RT Denied Licence in Luxembourg

August 9: International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
Over 700,000 people fully vaccinated in Latvia
Noted Estonia poet, translator and philosopher Jaan Kaplinski dies
As Iraq suspends flights to Minsk, Lithuania records no migrant entries third day in row
Lithuanian pilot killed in self-built historic plane replica crash in Latvia
Belarus moves against Lithuanian logistics sector with new rules
Belarus border emergency seems to be moving to Latvia
Violating conjugal norms could have cost one their head in the 18th century Estonia
‘We hit rock bottom’ says sports minister after Lithuania’s poor performance at Olympics
Turkmen who swam Narva River to enter Estonia sent back to Russia
1965 August 9: Singapore National Day
US, Along With UK and Canada, Slaps More Sanctions on Belarus
Point of no return: Year passes since start of biggest-ever protests in Belarus
Russia’s occupation of Crimea led to Ukraine losing 75% of its 2013 GDP
Crimean Platform starting point for liberation, Crimean Tatars say
Russia begins large scale military exercises in Dagestan, Ossetia, Chechnya, Crimea, Armenia and Abkhazia
Arsonists Behind More than Half of Italy’s Wildfires
PM apologises as Greece counts costs of wildfire catastrophe
UN Chief: Climate Change Report ‘Code Red for Humanity’
Australia flags democracies’ trade swing from China to India
Kyrgyzstan’s first president Asks for Forgiveness Over Kumtor, Flies Back to Russia
Lithuanian Akropolis Group buys Alfa shopping mall in Rīga
Estonia Q2 2021: Imports up 49% – Exports up 41%
China recalls ambassador from Lithuania
Migrant situation quiet on Estonia-Latvia border
€16 mln for 2011-19 cartel for many of finest Latvian construction companies
Three-month state of emergency declared at Latvia-Belarus border
While tightening asylum rules, Lithuania to keep fast-track route for Belarusian exiles
1809 August 10: Ecuador Independence Day
Moscow upset by new talk in Kyiv about Latinization of Ukrainian
First victim: Year passes since killing of Minsker Alyaksandr Taraykouski amid protests
Chinese Court Upholds Death Sentence For Canadian National
China Jails Canadian Businessman Michael Spavor For 11 Years on ‘Spying’ Charges
Canada athletes may not be safe at 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
Austria Protests Detention Of Two Journalists In Belarus
US Senate Adopts $1 Trillion Infrastructure Package
As Activists Increase Pressure, Beijing Olympics Sponsors Remain Largely Silent
Iranian stands trial in Sweden for 1980s war crimes, murder
About 96,000 salmon die after chlorine leak in Arctic Norway
Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg join forces to mine for raw materials in Greenland
Dealing with the legacy of wartime sexual violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Polish investors discuss investment in disputed Western Sahara region
How Sweden became the Silicon Valley of Europe
Norway says it is involved in Venezuela talks
Russia says it has agreed to lift trade restrictions with Moldova
Finland Posti’s profits up thanks to online shopping
1920 August 11: Latvian Freedom Fighters’ Remembrance Day
Latvia-Belarus border is not well-equipped
Police detain 26 people during riots outside Lithuanian parliament, 18 officers injured
Unrest broke out at Rūdninkai migrant camp
Latvia’s foreign trade increases by more than one third on year
Third of Estonian startups founded by e-residents
56 people stopped from crossing Latvia-Belarus border overnight
Tallinn Marathon 2021 going ahead in September
100 years of Latvian names: Sofija, Emīlija, Alise, and Roberts, Olivers, Marks
Washington backs Lithuania in diplomatic row with China
Lithuania will seek to have Chinese ambassador return to Vilnius
Number of flying squirrels in Estonia going up
Civic portal receives record number of petitions in Estonia
Germany detains British embassy employee suspected of spying for Russia
US Calls On Syria to Free US Journalist Austin Tice
Kremlin critic Navalny slapped with new criminal charges
Nord Stream 2: Cruz blocks Biden’s State Department nominees ahead of Senate break
Oman sets up hydrogen alliance to develop clean fuel industry
1947 August 11: Baloch National Day
1960 August 11: Chad Independence Day
What Libya can learn from the Baltic states’ constitutions
Looking back over four decades on IBM’s first home personal computer
Lithuania and Latvia say no to migrants arriving via Belarus
Latvia-Belarus border is under control: Interior Minister
Latvians like to pop on some pop, survey shows
Changing attitudes? Businesses and locals donate basic items to migrant camps in Lithuania
Red flagged Chinese firm wins bid to supply scanners on Lithuanian border
Estonia hopes to avoid global minimum corporate tax
Ireland stares down major changes to its tax system
Due to US sanctions, Lithuania to cut off Belaruskali exports
Popular Serbian TV series being filmed on Estonian fields
Saeima approves state of emergency at Latvia-Belarus border
Estonian publishing houses see room in development for audiobooks
Taking security for granted? NATO and the Baltic states
Twice as many deaths as births in first half of 2021 in Latvia
Hackers steal ‘classified’ documents from Lithuanian Foreign Ministry
