Putin Continues Offence Against Human Rights in Ukraine

Russia Continues To Conduct Strike Operations From Territory Of Belarus
Russian Occupant Group Lost Third Of Battle-Worthy Forces In Ukraine
Latvia’s dependency on Russian energy is ‘overstated’
Anonymous Hackers Broadcast Footage of the War in Ukraine on Russian TV
Estonia: Consumer prices rise by 12 percent on-year
French Foreign Minister: Ukraine to Win This War
Top US general reassures Latvia as Russia fears spike
New Zealand Introduced Sanctions Against Lukashenka Regime
Insight from Ukrainian refugee driver to Latvia
Finnish Red Cross sends logistics unit to Ukraine to coordinate humanitarian effort
Lithuania’s Klaipeda LNG terminal suspends acceptance of Russian cargoes
Finland’s tourism sector feels pinch from being Russia’s neighbour
Simson: Russian gas needs to be replaced by other energy sources
‘Do Not Underestimate Message Of Shoigu Planning To Replace Putin’
Latvia would support accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO – Levits
Security specialists: Russian aggression could expand, including into Finland
Latvian railway travel took EU’s biggest hit in Q3 2021
Russian Soldiers Start Deserting Even On Their Way To Ukraine
Lithuania calls for embargo on Russian oil and gas
South Korea Imposes Sanctions Against Lukashenka’s Regime
Top US military officer visits Estonia to discuss security
Empty Shelves, Wild Inflation: What Is Happening In Belarusian Stores
Over 30 businesses have aided Estonian Refugee Council with evacuation from Ukraine
Ukrainian Defense Minister Promised To “Surprise” Russia
LTV’s De Facto looks at Russian oligarchs with business in Latvia
Two Mines Stopped At Belaruskali Due To Lack Of Sales
Lithuania to ramp up military spending, PM says
Estonian PM promises “lightning quick” ratification if Finland submits Nato application
Lithuania Railways to stop transporting Russian metals
Denmark to increase defense spending and phase out Russian natural gas
Lithuanian president to Blinken: NATO must help Ukraine with military means
Exercise Cold Response 2022 – NATO and partner forces face the freeze in Norway
Latvian Defense Ministry hands out innovation grants
Finland’s Valio quits Russia days after suspending exports
‘We have to be very cautious’ in talks with Russia, says Estonian foreign minister
Poland Rolls Out $1.7 Billion of Aid for Ukrainian Refugees
Estonian hospitals preparing to receive injured patients from Ukraine
A New Ukraine Emerges
How Much Do You Know About Latvia?
Germany sticks with Putin for its oil and gas
Blinken meets with Israeli counterpart on Russian invasion
Latvian Defense Minister reminds about crisis action plan
Ukraine slams Moscow’s offer to evacuate civilians to Russia and Belarus as ‘immoral’
US to send 400 additional troops to Lithuania – Blinken
‘Sis dies corrents’ named Best Catalan Film at 2022 Gaudí Awards
China optimistic on code of conduct, but irks Vietnam with military exercises
U.S. to deploy additional units with radars and air defense systems to Lithuania
China’s playbook on Taiwan will be based on global response to Ukraine: Joseph Wu
Boat Carrying Haitian Migrants Grounds Off the Florida Keys
Saber Strike exercise brings US, British, Finnish units to Estonia
Welsh S4C hires top new content chief to push broadcaster onto global stage
‘It’s Home Now’: Defiant US Couple Stick in Kyiv
Yet more Russian TV channels have the plug pulled in Latvia
Vietnamese land-rights protesters attacked by plainclothes thugs
Growing Repression in Nicaragua Spurring Political, Social and Human Rights Crisis
Finnish PM in Tallinn: Debate over joining NATO to be thorough, but quick
Al-Qaida Leader Killed in Mali, France Says
Sanctions on Russia have dramatic effect, Blinken says, Lithuania wants more
Uyghur university lecturer serving 10-year sentence in Xinjiang for translations
China Renews Call for US to ‘Unconditionally’ Release Afghanistan Assets and Lift ‘Unilateral’ Sanctions
Danish troops and equipment arrive in Estonia
AstraZeneca to open Barcelona hub for rare disease drug development
Half a Million Ukrainian Children Flee Russian Invasion
Blinken in Rīga: “End the war. End it now.”
