Latvians Electing Parliament As Putin’s New Recruits Begin Training Nearby

1922 September 25: Hammer DeRoburt Day, Nauru
2017 September 25: Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum
Lithuanian chef’s American dream: From working for free to owning a restaurant
Religion in Latvia: the Lutherans of Lestene
Octopus mushroom and other exotic aliens take root in Lithuanian forests
Niinistö wraps up US trip, discusses Putin with CNN
Border Guard: Number of Russians entering Finland is on the rise
HIMARS training taking place in Latvia
Complaints about Russia’s chaotic mobilisation grow louder
New wave of arsons at military enlistment offices and local administrations unfolds across Russia

September 26: European Day of Languages
Rīga forests twice as polluted this year than in 2021
Estonia hosts binational training drills during exercise Baltic Tiger 2022
Early voting for Saeima election begins in Latvia
Infortar: Source of LNG for Paldiski terminal still unclear
Sanctioned Russian oligarch still holds Latvian citizenship
Tallinn Soodla water reservoir drying up due to climate change
Major Rīga hospital to lower room temperatures to save resources
PACE rejects all Lithuanian candidates for European Court of Human Rights
Latvia persists in granting independence to its Orthodox Church
One in five Lithuanians at risk of poverty
Historian: I do not believe Putin is strong enough to clock out himself
Latvian soccer team wins promotion, but may miss out on 2024 play-off spot
Developing Nuclear Energy in Estonia: An Amplifier of Strategic Partnership with the United States?
Rīga’s municipal heating tariff to double in October
Lithuanian border guards stop 153 Russians over first week of Russian travel ban
Linnamäe to acquire Confido private clinics
Tax debt in Latvia up nearly 5% since beginning of year
Estonia: Gas traders reduce prices for both fixed and flexible packages
Latvia Registered 2 Asylum Requests From Russians Fleeing Mobilisation as of Saturday
Frontline cameraman: Things done in Ukraine even worse than Chechen war
Lithuania’s central bank ‘significantly’ downgrades economic growth forecast
Estonia beat Malta with late Anier strike to win Nations League group
Lewben Art Foundation brings young artistic gems from Lithuania to Korea
Latvia plans to purchase fewer than ten HIMARS rocket systems
Emigration up in Lithuania amid cost-of-living crisis and Ukraine war
CyberChess 2022 will check(mate) cybersecurity matters
Lithuania: Interior minister proposes terminating all cooperation agreements with Belarus
Estonian state-owned airline Nordica hiring 250 more people
Lithuania stopped more than 300 illegal migrants in last 3 days
Estonia: Help to Ukraine
US Army artillery arrives in Latvia as allies seek to deter Russia
Estonia submits basketball movie “Kalev” for Oscars
Lithuania transferred 50 M113 armoured personnel carriers to Ukraine
Foreign minister calls on Republic of South Africa to apply facilitated entry conditions to Latvian citizens
CEO, Chairman and President of AmerisourceBergen: “Lithuania is well-known for its multilingual talent market”
British Army’s KRH regiment to lead eFP Battlegroup in Estonia
Cuba celebrates ninth anniversary of diplomatic relations with Lithuania
Commuters call for Russian announcements to be scrapped at Tallinn station
The definitive history of Monaco Yacht Show
Five Places for Eco-Tourists to Visit When Traveling to Friesland
North Macedonia Ministry Denies Covering up Ransomware Attack
Successful NATO evaluation for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Serbia Rules Out Recognizing Russian Referendum in Occupied Ukraine
Gagauzia Elite Reveal Strong Signs of Russian ‘Capture’ in Moldova
EU Cohesion Policy: €1.64 billion for a just climate transition in Czechia
Russians flee to Georgia after Putin’s mobilisation order
Protests erupt in Russia’s Dagestan region as minorities say they are being targeted by Putin’s mobilization orders
Russia: At least 17 dead, 24 wounded in Izhevsk school shooting
Desperate Russian Shoots Recruitment Officer Instead of Signing up to Fight in Ukraine
Putin’s tactical nuclear weapons could pack the same punch as atomic bombs dropped on Japan
U.S. Congress negotiators set $12 bln for new Ukraine aid
Russian sanctions: Finland seizes billionaire ‘Maltese’ citizen’s assets
France forecasts weak growth next year amid energy crisis
