From Niemen to ISIL

Gerard Depardieu to shoot film about Normandie-Niemen squadron in Kaliningrad Region
Latvia to buy new medicine for Covid-19 treatment
Estonian animated film wins at World Independent Cinema Awards
Plant wonders: Gladioli on the fringe of Soviet law
Estonia brought cybersecurity to United Nations Security Council
Bank of Estonia: Card payments at all-time record levels in June
Lithuania receives humanitarian aid from Austria, Greece, Slovenia
Rīga plans to transform public transport system over next five years
Lithuania to inject €149m into economy under recovery plan approved by EU
First batch of razor wire sent to Lithuania from Estonia
Barcelona to open center for ‘positive, open, plural and heterogeneous’ masculinity
Finnish official appointed EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator
Biden Announces End to US Combat Mission in Iraq
Anti-Putin Shaman Ordered To Undergo Forced ‘Treatment’ In Psychiatric Clinic
Myanmar’s Junta Annuls 2020 Election Results, Citing Voter Fraud
Balkan Survivors Of Notorious ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Camp Fight Mockery On Serbian TV
Bosnian Serb Deputies Approve Laws To Block UN Envoy’s Genocide Denial Ban
Increasingly, Russian Activists Find Themselves Sentenced To Compulsory Medical Treatment
US Olympic fencers wear pink masks to protest against teammate accused of sexual assault
Czechs approve help for Afghan interpreters, families
European economy grows 2%, ending double-dip recession
Russian-Estonian-French film vying for Venice’s Golden Lion award
Chairman of Center Party Faction rules out supporting Kaljulaid for second presidential term
Scuffles break out as activists block road to would-be migrant camp in Lithuania
Baltic states don’t have such a sweet tooth
Water taxi could soon float on the Daugava in Rīga
Estonia obligated to pay compensation to bus operators
Big bog fire in Sigulda municipality, Latvia
Former politician Paleckis found guilty of spying for Russia
First ‘contactless store’ opens in Latvia
Women’s epee team wins Gold for Estonia in Tokyo
Lithuanian Interior Ministry calls for state of emergency in border areas
Troika Convicts 1st Hongkonger Under Security Law From Beijing
Brussels will not fund Lithuania’s border fence with Belarus
July 27, 1990: Today Is Independence Day In Belarus
Uutissuomalainen: Marin most popular Finnish PM this century
Dispatcher who communicated with Ryanair pilot in May leaves Belarus
Japan condemns Russian Prime Minister’s visit to Kuril islands
North Korean Soldiers Steal from Civilians to Celebrate End of Korean War
Morocco arrests Uyghur man at China’s request
At least 2 killed in German chemical blast; 31 injured
2014 July 28: Yarkand Massacre, Xinjiang
Former FSB officer Sergey Eliseev to serve as Kaliningrad deputy chairman
EU electricity demand rebounds without corresponding rise in emissions
Lukashenko enters grey zone between war and peace
Dakters Klauns ask for public support
Hacker downloads close to 300,000 personal ID photos in Estonia
Lithuanian girl aged 13 goes into labour at summer camp, parents unaware of pregnancy
Four undocumented migrants stumble into anti-migration protest in Lithuania
e-scooter parking zones appear in central Tallinn
Diaspora youth learn Latvian at summer school
Lithuanian minister calls on Ikea not to work with Klaipėda company accused of polluting
Jūrmala police protest against chief; could resign en masse
Gas prices in Estonia to see steep hike from start of September
Latvia strikes gold in Tokyo!
Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya meets with U.S. President
Norway bumps US as best place to be amid pandemic
Georgia’s Ruling Party Tears Up EU-Brokered Deal With Opposition
3 Seas Initiative Gets Big Boost From Japan’s Strong Interest
Fossil Found in Canadian Mountains May Be Earliest Evidence of Animal Life
Hong Kong Markets Battered as Foreign Investor Confidence Wavers
China Used Vaccines, Trade To Get Ukraine To Drop Support For Xinjiang Scrutiny
Court in China’s Hebei Jails Agricultural Magnate Sun Dawu For 18 Years
Provocateurs stoke anti-migrant fervour among local communities
Torri in Sabina, Italian town names square after Lithuania
Eesti Energia sees half year record turnover, profit
Ühtegi and Tali: Will to defend ourselves breaking the greatest threat
Rīga heating tariffs to grow by 27%
Iraqi delegation in Lithuania a ‘positive sign’, but more EU involvement is needed
Baltic defence ministers: Situation in Lithuania is a hybrid attack
Latvia will host first World Running Championship in 2023
Lithuania launches probe into cyber attacks stoking panic amid migration crisis
Belarusian Journalists’ Group Says Jailed Media Worker Needs Urgent Medical Care
Will the EU Shake off Its Lethargy Over the Protracted Conflicts in the Black Sea Region?
