The Rupture

Polish town replaces anti-LGBT resolution with anti-discrimination declaration amid EU funding threat

1918 January 8: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points on free trade, democracy and self-determination
Sweden Can’t Meet Some of Turkey’s Demands for NATO Bid, PM Says
Argentina and China formalize currency swap deal
NATO Declines Serbia’s Request to Deploy Its Troops in Kosovo
The South Korean drag queen raising LGBT awareness

More Ukrainian refugees leaving Estonia than arriving
Latvia’s parliament building in critical condition
‘This is obscene’ – Lithuanian regulators urge banks to close rate gap between loans and deposits
Apartments 40 times cheaper in Kiviõli than Tallinn
Russia’s Revolut fined €70,000 in Lithuania for missing financial deadline
Latvia’s president criticises government for taking money away from culture
Lithuanian president plans pre-summit tour to convince NATO to accept Ukraine
Only Isamaa in favor of retaining Estonia’s so-called income tax hump
[Latvia] Former minister Gundars Bērziņš dies aged 63
[Estonia] Archbishop calls for return of church property held by museums
Latvia’s ‘Defense Makeathon’ produces quick-application tourniquet
Lithuania recognised as Innovation Champion at CES 2023
Latvia’s beloved bear Ilzīte sends out birthday invitations
Lithuania deal to dismantle Soviet-era nuclear reactors could be world first
[Latvia] State Security Service probes alleged justification of Russia’s war online
Over 100 Ukrainian artists received grants in Lithuania
In Estonia, a new boost for personalised healthcare
Thousands join traditional January 13 run in Vilnius to commemorate Soviet crackdown victims
Comprehensive new book shows unique beauty of Seto folk costumes
‘Lost’ late mother found and finally laid to rest
Haapsalu winter fair focuses on Seto rather than Russian culture
After speaking to Kremlin media, Lithuanian lawyer deemed threat to national security
VR-1 FOX: SUV and buggy combined in Latvian military vehicle project
Lithuania’s anti-corruption watchdog received over 4,700 tip-offs in 2022
US infantry orchestra performs to close out Tallinn Christmas market
Despite earlier misgivings, Lithuanian parliamentary delegation visits Taiwan
[Latvia] Business sentiment up slightly in December
Isamaa wants to raise fine for not speaking Estonian to €9,600
Latvian minister says it is too soon to speak of liquidation of Russian-standard railway lines
Two thirds of Estonians want to reduce felling in state forests
One person accused of organising August 2021 riot at Lithuanian parliament
Estonia to Move Ahead of EU With Plans to Seize Russian Assets
The Kernavė Archaeological Site, the Curonian Spit, and our fascination with history
Estonia to fund projects linking young Ukrainian refugees to their culture
NATO Uses Rafale Fighters To Chase Russian Warplanes; Air Force Says Carried Out 60 Sorties In A Month!
[Estonia] Reform, SDE ministers disagree over raising defense spending
Liechtenstein prelate cancels parliamentary Mass over gay marriage bill
Slovenia to incentivize installation of batteries for prosumers
Armenia detains anti-Russia protesters as anger grows over Karabakh blockade
ICC Investigation in Georgia: A Success Story?