Roger Waters gigs cancelled in Poland after Ukraine comments
Scholz secures gas deal with Abu Dhabi amid pressure on human rights
Umicore Launches Europe’s First Battery Materials Gigafactory In Poland
Russian Patriarch Kirill Says Dying In Ukraine ‘Washes Away All Sins’
Iranians in Finland stage demonstration in capital
Ukraine’s Zelenskiy doesn’t think Putin is bluffing over nuclear arms
Poland welcomes right-wing election successes in Italy and Sweden
Suspect detained in Poland in Dutch reporter’s slaying
Serbia Rules Out Recognizing Russian Referendum in Occupied Ukraine
US warns of catastrophic consequences if Russia uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine
US Commits More Civilian Security Aid to Ukraine
Bulgarian Parliamentary Candidate Too Busy To Campaign As He Fights In Ukraine
Anti-Ukrainian protest in Poland attracts no participants
Cubans approve gay marriage by large margin in referendum
Denmark Reports Leak in Gas Pipeline in Baltic Sea
Turkey vows to defend interests against Greece amid tensions
Russia: man shoots officer drafting residents for war in Ukraine
Ukraine receives advanced US air defense system
Poland Bans Russians From Entering Its Territory via Air & Sea
Serbia’s Conservatives Seek Textbook Ban Over ‘LGBT Ideology’
Poland: Defence Ministry offers one-day military training courses
Kazakhstan says it won’t recognise referendums in eastern Ukraine
Russian Enlistment Offices Are Being Torched Amid Mobilization
Syria, North Korea take swipes at West as UN assembly ends
Finnish military procuring light anti-tank weapons for €58m
German citizens sue government for right to breathe clean air
Ukraine Is on the Offensive But Struggling to Get More Powerful Weapons
Venezuela rejects UN report detailing torture, rights abuses
Russia: At least 17 dead, 24 wounded in Izhevsk school shooting
US carrier, S. Korea ships launch drills amid North’s threat
Putin grants Russian citizenship to U.S. whistleblower Snowden
EU, US question Serbia’s EU commitment after Russia deal
Iranian Soccer Legend Angers Officials For Supporting Protests Over Death Of Woman In Custody
Cyprus seeks UN help to stem asylum-seeker ‘avalanche’
Future Security Forum: What are the Lessons of the War in Ukraine?

1991 September 27: Turkmenistan Independence Day
Estonia opposes EU fossil fuels windfall tax plans
PISA initiator Schleicher: Lithuania has undertaken difficult, but necessary reforms
Crude oil prices at pre-war level, not yet reaching gas station consumers
Exiled to Latvia, Russian free media defy Kremlin
Estonia defeat San Marino 4-0 to complete Nations League clean sweep
Lithuania dismantles migrant camps as foreigners head West
Estonia: Residential buildings first to lose power in case of electricity shortage
More Soviet-glorifying objects up for dismantling in Rīga
Annual Tartu Student Days festival gets underway with pancake breakfast
Russians find it hard to enter EU after Baltics close borders – Lithuanian FM
Several options for building Estonia’s Trans-European Transport Network
Must-see mushroom exhibition is on!
Sergei Loznitsa’s Holocaust-themed production in Vilnius draws controversy over ‘anti-Ukrainian’ subject matter
PPA van collides with passenger train in Setomaa, two border guards hurt
Latvia: Project seeks to help imprisoned women lead a better life
Britain’s Prince Edward visits Agile Task Force Estonia
44,000 unemployed got jobs this year in Latvia
Estonia, Interior minister: We are keeping an eye on the Russian Orthodox Church
Cash still alive and kicking in Latvia
Riigikogu speaker thanks Japan for strong support for Ukraine
New exhibition honors seminal Latvian poet Veidenbaums
Open Air Museum celebrates Old Believer and Seto harvest festivals
Latvia amends comms law
Estonian residents are travelling just as much as five years ago
Lithuania’s energy minister blames energy prices on Russia during questioning at parliament
Estonian Oscar nominees are ‘Kalev’ and ‘Sierra’
Lithuanian parliament approves zero VAT on heating for two more winters
Construction costs up 20% on year in Latvia
Estonia up to third in UEFA Fair Play rankings
Mandatory science exam to be introduced in 2025 in Latvia
Lithuanian restaurant owners demand tax break extension: ‘50% will go bankrupt’
Estonia advises citizens against traveling to Russia
Lithuanian parliament moves to take control of Football Federation despite warnings from FIFA
