Estonia Is Working On New Government

The Soviet Union never really solved Russian nationalism

1973 July 10: Bahamas Independence Day
Only ten European countries, including Latvia, have fully provided promised military aid to Ukraine
Evidence proves Johan Bäckman’s efforts to discredit Finland in Russia
The pro-Putin fifth column in the Czech Republic, what it wants and how it plans to seize power

1995 July 11: Srebrenica Massacre
Applications open for free Latvian language learning in Rīga
Schengen Code to include concept of migration instrumentalization – Lithuanian intermin
Kontaveit back to second in latest WTA rankings
Lithuania wants EU to review bloc’s migration policy
Regional university merger in the works in Latvia
Ignitis Group hit by DDoS attack as Killnet continues Lithuania campaign
Estonian swimmer Jefimova wins three golds at European Junior Championships
Bayraktar drone crowdfunded in Lithuanian delivered to Ukraine
Estonia’s Reform Party, Isamaa and Social Democrats reach deal on new coalition
Vilnius dismantles steps built from Jewish tombstones in 1960s
Latvia and Sweden discuss expanding military cooperation
Lithuania, Azerbaijan to hold Intergovernmental Commission’s meeting soon – ambassador
Vikerraadio ranked Estonia’s most popular radio station
Latvia president calls for defence spending boost, compulsory military service for all
Lithuania Widens List Of Russian Goods Barred From Ground Transport To Kaliningrad
Latvia accounts for less than 0.5% of total EU population
Uber, Estonia: : Ex-Reform MP Palling involved in multiple conflicts of interest
Signet Bank and Expobank merger process completed
Only 15 percent of Kaliningrad cargo affected by sanctions – Lithuanian Railways
Anesthesia during birth will be available free for all mothers in Latvia
Russian propaganda targets Lithuania – Kaliningrad ‘blockade’ and ‘betrayal’
Rīga’s ‘Titanic’ is going down
Flanders ‘will not wait passively’ for Constitution change in 2024
Faroe Islands sets quota of 500 dolphins to be killed in controversial annual whale hunt
EU Parliament urges Vatican to defend human rights in Hong Kong
The Virulent Nationalism That Led to Srebrenica Is Back in Bosnia
EU launches Support Hub for Internal Security and Border Management in Moldova
NATO military officials hold staff-to-staff talks in Colombia
A year after protests, Cuba struggles to emerge from crisis
Norway’s Inflation Hits 33-Year High, Spurring Rate Hike Bets
Ukraine cries foul as Canada sends Nord Stream 1 turbine to Germany
Seaweed supplement helps Sweden sell “methane-reduced” beef in supermarkets
UN expects world’s population to reach 8 billion on Nov. 15
Swedish Central Bankers Warn That More Rate Hikes May Be Needed
EU states trail behind on medical right to be forgotten
What is a ‘Stand-In Force’? Look at US Marines in Norway, Berger says
Poland asks Ukraine to confront dark past despite common front against Moscow
Finland, in NATO and with the F-35, forms a powerful challenge to Russia
Thousands in Bosnia commemorate 1995 Srebrenica massacre
Russia turns off gas pipeline to Germany for repairs
India to surpass China as most populous country in 2023, UN report says
Helsinki police evacuate hotel bar after woman disperses “unknown substance”
Mourners throng Abe’s wake as his party secures sombre Japan election win
Iran slams Sweden for violating Hamid Nouri’s basic rights
Famed Ukrainian medic describes ‘hell’ of Russian captivity
‘Choose France’ summit kicks off against backdrop of Uber lobbying allegations
Junior World Orienteering Sprint Golds for Finland and Sweden
Kazakhstan Thumbs its Nose at Putin

1975 July 12: São Tomé and Príncipe Independence Day
1979 July 12: Kiribati Independence Day
Eesti Gaas buys €300 million worth of Norwegian LNG for coming winter
Latvia’s foster family numbers grow