Turkmenistan bans unmarried women from obtaining driving licenses
Uzbekistan kickstarts banking privatization with sale of ailing lender
All Eyes on Georgia’s Black Sea Dream
The European Union and the war in Ukraine: liberal power and its limits
Poland in talks with Germany over giving Leopard tanks to Ukraine
Donating tanks to Ukraine gathers growing support in Finland
Romania quietly catches up with richer neighbours, helped by EU cash
Norway’s sovereign fund still behind on climate
Canada finalizes agreement to buy 88 US F-35 fighter jets
Finland prepares security agreement with the US
United Arab Emirates says it will teach Holocaust in schools
Green power giant EDPR sues Poland and Romania over ‘unfair’ windfall raids
Biden declares emergency for California due to winter storms
Sweden Aims to Reactivate Civil Conscription to Boost Defense
China holds large-scale joint strike drills aimed at Taiwan
Belarus And Russia To Conduct Joint Air Force Exercises
UN says ozone layer slowly healing, hole to mend by 2066
Norway’s $30 Billion of Projects to Sustain Gas Flow to 2026
UK considering giving battle tanks to Ukraine – Sky News
Sweden looks to Canada as it launches truth commission into treatment of Indigenous people
Germany garages searched in suspected chemical attack plot
In Polar Night, Norway-Russia Kids Event Lights Up Christmas
As Brazil reels from riots, Bolsonaro finds home in Florida
Sweden in talks with the United States on closer military ties
Russia intensifies assaults on Ukrainian salt mining town and eastern front
Journalists from Belarus’ top news outlet go on trial
Donors offer over $9B for Pakistan after devastating floods
EU should agree remaining climate laws by summer, Sweden says
‘Super’ wellboat arrives in Faroe Islands

1983 January 10: Margaret Thatcher Day, Falkland Islands
Estonian authorities plan to confiscate billions in Russian assets by the end of January
Priorities of Latvia’s Minister of Transport. Perhaps this time Latvia will end up the winner?
[Estonia] Unemployment highest since peak of Covid crisis, expected to rise further
Telecoms issues across Latvia on Monday caused by ‘human error’
Adviser: window to approve tax reform in Lithuania is closing
Deadwood is the habitat of the year in Latvia
In Lithuania, it was confirmed, citizens of Belarus are asked at the border “Whose Crimea is?”
Rēzekne plans to abandon gas for heating by end of year
[Estonia] Former ESTDEV chief accused of neglecting Ukraine, EaP states
Latvia likely to send more ‘Stingers’ to Ukraine
Estonian Jewish group concerned over EKRE MP integration board appointment
Radio Free Europe opens office in Vilnius
New Rīga business complex gets planning approval
[Estonia] Churches want restitution of all their property under new museums law
Latvia’s security is also US’ security – ambassador
Domestic visitors make up for Russian tourism decline in Ida-Viru County
Lithuania launches campaign to prep society for war, crises
airBaltic to provide in-flight high-speed internet
Wrong time to raise retirement age in Lithuania, says president’s adviser
Ten more buses head from Rīga to Kyiv
Tallinn’s Kosmos cinema on sale for €8.25 million
Latvia’s president gives coalition homework; wishes to correct parties’ finances
[Estonia] Biotech, precision medicine centers receive record €60 million funding
EC approves EUR 14mn Lithuanian measure to support construction of terminal in Vilnius airport
CybExer Technologies expands cyber range as a service offering
Lithuania-Taiwan cooperation to focus on digital literacy, internships in tech firms
[Latvia] Sacrifice caves chosen as archaeology monument of 2023
Betsafe becomes the title sponsor of the Women’s Baltic Basketball League
‘TV Rain’ granted Dutch broadcast license, will relocate from Rīga to Amsterdam
Estonia Announces Plan To Seize Russian Assets And Deliver Them To Ukraine
STRATCOMCOE podcast looks at information literacy in wartime
Estonia’s defense forces get 400 new Carl-Gustav M4 grenade launchers
Estonia to introduce legal blueprint for handing Ukraine seized Russian assets
Latvia plans to abolish repatriation law
A glimpse into lives of Lithuanian special operations soldiers
Estonian FM calls for continued isolation of Belarus’ Lukashenko regime
Belarus has become a base for the restoration of Russian military equipment – Slaidins
Konrad Mägi exhibition in Norway voted one of most important art events
From Brexit to Regrexit
A Journey Along Montenegro’s $1 Billion Chinese-Built Highway
How Karadzic spoke about Bosnia and Herzegovina on January 9th, 1992?