Estonia’ car rental service Bolt Drive expanding to Latvia
Vilnius fears isolation as Brussels Airlines suspends flights to Lithuania
Latvians spend more than an hour a day travelling
Estonian parlt committee wants Russia designated a terrorist state
Latvian-Russian border area state of emergency announced
Latvians regard Estonia as the friendliest nation
Belgium told to pay €100K in damages for extraditing terrorist to US
European Union: Channel Islands And Private Investment Funds
Elections in Bosnia & Herzegovina 2022
Croatia’s push for controversial electoral reform undermines democratic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Catalonia seeks Spain’s agreement for new independence referendum
Slovakia Joins List of Countries That Refuse Issuing Humanitarian Visas to Russians Escaping Mobilisation
Confusion in Tbilisi as thousands of Russians Try to Enter Georgia
How Putin’s Ukraine war mobilization order changed everything in Russia: Panic, anger and calls to secede
Ethnic Minorities Hit Hardest By Russia’s Mobilization, Activists Say
Russian Chuvashia Suspends Mobilization Into Army – Defense Intelligence
Oleg Zhdanov: due to the mobilization, a war between Dagestan and the Kadyrovites may start
First female premier poised to take helm of Italy government
Ukrainians in Germany oppose asylum for Russian deserters
Hungary opposes EU sanctions on Russian nuclear sector
Is Finland’s Wood City the future of building?
Russian Poet Hospitalized, Charged After Reciting Verses Critical Of Ukraine Invasion
National minorities of Russia call to decolonize, denuclearize “imperial, terrorist” Russian state
He’s back: Italy’s Berlusconi wins Senate seat after tax ban
Finland plans new tax on mining
Moldova can’t rely only on neutral status, security aide says
NATO’s Nordic bloc: Big promise, lurking problems
German Police Search Superyacht Believed To Be Owned By Uzbek-Born Russian Tycoon
Norway to supply Poland with 6.5bcm of gas in 2023
NASA’s DART spacecraft hits target asteroid in first planetary defense test
Female Fighters Detail Russian Atrocities in Ukraine
Heavy Fighting Under Way In Ukraine As Anti-Mobilization Protests Continue In Russia
Sweden issues warning of two gas leaks on Russian-owned Nord Stream 1 pipeline
Japan slams ‘unbelievable’ treatment of diplomat detained in Russia
Turkish Airlines cancels flights to Belarus and Russia until at least 2023
Anti-Mobilization Protests Continue In Russia’s Daghestan Amid Police Detentions
Russians taken off train to Belarus due to call-up
Mongolia under pressure as Russians flee to evade Ukraine mobilisation
Ukraine and Romania to Ease Gazprom’s Pressure on Moldova
ECB boss Lagarde under fire from EU Parliament
NATO ‘Closely’ Watching Baltic Sea Situation as Pipeline Sabotage Suspected
‘Dire’ and deteriorating pattern of rights abuse continues in Ukraine
Denmark’s energy infrastructure on alert after Nord Stream gas leakages
Connect Bus orders 47 Ebusco e-buses for Sweden
Lavish Austrian property of EU-sanctioned Belarusian oligarch revealed
Poland will sue European Commission if it continues to “illegally” block funds
U.S. steps up intel, surveillance after Putin’s nuke threats
Russian journalist who fled to Finland: “Poor and disadvantaged” will be sent to front lines
Sweden Detected Two Underwater Explosions Near Nord Stream Leak
ALDE, Renew Europe: Poland must embrace its European destiny
Nord Stream Leaks Underline Gray-Zone Risks
Netflix announces new game studio plans in Helsinki
Slovak parliament approves NATO membership for Finland, Sweden
Poland to share oil surplus with Germany
How Germany’s industrial giants are preparing for winter
Denmark’s Geological Survey recorded seismic shakings resembling blasts
Launch of the Baltic Pipe from Norway through Denmark to Poland
Norway to strengthen security at oil, gas installations
Fire at state-owned Orlen oil plant in Poland kills two people
Ukraine says it won’t be swayed by Russian nuclear threats, annexation votes
Belarus opposition leader to speak at Labour conference in Liverpool
Denmark views Nord Stream pipeline leaks as ‘deliberate actions’
Poland, Denmark fear ‘sabotage’ over Russian gas pipeline leaks
Call for teachers and educators to join LIFE2023 in Finland
Uutissuomalainen: Finnish Border Guard recommends fencing parts of border with Russia
