To Hell

Heavy fighting in Soledar, Bakhmut in Donbas, Russia sends thousands of troops to Belarus
‘I asked if we were the only Lithuanians in the world’: American life of book smuggler’s grandson
Adomas Galdikas Museum, a little-known gem in Vilnius

Storm winds cause damage and power outages in northern Estonia
Baltic Foreign Ministers’ joint statement on Russia’s crimes in Ukraine
Lithuania Calls on All Member States to Ban Russian Tourists
Bread price up, quality down due to energy prices in Latvia, say experts
As Lithuania continues to top EU’s suicide statistics, government pledges more support
Päts monument arrives in Tallinn
Finance watchdog: Latvia’s debt is relatively small
Strategic Planning: Workshop for the Lithuanian Regions
[Latvia] De Facto: Budget foresees big leap in some politicians’ wages
Kaunas inaugurates renovated stadium amid cheers and boos
Turkish steel exporters coming to Latvia and Estonia
Russian defence minister’s illegitimate daughter has Lithuanian citizenship – LRT Investigation
New stamp marks 100 years since first Latvian parliament
Lithuania proposes creating coalition to fund Starlink in Ukraine
[Estonia] Kanepi back in WTA top 30 after eight year absence
Major multinational military exercise kicks off in Lithuania
[Latvia] Many car repair shops mismanage waste, says Environmental Service
Mexico opens its market for Lithuanian wheat
Hotel stay figures up 31% on year in Latvia
[Estonia] Jüri Arrak at his studio, exhibitions and on TV shows
Lithuania’s KN seeks contractor to operate Klaipeda FSRU
Green chemist: Higher quality chemistry produces less or no residue
Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia call on EU to set up Special Tribunal targeting Russian crimes
Street art, seaside and sophistication on a city break in Russia’s shadow
Lithuania’s defence minister the only cabinet member with positive approval rating
Eesti Energia: Unexpectedly cold winter could bring power cuts to Europe
Levits: Latvian language must be national priority
30 gas stations would stay open in case of blackouts in Estonia
Lithuanian Orthodox Church autonomy bid stalls as Moscow delays decisions
Tallinn launches crisis advice website
Belgian king to visit Lithuania next week
[Estonia] 2023 draft budget passes first reading
Lithuanian FM says Iran is Russia’s accomplice in Ukraine aggression
Estonia could get nuclear power plant by 2035
For Stability! party banned from using S! as its trademark
„Human Life Has No Value There“: Baltic Counterintelligence Officers Speak Candidly About Russian Cruelty
Years of LGBT intolerance in Slovakia culminate in two killings
Italy takes command of NATO’s multinational battlegroup in Bulgaria
Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion in the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions, the occupiers kidnapped 84 representatives of the Crimean Tatar people
Tbilisi May Change ‘Liberal’ Visa Regime For Russians, Georgian President Says
German spy chief: ‘Russia is the storm, China is climate change’
Sweden, the Netherlands agree to set up green corridor
EU expected to take a tougher stance on China
Germany Now Seen Dragging Euro Area Into 2023 Contraction
NATO begins nuclear exercises amid Russia war tensions
Poland to Buy K239 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems From South Korea
Belarus activist gets 25-year sentence for opposing regime
Shropshire fire crews deliver engines in Ukraine war convoy
Sweden’s parliament elects conservative prime minister
The U.S.-German Relationship Remains Strong
EU imposes sanctions on Iran’s morality police, minister
Fortum considers building new nuclear power in Finland and Sweden
Salvador court orders arrests in Dutch journalist killings
Europe’s New Military Frontline
China’s party congress promises continuity, not change
Norway police say 6 Russians suspected of surveillance arrested last week
Suicide drones strike fear in Ukraine’s capital, killing 4
Germany extends lifetime of all 3 remaining nuclear plants
Independent Scotland would seek EU membership but keep pound
Poland gives 150 Starlink terminals to Ukraine
Orbán keeping Nato in the dark on Finland and Sweden
EU sets up a military assistance mission to further support the Ukrainian Armed Forces
Journalist in Sweden spied on by Turkish intelligence, private photos leaked to gov’t media
“Referendum” approves annexation of Russian embassy in Warsaw
Finland strives for “future without homelessness” at annual awareness event
Ukraine war: Russia dive-bombs Kyiv with ‘kamikaze’ drones
Sweden’s new government to begin “immediate work” on nuclear expansion
EU withholding billions in cohesion funds from Poland over rule-of-law concerns
Belarus to hold live-fire exercises with Russia
Ireland to take part in EU training mission for Ukrainian forces – Coveney
Russia/Ukraine Crisis: Update on UK and EU Sanctions on Russia
US needs to act swiftly in providing military equipment to Ukraine
Belarus crackdown: opponents jailed or forced into exile
How the fanciest pizzeria of Chernihiv fed 22,000 daily under Russia’s siege
Bold Hussar 2022 in Estonia

1991 October 18: Azerbaijan Independence Day
Estonia planning tighter regulation for savings and loan associations
Latvia hosts the first UN counter-terrorism assessment visit
Estonia: Coastal defense conscripts exercise with German marines
Basketball in Latvia
Estonia: Environment minister Kallas wants to reduce logging in state forests
Anušauskas: Lithuania would be ready for mobilisation if necessary
Studies reveal Rail Baltica environmental impact greater than anticipated
[Latvia] Levits tells Kariņš to continue coalition talks
Permanent or remote – what kind of brigade did Germany promise to Lithuania?