‘If we hadn’t expanded NATO, Russian troops might already be in Lithuania’ – interview with former US official
Fishing lobbyists challenge government over Linnamäe hydroelectric dam
No more Ukrainian refugee housing in Rīga
Lithuania, US sign memorandum on strengthening energy sector
Estonian artist holds Baltic bacterial exhibition in Rīga
Vilnius hosts conference on rebuilding Ukraine
Tallinn street art campaign draws attention to impact of climate change
Lessons from Lithuania’s David-Goliath Clash with China
Estonia’s inflation bears down on pensioners
One-third of Lithuanian school leavers fail math exam
President piped aboard U.S. destroyer in Rīga
Two golds for Estonia’s seniors at Euro Basketball Championships in Malaga
Latvia heads Baltic states in food prices, says market authority
High winds bring spectacular waterspouts on both sides of Finnish gulf
Latvians deposit a million pieces of packaging daily
Lithuania getting ready for 2024 Cultural Season in France
Latvia Begins Process of Re-Instituting Military Conscription
Retailers must display past month’s lowest price during sales
Latvia president supports reinstating military conscription
Former Estonia President Kaljulaid: We should never believe Putin’s lies again
Lithuania’s aid to Ukraine will continue until it wins war – PM
One-third of Estonians consider themselves middle class
Food product price comparison reveals curious differences among Baltic States
Estonian economy to deteriorate over next six months — experts
International Court of Arbitration rejects Russia’s claim over Lithuania’s nationalisation of Snoras bank
Mass military exercise Siil (Hedgehog) in Estonia
Germany is ramping up Baltic defences – but is Bundeswehr up to the task?
One of the biggest cogs in Europe found in Estonia
Investment in renewables will help Lithuania go green – but agriculture must become more sustainable
Government crisis threatens Slovakia’s defence spending pledge
Deputy Secretary General opens annual NATO Partnerships 360 Symposium
Some assembly required – NATO Allies and soon-to-be Ally Sweden train to keep Gotland secure
Conclusion: Bridging the Digital Divide
Within the war between Russia and Ukraine, a war between Chechens
Nine EU states to keep backing ‘terrorist’ Palestinian civil society groups
Digital Denmark: The Little Mermaid Wakes Up to Big Tech’s Risks
‘Amazing journey’: EU accepts Croatia as 20th euro zone member
Seeking to crack Western unity, Putin sinks Russian economy
Putin set to visit Iran next week
Finland: In the eye of the geopolitical storm
EU freezes Russian assets worth €13.8 billion, but struggles to move towards seizure
Poland, Israel improve ties as ambassador starts work
U.S. World Bank Provide $1.7 Billion For Ukraine Health-Care Workers
Xi Jinping Might Think He Can Handle His Own ‘Ukraine’
Toymaker Lego Is Latest Multinational To Pull Out Of Russia Since Invasion Of Ukraine
EU Council adopts additional €1 billion assistance to Ukraine
In Smolensk, A Russian’s Lonely, Dangerous Stand Against The War On Ukraine
US, Japan agree to cooperate on economic fallout of Ukraine war
California Brother and Sister Manage YouTube Channel to Support Ukraine
With Finland and Sweden in NATO, the U.S. Can Finally Pivot to the Pacific
Russian Anti-War Journalist Fined Under ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law
Ukraine Muslims pray for victory, end of Russian invasion
SKC to build copper foil factory in Poland
Russia to prosecute same-sex public displays of affection
Over 100 Servicemen from Buryatia Quit, Refusing to Fight Ukraine: Anti-War Group
In Russia’s Poorest Regions, Mothers And Wives Are Fighting To Bring Their Soldiers Back Home
Executives seek briefings on Taiwan war risk

Walrus spotted in Latvia could have come from the British Isles