Number of Russians entering EU jumps 30% in a week, border agency says

1944 September 28: Tuskulėnai Victims Memorial Day
1994 September 28: Sinking of MS Estonia
UK Daily: Britain halving number of troops in Estonia by year-end
Spalding Lithuanian School opens its doors
Estonia: Number of mapped out Soviet monuments could exceed 300
LTV: All relatively quiet on Latvian-Russian border
The Time magazine includes Estonia’s Kaja Kallas in its Time100 Next list
Latvian Charity: Donations to Ukraine as frequent as in spring but smaller
Lithuania will help provide 25,000 Ukrainian soldiers with winter clothing
Firewood prices expected to continue growing in Latvia
Estonia’s U-19s beat Bosnia 3-2 after dramatic comeback in Euro qualifier
Latvia: Foreign ambassadors cruising Kurzeme on Wednesday
Lithuania will consider giving German howitzers to Ukraine – president
Ministry: Latvia would have enough gas for winter even if Baltics disconnected from Russian power network
Leave Smiling: 10 Attractions In Lithuania That Deserve Praise
Pärt Uusberg’s new work ‘Psalms of David’ premiers in three Estonian cities
Latvia: Bethlehem House at the service of the poor and needy
Lithuania returns for FIA motorsport games
New Rundāle exhibition traces Latvian cultural heritage pioneers
Nord Stream explosions benefit Gazprom – Lithuanian defmin
10 films will compete for Rīga IFF Main Prize
Paide sign former Ajax youth defender Dehninio Muringen on two-year deal
Latvian gangster among Europe’s most wanted
Estonia Prime Minister awarded CEPA Transatlantic Leadership Award
Lithuania ups defence spending by €148 million amid updated GDP estimates
Estonia ferry disaster commemorated in Tallinn
Latvia picks Viesturs Kairišs’s January as its Oscars bid
Elering: No impact on gas supply if Estonia-Finland pipeline damaged
Former Rīga mayor Purgailis passes away
Bulgaria, Poland, and Estonia advise their citizens to get out of Russia as soon as possible
Latvian Elections: Visions of a Fractured Saeima
2022 bumper year for foreign tourists, investment in Albania
Swiss and Liechtenstein Crypto Assets Ecosystem Continues to Grow Despite Market Turmoil
Czech EU Presidency to discuss free visa for Kosovo
It is high time to grant EU candidacy to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Switzerland De-Lists Designated Individuals under Russia Sanctions
Netherlands tops EU social safety net for the poor
Faroe Islands’ National Gallery Becomes the First to Launch Artificial Intelligence Exhibit
Lukashenko meets with Putin in Sochi
Tata Motors launches $10,000 electric car in India to further its lead
Fighting Inflation at the Grocery Store, German Style
Austria to launch checks at Slovak border to stop migrants
Nord Stream sabotage not an attack on Sweden, foreign minister says
It is high time to grant EU candidacy to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Belarus’s Lukashenko visits Abkhazia
North Ossetia Imposes Limits On Incoming Cars As Line Grows At Region’s Border Crossing With Georgia
Denmark’s defence minister concerned about security in Baltic Sea region
NATO calls Nord Stream leaks acts of sabotage
Russian Defense Ministry Says Newly Mobilized Reservists Begin Training in Kaliningrad
Iran’s anti-veil protests draw on long history of resistance
Poland deserves Nobel Peace Prize for helping Ukraine refugees, says US ambassador
The disappearing Bulgarians: despair as young leave
Federal government warns Canadian hockey players in Russia, Belarus to leave
Bank of England to buy 65 billion pounds of UK bonds to stem rout
Sweden and other central banks to test digital currency payments
NATO found ‘renewed purpose’ amid Ukraine war, says former Finnish PM
20 Soviet memorials removed in Poland this year and 40 to go, says head of state history body
City of Hanko seizes Russian oligarch’s apartments
North Korea Fires Two Ballistic Missiles Ahead of Harris’ Visit to South
Poland to bring remains of presidents-in-exile from UK to Warsaw
Finland’s 211-MW Piiparinmaki wind farm is officially open
Norway targets electricity producers and fish farmers with resource tax
Germany: Prosecutors raid far-right AfD’s headquarters
Germany does not accept “sham” referendums, Scholz tells Ukraine’s Zelenskiy
Citizens’ initiative on visa ban for Russians heads to Finnish Parliament
Germany’s Population Reaches a Record High Due to Ukrainian Refugees