Vietnam’s crackdown target: citizens who can inspire others
Russia a No-show at Court Hearing on Ukraine Conflict
All parliament parties back raising defence spending – Lithuanian PM
Putin’s attacks on civilians raise pressure on US, NATO
U.S. Senator Backs Transfer Of Russian-Made Fighter Jets From NATO Countries To Ukraine
China warns US against Pacific NATO
Greece, Bulgaria bullied by Russian embassies
US considers sending F-16s to Poland if Warsaw gives its MIG-29 to Ukraine
UN: Almost 400 civilians killed since Taliban takeover of Afghanistan
Russian gymnast facing disciplinary proceedings over symbol supporting invasion
Stung by criticism, UK’s Johnson speeds up Russia sanctions
A modern Churchill? Zelenskyy praised as war communicator
FIFA allowing foreign players to break contracts in Russia
Gay couple scores partial victory on Namibia residency in top court
Indonesian police probe suspected smugglers’ role in Rohingya arrival
Czech president to award state honour to Ukraine’s president
Man arrested after driving truck through Russian Embassy gates in Ireland
South Africa’s Neutral Stance on Russia Risks International Ties: Analysts
EU to cut dependence on Russian gas by 80 percent this year: report
82 percent of Ukrainians believe they will repel Russia: poll
American, Canadian Volunteers Respond to Ukraine’s Plea for Help
Jailed Tajik Rights Defender Izzat Amon Faces Additional Charge
Nicola Sturgeon says transition to renewables answer to Russian oil and gas dependency
Russian Demand On Sanctions Introduces Uncertainty At Iran Nuclear Talks
Afghanistan Faces Return to Highest Maternal Mortality Rates
How this tiny country in Eastern Europe is sticking two fingers up to Vladimir Putin
North Macedonia supports Kosovo’s NATO membership bid
Russians will go without Faroese farmed salmon
Crimean Tatars find safe haven in Turkiye
Emptying the Kremlin’s Energy Piggy Bank
Rally in Support of Ukraine Illustrates Kazakhstan’s Awkward Position
War in Ukraine shifting opinions of Slovaks towards NATO
The Ukraine crisis and Timor-Leste
Reading Southeast Asia on Ukraine
Unknown Attackers Burn Activist’s Car In Russia’s Kalmykia
1944 March 8: Mass deportation of the Balkars by Stalin’s Soviet Union
EU considers Lukashenka’s regime coaggressor in Russia’s war against Ukraine
Latvia wants to buy Canadian natural gas to reduce reliance on Russia
London-based software firm launches Welsh language service
Estonia bans citizens, residents from joining Russia, Belarus army
Almost 12,000 Occupiers’ Soldiers Killed In 12 Days Of The War
Billionaire Putin supporter stripped of University of Latvia honorary doctorate
Finnish troops participate in local defence drills
First ‘Patria’ armored vehicles come to Latvia
Ukraine crisis: UK Government ‘berates’ Ireland over refugee scheme
Lithuania cuts economic ties with Russia: ‘Small price to pay to stop the Kremlin’s aggression’
Finnish energy giant Fortum writes off nearly €1bn Nord Stream stake, aims to divest Russian plants
Kaunas mayor-owned Vičiūnai Group suspends operations in Russia
Ice and snow particularly hard for disabled people
Lithuanian president proposes raising defence spending to 3% GDP
Finland well-prepared for eventual crises, stockpile chief says
MEP Sven Mikser: Russia’s oil and gas revenues must be cut off
An Occupation Group Near Kharkiv Suffered Irreparable Losses And Withdrew To The Russian Federation
STRATCOMCOE: StratCom and modern warfare
Finnish firefighters donate gear to Ukrainian colleagues
UK sends [F-35] jets to guard Baltic airspace
Putin’s claim that Ukraine and Russia are one nation has no historical basis – he’s just a thug with an army
Lithuania has no red lines when it comes to sanctions on Russia
Most Finnish MPs decline to reveal Nato stance
Postimees launches Ukrainian language website
German Federal Prosecutor’s Office launches investigation into Russian war crimes in Ukraine