PM Kariņš: New Latvian government must not go in reverse
President: Estonia must always be ready to stand up for independence
Latvian banks ready to erase pre-2008 crisis debts; debtors hiding abroad
Lithuania will support gas price cap at EU summit – president’s adviser
MEP Terras: Natl defense education should be mandatory subject in Estonia’s schools
Lithuanian schools to introduce ‘life skills’ classes
Estonia: Finance Minister Pentus-Rosimannus announces resignation
Rīga Circus reconstruction in final stages
F-18 launches from US aircraft carrier in Mediterranean to complete tasks in Lithuania
Acclaimed scenographer Andris Freibergs dies
Lithuania: LRT opens song submission window for Eurovision 2023
‘Sisters’: Latvian director Linda Olte’s debut
Lithuanian university grants honorary doctorate to former German president
Riigikogu declares Russian Federation a terrorist regime
Latvia: Parties anticipate quicker coalition formation talks
BaltCap acquires Estonian publisher and bookstore chain Rahva Raamat
Lithuania buying 300 additional JLTVs from US
Latvian coalition talks drag on into third week
Lithuania keen on interregional coop with Kazakhstan
Ott Tänak: Hyundai most-improved WRC team of 2022
Lithuania tightens, books near €2bn
[Estonia] EKRE MP submits criminal complaint over finance minister’s ECA application
[Latvia] Popular Kaņepe Culture Center to close doors
Martin Rump finishes debut European Le Mans series season in sixth place
Campbell back in Ireland after terror charges dropped in Lithuania
[Estonia] Reform Party nominates new finance minister
Lithuania sends military helicopter to evacuate injured crew member from Finnish tanker
Estonian FM in Berlin: We must provide Ukraine with more heavy weapons
Lithuania’s Public Security Service chief Pocius sacked
SAB: Belarus should be viewed as threat to the region, similarly to Russia
Construction companies: Estonia’s road repair bill is €4 billion
Latvia: Bigger news on coalition could be expected next Monday: Ašeradens
U.S., Estonia Defense Leaders Pledge to Do More for Ukraine
Sanctions will not hurt Walloon branches of Russian company for now
North Macedonia and Bulgaria agree to work together on new energy deal
EUFOR Members from Twenty Countries gather in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Will Ukrainian Soldiers Get Training in Croatia? President Says “No”
Catalonia’s Human Tower Tradition Starts With a Strong Base
Call for bids: Building support for LGBTQ+ people in Romania
Turkmenistan to Double Natural Gas Exports to China
Tricks, Threats, Tragedy: Central Asian Migrants Targeted In Russian Military Mobilization
Russians stole treasures from 40 Ukrainian museums, including golden diadem of the Huns
Tusk requests investigation of Russia role in Polish scandal
Sikyong arrives in Stockholm to bolster Sweden and EU cooperation in addressing Tibetan cause
China claims right to protect consulate; UK decries assault
World Bank cites overdue payments, puts loans to Belarus in ‘nonperforming’ status
French strike pits workers vs. government as inflation bites
The princess and the shaman: the romance Norway doesn’t love
Russian role in Burkina Faso crisis comes under scrutiny
Queretaro strengthens ties with Sweden
Worry grows for Iran athlete who competed without her hijab
Ukraine Is the World’s Foreign-Policy Rorschach Test
Iranian Schoolgirl Dies After Reportedly Being Beaten For Refusing Song Praising Ayatollah
European Commission to freeze Poland’s cohesion money
Cuba seeks World Cup qualification after nearly a century
India and Sweden join hands to drive the green transition on the 9th India Sweden Innovation Day 2022
Report: Taliban killed captives in restive Afghan province
Finland eyes small reactor nuclear future, talks with US
EU faces battle to keep energy prices from tanking economy
In Finland, school meals keep students going
US: French cement firm admits having paid Islamic State
Slide in Finland’s education level sparks concerns among lawmakers
‘Bad situation’: Soaring US dollar spreads pain worldwide
Denmark confirms Nord Stream ‘explosions’ caused damage
