1,000 days since China detained two Canadians amid dispute

August 30: International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances
Angry Birds collect info on children and sell it to 3rd parties that use it to target advertising
Ukrainian troops strike back at pro-Russian forces in response to shelling of Avdiivka
Actions of solidarity with Belarus held all over the world
Central Asian States See Better Ties After 30 Years Of Independence
Kosovo Receives 55 Armored Vehicles Donated By U.S.
Lithuania hosts 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup
Military training ‘Namejs’ launched throughout Latvia
Poll shows a third of Lithuanians support border fence to stop irregular migration
Future Hub wants your GreenTech startups
Eight migrants agreed to be repatriated from Lithuania so far
Estonian U-18 3×3 basketball team gets silver medal at World Cup
Without Latvian tourists, north Lithuanian towns feel the squeeze of Covid pandemic
Estonia rejects Russian diplomat’s visa application
Higher wages bringing people to the IT sector
Apinis picks up bronze at Tokyo Paralympics
Estonian troops serving in Mali receive French mission medals
Lithuania opens training camp for US troops in bid to draw Washington’s attention
Universal Studios sets opening for first theme park in China
Cycle Rally in Switzerland Against 2022 Winter Olympics in China
1957 August 31: Hari Merdeka, Malaysia Independence Day
1962 August 31: Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day
1963 August 31 Sabah Day
1991 August 31: Kyrgyzstan Independence Day
1994 August 31: Withdrawal of Soviet military from Baltic States
‘My Experiences in the Baltic Region in the Early 1990s Were the Most Powerful of My Entire Life’
Estonian Q2 GDP up by record 12.9%
5th Paralympic medal for Latvia
Lithuania celebrates 28 years since Russian military withdrawal
Estonia: Finance ministry made serious errors calculating state budget
Alar Karis elected President of Estonia
Kabul is ‘Wild West’, says Lithuanian officer after Afghanistan evacuation mission
Culture minister presenting Estonia’s film, television industry in France
Survey: half of Latvia’s population would pay more for local products
Latvia saw double-digit GDP growth in second quarter
Firefighter fatally injured while installing barbed wire fence on Lithuania’s border
Latvian MP Gobzems fined for heading protest against ‘forced’ vaccination
Vilnius denies permit for second anti-vaxx rally
Putin and Lukashenko to sign decree on integration of Russia and Belarus
Finnish skies set for spectacular Northern Lights this autumn
Deliberate ambiguity of China’s new “territorial waters” declaration
Fentanyl in America: A Barometer of the China-US Relationship
Japan seeks record military spending in 2022 to counter Chinese influence
1939 September 1: Nazi Invasion of Poland and Beginning of WW2
House Hunting in Latvia: A Sprawling Forest Compound for $513,000
Anett Kontaveit kicks US Open off with victory over former champion
Video: Freshly elected Alar Karis as a country musician
Latvian Saeima puts aside ‘no Covid certificate, no job’ law
Cyprus and Malta send aid to Lithuania amid migration influx
Young people invited to apply for Rīga Conference Future Leaders Forum
IMF warns Lithuania of economic overheating
Over 800 migrants denied entry to Latvia since mid-August
Higher teacher pay and pre-school for everyone – Lithuanian parties sign education policy deal
Finland and Estonia create network of hiking areas
Latvia: Criminal proceedings launched for 38 cases of illegal border crossing
‘Nobody needs these Baltic states’, says Lukashenko in run-up to military drills
Estonia’s president-elect may have to relinquish Chilean honorary consul post
Lithuanian-funded school opens in Ukrainian frontline town
Migrants on borders of EU: How Lukashenka taking revenge for Western sanctions
Putin militarizes Belarus
1991 September 1: Uzbekistan Independence Day
American Corporation Cummins Terminates Cooperation With BelAZ
Is sexual violence used as a weapon in the Donbas War?