Slovakia in 2023: seeking an end to political chaos without becoming a ‘little hungary’
Turkmenistan: Mister Berdymukhamedov goes to Beijing
Masdar adds to Central Asia ambitions with gigascale Kyrgyzstan green power plan
Japarov wants Kyrgyzstan’s $4.2bn external debt ploughed into building green economy
After year of turmoil, Kazakhstan looks for reform to translate into closer Western ties
NATO and European Union leadership sign third joint declaration
Russian publisher investigated by authorities under new anti-LGBT law
Russia is now fighting NATO in Ukraine, top Putin ally says
Taiwan calls on Germany to help maintain ‘regional order’
8 Croats in court in Zambia on child trafficking charge
‘Climate terrorists’ is Germany’s ‘non-word of the year’ 2022
Britain’s satellite hopes undimmed by mission failure
EU to impose more sanctions on Belarus over its support for Russia
Iran sentences Belgian aid worker to prison, lashes
Belarus legalizes piracy – but citizens will have to pay for it
Classified documents from Biden’s vice presidency found at think tank
Sweden to nearly double its defense budget following war in Ukraine
Philippine court voids oil exploration pact involving China
Hackers hit websites of Danish central bank, other banks
China suspends issuing visas in Japan and South Korea
Armenia cancels military drills, widening rift with Moscow
Prince Harry’s memoir breaks UK sales record on first day of release
Europe has avoided energy collapse. But is the crisis over?
‘Land covered in corpses’ as Russia strives for first big Ukraine gains in months
World Bank: Recession a looming threat for global economy
German minister promises Ukraine weapons, EU accession help on surprise trip
Powell: Fed has only narrow role to play on climate change
Longtime Trump CFO Weisselberg gets 5 months in jail in tax fraud case
Why should France listen to Corsica’s demand for autonomy?

[Estonia] First ever commander of the restored Defense League passes away
Latvia’s Ministry of Finance warns export value growth rate is going down
[Estonia] Rescue Association sends brand new mobile kitchen to Ukraine
Latvia has borrowed EUR 750 million on international markets
Defenders of ‘freedom’ or ‘independence’? New honours confuse relatives of Lithuania’s January 13 victims
[Latvia] PM Kariņš: no tax changes planned, Song and Dance Festival funding is safe
Latvia’s PM says changing taxes this year would be completely unfair
German, Lithuanian Lawmakers Show Support With Taiwan Visit
Latvia and Estonia discuss joint air defense
Lithuania’s Teltonika, Taiwan’s ITRI to sign chip agreement next week – minister
Still many uncertainties around Skulte LNG terminal construction
Major Festivals from Poland, Romania and Lithuania among Founders of SMART7
Latvian officials seize thousands of cigarettes from Belarus freight trains
[Estonia] Kindergartens increase fees to cover teacher pay rises
[Latvia] Ogre school denies preaching at pupils
Lithuanian MPs consider measures to restrict business with Russia
Asahi Shimbun: There is much to learn from how Lithuania fought for independence
Lizard tips the scales in its favor as Latvia’s animal of the year 2023
Leech sucks on to the title of invertebrate of the year in Latvia
Lithuanian designer builds iconic Kaunas building in Lego
Latvia’s inflation rate still above 20%
Lithuanian president makes unannounced visit to Ukraine
Kaja Kallas: Estonia is now regarded as an equal at the EU table
Concerns for migrant welfare in Lithuania and Latvia as projects close
Estonia bans steel imports from Russia
Lithuanian cabinet endorses controversial migrant pushback legislation
Nasdaq Tallinn stock exchange chief: Estonia has wasted years
MP and mayoral candidate suggests same-sex unions only in Vilnius
Estonia tells Russia to reduce number of diplomats in Tallinn
[Estonia] Sikkut seeking free transport solution for disabled people and preschoolers
Lithuania will send air defense and anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine – Nauseda
Estonia’s Premier Sees ‘Isolated, Bitter’ Future With Far Right
The Baltic states remain on guard against Russia
[Estonia] Culture minister recalls EKRE MP from Integration Foundation board
Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania sign joint declaration of cooperation and support
[Estonia] Parties expect to spend up to €1.5 million on election campaigns
Latvia’s LDZ Cargo takes over transportation of Russian goods in Estonia
Volodymyr Zelensky: Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania together will go all the way to restore security of our state and the whole of Europe
Estonia expels more Russian diplomats in model for EU
Why was a free state not established in the west of Lithuania, by the Baltic Sea?
