
Reinhard Krumm reporting: trailblazing foreign correspondent recalls the 1990s
Supreme Court part-annuls Gerli Mutso China spying conviction
Latvia and Turkey produce injury time thriller
Canada to send 15 Leopard 2 tanks to Latvia
Baltic defences enter accelerated growth – opinion
Estonia: Shipbuilder BWB gets offshore wind farm boon
Latvia: Road building cartel to result in million-repayment to EU
Fledgling political party in Estonia wants more neutral stance on Russia
Obstacles to Russian decolonisation – opinion
Ukraine war shines light on peculiarities of Russian elite forces
Estonia: Supreme Court upholds Sergei Seredenko ruling
Riigkogu speaker: Estonia backs Ukraine through to final victory
British Army Sergeant based at Tapa dismissed after punching soldier
Destructive ash tree pest may spread from Russia to Estonia
Estonia: Poor strawberry season may lead to surge in sales fraud
Rockfall narrowly misses village of Brienz in Switzerland
The top 10 riders of The Isle of Man TT 2023
Why Irish is holding its own while other languages languish
LGBTQ: Inside Wales’ first Ballroom community
Flipping The Channels: Moldova Faces A Huge Challenge Countering Pro-Kremlin Propaganda
Press Putin on release of political prisoners: Zelenskyy to African leaders
Russia’s Net Tightens Around Dissidents Sheltering In Kyrgyzstan
NATO focuses on underwater assets amid Russia sabotage concerns
North Korea Opens Key Party Meeting to Tackle its Struggling Economy and Talk Defense Strategies
Japan expands the definition of rape and raises the age of consent to 16 from 13
Defense Ministry: Ukraine advances 2 kilometers in multiple directions
Germany hands over 2 Indigenous masks to Colombia as it reappraises its colonial past
Militants kill 37, abduct six others in attack on Ugandan school
Ukraine’s counteroffensive is now underway. Here’s what’s happened so far
Ukraine tells African mission no peace talks with Russia before withdrawal
Spanish charity rescues 117 migrants sailing from Libya
Climate warming pits geese against farmers in Finland
Sweden to move ahead with 2030 Winter Games bid
First ‘Trooping the Colour’ parade for Britain’s King Charles
Russian forces face shortage of tanks as counteroffensive creeps forward
Europe’s Worst Housing Market Shows Signs of Life
Sweden confirms it will train Ukrainian pilots to use Gripen jets

2006 June 18: Catalan Statute of Autonomy referendum
1865 June 19: Juneteenth National Independence Day, US
June 20: World Refugee Day
1792 June 21: Iolo Morganwg founds Gorsedd of Wales
June 21: Canada Indigenous Peoples Day
1919 June 23: Victory Day in Estonian War of Independence
1919 June 23: Victory Day in Latvian War of Independence
1941 June 23: June Uprising, Lithuania
1941 June 24: Rainiai massacre
1876 June 25: Battle of Little Bighorn, US
1975 June 25: Mozambique Independence Day