Rising Superpowers

Is This the Next US Military Base in Europe?
Greenland Is Aiming To Build Its First-Ever Road Between Cities
David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian win Nobel Prize for heat receptors
Billie Eilish becomes youngest star to headline Glastonbury
All talk and no action? The long and winding path of Rail Baltica
Alar Karis’ presidential inauguration takes place in Tallinn next Monday
How to build digital public infrastructure: 7 lessons from Estonia
Lithuania v China: A Baltic minnow defies a rising superpower
Kontaveit and Kanepi move up WTA rankings after strong showings
Clint Eastwood wins $6.1 million in damages from Lithuanian Mediatonas
Latvia currently poorly accessible to foreign tourists, experts say
German Traces in Latvia: From German Theater to Latvian National Opera
Latvian doctors demand tough measures to contain Covid-19
Estonia: ‘average’ local election candidate is 49-year-old man with higher education
Jõhvi actors recognized at Sarajevo Puppet Theater Festival
Armenian PM thanks Lithuania for ‘balanced position’ on Karabakh conflict
Around 200 migrant children start learning Lithuanian language
Rail Baltica: ‘Night train to Rīga’ could make a return
Lithuanian theater calls off premiere due to sexual charges against director in Belgium
1966 October 4: Lesotho Independence Day
‘Don’t work for Belarusian dictator’: Diaspora in France picket Interpol office
EU Commission approves Finland’s €2.1bn Covid recovery plan
Six imprisoned Crimean journalists now have distinguished mentors from abroad
Swedish Artist Who Created Controversial Muhammad Cartoons Dies In Traffic Accident
US Calls on China to Stop Sending Planes, Vows to Stand by Taiwan
Biden’s US Trade Representative Outlines Approach to China
Cuba: The Island Flees Inside a Suitcase
The bravery of Yusuf ibn Tashfin, the Berber king who conquered Spain in 1086
Samoa: Fiame’s Uphill Climb
HBO Max launching in Turkey, Greece, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands
NATO Must ‘Step Up’ For Aspirant Members, Not Bow To Russia: Stoltenberg
Estonia plannig to privatize Operail, Teede Tehnokeskus
Current Mayor of Tallinn is likely to stay after election
Kaljulaid visits Narva on street name-change mission
European Commission endorses €969.3 million recovery fund for Estonia
No one is happy with the new public transport order in Latvia
A third of irregular migrants in Lithuania are children. Is the country doing enough to protect them?
Historic shipwreck uncovered near Rīga
Renovated Museum of the Occupation of Latvia has ‘one mistake per two square meters’
Baltic States plan to agree on unified mechanism to secure stable gas supplies
Volume of public procurements in Estonia up more than €800 million
Lithuania is being overcome by Covid, again. Why?
Lithuania offers a free night’s stay in bid to boost post-pandemic tourism
Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Scientists Who Warned the World of Climate Change
‘Torture Machine’: Russian Rights Defender Shares Shocking Prison Videos
EU unveils strategy to tackle rising antisemitism in Europe
Moldova’s top prosecutor suspended and detained in corruption case
Romania’s Center-Right Government Toppled By Parliament In Overwhelming No-Confidence Vote
Taiwan president: Consequences of Chinese takeover would be ‘catastrophic’
Belarus parliament votes to suspend readmission of migrants
China Holds Thousands Annually in Incommunicado Detention to Get ‘Confessions’
Ours is Bigger! France Mocks Size of UK Warship Visiting Vietnam
U.S. senators suggest expelling 300 Russian diplomats amid embassy dispute
Sweden issues international arrest warrant for blast suspect
Could India join the Five Eyes?