Gas blast in Tartu which killed one and seriously injured several others may have been deliberate
North Macedonia, Albania Face New Obstacles on Path to EU
Alyaksandr Vikhor died after being beaten by OMON year ago. Perpetrators still not punished
Moscow supports Northern peoples in ways designed to cost them their way of life and identity
Poland passes controversial legislation, straining ties with EU, US and Israel
Syrian Refugees Targeted in Ankara Night of Violence
France, Britain Divided by Much More than La Manche
Russian hypersonic technology expert accused of high treason
1960 August 13: Central African Republic Independence Day
30th anniversary of restoration of Estonian independence to be attended by European Parliament President
Latvians leave home aged 26, on average
Latvian Occupation Museum to host ‘Hong Kong Way’ exhibition
Estonian President in Finland: Lithuania migrant crisis concerns whole region
101 people denied entry to Latvia on Belarus border Thursday
IMF Says Hands Tied Amid Calls To Limit Nearly $1 Billion Disbursement To Belarus
Belarus counts as a “safe country” for illegal border crossers
Tallinn Airport removes exhibition of women who oppose Alexander Lukashenko
Offbeat fashion show and charity event: How anniversary of women’s protests was marked in Vilnius
Estonian Prime Minister to meet Angela Merkel next week
Germany’s Merkel To Visit Moscow Next Week Amid Strained Relations
Lithuania receives 1,500 asylum requests, none approved so far
Lithuanian president says ‘foreign countries’ involved in recent riots
Lithuanian president grants extra powers to military in border areas
Amid migration crisis, Lithuanians join lucrative human smuggling schemes
1,000 year old grave contained non-binary Iron Age leader, researchers suggest
On Lithuania’s border, a former Afghan soldier is caught between war and politics
Russia to expel BBC reporter whose recent question about legitimacy put Lukashenka into rage
Georgia signs agreement with Belarusian KGB. Political migrants have reason to fret?
US first openly gay ambassador James Hormel dies
Karelian petroglyphs listed as World Heritage Site
Denmark and Norway to shut embassies in Afghanistan, evacuate staff
‘Mind blowing’: Grizzly bear DNA maps onto Indigenous language families
August 14: Navajo Code Talkers Day
1947 August 14: Pakistan Independence Day, Youm-e-Azadi
1980 August 14: Founding of Polish non-governmental trade union Solidarność
Lithuanian migrant crisis enters new phase as influx ceases
Video Fact: Belarusian Soldiers With Weapons in Their Hands Drive Migrants to the Border With Latvia
Estonia: electricity prices virtually doubled on year to July
riga art and media school is a clapperboard inspired monochrome box in latvia
Estonia supports Lithuania in migrant crisis emergency powers order
Lithuanian woman turns Icelandic nature into awe-inspiring cakes
Dare you play the Irregular Latvian game show?
Opinion Festival panel: Estonia could repeat 4G success in green transport turn
Researchers from Germany and Russia confirm that Belarusian authorities are behind migrant crisis
Therapeutic berry picking, autonomous train and pensions: Finland in the world press
Russian state broadcaster RT German service denied Luxembourg license
Riikka Purra elected Finns Party leader
Top U.S. Diplomat Calls On Lukashenka To Stop ‘Irregular Migrant Flows’
Malta suffer first loss in FIBA Games as Andorra take top spot
Hundreds March In Bosnian Capital In Support Of LGBT Rights
‘So Much Grief’: Opening Ukraine’s Soviet-Era KGB Archives
Virtual Museum Highlights Paintings of Vincent Van Gogh
Israel recalls top diplomat from Poland over restitution law
Thousands march in Bucharest LGBTQ pride parade
Netherlands, Australia leading markets for green hydrogen rules and policies
Heat wave hits tourist hotspots in Southern Europe
Parties agree Estonian presidential election system needs changes
Estonian archers take two gold medals and a bronze at junior world champs
Tech in Estonia: What to expect
Estonia to lead the way in oxygen production on Mars in close cooperation with the European Space Agency
August 15: Liechtenstein National Day
1945 August 15: National Liberation Day of Korea
1947 August 15: India Independence Day
1960 August 15: Republic of the Congo Independence Day
NASA Is Recruiting Volunteers For A Simulated Mission To Mars
Mexico builds replica Aztec temple to mark 500 years since Spanish conquest
Moscow worried about possible moves to Orthodox autocephaly in Belarus and Moldova
When The Wall Went Up: Berlin 1961
South Korea prepared to call on Pope Francis to visit North, defector says
What Does National Security Mean in a +2 Celsius World?
Singapore’s Climate Impact X: A Viable Solution for Decarbonization
What next for Nord Stream 2? The legal battle in Europe begins
Bayern Munich, Germany legend Gerd Muller dies
Trudeau triggers Canadian election, voting day Sept. 20
Discovering Slovenia’s underground labyrinths, one cave at a time
Cardiff cyclist smashes women’s ‘Everesting’ record on Bwlch y Groes climb
Glencoe turf house shed light on life for massacred MacDonald clan
US Claims Control of Kabul Airport as City Falls to Taliban
Austria plans aid conference for Afghanistan’s neighbours
The West must not force a Russian “peace” on Ukraine
Beijing in a bind with Lithuania action: expert