Tokyo Olympics in Rear View

1944 August 2: European Holocaust Memorial Day for Sinti and Roma
Pride week begins in Latvia
Lithuania’s frontier stations close to capacity as record number of migrants detained
Bolt doubles valuation with €600 million funding round
Police fatally shoot aggressive man in Lääne County
T1 Mall Of Tallinn put up for auction with €85 million starting price
Most Latvian coastal bathing sites rated ‘excellent’ for water quality
Lithuania may ask EU countries to relocate migrants
Iraq launches more flight to Belarus amid migration crisis in Lithuania
Lithuania needs a border fence, EU commissioner says
Union of European Latvians marks its 70th anniversary
Baltic states, Czechia, Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, UK and US condemn Nord Stream 2
1969 August 2: Act of Free Choice/Act of No Choice, West Papua
Belarus athlete will fly to Poland after refusing orders to go home
New report finds Wales ‘punches above its weight’ in global research
As Taliban Advances, Europe Fears an Afghan Migration Crisis
German warship heads for South China Sea amid tension with Beijing
Electric jet startup announces $1B deal with Brazilian commercial airliner
Olympic volunteers strive to share stories of 3/11 disaster
Canada’s Women Win Soccer Gold, Outlasting Sweden In Penalty Kicks
New peace envoy gets hostile reception from Bosnian Serb leaders
Kopli scrap metal fire releases cloud of toxic smoke Monday
Electricity prices will rise for all Latvia’s households
Rīga Airport hopes to serve 2 million passengers this year
Lithuania to push undocumented migrants back to Belarus, divert to border checkpoints
Latvia becomes CERN associated Member State
Belarus ‘taking down barbed wire’ on Lithuanian border
Lithuania publishes ‘likely proof’ of Belarusian guards directing migrants
NATO Article 4 should be invoked against Belarus
Olympic bronze for Latvian weightlifter Plēsnieks
Vilnius mayor’s romantic relations spark accusations of corruption
1960 August 3: Niger Independence Day
7 Years After Islamic State Genocide, Yazidi Survivors Still Seeking Justice
Head of Belarusian House in Ukraine found hanged in Kyiv
Hong Kong Independent Media Group Will Relocate to Singapore
Scholar’s Turn From ‘Two-Faced’ Uyghur to ‘Parrot’ of Party Line Draws Sympathy and Scorn
How China Helps the Cuban Regime Stay Afloat and Shut Down Protests
Europe needs a change in mindset on technology and geopolitics
As Winter Olympics Near, China Ups Intimidation of Foreign Media
In Bolivia, ritual fires honor earth goddess Pachamama
‘Massive melting event’ strikes Greenland after record heat wave
Edi Rama Is Building Bridges to Europe—or Nowhere
Lukashenko will go further with Lithuania
Vehicle noise control system to be implemented in Rīga
Tallinn Food Truck Festival to take place in late August
National blood centre calls for donors amid critical shortages in Lithuania
Russia says expelled Estonian diplomat enquiring about Arctic strategy
Year’s biggest fire finally extinguished in Latvia
Lithuania may stop Belarusian fertiliser exports altogether
Army to provide more assistance on Latvia/Belarus border
Lithuania border: Deliberate, psychological strategy from Lukashenko
Red Cross: Migrant centres in Lithuania overcrowded, lack basic amenities
New-build urban apartments getting smaller despite tenant wishes for more space
Gazprom Has Stopped Gas Pumping through the Yamal-Europe Gas Pipeline via Belarus
For Many Uyghurs, China Is Wrong Choice for Winter Olympics
The World Needs a New Marshall Plan
North Korea official seen not applauding for Kim Jong Un in recent photo
OSCE Will Not Send Election Observers To Russia Following ‘Major Limitations’
More Belarusian Athletes Spurn Homeland In Shadow Of Olympic Scandal
‘Freedom is worth fighting for’: Belarus activists on trial
Mexico sues US gun manufacturers over arms trafficking toll
Portugal, Luxembourg, Belgium get first tranches of EU recovery funds
Open season again for Indonesian military trolls and ‘fake news’ campaign on West Papua
1960 August 5: Burkina Faso Independence Day
Taiwan – Sorry, ‘Chinese Taipei’ – Is Having a Fantastic Olympics
How to Put Lukashenka in His Place
Lithuanian president gears up for migration talks with Turkey’s Erdogan
Lithuanian police launch terrorism probe after threats to attack public places in Vilnius
Oil shale mined volume falls 24 percent between 2018 and 2019
Use of force allowed when defending Estonian border
Narva theater takes down ‘Mein Kampf’ play poster
Lukashenko is looking to open new smuggling routes from Morocco, Pakistan – Lithuanian FM