UAE Is Finalizing Deal to Send Six More LNG Cargoes to Germany
Norway to deploy military to protect its oil and gas installations
More religious education for native Sami in Norway
Ukraine charges Russian soldiers alleged to have shot at civilian cars
Denmark unveil World Cup ‘protest’ kits criticising Qatar’s human rights record
Largest battery energy storage project in Sweden planned for H1 2024
EU executive proposes eighth batch of sanctions against Russia
Russia poised to annex occupied Ukraine after sham vote
Ukrainians flee from Russian annexation – while they still can
Readout of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III’s Call With Denmark’s Minister of Defense Morten Bødskov

1957 September 29: Kyshtym nuclear disaster, USSR
Elering, Eesti Energia ink deal to ensure crisis supply of electricity
With the ban on Russians’ travel in place, 9 896 Russians enter Lithuania during the first week
Estonia: Wolt, Bolt food courier apps say do not fear new competitor Fudy
Latvia’s President Levits urges voters to be decisive in elections
Estonian PM: State budget’s focus is on security, supporting the population
‘Only yes means yes.’ Lithuania looks to overhaul concept of sexual consent
Formin: Estonia to give up Russian gas from Jan 1
Exhibition in Sunderland shows life in Lithuania at the end of the Soviet Union
Russians not letting Ukrainian refugees from occupied territories into Latvia
1,500 Russian soldiers about to be surrounded in Ukraine
Europe’s Most Wanted campaign launches with six Lithuanians on the list
Ukrainian artist to unveil Rīga solo exhibition
5 universities in Estonia for international students on a budget
Foreign Ministry repeats call for Latvians to leave Russia
Lithuania takes steps to bolster security around Klaipeda LNG terminal
Latvian central bank will hold centenary conference in November
Russians with Lithuanian roots flee Kaliningrad: ‘They will soon be mobilised’
Narva city government initiates changing 12 street names
Latvia steps up infrastructure security due to Nord Stream incident
Yle: Finland closing border to Russian tourists from Friday
Poverty rate rose in Latvia during 2019-2021
FM and president clash over who should represent Lithuania at European Council
Estonia: Almost two thirds of those called up joined snap ‘Okas’ exercise
NATO Allies enhance readiness in Latvia exercise
Estonia: Concert series Discover! opens with premier of Kuldar Sink’s unknown work
Minimal wages to be increased in Latvia next year
Alar Karis: Self-belief something Estonia must learn from Ukraine
Rīga does not rush with turning on heating this year
EU pursues case against Estonia over presumption of innocence infringement
Eighty-seven migrants tried to cross from Belarus to Lithuania illegally on Wednesday
Private sector after state guarantees for bringing FSRU to Estonia
Lloyd Webber musical ‘Cats’ gets Estonian premiere
Saeima okays move to primary education in Latvian language only
NATO: Attack on infrastructure would bring ‘united and determined response’
Lithuania (and Europe) win top job at UN telecoms agency
Kaja Kallas: We must stick together and live more sparingly
Lithuania will let in Russians with proof of Lithuanian descent – ministry
Economic affairs minister: Estonia needs its own LNG ship at Paldiski
Lithuania Calls Nord Stream Leak “Terrorist Act”, Urges Citizens to Leave Russia
Elron scraps Russian language announcements at Tallinn station
Latvian election shadowed by division among ethnic Russians
Lithuania boosts defense budget to buy Switchblade drones
Romania urges citizens to leave Russia amid military mobilization
How Scotland became a hotbed of new talent and took advantage of the global production boom
Turkey pledges to boost military presence in Cyprus
The National in Barcelona for special series marking five years since Catalan indyref
How does North Macedonia punch above its weight when it comes to attracting FDI?
Political Pressure on the Faroe Islands to End Fishery Cooperation With Russia
Chechens started talking about the genocide of their own people: for the sake of war, they are kidnapped and blackmailed
North Macedonia Opposition Stalls ‘Open Balkan’ Free Flow of Workers
Zelenskyy addresses indigenous people of Russia: Fight so as not to die
Albania and Russia Clash Over Kosovo, PM Welcomes Fleeing Russians
Faroe Islands next on tax hit list?