Baltic ministers call for new defense plan at upcoming NATO summit
Portugal sees increase in nurses leaving country, mainly for Switzerland
Thierry Breton: Brussels’ bulldozer digs in against US
Why is the Irish language so widely abused on public signs?
Denmark Secretly Inserted IUDs in Greenland’s Women for Decades
Japan hugs UK close as it seeks to push back against China
Mayors’ Statement About ‘Serbian Motherland’ Angers Montenegro Opposition
Albania grapples with emigration of medical staff
Croatia joins Europe’s Schengen Area: What is it and how does it work?
7 reasons why Spain and Portugal are about to become a green hydrogen powerhouse
UK’s Princess Anne visits British peacekeepers on Cyprus
‘Homage to Catalonia,’ the inspiration for ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’
Moldova and Türkiye: Keeping Friends Close
Czechia in 2023: new realities
Czech presidential race wide open after court ruling
Azerbaijan appoints first ever ambassador to Israel amid Iran row
Desperate Ukraine Wants Its Buk Missile Defense System Back That Kyiv ‘Gave For Free’ To Georgia In 2008
China looks set to build naval base in Argentina, a ‘gateway’ to Antarctica: Reports
Tajikistan police use public shaming to silence women
Outlook 2023: Uzbekistan
NATO and the EU set up taskforce on resilience and critical infrastructure
European Union Energy Regulator Plans First Step for LNG Benchmark Alternative to TTF
ECB will keep raising rates ‘significantly’ at sustained pace, De Cos says
‘Billionaires clash’ as $21bn Australia-to-Singapore green power mega-plan hits rocks
Leader of influential Hindu group backs LGBT rights in India
Iowa House Republicans introduce bills on school LGBT, curriculum policies
Corsica Ferries sets sights on first wind-powered RoRo cargo ship
Sweden is facing its ‘day of reckoning’ as house prices plummet
Costumes, cowbells herald Spanish winter ritual
How Germany became Europe’s leading Big Tech trust buster
UK ambulance workers walk out, joining wave of strike action
Sweden OKs Transfer of Archer Self-Propelled Howitzers to Ukraine
China renews threat against Taiwan as island holds drills
Finland’s refusal to cooperate with rosatom should become an example for other states
U.S. military tanks at Dutch port en route to NATO frontier
Never mind Britain: Germany looks for US to lead the way on battle tanks to Ukraine
UK police investigating uranium-tainted cargo at Heathrow
Why does ‘Putin’s chef’ want Ukraine’s Soledar so badly?
Greece’s former king to be buried as a private citizen
Intelligence chief: Russian espionage in Sweden likely to increase
6 stabbed in Paris train station, attacker shot by police
Lukashenka is repopulating Belarus with pro-government citizens
Finland’s wind power capacity increased by 75% last year
Belarus is creating an analog of PMC “Wagner” for the invasion of Ukraine
The world’s smallest vinyl record has been created in Denmark
Germany: Police clear climate activists from coal village
Sweden plans new law to enable nuclear plant construction
Zelenskiy says Ukraine must ‘be ready’ at Belarus border
Poland to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine, if others do, too
German industry is losing green energy race, autos association warns
Poland and Ukraine to open “energy bridge” linking electricity grids
Russian reshuffle puts top general in charge of faltering Ukraine invasion

Red alert on flood in Jēkabpils municipality, Latvia
Injured in Ukraine, Lithuanian volunteers forced to foot medical bills
MEPs: Cutting Russian diplomat numbers in Estonia should have come earlier
Latvia’s mushroom of the year finally picked
Nausėda: it is vital for Lithuania to shift to universal defence
Daugavpils mulls future plans for its airport
Armenian president to visit Estonia next week
Minimum income level reform planned as of July in Latvia
Deteriorating demographics in Lithuania must be deemed threat to national security
‘Meritocratic’ Latvian investment company targets New Nordic opportunities
[Estonia] Liimets: If Moscow wants to send strong signal, it recalls its ambassador
Lithuania ‘creates false impression’ of independent Taiwan, says China
[Latvia] Saeima consents to criminal prosecution of MP Grevcova
Estonian president discusses support for Ukraine with Croatian PM
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty opens major Rīga bureau
Can Lithuania completely halt Russian imports?