Thirty thousand small acts of defiance
Poland to send MiG-29 fighter jets to US base to help Ukraine against Russia
We need to be prepared that the worst is still to come, Estonian PM meeting with U.S. Secretary of State
Blinken wraps up Baltic assurance tour as Ukraine war rages
Welsh council ‘overwhelmed’ with offers to house Ukrainian refugees
Ukraine events strike too familiar of a chord among older Estonians
Denmark to boost defence budget to reach NATO target
Lithuanian president presents Ukraine’s Zelensky with highest state award
Swedish PM rejects opposition calls to consider joining NATO
Baltics plan to exit Russian electricity network before 2025
Norway could offer Europe a significant gas boost
Lithuania leaves European election officials’ association after it fails to expel Russia
North Koreans in China riveted by presidential race in the democratic South
Baltic states urge allies to ramp up defense in face of Russian threat
Cambodia arrests 180 more striking casino employees
Secretary General in Latvia: NATO stands united
Entrenched wife-buying and beating in rural China
‘Call Russia’ campaign launched in Lithuania
Sign me up for Ukraine fight: Not so fast, say Southeast Asia governments
Lithuania as a Litmus Test of EU-China Relations
Court cases signal shift from ‘re-education’ to prison for Uyghurs
Prime Minister of Canada concludes successful bilateral visit to Latvia
Hundreds of Lao women trapped in Chinese-run SEZ, unable to pay off debt
Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez promises Latvia to send another 175 soldiers
Malian Army Accused of Killings, Denies Culpability
Ukraine War Shows Estonia’s NATO Accession Was the Right Move
US Bans Imports of Russian Oil Amid Ukraine Invasion
79% of Americans back Russian oil ban
UK phasing out Russian oil
Shell says it will stop buying Russian oil, natural gas
Do more to help, Ukraine’s defiant Zelenskiy urges Britain
Pentagon: Russia starts new advance on Ukraine capital despite losing 5% of its invasion force
Latvia should build nuclear power plant together with Estonia – Pabriks
UK faces hefty EU fine over Chinese import fraud
UN denies it asked staff to avoid describing Russia action in Ukraine as war, invasion
Navalny Urges Russians To Continue Anti-War Protests That ‘Unnerve’ Kremlin
Russian official proposes nationalizing factories shut down amid invasion
Ukraine war highlights internal divides in Mideast nations
Ukraine claims second Russian general killed in battle
EU pledges to fight Russia’s “information war” in Europe
Russian forces have fired nearly 670 missiles at Ukrainian targets, US says
Israel in balancing act to keep its airlines flying to Russia
Russia adopts list of ‘enemy’ countries to which it will pay its debts in rubles
More than 13,000 anti-war protesters arrested in Russia
Russia legalises intellectual property piracy
Russian Orthodox leader says Ukraine invasion is part of struggle against ‘gay parades’
Israeli troops demolish homes of Palestinian attackers
China unsettled by Ukraine, but don’t underestimate Xi’s Taiwan resolve -CIA head
“The Xinjiang Emergency”: A New Book Look at the Roots of the Uyghur Genocide
UN Report on the Brutal Repression in Nicaragua
Living in Wisconsin: ‘Hmong people are truly American, if not more American than most Americans’
“Russian” combat losses in Ukraine appear to be disproportionately non-Russians or ethnic Russians from rural areas
I survived war in Chechnya. Now I see the same trauma unfolding in Ukraine
‘We have only one enemy — this is Russia’: the Chechens taking up arms for Ukraine
Austria to ‘stay neutral’, says chancellor
Albanian Capital Renames Street by Russian Embassy ‘Free Ukraine’
Reducing Europe’s dependence on Russian Oil and Gas: immediate, short and long term strategy
‘Lithuania mania’ sweeps Taiwan as China spat sizzles
Sweden, Finland ‘Remind’ EU of Mutual Defense Clause
