Unemployment Peaked, Income Declined, Industrial Output Up

Greta Streimikyte takes gold and sets new European record in Poland
Russia’s State Duma OKs Bill Allowing Government To Standardize Indigenous Languages
Brother of World Uyghur Congress President Sentenced to Life in Prison in China’s Xinjiang
Unemployment peaked in July 2020 in Latvia
Belarus officers facilitate irregular migration to Lithuania
Shake-up in Latvian government coalition as KPV LV shown the door
Estonia bans fur farms
Belarus wants to question Lithuania’s former president
Ukraine’s security is Europe’s security
Estonian village of the Year 2021: Vote for your favorite
Kabul ceremony marks end of Estonia’s 18-year Afghanistan presence
How a free-spirited country girl from Ukraine became an intrepid adventuress & 1930s travel blogger
More than 100 LGBTQ candidates compete in Mexican election
Russia Focuses on Arms Sales to ‘Like-Minded’ Generals in Myanmar
Uzbekistan Refuses To Prolong Accreditation Of Polish Journalist Who Complained Of Sexual Harassment
Austrian Ex-Foreign Minister Kneissl Becomes Rosneft Board Member
Bulgarians welcome U.S. graft sanctions, EU nods approval
Hong Kong Officials Shut Down June 4 Memorial Museum Ahead of Anniversary
First ever Three Seas Parliamentary Forum taking place
Not the past, but contentious present. Conference in Vilnius to look at legacy of WW2
Longterm investments will see Tallinn’s debt burden triple in five years
Lithuania strips Ukrainian blogger Shariy of political asylum
Sixty Minsk-based EU diplomats receive Covid-19 jab in Lithuania
Estonian Defense Forces and NATO troops met all and every challenge of past year
Lukashenko vows to build another nuclear astravyets
What Is Belarusian ‘Pressure Chamber’ Threat That Drove This Activist To Attempt Suicide?
Portugal to send troops, fighter jets to beef up NATO mission in Lithuania
Latvian industrial output up 20.5% in April
Pentagon’s 2022 Budget Cuts Ships to Modernize
Germany “systematically and persistently” violated pollution rules for years
13 people go on trial over cyberbullying, death threats against French teen
EU Introduces ‘Digital Wallet’ to Store Official Documents
Biden bars US investment in Chinese companies linked to surveillance
Nord Stream 2: Assessing Russia’s “serious geopolitical victory”
Latvia found issues in 40% of food ‘green procurements’ last year
Film produced by several Estonians selected for Cannes festival
Flags hoisted across Estonia for tricolor’s 137th anniversary
Vilnius municipality denies permit for another ‘family defence’ rally
Station Narva festival announces city art contest
Latvia to make train stations more accessible by other means of transport
Starlink by SpaceX to set up shop in Lithuania
Large-scale Russian arms trafficking scheme busted in Lithuania
Istanbul Convention provisions to stop domestic violence in line with Latvian Constitution
Belarus detains Lithuania’s vehicle with diplomatic mail
Finland’s Defence Forces aim to recruit more women
EU bans Belarusian carriers from its airspace and airports
NATO chief: Belarus actions must ‘have consequences’
Tibetan Private Language Schools Closed Down in Sichuan
Hong Kong’s June 4 candlelit vigil over the years
Transgender Salvadoran killed despite long search for safety
Association of Estonian Cities and Rural Municipalities calls for billion euros investment nationwide
Record-low turnout at local elections in Latvia
Exiled Belarusians Hold Protests on their Homeland’s Border with Lithuania and Poland
Protasevich’s “confession”: KGB Chairman Andropov’s specialty
Prominent Belarusian Political Analyst Flees Country
New Zealand firm finds alternative to Belarusian potash
Hungarians protest against planned Chinese university campus
G-7 commits to global minimum tax of at least 15 percent
Burkina Faso: At least a hundred killed in suspected Jihadist attack
UN warns famine imminent in Ethiopia’s Tigray region
Demolition Begins Of Orthodox Church Illegally Built on Property of Bosnian Muslim Refugee
Nigeria bans Twitter after president’s tweet deleted
Turkish Airstrike Kills at Least 3 in Kurdish Refugee Camp Inside Iraq
Greece Warns Turkey it Will Push for Sanctions if Tensions Persist
As Russia Touts Convict Labor To Offset An Exodus Of Migrants, Some Fear ‘A Return To The Gulag’
Trump demands China pay ‘reparations’ for role in coronavirus pandemic
Peeter Olesk crowned European shooting champion
Opposition parties do best in Latvia’s local elections
Lithuania takes Baltic foreign policy lead
Belarus is waging hybrid war against Lithuania
Jüri Vips wins second straight race in Baku
LNR representatives may be heading to Minsk to interrogate Raman Pratasevich
Reima cuts ties to Chinese company over possible links to forced labour
Normandy commemorates D-Day with small crowds, but big heart
German Domestic Intelligence Chief Warns Of Increased Russian Activity
Swiss Mired in Poisonous Row Over Pesticides
Pride, passion and identity – the story of the rise of The Barry Horns
Pop-rock music and changing attitudes to the personality cult of Josip Broz Tito
EU Member State Bilateral Agreements Threaten China Human Rights Defenders
Ukraine’s new football shirt leaves Russia furious
U.S. Leaders See NATO Summit as Means to Strengthen Trans-Atlantic Ties
Moscow bans top Canadian officials, accuses them of ‘anti-Russian’ activities
Uyghur Tribunal Wraps up With Testimony on Enforced Disappearances, Detentions, And Deaths
Same faces, different protests. Anti-LGBT in Lithuania organised by same pro-Kremlin activists
Income decreased for 21% of Latvia’s households over past year
30th Estonian independence restoration anniversary to end with night song festival
Finland In Talks With Estonia To Merge Air Traffic Control Service
Spring Storm concludes with live-fire exercise, final battle
Lithuanian president to pay official visit to Georgia
Same-sex partnerships should be registered as civil status in Latvia
Researchers discover gas mask case in Lithuania containing partisan documents
Protesters in Poland and Lithuania set up tent cities on border with Belarus demanding change
Slovenia withdraws permission for Belarusian consulate, while Italy hesitates about new ambassador
Deepening Polish-Turkish Cooperation
Russian-led anti-French campaign suspends French military, budgetary support to CAR
Activist Detained in China’s Guangzhou Over Lone Tiananmen Protest
Architect of Xinjiang Crackdown, Likely to be Rewarded by CCP
Estonian industrial production volumes up by 17%
OECD meddling in tax policy bad for small countries
Latvian banking sector Q1 profit up 3 times
Orchid rediscovered on Saaremaa after 120 years
Road to Siberia, 1941: June deportations to be marked with new documentary film
Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration to take place in epidemiologically safe format
No-confidence motion in defense minister fails Riigikogu vote
Belarusians in Lithuania move to block border traffic to put pressure on regime
ECHR sides with Lithuania’s neo-pagans in dispute over state recognition
How an informant and a messaging app led to huge global crime sting
Over a ton of drugs seized in Lithuania
Trojan Shield: Finnish police arrest 100 in international bust
Darya Chultsova and Katsyaryna Andreyeva win Axel-Springer-Preis
World Bank Warns Of ‘Uncertain’ Economic Outlook For Europe, Central Asia
NATO 2030: “A global Alliance for all seasons”, reality or rhetoric?
Ratko Mladic, the ‘butcher of Bosnia,’ loses appeal against genocide conviction