China sends 56 jets into Taiwan defence zone in another record incursion
‘Cold-blooded’: Taliban accused of executing Hazara people
‘Some are just psychopaths’: Chinese detective in exile reveals extent of torture against Uyghurs
EU leaders fail to give Balkan nations a membership timeline
EU recommends relief funds for consumers hit by energy costs
Finland’s agricultural sector in “deep crisis”
How little Lithuania dragged the EU into its showdown with China
Tallinn Hospital project most contentious in Estonia’s recovery plan
Unions, employers agree to raise minimum wage to €654 in Estonia
September party ratings suggest Latvian voters are starting to wake up
Economists report on 30 years of Latvia’s economic development
Latvia has Europe’s highest share of female teachers
Estonia signs contract for coastal defense system acquisition
MEPs call for Lukashenko to face international tribunal
Former high-ranking Estonian Police and Border Guard official charged with fraud
Yee-haw! Latvia’s first Western hits the silver screen
EU should move manufacturing out of China, says Lithuanian president
Migrants allegedly starving in Belarus next to Lithuanian border, NGO says
Lithuanian passport among world’s most powerful in 2021
1934 October 6: Proclamation of the Catalan state
Russian special services assisted Belarusian counterparts in torturing protesters in 2020
Fifteen Years After Her Murder, Journalists Say Politkovskaya’s Fears Have Been Realized
From Delay to Desperation: The Story of Sinophobia and COVID-19 Vaccines in Vietnam
NATO expels 8 ‘undeclared’ intel officers from Russian delegation
Council cuts Anguilla, Dominica, Seychelles from EU blacklist of tax havens
Language and Integration: More citizens, more Basque Language
Copenhagen’s Noma Is Named the World’s Best Restaurant (Again)
European Parliament: Nord Stream 2 must not be certified
Putin blames European leadership for soaring gas prices
Instead of one: Two combat and training centres set up in Belarus jointly with Russia
London’s finance district, steeped in slavery, confronts its past
Belfast Irish language preschool opens at new location after “hate campaign”
Indonesian Games ‘held on bones of Papuans’
ECHR finds Russian authorities responsible for kidnapping Ingush resident
Epp Mäe finishes world championships with silver medal
Finland opens investigations after migrants from Belarus arrive via Estonia
Search for Latvia’s Eurovision contender starts
Time Out: Vilnius station area among ‘coolest’ neighbourhoods in the world
A Latvian Bank’s Last Sweetheart Deal for Kremlin-Linked Clients
Kaspar Kasari crowned Latvian rally champion
State of emergency announced in Latvia’s healthcare system
Ministerial working group from Estonia visits conflict zone in Ukraine to reaffirm support
SpaceX to start satellite internet service in Lithuania next year
Latvian house prices have doubled since 2010
Irregular migrant in Lithuania to face trial for possession of child pornography
Toomas Hendrik Ilves: Alexei Navalny and the West’s Schröderizatsiya
Migrants kept in ‘inhuman and degrading’ conditions in Lithuania
Bulgaria detains two Lithuanians accused of industrial espionage at arms plant
People smugglers charge up to $15,000 for illicit transport into Finland
Latvia planning to hold international conference on Crimea
Finland tweaks 2022 budget to accommodate HX fighter purchase
Second Three Seas Stock Exchanges Conference
Nobel in chemistry for greener way of building molecules
UN endorses world’s 1st malaria vaccine as ‘historic moment’
Catalonia’s first hate crime: brutal murder that galvanized trans rights movement
Sardinian Nationalism Looks To Catalonia
China’s Rapid Economic and Cultural Expansion in Georgia Troubles Some in Tbilisi
‘Kazakh language is perfect for rap’: Interview with cultural commentator Yevgeniya Plakhina
Microsoft report finds Russia dominant force behind cyberattacks in past year
US, UK Aircraft Carriers Lead Show of Naval Might Around South China Sea
U.N. expert calls for N.Korea sanctions to be eased as starvation risk looms
U.N. ends Yemen war crimes probe in defeat for Western states
US electronics firm struck [forced labor] deal to transport and hire Uyghur workers
Finland to look at mandatory Finnish productions for Netflix
Twelve member states ask Commission to finance ‘physical barriers’ as border protection measures
Estonia to join OECD global minimum corporate tax initiative
Ireland, Hungary agree to drop opposition to global tax overhaul
Estonia chooses Chemi-Pharm
Latvia plans to announce three-month state of emergency
Lithuania reports sounds of shots fired from Belarusian side
Mission Allegedly: Lithuanian media, Lithuanian courts, and Lithuanians’ right to information
American Chamber of Commerce Latvia calls to raise healthcare funding by linking it to GDP
Coronavirus: Lithuania worst affected country in EU
STRATCOMCOE wants your “fictitious political-military scenario concepts”
Baltic Assembly awards Vahur Afanasjev, Ginta Gerharde-Upeniece, and Virginijus Šikšnys