Culture ministry supports WTA Tallinn Open with €150,000 grant
Latvia’s state budget plan exceeded by 7% so far
NATO jets based at Ämari conduct daily flights far into central Europe
Lithuanian legislators suggest rent caps as housing prices go through the roof
Card payments for utilities have doubled in Latvia
Estonia’s hospital network needs reform — experts
Latvian film expert Viktors Freibergs passes away
Netherlands, Denmark and Estonia lead Europe’s energy transition
My Refugee Playlist
War Museum begins the reburial of Soviet WWII mass grave in Rakvere
Litgrid says Poland-Lithuania underwater power link delayed until 2027/2028
Isamaa, Reform have different visions for planned family benefit hike
Rent prices rise in Latvia
Dangerous fertilizer cargo stuck at Muuga harbor due to Russian sanctions
Ukrainians will be able to study at University of Latvia for free
Head of Tallinn heating provider: Tenders have not yielded enough gas
Following EU sanctions, queues form on Lithuania’s border with Russia, Belarus
Latvia: More bodies of water where swimming is not advised
US start-up Guardhat opens a site in Lithuania
Latvian PM tests positive for Covid-19
Estonia: Revoking war grave protection unrelated to Ukraine war
Grand plans for Strēlnieku square in Old Rīga
Nausėda, Grybauskaitė among favourites to be elected president
Pärnu may see return of seaside cattle grazing
Baltics could connect to European grid within 24h if Russia cuts power – operator
EU moves to play down tensions over Kaliningrad
Ukraine invites Lithuania to join 600 promising investment projects after victory
Unit of Ukrainian soldiers arrive in Latvia for military training
Lithuania plans to be ready for German brigade by 2025, officials say
Five more Soviet-era war graves in Estonia to be reburied
European Commission: ‘we did not negotiate with Russia’ on Kaliningrad transit sanctions
Free emergency dental care for children introduced in Latvia
EU says Lithuania must allow rail transit of Russian goods to Kaliningrad
Ukraine war a modern-day genocide
Drawing lessons from Ukraine, Lithuania to upgrade weapons of border guards, officers
Food price growth slows down: traders association, Latvia
Sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad can transit Lithuania by rail, says Brussels
Latvia: Government coalition endorses creation of national defense service
Lithuania will allow sanctioned Russian goods trade to Kaliningrad
Women’s Lacrosse: rising Ohio State junior Jamie Lasda competes for Latvia at World Championships
How Slovenia Became One of the Most Sustainable Countries in Europe
Moldova Weighs Mobility and Firepower in Military Overhaul
Rethinking the Crimean Tatar national movements through magical realism
Kazakhstan Oil Exporters Relieved as Russian Court Lifts Ban on Pipeline
Unrest in Remote Karakalpakstan Tests Uzbekistan’s State, Society
NATO Secretary General meets with members of EU Parliament
NATO Secretary General welcomes Albanian Prime Minister to NATO Headquarters
Ukraine joins NATO’s program of technological cooperation
Key objectives of the digital euro
A rare look at postwar Korea emerges from long-lost photos
In Shadow Of War, Russian Billionaire Declares A ‘Territory Of Culture’ In Tbilisi With No Politics Allowed
Polish tunnel builders in Denmark win same pay as locals
Bill Gates donates $20 bln to his foundation
Trudeau defends decision to return turbines to Germany for Russian pipeline
Vatican names 3 women to office that vets bishop nominations
Sweden invests in global health with record support to Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
Cost-of-living crisis to hit women hardest
EU grants €135m to Finnish fuel giant Neste for chemical recycling project
Prominent Greek actor-director found guilty of 2 rapes
Belarus sentences journalist to eight years for ‘state treason’