Latvians, Ukrainians face shared experiences, develop bonds
‘We are not co-operating’: Life in occupied Ukraine
Only the Threat of Force Will Stop Putin Going Beyond Ukraine
U.S. calls Poland’s surprise public offer to route MiG-29s to Ukraine through a U.S. airbase ‘not tenable’
Estonia Halts E-residency Scheme for Citizens of Russia & Belarus
Finland’s peat production restarting to replace Russian wood
Estonia: Center at all-time lowest support level
Belarus crushing dissent with ‘complete impunity’: UN
Refugees in Estonia: The most important thing is that there is no war here
Young Finns join fight in Ukraine
Latvian Post stands with Ukraine with new stamps
Öresund Bridge linking Sweden and Denmark offers free passage to Ukrainians
Latvia trails rest of EU on gender pay gap
Valio and St1 to build largest biogas plant in the Nordics
Latvia-Russia cross-border program suspended
Germany won’t send warplanes to Ukraine, eyes energy cooperation with Canada
Tartu university to restrict applications from Russian, Belarusian students
Finland reports GPS disturbances in aircrafts flying over Russia’s Kaliningrad
Top US brass on-site for international air defense exercise
Welsh university announces scholarships for students fleeing war in Ukraine
Kallas: EU must find alternatives for Russian gas and oil
Welsh satellite company set to launch robotic factory from Cornish spaceport
‘Latvian Voices’ sing Ukrainian folk song
Unanimous standing ovation in Catalan parliament for Ukrainian consul
PM Kariņš: ‘No hope for economic cooperation with Russia’
Catalonia: Roger Torrent and three former bureau members will be tried for disobedience
Latvenergo works on long-term supply of liquefied gas
More than 20 Aberfeldy and Perthshire businesses pledge to sponsor 60 Ukraine refugees
Tallinn commemorates 1944 March bombing, war in Ukraine
Nicola Sturgeon confirms indyref2 next year despite Ukraine invasion
Finance Ministry cuts Latvian 2022 GDP forecast by half
‘Boris Johnson would nuke Scotland after independence’, Russian Embassy bizarrely claims
Russian, Belarusian intelligence target opposition activists in Lithuania – VSD
Mariupol hospital: Vladimir Putin branded ‘war criminal’ after Russian airstrike
Lithuania ready to host 7,000 NATO troops by end of the year – official
In debt and stranded in China, 2 North Korean textile workers take their own lives
People detained for photographing ‘strategic objects’ – Lithuanian defence minister
Tibetan school year begins with classes taught only in Chinese
Lithuania could make do without Russian gas, but not without Russian electricity – EU commissioner
Australia to build east coast base for its planned nuke subs
Latvian Border Guard gets tactical vehicles from USA
Calls Mount for West to Impose No-Fly Zone, Give Jets to Kyiv
Kallas: We knew our neighbor then and we know our neighbor now
Russia will default in April, Morgan Stanley predicts
EU expands sanctions on Russia
McDonald’s, Starbucks, Coke and Pepsi all halt sales in Russia
Thousands more Ukrainians flee across borders, many with nowhere to go
Europe faces pressure to join US, British ban on Russian oil
Taiwan studies Ukraine war for own battle strategy with China
Ukraine bans exports of wheat, oats and other food staples
Commission doubles ambition for EU biomethane production from agricultural waste
Holocaust survivor Inge Deutschkron dies at 99 in Berlin
Kosovo’s call for NATO membership falls on deaf ears
Antarctic explorer Shackleton’s ship found after a century
‘Brothers forever’: many in Serbia back Russia amid global outcry
1 million children leave behind lives, friends in Ukraine
Lawmakers across Europe call for ban on Russian fossil fuel imports
White House: Venezuela has freed 2 detained Americans
Syria war escalating, more probes needed into civilian casualties – UN experts
War in Ukraine: will the Baltics become the ‘new West Berlin’?