Five Ukrainian startups that really went global
Watch Catherine Zeta-Jones speaking Welsh with her adorable niece
Malta Government Bears Responsibility for Journalist’s Murder
World Leaders Pledge $4 Billion to Public Education Affected by Pandemic
Equatorial Guinea: Six French soldiers held at Bata airport
Peru’s Castillo names Marxist party member as prime minister
New Zealand introduces bill to outlaw LGBT conversion therapy
US Navy Unveils Strategy for Autonomous Vehicles
Investors Lost Hundreds of Billions on China in July
NASA’s 10th Space Apps Challenge Increases Global Participation
Basque country leads way in implementing global development goals
NATO Baltic Air Policing fighters intercept russian aircraft over the Baltic sea
July 30: World Day Against Trafficking in Persons
Lithuanian minister calls for EU Council meeting over migrant crisis
Double-digit rise in Latvian GDP in second quarter
Virši fuel company looks ahead to IPO
41% of Latvian households are of just one person
4.9: Estonia saw fastest inflation in eurozone in July
Timber prices see unprecedented price rise
Situation on Lithuania’s eastern border is no refugee crisis
Ukrainian-owned defence firm to sue Lithuania
Russians relocated to occupied Crimea now make up one-third of the population
Lukashenko: Russian armed forces will be deployed in Belarus if necessary
Gas prices soaring in Europe as Russia’s Gazprom refuses to increase transit through Ukraine
“Unique” Gulf of Finland shipwreck may be 400 years old
Puigdemont, Comín, and Ponsatí lose immunity once again after new European court ruling
Chinese Authorities in Tibet Demand Information on Relatives Living Abroad
EU to Review China Strategy at Forthcoming Council Meeting
Millions in 23 Hunger Hot Spots Face Famine, Death, UN Agencies Say
How Does Breaking News Break in Cuba?
EU fines Amazon close to $900M for breaching data protection laws
Dissident Azerbaijani Journalist Dies In Georgia Under Unclear Circumstances
Lithuania marks 30th anniversary of Medininkai border post massacre
Riga: Kitchen robot cooks up new future for fast food
Bring in the kids: Estonian city targets youths for jabs
Russia stops Cubans from entering Estonia on air mattresses
How Russian money keeps Belarus afloat
Beijing Olympics Means ‘Patting Xi Jinping on the Back’ Amid Xinjiang, Tibet Horrors
How 1930s Reporter From Missouri Became China’s Ideal Journalist
What the Olympics Means to Japan
Moldova’s Prime Minister-Designate Welcomes Mandate To Form New Government
Hungarian Nurses Demand Better Pay To Slow Exodus
US Seen Bolstering Military Links in Southeast Asia to Counter China
China, India miss UN deadline to update emissions targets
U.S. issues new Cuba sanctions, Biden promises more to come
When the chips are down: Biden’s semiconductor war
Over 100 warship locations have been faked in one year
Merkel and beyond
India: A very colonial hangover
Far more world leaders visit China than America
New Atlantic Charter can save the free world
Tunisia was the only democracy to blossom from the Arab Spring. Now it’s a mess.
1291 August 1: Swiss National Day
Nordica to fly under its own name
Dwarfs and jesters at the court of Lithuania’s Vytautas the Great
Poland sends helicopter to patrol Belarusian-Lithuanian border
Belarusian Olympic Sprinter Refuses to Leave Tokyo, to Seek Asylum
Space Tourism to Become Affordable Within Years, Experts Predict
Union of 90% Hong Kong’s teachers: a “poisonous tumour” that must be “eradicated.”
1944 August 2: European Holocaust Memorial Day for Sinti and Roma
2014 August 3: Genocide of Yazidis by ISIL