BBC marks 100 years of broadcasting history
Finland PM: Wide political support for Russia border fence
Iran agrees to ship missiles, more drones to Russia
Visit to world’s first Geological Disposal Facility in Finland
Singapore’s GIC says global recession scenario possible, eyes Australia opportunities
Finnish President addresses Nato parliamentary seminar in Helsinki
Australia and Singapore strike agreement to achieve net-zero
Russia attempts to keep Ukraine’s lights out and heat off as the cold sets in
Britain ends visa requirement for citizens of booming Guyana
UN Commission found an array of war crimes, human rights and humanitarian law violations in Ukraine
Looped in ‘line by line’, Hezbollah shows pragmatic side in Lebanon-Israel deal
Sweden’s new PM names ministers to navigate raft of foreign policy challenges
Brazil’s furriest police corporal becomes internet sensation
Russia, Belarus allowed to attend Olympic Committees’ General Assembly
Ukraine lawmakers brand Chechnya ‘Russian-occupied’ in dig at Kremlin
Half of Russian ports lose business in wake of invasion
Russian forces in Ukraine under pressure as Kherson towns to be evacuated
Denmark’s SH Defence launches second iteration of ‘The Cube’
U.S. sends experimental antibody, antiviral drug to Uganda for Ebola outbreak
Finland, Croatia, Slovenia differ on gas cap formula
Italy’s Berlusconi says has exchanged “sweet letters” with Putin
Half-a-Million Year Old Signs of Extinct Human Species Found in Poland Cave
Mali threatens to defend against French sovereignty violations
Germany: Increased poverty stretches food banks to the limit
Kyiv Receives First 2 Billion-Euro Tranche Of EU Aid, Says Ukrainian PM
Valio dairy product lookalikes pop up in Russia
Number of Poles living in extreme poverty falls 20%
Sweden turns right with new government, but Stockholm swings to the left
Airbus plans new investments in Poland
How soulmates Hungary and Poland fell out over Ukraine war
Poland keeps ban on Israeli school groups with armed guards
[Finland] Prosecutor charges four for accepting minors on national defence courses
Germany fires cybersecurity chief after reports of possible Russia ties

1974 October 19: Niue Constitution Day
1984 October 19: Murder of Polish priest Jerzy Popiełuszko by security service
Minister: US troops to be on regular rotation in Estonia
Lithuania, Germany Sign Protocol to 1997 DTA
Estonia Defense minister: Russian army will recover sooner rather than later
Lithuania’s DefMin urged to agree on troop deployment dates with Germany – CNSD
Minister: Russian citizens entering Estonia for real estate reasons a risk
‘Women are still less self-confident than men’ – gender pay gap persists in Lithuania
Jaak Juske: Russia and its rulers have not changed over the centuries
Over 37,000 people in Latvia have banned themselves from gambling
Lithuania’s Nauseda, Germany’s Gauck talk regional security, Russia threat
PM Kariņš: Four-party coalition is still possible in Latvia
Estonia has committed one-third of its defense budget to Ukraine: Minister
Latvia against EU’s proposed “ambiguous experiments”
EC’s gas price cap proposal is no solution for this winter – Lithuanian vice minister
Expert: Second pillar scheme reason for continued low pensions in Estonia
Media watchdog bans propaganda website in Latvia
Estonian women’s fencers triumph in Croatia
Electricity-generating homes hit 10,000 mark in Latvia
Ukrainian school in Vilnius still barred from public funding
Latvia’s State Chancery issues guidebook against disinformation
No Chechnya recognition issue on Lithuania’s foreign policy agenda – parlt speaker
[Latvia] Support for children with behavioral issues needs work, says auditor
FM says Tikhanovskaya should screen all Belarusians coming to spa in Lithuania
Estonia turns back to shale oil as it cuts off Russian power
Latvian animation contender for European Film Awards
New call for bids on RB Ülemiste terminal tenders aims to reduce costs
Pro-Russian disinformation drops in intensity in September, Lithuanian analysts say
Reducing CO2 emissions from land: Restoring wetlands or drainage systems?