Human rights in Tibet— collective failure of world community
Roberto Rivas, Ortega’s Enabler by Electoral Fraud, dies
China is key to understanding India’s dilemma over Ukraine
A rebirth of the European Union in the shadow of the Ukraine invasion
China appears ‘unsettled’ by what is happening in Ukraine, CIA director says
Kazakh spin doctors try to tame anti-Russia mood
Int’l Inuit org concerned about future of Arctic Council
In fractured Bosnia, Croats call for change
US established first permanent military presence in Albania
Russian-born Tory donor given ‘Knighthood’ by San Marino in London ceremony
Kosovo Says NATO, EU Risk Repeating Ukraine Mistakes in Balkans
Tajikistan: Ruble collapse taking tolls on living standards
Nagorno-Karabakh left in the cold
1980 March 10: Berber Spring
1959 March 10: Tibetan Uprising Day
MEPs support making full use of cohesion policy to abolish health inequalities
Estonian diplomat: We need to concentrate on taking credible info to Russia
Norway hosts 30,000 Nato troops for exercises as Russia tensions rise
Lithuanian MPs call for granting Ukraine EU candidate status as a sign of moral support
Health Minister: toughest time in pandemic is over in Latvia
Hundreds of Russian train carriages halted in Finland for possible sanctions violations
Estonia Closes Visa Centers in Russia & Belarus
Alba candidate who said ‘Putin is my hero’ drops out of election race
Birch juice time is nearly here again
Western Union Suspends Russia, Belarus Operations
Lithuania tightens state of emergency over Ukraine invasion
‘Being a teacher in 2022’ conference on March 29
Philippine agents arrest suspected Chinese drug kingpin
Unemployment Insurance Fund: War has not led to major redundancies in Estonia
Cambodia frees detained casino workers amid UN, US concerns
Border Guard: around 4,300 Ukrainians have come to Latvia
Former Hong Kong healthcare union founder sent back to jail over social media posts
Vilnius mayor expresses support for Ukraine with road signs
Kyrgyzstan Suspends TV Station, Arrests Director for Russia Comments
War in Ukraine leads to construction materials, labor shortage in Estonia
Budget watchdog warns about looming ‘sanctions crisis’ in Latvia
Lithuania-based fertiliser plant falls under EU sanctions on Putin-linked oligarch
Ukraine Dominates Two-day EU Summit Outside Paris
British rock legends Uriah Heep playing Tallinn in November
Harris meets with Ukrainian refugees in Poland
Modern Latvian usage: Goodbye ‘Kijeva’, hello ‘Kijiva’
Russia has lost nearly as many soldiers in Ukraine as US has in Iraq/Afghanistan since 2001
Another Russian billionaire’s Latvian state award taken away
South Korean president-elect vows tough stance on North
About €8 million have been frozen in Latvian banks in connection with EU and OFAC sanctions imposed on Russia
Pence visits Ukraine along Polish border
Latvia: Aldis Laviņš elected President of the Constitutional Court
First same-sex couple marries in Chile under new law
Vaba Lava theater taking culture ministry to court over funding
Islamic State names new leader
Rudolf Jeeser: High time to sort out the defense budget
UK ‘very concerned’ Russia may use chemical weapons
Estonian cities struggling to find accommodation for Ukrainian refugees
GOP senators grill intel chiefs for not sending fighter jets to Ukraine
Latvian Postal service warns about fraudsters
UN Says Number Of Ukrainian War Refugees Tops 2.3 Million
Latvia’s Interior Minister talks Russian economic refugees
Russia Lays Groundwork For Nationalizing Foreign Companies Amid Fallout From Ukraine War
Government proposes social benefits for Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania
Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan Hold New Talks After Shooting At Border Leaves One Dead
US dismisses as ‘laughable’ Russian claims of biowarfare labs in Ukraine
Ukraine is model for Taiwan defense should China violate its ‘sovereignty’ -U.S. official
Swedish government to spend 2% of GDP on defence
Facebook will temporarily allow posts calling for violence against Russians, calls for Putin’s death
House lawmakers question India’s ties to Russia and its partnership with US as competition increases with China in Indo-Pacific
Russia leaves Council of Europe, avoiding being kicked out
Congressional support for larger US defense budget grows amid Ukraine invasion
Playing with nuclear fire: how Russia is turning into a terrorist state
Chancellor Olaf Scholz Could Save Germany, and Europe
Is Bosnia-Herzegovina Next on Russia’s Radar?