Pope Francis, on Catalan crisis: Spain needs to ‘come to terms’ with its history
U.S. to help build border facilities on Tajik-Afghan border
Former Finnish President Ahtisaari retires from public life following Alzheimer’s diagnosis
Shocking success of presidential election in Estonia
President Kaljulaid’s foreign policy was successful
What not ‘five-star’ conditions look like in Lithuanian migrant camps
Latvia has one of EU’s highest proportions of female prisoners
470 people have requested asylum in Latvia this year
Latvian minister: ‘Everybody is looking at Afghanistan but what is happening in Belarus is hybrid attack on EU borders’
Latvian President Levits: “This is not a refugee crisis”
Eesti Laul 2022 open for entries
Estonian diplomat leading EU’s embassy in Somalia
Kärcher to open factory in Latvia
Maverick MP disperses Latvian Saeima
Lithuanian president comes out, yet against same-sex adoption, and LGBT history teaching
Rights groups decry Lithuania’s ‘mass detention of migrants, pushbacks’
IOM profiles migrants in Lithuania: every fifth with university degree, most fleeing persecution
Poland, Latvia worry over Russia’s war games on tense EU-Belarus border
Polish President Declares State Of Emergency Over Belarus Migrant Influx
Denmark starts impeachment trial on ex-immigration minister
Storm hits Spain, flooding towns, cutting electricity, rail services
Russia will supply dozens of planes, helicopters and air defense systems to Belarus, Lukashenka says
Five identical technologies the Kremlin used to invade 1939 Poland and 2014 Ukraine
1945 September 2: Vietnam National Day
1960 September 2: Tibetans in Nepal Observe ‘Democracy Day’ Under Close Watch by Police
Germany’s defense minister: Only political will can protect Europe
EU ‘stands in solidarity’ with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland over Belarus
Stradiņš hospital puts up modular houses expecting patient influx
Lithuania denies entry to 2,000 irregular migrants in one month
Lithuania recalls ambassador from China for consultations
Latvian Foreign Ministry raises Lukashenko’s “hybrid attack” with European Parliament Committee
Kallas, female leaders call for Afghan women’s rights to be upheld
Latvian central bank to hold ‘Sustainable Economy’ conference
Fotografiska opens season with destruction of pure African nature made by Nick Brandt
Former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney honored by Estonian community
Tallink stock offering oversubscribed three-fold
Male prostitution and extortion taking place inside Lithuanian migrant camp
Lithuanian FM calls for 27+1 format in EU’s relations with China
Moscow’s labeling of Protestant groups with Latvian and Ukrainian links ‘undesirable’ has other Protestants in Russia worried
2010 September 3: Belarus Journalist Aleh Biabenin Found Hanged
No Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Belarus this year
Fifth package of EU sanctions against Lukashenka regime in the making
Belgium creates rubbish highway for flood debris
Chinese-Swedish designer Louise Xin dedicates her first digital fashion show to the Uyghur community
U.S. Sanctions Four Iran Intelligence Officers Accused Of Attempting To Kidnap U.S. Activist
‘Extremist’ shot, killed in New Zealand after stabbing 6 in supermarket
Law makers in Taiwan strongly reject China’s peaceful liberation of Tibet with an exposé on 17 point agreement
Is a revival of Tatar selfhood possible despite Russia’s identity politics?
NATO calls on Russia to be transparent with military exercises
Need more measures against Belarus attempts to derail EU
Estonian DefSecIntel equipping Lithuanian border guard
Lennart Meri Conference 2021 Day One
Kaunas Pride attracts 2,000 people, scuffles break out with counter-protesters
Out Nonbinary Athlete Robyn Lambird Makes History at Paralympics
Tens of thousands protest for gay marriage in Switzerland
Hybrid warfare on Belarus border, not migrant crisis
62 EU legislators back Taiwan office in Lithuania
Charles’ charity went into business with convicted Latvian tycoon and former Blackpool FC owner Valeri Belokon
NATO and European ministers accuse Belarusian authorities of using migrants as weapons
World’s leading global conservation congress opens in Marseille
Floating Dutch Cow Farm Aims to Curb Climate Impact
Northern Ireland’s ‘anti-authority’ mindset contributing to high Covid rates – doctor
The ‘Spy’ Who Drew The Caucasus
Protesters Clash With Police In Montenegro Over Serbian Orthodox Church Ceremony
Taliban special forces bring abrupt end to women’s protest
The African Continental Free Trade Area Is a Boon for China
Campaign launched to raise awareness for life-saving overdose treatment
Language Activist Flees Kazakhstan After Investigation Opened Against Him
Lithuania’s support for Taiwan could sway more EU countries: Report
Latvian-Estonian language award goes to Estonian linguist
Sunday school for Belarusian children opens in Vilnius
Kersti Kaljulaid visits US Navy destroyer in port in Tallinn
Rally marks 1,000 days since China detained two Canadians amid Huawei dispute
Merkel: I would never govern with ex-communist Left party
Poland gives humanitarian visa to another Belarusian athlete
More Than 50 Crimean Tatars Detained In Russia-Annexed Crimea
Kyiv: U.S. will take part in Donbas negotiations
Belarusians should have their own way but Ukrainian result
Javelins, reform plan, and $2.5 bn of military aid: Ukraine and USA sign joint statement on strategic partnership
No NATO plan for Ukraine. What Zelenskyy and Biden promised — and did not promise — each other
India-France Agree on Space Security Dialogue
Banks, locks, and paper: the Swedish origins of some of Finland’s largest companies
Ireland’s population passes 5m for first time since C19th famine
Call for Scots expats to become ambassadors for an independent nation in Europe
Guinea soldiers say president ‘taken’ and govt ‘dissolved’
Paralympic Closing Marks End of Tokyo’s 8-Year Olympic Saga
France’s Biggest Trial to Open Over November 2015 Attacks
UN Study: Weather Disasters Increased by Five Times in 50 years
Sixty Percent Of Buildings In Iran’s Capital ‘Don’t Comply’ With Earthquake Standards
More than 4 billion people worldwide without social protection
Particulate pollution the ‘world’s greatest threat to human health,’ study finds
Roberto Benigni Steals the Show as Venice Film Festival Kicks Off
EU Defense Ministers Mull Rapid Response Force after Afghanistan’s Fall
EU should enable military coalitions to tackle crises, Germany says
1968 September 6: eSwatini Independence Day