Zelensky: the peoples of the Caucasus should not die in the shameful war of Russia
Monaco Yacht Club gears up to welcome shipping’s top names
EU takes Malta to court over ‘golden passport’ program
Rights Group Says Russian Historian Under Pressure In Prison
The success of Luxembourg’s financial market
From the Arctic tundra to the Ukrainian front
Moldova to Revoke Citizenship of Fighters for Russia in Ukraine
“Crama Mircești”, renown as the “Little Tuscany” of the Republic of Moldova
Austria returns remains of 64 indigenous people to New Zealand
Finland Sees Russia Moving Espionage to Cyber Environment
Ukrainian activist among winners of ‘Alternative Nobel’
Ukraine advance on Russian outpost challenges Putin’s grip on Donbas
German inflation hits record 10% in September
Report: 200 environmental activists killed globally in 2021
Drone activity observed near Total offshore installation in North Sea
Report Calls Switzerland, US, Sweden World’s Most Innovative Economies
As Japan and China mark 50-year ties, moods are mixed
U.S. says ex-Army major and his wife tried to leak military health data to Russia
A safe space for Ukraine’s refugees in Romania
NHL: Russian players all clear for games in Czech Republic
Crews in Florida race to rescue those trapped by Hurricane Ian
In Washington, Everyone Wins if Ukraine Wins
EU takes Malta to court over passport-for-pay program
Nicaragua declares the EU ambassador ‘persona non grata’
Solidarity Transport Hub – investing in Poland
Russia’s nuclear trade with Europe flows despite Ukraine war
Teresa Ribera: Nord Stream ‘sabotage’ is another provocation by Putin
Supo: Finland subject of extensive state espionage
Hundreds of kids from east Ukraine stranded in Russian camps
Montenegro investigates Russians, Montenegrins on suspicion of spying
Global Maritime Secures Warranty Contract in 1.2 GW offshore wind farm in Poland
In one tiny German town, nobody worries about energy bills
EU sanctions set to tighten the screw on Russian industry, society
Belarus Preparing To Accept 20,000 Mobilized From Russia – Intelligence
Vatican sanctions Nobel laureate after Timor accusations
Europe braces for mobile network blackouts
US Congress approves $289 million in military financing for Poland
Iran Reportedly Fires On Kurdish Regional Capital
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters declared ‘persona non grata’ in Poland
Police In Russia’s Tyva Disperse Anti-Mobilization Rally, Detain Women
Germany agrees 200 bln euro package to shield against surging energy prices
Rights Group Says Russian Historian Under Pressure In Prison
Poland blames toxic algae for Oder river fish kill
Joint Warrior: World military heads to Scotland for ‘UK’s largest maritime exercise’

1966 September 30: Botswana Independence Day
1938 September 30: Munich Agreement
September 30: Canada National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
Estonia: Over a third of electricity generated this year from renewables
As Latvia goes to polls, ethnic Russian population fears losing identity
Estonia: Universal electricity price provisionally set at 15.4 cents per KWh
airBaltic to launch new Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro flights
Leader of the Estonian Orthodox Church: Russia’s war on Ukraine is not holy
Lithuania Gambling Supervisory Authority Imposes €15,000 Fine on Top Sport
No more pre-election campaigning as of Friday in Latvia
Russians of Lithuanian origin flee Kaliningrad for fear of mobilisation
Liepāja builds large drinking water export terminal
Estonia-based Klaus raises €12 million to improve customer service platform
Gerda Grauberg: On Estonia joining the Ukraine-Russia litigation
NATO StratCom chief: I cannot promise Latvia a peaceful and predictable future
State not using option to purchase up to four Estonian island ferries
Estonian e-Business Register access to be free-of-charge from Saturday
Utility payment delays will not be penalized this season in Latvia
TSO: Paldiski supply point constructed for Finland’s FSRU