EU Presses Montenegro to Pull Plug on Russian Media
Chairman of the All Party Gibraltar Group calls for Vladimir Putin & his regime to be tried for war crimes
Accused Russian ‘Spy’ Is Actually Basque Journalist, Spanish Official Says
Another Group Of Crimean Tatars Given Lengthy Prison Terms In Russia
The Boycott of Uzbek Cotton Is Over
In Georgia, Calls Emerge To Retake South Ossetia, Abkhazia
Hungary elects Katalin Novak, first-ever female president
More than 600 Czech soldiers to be sent to Slovakia to strengthen Nato´s Eastern Flank
“We came to deliver our support to Free Tibet”: Vice President of the Czech Senate in Dharamshala
Ukraine: The United States re-establishes its credentials
‘Peace for all’: Tears, defiance as Ukraine Paralympics team honour country’s fallen
Beijing Paralympic chief still awaiting explanation after anti-war opening speech censored in China
How Ukraine Could Remake Kazakhstan’s Relationship With Russia
Kazakhstan space town dragged into Russia’s invasion propaganda
Will Ukraine Turn Out Like Chechnya or Finland?
Russia war with Ukraine: Chechnya, Georgia and Crimea – Three oda wars Putin get hand for and how dem end
Another Group Of Crimean Tatars Given Lengthy Prison Terms In Russia
How Russian oil has been a disaster for the environment and indigenous peoples
1990 March 11: Day of Re-Establishment of Lithuania’s Independence
Pentagon likely to look eastward if it brings US Army tanks back to Europe
After more than two weeks of war, the Russian military grinds forward at a heavy cost
EU leaders tone down Ukraine’s membership plan
EU united on Ukraine, but won’t offer fast-track membership
Estonian president, PM welcome EU support for Ukrainian membership
EU leaders say ‘yes’ to Ukraine’s European integration
‘No fast track’: EU dashes Ukraine’s hopes of quick membership
‘Early warning’ issued in Latvia’s gas supply sector
War in Ukraine and its echoes in Lithuania – photos
Lithuania’s premier joins rush to sign up for paramilitary volunteer force
Estonia needs permanent air defenses
Useful info for Ukrainian refugees in Latvia
LRT audio tour: 11 stops on Lithuania’s road to independence
“Tsunami of goodwill”: Ukrainian orphans welcomed in Lithuania shelters
Genuine reasons to charge Putin with war crimes
Latvian President Levits stresses ‘united position against Russia’
“We need to give Ukraine hope…they are literally fighting for Europe” urges Estonia’s PM Kallas
Coronavirus wastewater level rises again
Cido Group stops exports to Russia and Belarus
Hungary refuses to extradite volunteer to Belarus
Troy Barnies finds new pro basketball team in Estonia
More than 14,000 war refugees have arrived in Estonia from Ukraine
Latvia trails Europe on health spending
Barrier Units Of Kadyrovtsy Shoot Russian Troops In Back Near Kyiv
EU commissioner sees Lithuania’s dependence on Russian electricity as major problem
Tallinn Zoo launches fundraising for Ukrainian zoos
AmCham chairman in Latvia Tully to continue
Russian-owned Helsinki shipyard could cost taxpayer millions
Former Latvian president and Montreal professor on Putin: ‘He’s a narcissist and a psychopath’
Estonia asks people to report Russian, Belarusian spy recruitment attempts
Man shot dead in Pļavnieki, Rīga
Belarusian Railway Workers Refuse To Transport Russian Missiles Massively
Latvia’s First Response to Russia’s War in Ukraine
Estonia summons Russian ambassador to condemn war in Ukraine
Rinkēvičs: kick Russian propagandists, officials from social media
Niinistö and Zelensky talk Finnish support for Ukraine
Estonian business campus to develop a new learning quarter in Tallinn
Train derails near Tartu injuring 8 passengers
Lithuanian Patent Office and EUIPO Join Other Patent Offices in Expressing Support for Ukraine
Smartwatch users report GPS disruption in Finland
Rasa Juknevicienė: Lukashenka, Putin Will Go Under Tribunal
Philippines willing to open bases to US if Ukraine conflict spreads
Kikankane lands Ford Fiesta straight from Latvia to EMC Rally
Marin: EU must end dependency on Russian oil
WRC Rally Estonia will be taking place from the 14th to 17th of July
Corpses In The Street: Mariupol Is Being Devastated By Relentless Russian Attacks
‘We’re ready’: Canadian military deployed in Latvia ready to defend NATO territory
Uyghurs find China’s ‘cultural nourishment’ campaign hard to stomach
Crypto bears the brunt of Estonia’s war against dirty money
Russian Ambassador Tells Iranian Media How Not To Ask About The Invasion Of Ukraine
US leads international war games with 2,800 soldiers from 11 countries, tanks, helicopters and warplanes in Latvia
Intelligence: Putin Orders Preparation Of Terrorist Attack At Chernobyl NPP
EU Doubles Military Aid For Ukraine To 500 Million Euros, Mulls Fresh Russia Sanctions
Ambassadors in Vietnam call on Hanoi to support Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion
Ukraine Accuses Moscow Of ‘False Flag’ Operation To Lure Belarus Into War
EU lawmakers call to confiscate oligarchs’ assets to finance Ukraine
Russia moves towards nationalising assets of firms that leave
Amid war in Ukraine, are Estonia’s Russian speakers ready to embrace the West?