Latvia’s plumpest pumpkin revealed
Lithuania puts on hold flight promotion plan for lack of funds
Riga IFF discussion: Colonialism in Film and Media
Reinsalu: Russia declaring martial law in occupied Ukraine ‘unacceptable’
Progressive Party: it is critical for Latvia’s next government to act democratically and legally
Economic affairs minister survives no-confidence vote
Kaunas installs Lithuania’s first X crossing
A guide to working in the Tallinn, Estonia tech scene
Coalition partners in Latvia agree on state reforms; government composition not discussed
Invalda INVL: minor recession possible next year, but Lithuania is well prepared
Report: Estonia has the second-freest internet in the world
ArcaPay Expands Services to Latvia to Help Latvian SMEs
Important Things To Keep in Mind Before Starting Business in Lithuania
Tallinn’s Ukrainian school making progress after first term
Bookies tip Yes to win Scottish independence referendum if held next year
Greenland investigates potential blockchain-based election system
Moldova wants air defenses, as Russian missiles fly overhead
Georgians bristle at the Russian influx
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan border tensions simmer amid a flurry of accusations
Kyrgyzstan: Dam handover[to Uzbekistan] plans rouse opposition forces
Nearly $35 Billion Invested in Kazakhstan’s Transport Sector Over Last Five Years
Finland, Sweden, Austria, and Slovenia launch a forestry lobbying group
U.S. charges five with shipping military items to sanctioned Russian companies
Netherlands joins Spain and Poland in move to quit energy treaty
EU to add new Iran sanctions over drone supplies to Russia
‘Fake stores’ for firewood cause millions in damage in Germany
Madagascar minister fired for voting against Russia’s Ukraine annexation
Sweden, Finland must fulfil NATO-accession deal with Turkiye, officials say
UK government wins vote in parliament on fracking
Sweden ditches ‘feminist foreign policy’
Belarus says it is unable to pay off debt due to sanctions
Germany to massively expand electric car charging network
Putin demands all-Russia war effort as he declares martial law in occupied Ukraine
Germany sends another military aid package to Ukraine
Climber Back In Tehran After Competing Without Hijab
Poland could be next should Ukraine fall: Polish president
Canada To Host Online Meeting Of Female Foreign Ministers Over Situation In Iran
Norway arrests man wanted by Rwanda for role in genocide
Poll Shows 70 Percent Of Ukrainians Want To Fight Until Victory Over Russia
Norway accuses Moscow after another Russian arrested with a drone
Ukraine Forced To Restrict Electrical Power As Damage To Network Takes Toll
Ukraine war: Russians start leaving Ukraine’s Kherson city
Israel denies selling weapons to Ukraine
Germany to cap electricity prices by taxing excess profits
Putin orders martial law in occupied Ukrainian areas as Kyiv’s forces gain ground
Danish firm to build wind turbine plant on Poland’s Baltic coast
Israel offers help with air-attack alerts, but Ukraine wants interceptors
26-year-old Romina Pourmokhtari becomes Sweden’s youngest minister
Putin’s martial law in occupied regions “preparation for mass deportations” of Ukrainians, Kyiv says
Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian cities are war crime – Greek FM
Clean energy is cheaper, creates more jobs and causes less pollution
Saab Kockums Builds New Processes, Skills, And Capabilities In Delivering A26

Estonian foreign minister: Putin should go to hell
Lithuania: Structural reforms will help to restore growth and strengthen resilience, says OECD
Tallinn University opens exhibition about Estonia’s oldest public library
Belarus ups sabre-rattling against Lithuania
Estonia’s fêted start-ups face their first major economic test
In Lithuania, accelerating digital transition is key to increased productivity
Maarja Vaino: Removal of communist symbolism not cancel culture
US busts schemes allegedly selling high-tech to Russia; Latvians charged
Discussion about German troops in Lithuania ‘wrong’, says former president
Moscow Metropolitan Eugene: We cannot always say whether a war is just
Half of fire victims in Latvia are seniors
Lithuania’s Landsbergis calls for joint effort against Russia during Athens visit
LNG terminal move to Finland will not affect Latvia: Minister
Estonia: Universal electricity service to businesses passes second Riigikogu vote