S. Korea’s new envoy to Latvia
Lithuanian Government Approves Amendments to Law On State Border, Protection & Legal Status of Foreigners
Green Genius to build a 100 MW solar PV project in Latvia
Lithuania will offer Ukraine more than anti-aircraft guns – defence minister
Incredit Group fined EUR 16,000 for unfair commercial practices
[Common Sense] Maria Zakharova: ‘Russophobia’ official Estonian doctrine
[Latvia] Extensive Barricades commemorative program confirmed
Summary and goals of Finland 0-1 Estonia in Friendly Match
Celebrating too early? Experts comment on inflation decline outlooks in Latvia
Entrepreneur: Dangerous fertilizer removed from Muuga Harbor
First migrant death reported on Lithuanian border
Estonia begins replacing Soviet war grave markers with ‘neutral’ ones
Ukraine wants to start EU accession talks this year, says Lithuanian president
[Latvia] More than 8% of young people did not work or study in 2021
Top 40 donors to Estonia’s political parties in 2022
Latvia’s parliament invites government to review officials’ wages
Estonians’ support for accepting Ukrainian refugees remains high
‘We have never been so united again.’ Latvian filmmaker revives January 1991 events in Vilnius and Riga
[Estonia] Riigikogu rejects bill allowing rearmament of anti-personnel mines
Chairman of Latvia’s Supreme Court faces threat of possible strike of court employees
Kallas, Reinsalu at odds over Elektrilevi-Eesti Energia separation decision
Latvia’s new electric trains to use Russian-made communication blocks
Estonian visa applications fell by 40 percent in 2022
Lithuania and Poland to continue providing military aid for Ukraine
Consumers in Estonia paid over €850 million more for electricity in 2022
Westinghouse to Lead Decommissioning Project in Lithuania
Shmyhal, Smiltēns discuss Latvia’s financial, humanitarian assistance to Ukraine
Estonian FM: Russian oil products price cap could be introduced in February
New Tallinn schools seek teachers amid nationwide shortage
Visiting Lithuanian lawmaker underscores need to cooperate with Taiwan
Ambassadors of Norway, Greece present credentials to Estonian president
Monaco Yacht Club: the season’s key events
Greece, Malta lag behind in sanctioning Russian assets, EU finds
US pressures Serbia and Kosovo in effort to stop ‘violence metastasising’
Serbia says Hungary will vote against Kosovo EU, CoE membership
Inflation eases in Moldova to close to 30% y/y in December
People, Parcels, And A Dog: The Volunteer Connecting Moldova And Ukraine
Seven ways Moldova made its citizens proud in 2022
Italy could replace the US in protecting Slovakia’s airspace
Bulgaria raids offices of crypto lender Nexo
The United States and Bulgaria Celebrate 120 Years of Diplomatic Relations
Pro-EU Bulgarians to stage protest against Facebook moderator
Czech Presidential elections: Eight condenders, three favourites, two days of voting
Crimean Tatar Religious Cleric Gets 17 Years In Prison in Russia
The Humanitarian Crisis in Nagorno-Karabakh Is a Textbook Example of Ethnic Cleansing
‘Potatoes are a luxury’: Vital supplies dwindle as ‘eco-activists’ blockade a breakaway region guarded by Russia
Electricity in Abkhazia being cut for four hours a day; residents threaten not to pay
Perspectives | Turkmenistan forgets Memory Day
Central Asia: Violent Response to Protests Fuels Rights Violations
Uzbek Prosecutors Seek Lengthy Prison Terms For Karakalpak Activists
Rafiq Nishonov, Soviet-Era Leader Of Uzbekistan, Dies At 96
Hungary Angry As EU Blocks Education Grants Over Corruption Fears
Uzbekistan fights gloom as stock market fails to spark
NATO helps Jordan enhance its counter-terrorism capacity
Foreign Subsidies Regulation: rules to ensure fair and open EU markets enter into force
ECB survey shows moderating inflation expectations