Estonian Police and Border Guard Board increases human investment in Lithuania
Investments double in Latvia-based smart materials and photonics companies
‘I’m not here for the money’ – Why Japanese superstar Honda is now playing in Lithuania
Denmark’s Richest Man Pays 17,000 Staff a Month’s Wage in Bonus
Fate of farmer’s milk vending machine hangs in the balance after over 250 letters of support
Tanzanian Abdulrazak Gurnah awarded Nobel literature prize
Journalists from Russia, Philippines win Nobel Peace Prize for upholding press freedoms
Lördagsgodis: Sweden’s Saturday-only candy tradition
US Army sending aviation, assistance brigades to Europe
EU leaders fear Polish exit following court ruling challenging supremacy of EU
Poland: Border patrol fired at from Belarusian side
Mass grave of UPA soldiers unearthed in Lviv Oblast
Welsh football fans changing the lives of kids around the world
40 years since ‘unusual’ diagnosis of Spain’s first AIDS patient in Barcelona
US Nuke Sub in South China Sea Collision; 11 Sailors Reportedly Injured
Ukrainian Lawmaker, 33, Found Dead In Back Seat Of Taxi In Kyiv
1991 October 8: Croatia Independence Day
China and the future of the Antarctic mining ban
China’s Communist Party Formally Embraces Assimilationist Approach to Ethnic Minorities
Nicaragua Opposition Groups Draw Roadmap in Exile
1988 October 9: Latvijas Tautas fronte, Popular Front of Latvia, Founded
State of emergency to be declared in Latvia as of Monday
Nine items to be added to UNESCO Memory of the World Lithuanian National Register
Belgian court raises Estonian EU official’s sentence for rape
Latvia will be new Estonian president’s first destination
EU interior ministers call for swifter EU-level decisions on border protection
Union of Estonian Architects top 10 architectural achievements of XX century
Ungurmuiža Manor, the only surviving baroque-style wooden house in Latvia
1446 October 9: Hangeul Day/Korean Language day
1962 October 9: Uganda Independence Day
On the far side of borders, a new Ireland is taking shape
Mexico and US working to build new security framework
Call Taiwan a country, French senator says, angering China
Cuban Coffee in US Dollars in Cuba
University of Hong Kong orders removal of Tiananmen Massacre statue
Activists treat census as chance to unite Circassians
1,300-year-old skis found in Norway
9 in 10 cars now being sold in Norway are electric or hybrid
US President nominates new Finland ambassador
Kremlin: SpaceX satellites are a threat to Russia
Ten inspirational quotes from Belarusian political prisoners
Belarusian Workers Go On the Offensive
Ukrainian language becomes official in Brazilian municipality of Paraná
Four years in exile – Puigdemont and the other Catalan pro-independence leaders
Philippine Nobel Winner Ressa Calls Facebook ‘Biased Against Facts’
China’s president threatens Taiwan with ‘peaceful reunification’
Chinese Cyber Operations Scoop Up Data for Political, Economic Aims
Russian Nobel winner: Peace Prize is for my paper, not me
Kurz to quit as Austrian chancellor amid corruption probe
Wales set their sights on Estonia – the talking points before the Tallinn match
How Lithuania has caused the EU a major headache with China
U.S. Secretary of State Blinken to attend NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting in Riga in November
Estonia has Europe’s lowest property taxes
Food prices in Estonia and Finland leveling
Narva youths risking their lives in abandoned buildings
1868 October 10: Proclamation of Cuban Independence Beginning Ten Years War
1911 October 10: National Day of the Republic of China, Taiwan
1970 October 10: Fiji Day
October 10: World Mental Health Day
Corona can’t kill its coolness: Nørrebro hailed as the hippest hood in the world
How Denmark emerged as a top destination for gourmands
Ukraine widens probe against Kremlin ally Medvedchuk
Serbs say they will pull their region out of Bosnia’s army, judiciary, tax system
Norway’s Labor, center agree to form pro-oil minority coalition
Her City Was Called Sweden’s ‘Antisemitism Capital.’ This Mayor Is Determined to Change That
Belsat journalists awarded ‘Prize for the Freedom and Future of the Media’ in absentia
Jim Pembroke dies at 75, helped internationalise Finnish rock
More than one Ukrainian in four speaks Polish, new survey finds
Germany investigating Lukashenko’s involvement in migrant crisis
Spain’s repeated failures to extradite independence leaders since 2017: a timeline
New Hague Tribunal to Investigate Murders of Journalists
Czech President Zeman in intensive care at key post-election time
‘Polexit’ fears spark large pro-EU protests across Poland
Calls rise in Italy to ban pro-fascism groups after rampage
Infrastructure Successes Have Transformed America, Can Biden’s Plan do the Same?
Hunger-striking former Georgian leader needs hospital treatment
Terror & Tourism: Xinjiang eases its grip, but fear remains
WORRY! Kisoro district registered 50.1% school-dropout rate in 2020
Taiwan president says nation will not bow to pressure from China