Moomin features in anti-Finland propaganda on Moscow streets
Ukraine will carry on and fight for as long as it takes to achieve victory
Poland Buys Thousands of Disposable Grenade Launchers
Russian Journalist Says She Was Forcibly Medicated In Psychiatric Hospital
Severe Flooding Washes Out Siberian Villages

1789 July 14: Bastille Day, French National Day
Mihkelson: Europe sends signal that exceptions to sanctions possible
Lithuania commences 3.5GHz bidding despite ongoing 700MHz auction
Minister praises Estonian special forces exemplary Mali performance
Liepāja port sees cargo record
Analysts in Estonia: Impact of US dollar going up relatively limited
Survey: 30% of Latvians believe Russia could invade Baltic
Ukraine consul general to Scotland unhappy over Tallink vessel refugee plan
United States welcomes EU clarification on Kaliningrad transit
Remains of over 30 people found in Rakvere communal burial site
Former Russian president says lucidity or fear made EC reconsider Kaliningrad transit sanctions
Estonia seeks a contractor to revise the draft nuclear law
Travel Noire, Latvia
Kalev Stoicescu: The nature of Russia
Dozens of Soviet monuments on the line for dismantling in Latvia
Almost €200,000 granted to support internationalization of Estonian culture
Lithuania’s Kaunas among Time’s greatest places of 2022
Pensions will be indexed earlier this year in Latvia
Lithuania not responsible for EC’s Kaliningrad transit decision, says PM
European Commission recommends Latvia reduce political influence in selection of judges and combating corruption
Similarities between Estonia and Ukraine’s fights for freedom
Latvia bans Russian gas supplies
Estonian agricultural producer defeats European Commission in EU court
Lithuania’s ex-president slams government’s ‘flouncing and pathetic communication’ on Kaliningrad transit
Green energy community legislation passed in Latvia
EC: Lithuania applied Kaliningrad transit sanctions correctly with the information it had
Refugee children will learn in Latvian or Ukrainian at school
Who’s who: Estonia’s proposed new government
Latvia’s Saeima ratifies NATO Accession Protocols for Finland and Sweden
Lithuanian ad website hit by cyberattack, warns of possible customer data leak
Latvia makes bringing excise goods from Russia and Belarus harder
Myanmar Military Junta Expels United Kingdom Envoy
Catalan cinema under a third of Spain’s total after dropping from 48% in 2010
Pope’s Canada trip: Beginning and ending with ‘sorry’
Denials over interior minister’s call for Unified Serbia
Basque country, Brittany and Jura: three epic camping road trips across France
Going beyond the conventional: NATO Summit 2022
Russian missiles kill at least 23 in Ukraine, wound over 100
Russian aggression sees euro tumble along with EU growth forecasts
Germany: SPD considers kicking out Schröder over Putin ties
Ukraine: can Russia still win the war?
‘Feta’ is Greek, EU top court rules, stopping Denmark from using designation
Europe Condemned for Caving to Russia on Kaliningrad Blockade: ‘Pathetic’
Sweden hands life sentence to ex-Iranian official over 1988 purge
Bulgaria ratifies Sweden, Finland NATO membership
Finland Issues First Offshore Wind Lease Area Permits
Norway exported smolt worth millions to Russia over the last three months
Finland to host figure skating Grand Prix instead of Russia
OSCE sounds ‘alarm’ on Russian ‘filtration centres’ in Ukraine
Russia’s War On Ukraine Is Deeply Unpopular In Belarus
Wärtsilä to wind down Italian operations, move production to Finland
European Commission raises Poland’s GDP forecast for 2022
Kremlin says work still to be done on EU Kaliningrad transit deal
Northvolt’s Poland ESS plant among 17 winners of €1.8 billion EU grant
Putin uses minorities as ‘cannon fodder,’ Buryat soldiers return home from Ukraine