Nordic Investment Bank reports strong loan demand
Estonia: 217 songs submitted for Eesti Laul
Rīga Conference 2022 Livestream: Side Events
Liberal MPs propose scrapping ‘Soviet’ Labour Day as public holiday in Lithuania
Chairs of Baltic Foreign Affairs Committees visit Georgia
Belgian air force NATO jets deployed to Estonia, join Germans
Copyright Directive Series – a closer look at Lithuania
Tallinna FC Cosmos clinch indoor football super cup
“Open Health Labs” Brings European Startups to Latvia to Foster Innovations in the Public Health Sector
Response: Nature is our ally in addressing climate change
Sculptures, removed in Soviet times, reinstalled on Protestant church in Vilnius
Lauri Läänemets: Estonian residents largely unprotected in case of war
Lithuania government allocates over €80,000 for Ukrainian athletes
Estonia Finance minister sees no funds to make temporary sick pay scheme permanent
In Lithuania, new artworks commemorate the lost Jewish community of Kaunus
Latvia book beats €2.1bn amid CEE bond rush
Estonian contactless payment system expands to Kyiv’s public transport
Lithuanian-Polish gas pipeline successfully tested at maximum capacity
Mayor: Tallinn is not against transition to Estonian-language education
Lithuania opens Honorary Consulate in Romania
Most political parties open to nuclear power plant discussions
Latvia’s electricity consumption in September lowest in five years
Lithuania’s economic growth will outpace other countries – OECD
Electricity-producing households can already supply 10% of total consumption in Latvia
Estonia’s 1st tier court rules against Vesterbacka’s Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel project
Golden Visa Programs of Greece, Portugal, Latvia, Spain & Montenegro Among Europe’s Favourite
Seimas Speaker: developing ties with Taiwan is politically beneficial for Lithuania
Think tank: Estonia has the best tax code in the OECD
Zalgiris Kaunas 73-72 FC Barcelona: Narrow defeat in Lithuania
The U.K. will have 5 prime ministers in just 6 years. What’s gone wrong?
Gibraltar Man Kicked Out Of Spain Under Post-brexit Rules
Austria confirms one of its citizens has been arrested in Iran
The Netherlands really doesn’t want new joint debt
Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry: North Macedonia must Stop the Provocations against Macedonian Bulgarians
Portugal lacks infrastructure to complete energy connection with Spain
Moldova: 13th EU-Moldova Human Rights Dialogue in Brussels
Regime-Change Attempts in Moldova: Russophile, Leftist and Oligarchic
Slovakia votes against more rights for LGBT couples
Joining forces to meet unprecedented need: How Bulgaria has responded to the Ukrainian refugee crisis
What is Romania’s Plan to move to a Circular Economy look like, until 2030
MEPs say no to Russian passports from occupied regions, stress right to asylum
Iran Holds Military Exercises on Border Amid Tensions With Azerbaijan
Korean auto giant Hyundai investigating child labor in its U.S. supply chain
Sweden’s Home Price Slump Worsens to Reach Double Digits
Security forces kill at least 60 as protests engulf Chad
Finland to build partial fence on eastern border
Ukraine accuses Russia of ‘mass deportations’
Germany’s Continued Illusions About China and Russia
Police Say Arson Suspected In Fire At Shelter For Ukrainian Refugees In Small German Town
Sweden to deeply involve itself in NATO’s counter-terrorism work, PM says
Georgia man, 80, arrested at U.S. Capitol with guns in his van
Macron vows to preserve Franco-German alliance
UN experts decry Israeli occupation of Palestinian areas
Norway Tells Its Citizens to Refrain From Travelling to Palestine
EU to deepen competition with China
Students in Germany on the poverty line
Gorno-Badakhshan Political Activist Goes On Trial in Tajikistan
NATO Secretary General meets the Prime Minister of Sweden
UK says Russian aircraft fired missile near British spy plane over Black Sea
For Norway, the risk of conflict in the Arctic has increased
Sudan officials: Tribal clashes kill 170 in country’s south
Stoltenberg: NATO will act if Finland, Sweden pressured
Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia meet Schengen criteria, MEP says
Italy’s Berlusconi blames Ukraine’s Zelenskyy for Russian invasion
Jailed Kazakh Dissident On Hunger Strike In Serious Condition