Australia Seeks Closer Defense Ties with Its Nearest Neighbor
Australia pulls out of Afghanistan cricket series over Taliban’s restrictions on women
Korea Curbs Plans for Renewables in Push For More Nuclear
Here’s what it’s like to be a part of the LGBT community in these European cities
Anxiety, Depression Among LGBT Adults Worsened During COVID-19 Pandemic
‘Seriously doubt’ imminent invasion of Taiwan by China -Pentagon chief
‘Ukraine is concentrating on winning the war and reinventing itself’
Sedition charges dropped but misuse of funds and disobedience kept against Catalonia’s Puigdemont
Over one quarter of people in Germany have a migration background
France, Germany urge Ethiopia on accountability after war
Poland urges allies to join it in sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine
Worst cholera outbreak in decades kills 750 people in Malawi
Sweden’s Islamist party leader claims Muslims profiled by intelligence, rights violated
UAE names oil company chief to lead UN climate talks COP28
Norwegians Buying More Cars Keep Economy Growing in November
Mainland Chinese head to Hong Kong for mRNA COVID vaccines
Ukraine war is killing wildlife
Dem lawmakers urge Biden to void visa of Brazil’s Bolsonaro
The West reaps multiple benefits from backing Ukraine against Russia
U.S. House passes bill banning exports of reserve oil to China
‘Bloodbath’: Russia presses assault in Ukraine’s Soledar
Indian army chief: China border situation is ‘unpredictable’
German House Prices Drop for First Time in More Than a Decade
Belarus Detains Opposition Activist, Former Presidential Candidate Dzmitryeu
Germany should diversify its trade partners, economic adviser says
Russia Releases U.S. Navy Veteran Held For Nine Months
German Patriot crews to arrive in Poland next week
Almost 14,000 Ukrainian businesses created in Poland in the first nine months of 2022
Gas shortages in Germany this winter ‘increasingly unlikely’: regulator
Poland Raises New Infantry Division Along Belarus Border
Europe’s largest rare earths deposit discovered in Sweden
€120 million to Elemental for e-waste recycling in Poland
Will the war in Ukraine spell the end of Transnistria?
Turkey summons Swedish ambassador over Erdoğan effigy
Is Islamist terror a threat to Germany?
House prices are falling in one of Europe’s most expensive countries – and the UK could be next
Germany says its borrowing rose in 2022 due to pandemic, Ukraine war
Germany to send up to 40 armoured fighting vehicles to Ukraine

1991 January 13: Freedom Defenders Day in Lithuania
Estonia’s Plain and Simple Tax Policy
Freedom Defenders’ Day crucial for Lithuania’s history: former Lithuanian FM
Jēkabpils dam gives in; city evacuates residents due to flood
Lithuania starts exporting poultry to South Korea, beef exports to Taiwan in days
State aid to buy electric cars will be extended in Latvia
Lithuania’s national opera and ballet theatre removes Russian composers from repertoire
Latvian Saeima delegation makes Kyiv visit
German brigade will train in Lithuania, but not be deployed for now – interview with German ambassador
Latvian Code documentary: ‘Einarative’
Russia’s war in Ukraine sets the tone for Lithuania’s January 13 commemoration
European Commission positive on Estonia’s Russian asset seizure initiative
[Latvia] Investment agency says it helped create more than 2,000 jobs last year
Zelensky accepts Lithuania’s 2022 Freedom Prize
[Estonia] Agencies still classify too many documents
[Latvia] Steep learning curve for high-flying student rocket launchers
Ukrainian MP Magera. Lithuanian lesson for Ukraine
Public transport app problems observed with new ticket launch in Latvia
Europe maintains fine on Lithuania for removing Mažeikiai-Reņģe railway section
Latvian Capital Market Forum coming soon
Estonia: A “helping hand” for refugees