Kazakhstan joins club of countries banning Lightyear over same-sex kiss
Big investments coming to eastern Germany’s high-tech industry

1410 July 15: Battle of Grunwald/Žalgiris
1933 July 15: Darius and Girėnas’ transatlantic Lituanica flight
Estonia, Incoming minister: Lessons from Ukraine conflict must be taken on board
Lockdown unlikely this autumn in Latvia
Estonia, Incoming health and labor minister: No tax hikes under this government
Latvia to stop using peat for heat as of 2030
Russian, Belarusian citizens will not be allowed to own firearms in Estonia
Gas consumption in Latvia down 18% on year
Six of Estonia’s ministerial candidates have no government experience
Germany assigns brigade to Lithuania, says defence chief
Contractor builds a road using plastic in Paldiski
Mothballed warship from Portsmouth destined for a new lease of life in Lithuania with a £55m upgrade
Estonia, Major banks have ceased almost all transactions with Russia
Over 50 Ukrainians fighters receive treatment in Lithuania
Mustamäe district of Tallinn gets self-driving bus
Lithuania’s parties sign new defence agreement, pledging to keep military spending above 2.5%
Samost: This is the shortest coalition agreement in Estonian history
Funding granted for strengthening Latvian-Belarusian border
Despite price spike, electric vehicles still several times cheaper to drive
Latvia’s hotel figures doubled in May
Kallas: Society will no longer accept severe coronavirus restrictions
General Radvilas takes over as commander of Lithuania’s Land Force
Incoming minister hoping to direct €280m back to Tallinn Hospital project
Sabonis, Valanciunas featured on Lithuania’s preliminary roster for EuroBasket
Lake Peipus fishers suspect Russians violating vendace fishing quota
New bug species found in Latvia
EC went beyond its competence with Kaliningrad transit clarification, says Lithuanian MEP
Rally Estonia gets underway with high energy opening ceremony in Tartu
Lithuanian FM fends off calls for confidence vote over Kaliningrad transit sanctions
Latvia, Azerbaijan should find new ways of cooperation in agriculture
Lithuania should rapidly develop plan of its air defense objectives
Romans Voitovs Scores Another World Series Of Poker Bracelet Win For Latvia
Kaunas Airport, Lithuania, faces a major apron expansion
U.S. Approves $500 Million HIMARS Sale With Estonia, $950 Million AMRAAM Missile Deal With Norway
Belgium to add 10 billion euros to military spending budget
Nearly half a million animals killed in Belgian laboratories in 2020
Who Will Lead the United Kingdom?
Catalan and Spanish government talks on independence to resume last week of July
Russian state channel RT to open shop in Serbia
Wildfires rage across Portugal as intense heatwave grips Europe
Calls for unity as Cyprus marks anniversary of 1974 coup
EU further increases its budget support to Moldova
Conditions for Roma in the settlements of eastern Slovakia are disgraceful, medieval, scandalous and shameful
Bulgaria, Russia clash over Ukrainian helicopter repairs
In Crimea and Donbas, Organized Crime Reigns Supreme
EU sanctions against Russia: Commission adopts proposal for “maintenance and alignment” package
ECB Bond Tool Seen Having No Limits as Steeper Rate Hikes Loom
Could South Korea make the Quad a Quint?
US and Japanese warplanes put on show of force as tensions spike with China and Russia
EU Withholds Cash to Poland as Nation Snubs $238 Million Fines
Russia acquits feminist artist on trial for pornography
Bhutan’s trailblazing beauty queen speaks up for LGBTQ community
Saudi Arabia doubles discounted Russian fuel oil imports
Gro Harlem Brundtland: Three-Time Prime Minister of Norway
EU takes Hungary to highest court over LGBT, media rules
North Korea says Ukraine can’t talk about sovereignty while aiding U.S.