Russia-made military drone crashes in Croatian capital
Biden Calls for Suspension of Normal Trade Ties With Russia
As Ukraine invasion drags on, Putin says Russia to use Middle East volunteer fighters
Niinistö discusses Ukraine war with Putin
Kazakhstan undergoes changes comparable to ‘Perestroika’
Chinese Imports Edging Out Kenya’s Local Products
With war at the doorstep, EU agrees to move on defence
EU supermarkets start rationing foodstuffs amid fears of panic buying
Targeting of Ukraine Hospitals Recalls Russia’s Syria Campaign
France plants seed for joint EU borrowing scheme to absorb sanctions effects
Russia’s bioweapon conspiracy theory finds support in US
In Romania, US Vice President Re-Commits to NATO Partners
Warsaw overwhelmed as it becomes key refugee destination
BoF forecasts grow darker as war continues
Equality Concerns Rise, But Few Say Voting in US Is Too Hard
Pentagon revives team to speed arms to Ukraine and allies – sources
Denmark resumes construction of Norway-Poland gas link
Eastern Europe under strain as Ukraine refugees keep coming
India Confirms It Accidentally Fired Missile into Pakistan
Germany Is Debating How Much to Suffer for Ukraine
Israel renews law blocking citizenship for Palestinian spouses
Russian ruble in free fall, some Belarusian banks no longer accept it
Germany Should Look to Africa for Gas, Not Russia
Biden says US, allies to revoke ‘most favored nation’ trade status for Russia
Euronews: Belarus Soldiers Defend Ukraine
Red Cross official warns not to forget Yemen, other war-torn areas
Welsh Government minister’s £40,000 Ukraine fundraiser buys drones to help Ukrainian medics search for injured
Biden: Direct conflict between NATO and Russia would be ‘World War III’
Catalonia to send 200 pallets with humanitarian aid to Ukrainian border
Biden: Russia will ‘pay a severe price’ if chemical weapons are used
S4C launches new £9,000 bursary to support the development of new Black, Asian or minority ethnic broadcasting talent
DOJ task force says it will target those who aid Russian oligarchs in evading sanctions
Thousands of baby boxes filled in Scotland set for babies in Ukraine
EU, UK probe Meta and Google on advertising agreement
Ukraine: Nicola Sturgeon and Holyrood leaders call for more action on refugees
Russian offensive widens as US imposes new trade sanctions
Moray firm hoping its tartan will raise cash for Ukraine – and be worn by Zelenskyy
YouTube expands ban on Russian-funded media globally
Biden, G7 hit Russian trade in latest Ukraine retaliation
Mayor of Ukrainian city Melipotol detained by Russians
Maxima Bulgaria plans to open 30 new T-Market stores in 2022
Switzerland: The land that inflation left behind
Serbia, Russia, China, Condemned for Selling Arms to Myanmar Junta
Russia may pressure Serbia to undermine western Balkans, leaders warn
Iceland Blocks Russian Trawlers
Eight Russia-linked aircraft stripped of Isle of Man registration
Thirty years of Kazakhstan: A prelude to an epilogue
Georgia Walks a Fine Line After Ukraine Invasion
NATO Deploys to a Hesitant Slovakia
US Defense Secretary Austi Set to Visit Belgium, Slovakia Amid Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Moldova’s Rebel Region Stays Neutral in Russia’s War on Ukraine
Go Sherab Gyatso: Prominent Tibetan Monk Tortured in Jail
Ukraine’s President Calls Russia a “Terrorist State”
Azerbaijan watches closely the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Less Food and More Kitchen Time in Cuba
What the Ukraine crisis means for the Indo-Pacific
Central Asia frets as Russia suspends grain, sugar exports
Kazakh airline suspends flights to Russia over insurance issues
Putin Wanted Another Crimea. He May Get Another Chechnya
1968 March 12: Mauritius Independence Day
Danish troops serving with NATO battlegroup arrive in Ämari