Skulte LNG terminal given status of object of national interest in Latvia
Estonia: The ecumenical path towards peace
Minimum wage planned at EUR 620 next year in Latvia
Lithuania acquires kamikaze drones for Ukraine
Police investigate MP Kiršteins’ insult of LTV journalist
‘I was back home’: Born in refugee camp, Lithuanian artist recalls first visit to homeland
Latvians still actively subscribe to printed press
ICDS chief: Nordstream incidents fit well with Russia’s way of doing things
Business environment still negative in all sectors in Latvia
Government of Estonia demands that Metropolitan breaks with Kirill
266 Russians crossed Latvian border in last 24 hours
Selver spokesperson: Shoppers buy cheaper food types as prices soar
Latvia passes amendments on more support for residents and companies during energy crisis
Estonia: Nursing homes evict challenging patients, elderly care reform proposed
EU official calls on Lithuania to take better care of its Jewish cultural sites
Eurostat: Inflation in Estonia 24.2 percent in September
August’s unemployment in Latvia reported higher than average in the EU
Estonian FM: Russia’s annexation ‘referendums’ ‘completely null and void’
‘Another step towards madness’: Lithuanian defence minister decries Putin’s nuclear threats
Estonia’s natl defense council to discuss energy security, NATO cooperation
Poland secures LNG import capacity in Lithuania
Estonia expels ‘Russian citizen and Kremlin provocateur’
Poles replace Czechs in NATO air policing mission in Lithuania
Kallas: Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories a ‘land grab’
Lithuania, Ireland stand out for Europe’s female founders
Estonian president: Annexation of Ukrainian territories is a crime
Workers of Vilnius public transport postpone strike, reach agreement on wages
Latvia holds general election amid Ukraine war and record-high inflation
Another red line crossed: Lithuania condemns Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions
‘Baltic friends’ would welcome Ukraine’s accession to NATO
Foreign Ministry of Latvia condemns bogus annexation of Ukraine’s territory
Baltic Worries Mount as Russian Draftees Flood into Regional Training Sites
Scottish independence argument ‘never looked stronger’, top political scientist Simon Hix says
Vatican sanctions Nobel laureate after Timor accusations
Is the criticism of Switzerland by Russian dissidents justified?
Six Russian Diplomats Expelled From Montenegro Amid Espionage Probe
Cornwall landmarks glow pink for organ donation awareness
Albanian Asylum Requests Double in EU During 2022
Switzerland: A leader in the digitalisation of healthcare
Croatia to get 9 bln euro from EU cohesion funds under 2021-2027 partnership deal
Five of the best places to go in Scotland if you like tales of witchcraft and mystery
Catalonia gears up to mark five years since independence referendum that rocked Spain
Zelensky calls on Switzerland to block Russian assets
Turkey-Greece Relations Tense over Cyprus, Aegean Islands
Moldova’s state-owned Energocom registers as energy trader in Romania
Moldova’s mobile operator Moldcell to list shares at Bucharest Exchange
Bulgaria Goes to Another Knife-Edge Election on Sunday
Lukoil abused dominant position in Bulgaria, watchdog finds
Azerbaijan to increase gas deliveries to Bulgaria, Europe, via Greek interconnector
Brittany set to play first football international in a decade
Turkiye to take recognition of northern Cyprus to UN General Assembly
Dagestan asks Putin for six months of “delay” from mobilization
Slovak oil refiner to keep selling Russian oil, hopes Commission turns a blind eye
Sweden lifts arms embargo on Turkey, moving closer to NATO
White House’s Sullivan: We take Putin’s nuclear threats seriously
Poland’s unemployment rate at 2.6 pct in August – Eurostat
Court dismisses Maasai eviction case against Tanzania
Putin signs treaties annexing Ukraine regions, defying international law
Ukraine Missile Attack Kills Another Russian-Appointed Official In Occupied Kherson
How will Germany navigate its gas shortage nightmare this winter?