Indigenous Peoples’ message gets through in EU corridors of power
Denmark floats alternative to EU’s carbon market fundraising plan
Griner lawyer: WNBA star had doctor’s note for cannabis use
Opening keynote speech by Mr Janusz Wojciechowski at EU-Singapore Agri-Food Business Forum
Ten years on, Italy faces debt crisis Draghi may not solve
Sweden: Reformation, reconciliation, and gender justice
Another top opposition figure in Russia handed prison term
Debt Troubles in Laos Reveal Economic Turmoil in Developing World
Belgium vows more climate action on anniversary of deadly floods
Poland to buy 116 used Abrams tanks from U.S., says minister
UK aid worker held by Ukraine separatists reported dead
Ukraine’s inflation continues to soar, hits 21.5% in June
EU4Health grants made available for Ukraine
Poland “grows” with 15 new cities
Ukrainian rescuers hunt for survivors of Vinnytsia airstrike
Russia sanctions 384 Japanese lawmakers over stance on Ukraine
Producers of fries refusing to supply to Russia, McDonald’s successor says
Visiting walrus causes stir in southern Finland town
Yellen Pushes Plan to Cap Price of Russian Oil on Global Markets
Protecting the EU budget: MEPs on fact-finding visit in Poland
Tunisian opposition calls for EU support in political crisis
Foreign Banks Count Cost of Poland’s Move to Ease Rate-Hike Blow
Assistant US Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs Jessica Lewis Travels to the United Kingdom, Germany, and Poland

1945 July 16: Trinity nuclear bomb test
USA allows Estonia to buy six HIMARS missile systems
Expert: if Russia bans export via Baltics, just 0.5% of Lithuania’s GDP will be affected
Telia wins Estonia’s second 5G frequency auction
This Small European Country Is Whipping Up Some Of The Most Unique Ice Cream Flavors On Earth
Parties disagree over cost of Estonia’s new coalition agreement
Scottish journalist recalls 1992 in Lithuania: 10-dollar salary and inauguration of first president
Latvian awaydays: Vārnukrogs
War fatigue saps Lithuanians’ donations for Ukraine
Estonia’s electricity prices at record high
Imported From Lithuania Premade Sandwiches Sold Cheaper Than Icelandic Equivalents
Ukrainian refugees open restaurant in Bigauņciems, Latvia
Juozas “Joe” Gecas, 1929 – 2022
Belgium approves €2 million for floating solar panels project in world-first
Belgium Mulls Sending Mine Hunter To The Black Sea
Truro sees March for Kernow with hundreds in the city demanding more independence for Cornwall
UNESCO World Heritage Sites – cultural and architectural gems of Catalonia
Andorra green lights Bitcoin and Blockchain with Digital Assets Act
Tragic tales of slaves in Malta
Watch: The Entire History Of Malta Condensed Into 11 Minutes
Croatia beach handball team win gold in USA at World Games
Touring Greece, one myth at a time
Meet African Fulani chef Fatmata Binta, winner of the 2022 Basque Culinary World Prize
Catalonia: from Dali to Nahmandias
Romania Fears Putin, But Putin Should Fear Romania, Too
Armenian, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers Meet In Georgia Over Nagorno-Karabakh
NATO Summit – The Path Ahead
ECB’s Lagarde, Panetta See Digital Euro as More Efficient Payment Means Than Crypto
Bank of Canada chief: inflation likely to tip 8% as soon as next week
UK and Republic of Korea set out desire to cooperate in Space
South Korean capital celebrates 1st Pride parade in 3 years
Ukraine Fears Western Capitulation on Russia as Cracks Emerge
U.S. lawyer who represented Khashoggi is detained in UAE, rights group says
Ugandan court sentences woman to 30 years in prison for murder of Finnish businessman
Camilla at 75: Duchess of Cornwall marks milestone birthday
Kozljak: After Sweden and Finland, BiH is the next NATO Member
North Macedonia votes to end dispute with Bulgaria, clears way for EU talks
G20 finance talks end without joint statement amid rift over Ukraine
Wildfire rages in Bordeaux; fire pilot killed in Portugal
Ukrainians Granted Exemptions To Compete In World Athletics Championships
Iran imposes sanctions on 61 Americans as nuclear talks hit impasse
Russia steps up attacks across Ukraine’s north, east, south
Biden fails to secure major security, oil commitments at Arab summit
Fighting Centers in Ukraine’s Eastern Donbas Region

1992 July 17: Slovak National Council’s Declaration of Independence of the Slovak Nation
953 July 19: Vorkuta uprising
1969 July 20: Moon Landing
1831 July 21: Belgian National Day
1940 July 23: Welles Declaration