Marietta brothers: living in Estonia amid Russia-Ukraine conflict
In the middle of a cloud, Yoko Ono over Lithuania
Lithuanian president: help Ukraine by fast-tracking EU accession
Compliance Gets Complicated in a Country Long in Russia’s Shadow
Lithuanian freedom from Soviet occupation a story of hope
An Estonian feast: breaking bread with bakers in Tallinn
Russia says it could target Western arms supplies to Ukraine
‘Risk worth taking’: US rushes shoulder-fired missiles to Ukraine
Nerves on edge in Poland as war next door in Ukraine revives fears of Russia
EU to ban steel imports from Russia, luxury goods exports to Moscow
Russia’s crackdown on Crimean Tatars foreshadows wider repression
Finland’s ‘Girl Picture’ travels the globe for LevelK (exclusive)
Ukraine War Gives Taiwan’s Military Reservist Reform New Impetus
Lao rights activist who faced deportation in Thailand arrives safely in Canada
Pink Floyd removes music from streaming platforms in Russia and Belarus
Armenian, Turkish FMs Agree To Continue Efforts At Normalizing Ties
China’s anti-trafficking activists face vast network of vested interests
Thousands join Helsinki march in support of Ukraine
Ukrainian Diaspora in Australia Rallies for Compatriots Under Attack
China spreads disinformation on Ukraine ‘labs’ amid rising COVID-19 wave at home
Media: Belarus Military Organize Riots Against Offensive On Ukraine
Kazakh Authorities Refuse To Release Opposition Activist
Uyghur educator serving 7-year sentence for instructing students in mother tongue
Russian Official Warns Finland, Sweden Against Joining NATO
Saudi Arabia mass executes 81 people
National Art Museum of Catalonia to display artworks of exiled Ukrainian artists
Mark Drakeford blasts Boris Johnson as ‘world’s leading foot-dragger’ on Ukraine
Turkmenistan vote set to establish political dynasty
Germany aims to be nearly free of Russian oil this year
What a child fleeing the war in Ukraine packed in her rucksack
China-Built Fighter Jet Takes Its Place in Pakistan Air Force
Russian footholds in Mideast, Africa raise threat to NATO
Intelligence: Hungry Russian Soldiers Ordered To Forage For Themselves
Far left, far right find common ground opposing US interventionism
Germany to take 2,500 Ukrainian refugees from Moldova
Only 3% of Belarusians support participation of Belarusian troops in war against Ukraine
Concern grows over traffickers targeting Ukrainian refugees
Putin did not show willingness to end Ukraine war during call, French official says
Belarus sends troops to border with Ukraine
UNHCR Launches Massive Relief Effort for Ukraine’s War Displaced
Olkiluoto 3 reactor plugged into national grid, 13 years behind schedule
Norway’s Equinor Is the Stock to Play European Gas
Biden directs $200 million in defense aid for Ukraine
Soldiers, Officers Of Vitebsk Airborne Brigade Refuse To Fight Against Ukraine
Ukraine war: Evacuations ‘extremely difficult’ amid shelling
Captive Audience: In Kyiv’s Bomb Shelters, Films Are Helping People Get Through The Nights
Premier League disqualifies Russian oligarch from directing Chelsea
Rabbi who backed Abramovich’s citizenship banned from leaving Portugal
Thousands mass in Kyiv’s twin city Florence to back Ukraine
World Powers Seize Assets of Russian Oligarchs
Putin’s inner circle – inside the lives of the wealthy oligarchs being targeted by UK
One drastic action from Germany left a Russian telescope in the dark
Tens of thousands march in climate protests across France
Abramovich’s superyacht cruises in to Montenegro marina
Why Is Ethnic Discrimination Still Legal in Slovakia?
Vietnam blocks Sony’s action movie ‘Uncharted’ over South China Sea map
‘Today’s Ukraine, tomorrow’s Taiwan:’ There is nothing inappropriate about the comparison
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