Lithuania’s former president slams ‘immature’ debate on German brigade
[Estonia] Prosecutor’s Office drops charges against Narva official in Ossipenko case
Zelensky thanks Latvia for its strong support to Ukraine
[Estonia] ERR ratings special: Russian-speaking voters reconnecting with Center
[Latvia] President Levits will head to Davos for World Economic Forum
Flowers for Lithuanian and Ukrainian independence dot Vilnius park – in photos
Muuga, Sillamäe ports pose no explosive risk comparable to Beirut incident
Lithuania-Taiwan ties moving ‘in right direction’: delegation
Estonia’s Operail finalizes sale of Finnish subsidiary for €27.7 million
Latvia’s tax service head will stay in office
Government keeps distance on Elering/Alexela spat
Poland, Lithuania want lower Russian oil cap, nuclear curbs in new EU sanctions
Interest in repatriation spikes among Russian citizens with Estonian roots
Gas pipeline explosion rocks northern Lithuania, 250 people told to evacuate
Finland confirmed to accept up to 100 Ukraine refugees a week from Estonia
‘Twitterconvoy’s’ 1000th vehicle heads from Latvia to Ukraine
[Estonia] War Museum waiting for permission to move more Soviet monuments
Poland, Lithuania push for fresh package of EU sanctions on Russia, Belarus
Austria ‘grossly deficient’ in the fight against corruption, EU says
France considering options for ‘unexploited’ higher airspace region
F-35 fighter jets coming to Iceland for NATO Air Policing Mission
Lapland – The Last Primeval Forests
Virgin Orbit eyes second Cornwall launch this year after rocket failure
San Marino national team shirts for newborns
Montenegro in 2023: Searching for Path Back to Political Stability
Albania set to open embassy in Ukraine
Gay Couple in Albania Eyes Strasbourg in Battle over Parental Rights
Serbia sees itself as heir to Yugoslavia’s nonaligned tradition
Greece in spotlight over trial of activists, volunteers who rescued migrants
Archaeological artifact sheds light on mysterious Basque language
Five talking points for the 2023 cycling season
Pope Francis ‘re-enters’ Scottish independence debate while discussing Catalonia
Romania Is Hiding its Light
Budapest Police Officer Killed, Two Others Injured in Knife Attack
The Czech Republic is looking for a president
Czech Republic: Welcoming the world for 30 years
NATO deploys AWACS surveillance planes to Romania
For Israel’s ambassador to Azerbaijan, Iranian death threats are all in a day’s work
Nagorno-Karabakh: 120,000 isolated Armenians risk humanitarian catastrophe
Switzerland No Longer Accepts Russian Travel Documents Issued From Occupied Areas in Ukraine & Georgia
Kyrgyzstan Blogger Arrested After Court Cancels Probation
Kazakhstan to deliver 300,000 tons of oil to Germany through Russia
Kazakhstan’s National Bank Keeps Base Rate at 16.75 Percent
Is Turkey a Crucial or Corrosive NATO Ally?
Ukraine defence minister: We are a de facto member of Nato alliance
NATO Secretary General meets with the Bosniak Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina
How to re-arm NATO for the post-Ukraine future
Nimitz carrier strike group sails in disputed South China Sea
Growing tensions between Asian palm oil producers and the European Union
What’s next for the European Parliament?
ECB: Market research on possible technical solutions for a digital euro
Euro zone banks to repay another 63 bln euros worth of ECB loans
How do the Federal Reserve and ECB differ on tackling climate change?
Euro Rally May Have More Room to Run as ECB Takes Hawkish Baton From Fed
ECB tells bankers to get picky with risky clients, including hedge funds
US, Japan Sign Space Collaboration Agreement at NASA Headquarters
Biden and Kishida Vow to Bolster U.S.-Japan Alliance as China’s Power Grows
Japan’s ‘widow-maker’ trade has finally come good
Could Beijing Risk a Diversionary War Against Taiwan?