Number of PhD Students in Sweden to Continue Dropping, New Forecast Shows
America’s new nuclear power industry has a Russian problem
Norway exports 3.5 TWh to UK in power cable’s debut year
Months after floods, Brazil’s Amazon faces a severe drought
Fire destroys refugee shelter for Ukrainians in Germany
France must withdraw from Energy Charter Treaty, climate advisors say
NATO chief gives security reassurance to Finland, Sweden as accession waiting game drags out
U.S. says Iranians in Crimea helping Russia use drones against Ukraine
Secretary General: Sweden and Finland’s membership will make NATO stronger
Russian, Ukrainian troops gird for major battle in Kherson
Russian air force patrols Belarus’ borders
Liz Truss quits after six chaotic weeks as UK prime minister
US: The Russian Federation’s Ongoing Aggression Against Ukraine
Spain, France and Portugal to create green energy pipeline from Barcelona to Marseille
Germany Is Arguing With Itself Over Ukraine
Drone activity increases near critical infrastructure in southwest Finland
Poland received the first South Korean tanks K2 Black Panther and 155 mm self-propelled guns K9 Thunder, ordered only 3 months ago
Police suspect Joensuu bus drivers of discriminating against Ukrainians
Australia: Further actions in response to Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine
Finnish bear snaps make final of Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Corning unveils optical fibre manufacturing plant in Poland
Major incident as communications to Shetland shut down after subsea cable damage
Ukraine: EU sanctions three individuals and one entity in relation to the use of Iranian drones in Russian aggression
Ukraine: Winter must not be used as a weapon of war
Germany plans withdrawal from Energy Charter Treaty
Norway on alert after drone sightings near key infrastructure
Poland’s average corporate wage up 14.5 pct y/y in Sept – stats office
Finland’s Sanna Marin: ‘Shouldn’t be any problems’ with NATO bid
EU leaders round on Germany after it opposes gas cap plan
Signs that Belarus appears to be preparing for military mobilisation
Attacks On Energy Facilities Aimed At Increasing Migration, Zelenskiy Tells EU Leaders
German IRIS-T anti-air defense system defends Kyiv

British tanks arrive in Saaremaa for military exercise
Lithuania buying anti-aircraft system missiles from Sweden for EUR 45 mln
Saturday is Finno-Ugric tribal day, flags raised
ATP: Lithuania’s Debut Challenger Making Strong Impressions
[Estonia] Material price increases slowed construction price index growth
Gas price cap should not provide cheaper electricity to third countries – Lithuanian rep
Ipswich Mp: Visit to Estonia gave me better understand of armed forces challenges
Latvia-Estonia-Finland grid link via Hiiumaa would be reasonable – Estonian minister
Incap Estonia named Foreign Investor of The Year
Telia Lithuania loses another court battle
ERR in Ukraine: The tortured had to shout ‘Glory to Russia!’
EU Cohesion Policy: €4.6 billion for Latvia to support a green and fair economy and society in 2021-2027
Gas reserves in Estonia enough to meet winter consumption levels
Travel abroad not yet impacted by energy prices in Latvia
[Estonia] Justice, culture ministers reach compromise on Soviet-era culture artifacts
Poor availability of innovative medicines in Latvia
EU will discuss Iran and special tribunal for Russia – Estonia PM
Bordāns: Russia’s interests won Latvian Saeima elections
Lithuanian prosecutors take steps against pro-Russian organisation
European leaders agree on joint energy purchases and energy saving measures
Rīga Conference 2022 Livestream: Day One
Lithuanian president hails EU gas price cap discussions: ‘I’m going to sleep easily’
EDF colonel: Winter in Ukraine may bring heavy casualties
Latvian parliament sets aside bill to reinstate conscription
Iran sanctions send message to all potential backers of Russia – Lithuanian FM
Producer prices in Latvia up 33% on year
EDF intelligence chief: No sign of joint Russian-Belarusian attack
Baltic, Scandinavian authorities warn of low electricity capacity reserve
Omniva to install over 260 new parcel machines
Security Service detains Russian war supporter in Rīga
President Konstantin Päts memorial unveiled in Tallinn
Filipino Juan Gomez de Liaño to play in Lithuania
Researchers create map to show human impact on marine life in Baltic Sea