US Investment fund Apollo to acquire majority stake in Estonian wood pellet firm
Lithuania resumes laying razor wire along Belarus border
Poland buys 250 American Abrams tanks to deter Russia
Lukashenko: Ukraine is a threat to Belarus
Slap in the face not to consider blessings for same-sex couples
North Macedonia Declares State Of Emergency Due To Spread Of Wildfires
Cambodian Committee to Monitor, Discipline Journalists
Site of ancient Olympics saved as Greek firefighters battle flames
US Justice Department Returns More Than $1 Billion in Stolen Malaysian Funds
Biden Gives Hong Kong Residents ‘Safe Haven’ in US
Australian Government Agrees to Implement Magnitsky-like Laws
Shipping snags prompt US firms to mull retreat from China
U.N. chief names Swedish diplomat as new Yemen envoy
Finnish Olympian elected chair of IOC Athletes’ Commission
Hoousing had biggest impact on 5% yearly inflation in Estonia
Belarus uses gunshots to force migrants over the border
Three Latvian banks categorised as “high risk”
Iraqi Airways suspends flights to Minsk for a week
Big bug found in Latvia for first time in 50 years
Estonia support for Lithuania will also be diplomatic
Wastewater readings show coronavirus spreading in Estonia again
‘State-sponsored use of irregular migration flow’: Baltic PMs call for new sanctions against Minsk
Asadauskaitė wins first Olympic medal for Lithuania
Plane arrives in Minsk from Iraq to collect those willing to go back
28 Iraqi nationals detained crossing Latvia-Belarus border
EU Meeting To Discuss Surge Of Migrants From Belarus To Lithuania
U.S. Congress Proposes To Establish International Tribunal Over Lukashenka’s Crimes
Russian nuclear submarine breaks down in Baltic Sea
Russia: Black Sea is becoming a zone of ‘dangerous military confrontation’
China Imposes Mandarin on Kindergartens Instead Of Mongolian, Tibetan Or Uyghur
1825 August 6: Bolivia Independence Day
1962 August 6: Jamaica Independence Day
Resurgent Taliban take provincial capital, kill Afghan govt spokesman
Migrants await their fate as tensions mount in Lithuania
Estonia: 39 restaurants up for family-friendly designation
No route to western Europe: Lithuania tells Iraqis not to risk trip to Belarus
Estonian president Kaljulaid visits Japanese city of Saku
Lithuania promises to pay €300 to illegal migrants agreeing to leave
More illegal Latvian border crossers captured Saturday
Lithuania to open office in Taiwan by end of year
Germany’s Tom Hohenadl victorious at Ironman Tallinn
1960 August 7: Ivory Coast Independence Day
Russian Convicted Over Killing Of Chechen Asylum Seeker In Austria
After 15 Years, Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge Tribunal Nears Its End
Poland to dissolve judges’ Disciplinary Chamber to meet EU demands
Amsterdam substitutes ‘Pride Walk’ for canal parade in 25th anniversary of Gay Pride
US Warns About ‘Rapid Growth’ in China’s Nuclear Arsenal
North Korea developing nuclear, missile programs in 2021
Anti-weapons activists in South dealt with North Korea for years
Edinburgh Festival Fringe makes ‘extraordinary’ return after pandemic year off
‘Hard To Endure’: Belarus Clampdown Inspires A Film — And A Censorship Push
How Catalan gastronomy took over the world
Cornwall ‘can’t cope’ with influx of visitors
Parts Of Southeast Europe Get Respite From Fires; Siberian Villages Still Under Threat
Latvia warns of risk of ‘incident’ between Nato and Russia
Hundreds in Warsaw protest political repression in Belarus
Where did JRR Tolkien’s surname come from?
Vanuatu: taking the pandemic in its economic stride
“I am a Taiwanese”: Eastern Europeans see a Cold War in East Asia
Nigeria: The Case of Biafra
Tibet’s flag raised on Mount Elbrus
Is anti-Chinese sentiment in Kyrgyzstan strong enough to freeze a key Belt and Road Initiative project?
Kazakhstan is arresting protesters seeking information about missing relatives in Xinjiang
Ufa Woman Learns Midtrial That Her Bank Cards Are Frozen Due To ‘Extremist’ Label
Dossier: mining the Arctic
Manx government donates £1.3m climate change aid to Burundi
Collector of strange, magical objects opens Cornish folklore museum
Martinique plans geothermal cooling network
People in Japan, Hawaii and Norway are among the healthiest in the world
Hawaii vs Iceland: Which Islands Have The Most Awe-inspiring Active Volcanoes?
Tokyo says farewell to Olympics at Closing Ceremony
Tokyo Olympics in review: All the best videos and stories from every sport
Russian rhythmic dynasty topples, Bulgaria gets the gold
Tokyo 2020: Forget the US and China, tiny San Marino is the most successful
As Asian Economies Stall, World Braces for Fallout