Introducing Sussex Class: Air New Zealand Pokes Fun At Prince Harry’s Airline Claim
Canadian publisher pulls Catholic textbooks after LGBT criticism
Harvard course teaches med students how to treat infants who ‘identify’ as LGBT
Former LGBT activist now helps parents de-program their kids
China’s foreign ministry branch in Hong Kong urges British gov’t to stop Hong Kong report
Scientists identify the largest amber-preserved flower
Japan estimates Fukushima water release to start in ‘spring or summer’
Norway Stocks up on Ammunition With Major Order
UN chief: Rule of law risks becoming `Rule of Lawlessness’
Fears of migrant deaths rise after bodies found in eastern Poland
Ukrainian swamps make attack from Belarus unlikely – for now
Belarus could join war if Ukraine ‘invades’, says Russia
Maduro’s newest foe: an in-home caregiver who fled Venezuela
Sweden opens first satellite launch port on EU mainland
Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, dies at 54
Poland lawmakers back law intended to release EU funds
Russia says it took Soledar, Ukraine denies its capture
Fears of recession in Germany ease as economy grows 1.9% in 2022
Swedish PM Kristersson says EU needs to discuss competitiveness, not just state-aid
Putin has lost the gas war against Germany
Rifts in Russian military command seen amid Ukraine fighting
Tesla turns up heat on rivals with global price cuts
Donald Trump’s company sentenced to pay $1.61 mln penalty for tax fraud
Japan is seeking military ties beyond its U.S. ally
Sweden: Erdogan effigy ‘act of sabotage’ against NATO bid
Judge rejects as ‘absurd’ Trump bid to dismiss rape accuser’s lawsuit

Lithuanian startup looks to build first 3D-printed home in the country
The Etnotranss of Latvia’s Auļi
Museum collects over 50,000 Ukrainian stories about life during war
Estonia buys 12 more K9 Thunders from South Korea
Gas pipeline explodes in Lithuania on day marking independence struggle from USSR
USS Roosevelt arrives in Tallinn harbor
Lithuanian pipeline blast blamed on rupture not attack
Family benefits increase has not brought more Latvian citizens to Estonia
Violence soars in Mali in the year after Russians arrive
US nears new cooperation deals with Pacific Island nations
Germany opens its 2nd liquefied natural gas terminal
Top U.S. lawmaker objects to potential F-16 sale to Turkey
Moroccan imam Iquioussen deported from Belgium after French legal battle
UK condemns Iran’s execution of dual British-Iranian citizen Alireza Akbari
Writers invited to help form new Gibraltar library in Morocco’s northern city of Tangier
North Macedonia is El Dorado for renewables
The pull of Cyprus: returning home
Israeli report implicates Cyprus in spying equipment sale to Bangladesh
Blinken to visit Greece Feb 20-21, report says
Greece will hold parliamentary election in spring, PM says
Verkor to source manganese in Czech Republic
Iran Releases Polish Scientist Held for Months
Back to the U.S.S.R.: Russophobia is at its peak in Georgia
How Western goods reach Russia: a long line of trucks through Georgia
Number of issued loans in Tajikistan skyrockets
Erdogan aide says time running out to ratify Sweden, Finland NATO bids
European Union: Decentralized clinical trials – Six takeaways from new guidance
ECB can cut carbon footprint by shedding bonds of biggest polluters
Who can die? Canada wrestles with euthanasia for the mentally ill
Albanese Says Australia to Focus on Restoring Trade With China
Big Australia? We could double the size of our cities and they’d still be small
Western allies and Japan unite to face threat posed by China, Russia
Japan, US and Europe must act together on China, PM Kishida says
Taiwan to take part in U.S.-led initiative to educate youth in Honduras
BERI ranks Taiwan as 14th-best investment destination, down 8 places
Plea for more support for Ukrainians in New Zealand: ‘Most don’t have a home to go back to’
Europe gears up to send Western tanks to Ukraine
The U.K. says it will supply tanks and other weapons to Ukraine
Germany’s defence minister to resign: media reports
Swedish professor punishes Turkish student over Sweden’s NATO bid
Turkiye calls for Sweden to fight PKK provocations
Dramatic fall in church attendance in Poland, official figures show

1999 January 15: Račak massacre, Kosovo
3d Monday of January: Martin Luther King Day
1990 January 19: Azerbaijan: Black January
1991 January 20: The Barricades in Latvia