Latvia’s largest cities to buy 145 environmentally-friendly buses for EUR 44.9 million
Germany’s Uniper awards Wilhelmshaven FSRU terminal gig to Lithuania’s KN
Ida-Viru County industrial parks seek EU funding to boost development
Lithuania’s Eugenijus Kavaliauskas clicks photo of ant’s face, wins prize at Nikon contest
Estonia leading EU project to secure Ukraine’s cyber, data security
Vilnius declares emergency in order to burn polluting fuel oil for heating
Eesti Energia still planning to develop CO2 capture technology
‘Rīga Marxist Assembly’ on security authorities’ radar
Estonian Foreign Minister insists Russian athletes cannot return while war rages on in Ukraine
US DoD looking to bolster Baltic air and missile defense with new radars for Lithuania
MGI Opens the Doors of Customer Experience Center in Europe
UAB Walletto Entered the List of the Top Enterprises in Lithuania
United Kingdom reiterates strong anti-whaling stance at International Whaling Commission
Moody’s cuts UK outlook to ‘negative’ over political turmoil
Luxembourg invests €30m in Danish offshore plant
Switzerland backs Moldova amid Ukraine crisis
Faroe Islands’ Arctic strategy focuses on security, climate & cooperation
Slovenia on cusp of signing gas supply deal with Algeria
Kosovo and Albania at Risk of Increased Poverty Amid Russian War in Ukraine
Barcelona-Marseille pipeline could take 4-5 years to build, Spain says
Catalan president meets with EU commissioners in restart of relations
Defense Minister Says 90 Percent Of Moldova’s Military Equipment Is Outdated
Preparing Moldova’s next generation for a European future: Young European Ambassadors take their message to the country’s schools
Bulgaria Joins Other Balkan Countries Quitting Eurosong Contest
Hungary gets exemption from planned EU gas price cap, PM Orban says
Romania ‘on the brink of a renewables wave’ with CfD scheme starting next year
EU Monitoring Capacity in Armenia becomes operational
Iran Opens Consulate In Armenian Region Desired By Baku, Ankara
Artsakh President Defends Right to Self-Determination, Independence
Amid peace talks, Karabakh Armenians ponder uncertain future
With sanctions, Ukraine-Georgia relations hit a new low
Azerbaijan opens its second international airport in Karabakh
Heads of Turkey and Azerbaijan meet in territory captured during Nagorno-Karabakh war
Fitch Revises Azerbaijan’s Outlook to Positive: Affirms at ‘BB+’
American B-1B bombers land in Guam to ‘deter adversaries’ and reassure allies
Germany concedes move to cap gas prices as EU wrestles with energy crisis
Ethnic Karen rebels attack key town in eastern Myanmar
Norway’s intel agency takes over investigation into reported drone sightings
Navalny says he faces new criminal case for ‘promoting terrorism’
EDPR inaugurates a new Wind Farm in Poland
Kazakhstan Calls For Freedom Of Choice, Instead Of Only Rubles, When Paying For Russian Gas
Government report on the digital compass sets the course for Finland’s digital transformation
France’s Macron: sale of European strategic infrastructure to China was an error
Ukraine war: Zelensky accuses Russia of plot to blow up dam
France honors hero dogs, highlighting their achievements
Ukraine believes Belarus’ increasing military activity is more than just posturing
Russia poised to largely skirt new G7 oil price cap
Germany’s Scholz confirms visit to China in November with business delegation
Turkey’s Erdogan to meet Swedish PM Kristersson to discuss extraditions, NATO bid
Kremlin’s secret plot to reactivate the export of Russian ammonia through Ukraine, with the help of United Nations
France joins other European countries in pulling out of treaty protecting energy investments
Poland leases MQ-9A Reapers ahead of drone buy
New UK leader to face highest government debt in 60 years
Ukraine recognized the independence of the “Chechen Republic of Ichkeria”
Meloni takes charge as PM as Italy swings to the right
Ukrainian Lawmakers’ Initiative to Recognize Belarus as Russian Occupied
European Youth Capital splits opinion in Tirana as year draws to a close
Polish parliament approves caps on coal and electricity prices
At least half of Ukraine’s thermal power capacity hit by Russian strikes -minister
In letter, Sweden lists ‘concrete actions’ on Turkey’s concerns over NATO bid
EU leaders wary of dependencies created with China, but far from united
The Russia-Iran alliance: What are its dangers to the world order?