Ukraine says troops closing in on key Russian-held stronghold of Lyman
Denmark and Belgium sign landmark agreement for CO2 transport
Hack puts Latin American security agencies on edge
Denmark’s Queen Margrethe removes grandchildren’s royal titles
Ukraine Applies For Accelerated Accession To NATO
Norway Advises Its Citizens Against Travel to Iran
East Timor’s Catholics rally behind accused Nobel bishop
Sweden: Nord Stream gas leaks ‘likely a state-carried action’, says official
U.S. issues new Russia sanctions for annexations in Ukraine; targets firms, lawmakers
Norway May Impose an Entry Ban on Russians, Minister of Justice Says
Suicide bomber strikes Kabul education center, killing 19
Finnish leaders condemn Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories
Russian Oligarch Avoids Sanctions Despite Apparent Tie To Nuclear Weapons Industry
Norway prepares for Russians fleeing military service
Nobel Prize season arrives amid war, nuclear fears, hunger
Norway’s defense minister on how NATO expansion will, and won’t, impact defense plans
Russia vetoes UN resolution on proclaimed annexations, China abstains
Finland issues resolution that closes border to Russian tourists
EU adopts levy on excess energy profits, no gas price cap
Germany approves new arms exports to Saudi Arabia despite ban since 2018
Ukrainian Supreme Court Judge Has Russian Citizenship, Investigation Finds
In Europe’s defence: Why the EU needs a security compact with Ukraine
Inflation hits record 10% in 19 EU countries using euro
A tale of two borrowers: investors punish Britain but spare Germany
Burkina Faso soldiers announce overthrow of military government
Imposing Swift and Severe Costs in Response to Russia’s Violations of Ukraine’s Sovereignty
S. Korea, US and Japan hold anti-N. Korean submarine drills
NATO Deputy Secretary General at the Helsinki Security Forum: Finland and Sweden will make our Alliance stronger
Taking Aim At The United States, Putin Casts Ukraine War As An Existential Conflict For Russia
Belarus Wants To Head Kimberley Conflict Diamond Screening Process
U.S. captives ‘prayed for death’ on brutal ride from Ukraine
Norway to boost security along border with Russia
Netherlands inflation soars to 17%, fuelled by high energy prices
President of Belarus signs laws on ratification of EAEU documents
Norway will patrol its oil and gas platforms with help from allies, PM says
First drafted Russian citizens arrive for combat training in Kaliningrad, Russia
Niinistö: Finland will assist Ukraine “as long as needed”
U.S. Will Consider Nuclear Attack On Ukraine As Attack On NATO

1960 October 1: Cyprus Independence Day
1960 October 1: Nigeria Independence Day
1978 October 1: Tuvalu Independence Day
1988 October 1: Rahvarinne, Popular Front of Estonia, Established
2017 October 1: Catalan Independence Referendum
October: Black History Month, Europe
Latvia Holds 2022 Parliamentary Elections
EU profit tax will not apply to Estonian shale oil producers
Emigration up in Lithuania
Kanepi beats Muchova to set up all-Estonian semi final with Kontaveit
Latvia election: Karins set for reelection amid Russia-Ukraine war
Raccoons and invisible fungi sink their teeth into Estonian habitat
In Kaunas, a British artist shines light on Holocaust massacre forgotten by locals
PPA hopes to complete southeast border infrastructure a year early
It is election day in Latvia
‘Some have long forgotten taste of meat’ – high inflation forces Lithuanians to save on food
Latvians voting all over the world
Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s company to distribute Estonia’s “Melchior” movie franchise
Quitting jobs and selling everything – Lithuanian couple sets off around the world
Latvia & Estonia: Trepidation for future, hope for the present
Statistics Estonia: Night Song Festival most popular concert in 2021
Rezekne shows highest turnout among Latvia’s biggest cities in 14th Saeima elections
Tallinn School of Music and Ballet puts on inaugural performance
Russia’s Ukraine invasion is backdrop to election in Latvia
Latvian PM’s New Unity party ahead in vote, exit poll shows
Putin Wants Russia’s Borders Changed? History Says He Should Be Quiet
In Sofia, von der Leyen hails new gas interconnector bringing ‘freedom from Russia’
Germany begins 3 days of reunification celebrations
Nord Stream rupture may mark biggest single methane release ever recorded, U.N. says
Erdoğan renews threat to block Sweden, Finland NATO bids
Turkey rejects Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian territory
Gas starts flowing to Poland through new Baltic Pipe pipeline
Russian patrol detains head of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant
Russia faces UNESCO meeting walkout over Ukraine war
Kadyrov says Russia should use low-yield nuclear weapon
Russia Withdraws Forces From Lyman In Major Victory For Ukraine
Havana protests flare for second night as govt scrambles to turn on lights
World Bank Mobilizes Additional $530 Million in Support to Ukraine
Russia loses U.N. aviation council seat in rebuke
Ukrainian Paralympians urge to ban Russia, Belarus from competitions
Italy’s Eni working with Gazprom to resolve Russian gas flow halt
Poland: Construction of barrier at border with Belarus complete
Lukashenko turns Belarus into bridgehead for Russian army

1958 October 2: Guinea Independence Day
October 3: Peat Cutting Monday, Falkland Islands
1932 October 3: Iraq Independence Day
1990 October 3: German reunification/German Unity Day
1966 October 4: Lesotho Independence Day
1934 October 6: Proclamation of the Catalan state
1991 October 8: Croatia Independence Day