U.S. sees no evidence Russia is interested in ending Ukraine aggression – Blinken
Dutch parliament votes against Bulgaria and Romania joining Schengen
U.S. charges 7 in alleged plot to repatriate U.S. resident to China
‘Foreign intelligence’: Russian drones spotted in Norway, seven pilots arrested
EU leaders back ‘dynamic’ gas price cap idea, default solidarity rules
Norway, Russia fail to reach agreement in North Atlantic cod negotiations; talks to continue Monday
Are the new Russian forces in Belarus a feint, or preparation for a new push into Ukraine?
Norway exonerates man after two decades in jail for double murder
Germany receives first hydrogen shipment from UAE

1953 October 22: Laos Independence Day
Uneven Inflation Spike Redraws Euro Zone’s East-West Divide
ERR in Georgia: Stalin still revered in city of birth
Hosts Mexico and Lithuania to open Baseball5 World Cup
Subway to close its restaurants in Estonia
The Madliena Manor: on sale for €1 but no takers
Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and Finnish musicians open new series
Ever seen an ant close up? Lithuanian photographer’s microscopic click is horrifying
Rīga Conference 2022 livestream: Day Two
Lithuanian fighting in Ukraine: ‘When you have big heart and small mind, you don’t realise what death is’
Latvia above EU average for fatal accidents at work
Infectologist on Covid: We have developed an immune memory
Vilnius is establishing itself as newest gaming industry hub
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir to perform Pärt work in Greece
Latvian PM slams Belarus, Iran for being ‘complicit’ in Russian invasion of Ukraine
Protestant church in Lithuania installs restored sculptures after 73-year hiatus
Tartu cultural workers threaten strike if pay not increased
Several hundred protesters gather at Family Movement rally in Vilnius to ‘defend the constitution’
US: Republican National Committee sues Google over email spam filters
Vatican renews 2018 deal with China allowing Beijing to choose bishops
EU Warned Germany About Hamburg Port Chinese Investment
Japan, Australia upgrade security pact against China threat
Greece proposes power link to Austria and Germany
If you were rich in medieval Norway, you were also tall and had strong bones
Iranians Stage Solidarity Strikes As Nationwide Protests Enter Sixth Week
China failed its Arctic ambitions in Greenland
Following Sweden, Finland delegation to visit Turkey to discuss NATO bid
German Defense, Foreign Ministers Urge Major Increase In Financial Aid For Ukraine’s Military
Rating agency upgrades Cyprus, factors in EU membership benefits
Danelaw Explained: When the Vikings Ruled in England
Montenegrin Parliament Dismisses Two Pro-Western Ministers
Greece modernises air force to overtake Turkiye, with Israel’s help
Turkish state media: Talks to be held on Finland’s NATO bid
China’s Premier Li Keqiang left off new CCP Central Committee
Greece Nominates Mount Olympus As Natural World Heritage Site
Ukrainian military says 18 Russian cruise missiles destroyed amid attacks on energy infrastructure
Chinese former President Hu Jintao escorted out of CCP congress
Italy’s first female leader and her very male cabinet
Norway to provide $56m to support Indonesia’s carbon sink goal
Spain To Deploy Fighter Jets To Bulgaria, Romania To Bolster Air Defenses
Hungary to ratify NATO bids of Sweden, Finland by year end: Minister
Finland remains in close dialogue with Turkey over NATO bid
How Hard Is Russia Trying To Acquire Sensitive Western Military Technology? A U.S. Indictment Provides Clues.
Banks to pay as Hungary extends scheme to cap loan rates
Germany Allocates €38 Million For Morocco’s First Green Hydrogen Plant
$700 energy bills and blankets for schoolchildren: The Czech Republic relied on Russian gas
Germany hands over another batch of weapons, ammo, winter clothing to Ukraine’s Army
Spanish Armed Forces deploy air surveillance radar in Romania
Thousands protest in Germany demanding solidarity in energy relief
Weapons shortages could mean hard calls for Ukraine’s allies
Bahrain Batelco explores the digital future at the Ericsson Imagine Studio in Sweden
Denmark Open 2022 semi-finals: live updates
Why is Sweden the ‘home of impact’ for startups?

1956 October 23: Hungarian Uprising
1964 October 24: Zambia Independence Day
1932 October 26: Angam Day, Nauru
1955 October 26: Austrian National Day
2014 October 26: Hong Kong Umbrella Movement begins
1979 October 27: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Independence Day
2017 October 27: Catalan Declaration of Independence
October 28, 4th Friday of October, Peniamina Gospel Day, Niue (1846 October 26)
1918 October 28: Independent Czechoslovak State Day
1923 October 29: Turkey Republic Day