From Latvian Independence to Schuman Declaration

‘I Was Never Afraid’: In The Face Of Criminal Charges, Russian Teen Protester Stands Defiant
Denmark’s first ever banknote sold for 170,000 kroner
Wooden electric car made in Liepāja, Latvia
Swedbank fined in Stockholm over historic anti-money-laundering failures
E-residency expands to Singapore, Bangkok, Johannesburg and Sao Paolo
Future Forum conference coming on May 11
Estonian government wants to move forward with 2014 border agreement
‘We can’t wait to get on stage’: Lithuania’s The Roop head to the Eurovision
What Napoleon saw and did in Lithuania – ‘these Poles aren’t like in Warsaw’
Will negotiating platform with Lukashenka regime be launched with help of Austria?
Norway’s Telenor Writes Off its Myanmar Operation Amid Crisis
With Eye on China, EU Drafts Rules to Curb State-Backed Foreign Buyers
‘Fires Shock’ to showcase US Army rocket power in Estonia and beyond
Kõlvart: No point waiting for Sputnik vaccine to reach Estonia
Hostels under legislation microscope after tragic fire in Rīga
Estonian government to link EU recovery fund bill to confidence vote
Lithuanian citizenship restored to Canadian basketball player Brazdeikis
Estonian government ‘fully supports’ sanctioned language board director
Lithuanian president uses HBO’s Chernobyl to warn EU leaders of another nuclear astravyets
Latvian Saeima notes Ottoman genocide against Armenians
Estonia files protest over alleged Russian air violation
Icelandic couple waited all weekend for stillborn induced labour
U.S., Canada and Norway joins EU effort to speed up troop movements in Europe
EU proposes joint approach to develop COVID-19 drugs
China suspends economic dialogue with Australia
Hong Kong Court Jails Joshua Wong, District Councilors Over Tiananmen Vigil
We Don’t Need to Wait on the UN to Expand Taiwan’s International Role
Brexit Brinkmanship: Britain Deploys Warships as French Fishing Dispute Escalates
Angela Merkel To Belarusians: Don’t Think We’ve Forgotten About You
Blinken: US stands with Ukraine in face of Russian aggression
Meritxell Serret to be tried over 2017 independence referendum in Catalonia
EU weighs military training mission for Mozambique
Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki on COVID, Three Seas Initiative, and where US is falling short
Estonia summons Russian ambassador over EU citizens’ entry ban
Lithuanian company is developing ‘first Covid-19 drug’
Rīga to spend more than half a million euros on hosting World Ice Hockey Championship
‘I am a European’ project shares youthful migration experiences
UN Science, Technology and Innovation Forum wraps up with Latvian help
Exercise Swift Response opens with MLRS salvo in Estonia
Russian aircraft violates Estonian air space for second time in three days
Tartu to spend €200,000 to attract space tech startups
‘Scared or Prepared?’: Inside Sweden’s Effort to Steel Its Citizens Against Threats From Russia
Belarus leader bristles at criminal complaint in Germany
Amazing living skyscraper designed by Ukrainian architects wins international competition
Montenegro’s Limited Coalition Hammers Away At Perilous Religion, Nationality Issues
EU leaders attend summit in person for 1st time this year
Kyrgyzstan’s Worrying New Limits on Dissent
Blinken calls for Taiwan to join World Health Assembly in opposition to China
China propels BMW to strong profits, Germany lags
China in Sri Lanka: The Colombo Port Conundrum
US general warns China is actively seeking to set up an Atlantic naval base
South Korea inaugurates team of North Korean defector ‘reporters’
Baltics and German Greens: unexpected allies on Russia?
2027 Capital of culture candidates: Liepāja
Contemporary dance ‘still a niche thing’
Paratroopers jump into Estonia during ‘complex but awesome’ nighttime drill
Czech PM Asks European Council To Condemn Russian Involvement In Arms-Depot Blast
China urges U.N. states not to attend Xinjiang event next week
“A blatant North Korea in the center of Europe.” Belarusian refugees explain why it’s so difficult to beat the dictatorship
“Victory Day” was really “Occupation Day” for western Ukraine and half of Europe
Ukraine’s leader marks end of WWII in Europe by visiting village near Russia
EU Posts Bail to Free Jailed Georgia Opposition Leader
School bombing heightens fears among Afghanistan’s Hazaras, long a target for militants
EU agrees potential 1.8 billion-dose purchase of Pfizer jab
Vlad the vaccinator: Dracula’s castle lures visitors with COVID-19 jabs
Scotland elects 72 pro-Yes MSPs
Somaliland deserves international recognition
Why did Lithuania elect former communist as first president?
Lukashenka Signs Contingency Decree On Presidential Powers
Serbia gives award to 2019 Nobel apologist
Judge slain in Sicily by mafiosi put on path to sainthood
Boris Johnson offers ‘olive branch’ summit meeting to Nicola Sturgeon
EU: Pandemic measures to total about $5.85 trillion
May 9 event gathers thousands by Soviet memorial in Rīga
Baltic ambassadors snub Moscow victory day event
Corona cost 2015 world silver medalist weightlifter Mart Seim Tokyo Summer Olympics
‘Bank of Mom and Dad’ remains open for business across Baltics
Haapsalu Castle recognized at the European Museum of the Year Awards
Estonian badminton top pair Kati-Kreet Marran and Helina Rüütel finish 2nd in Portugal
Estonians in Canada to receive new cultural center in the heart of Toronto
One third of Lithuanians support same-sex partnership
Priests across Germany bless gay couples in break from Pope
Denmark draws China ire for inviting Taiwan leader to speak at ‘democracy summit’
Romanian leader tells Biden more NATO troops needed in east
Second Open Letter by French Soldiers Warns of Civil Insurrection
Europe’s Social Democratic Parties Struggle for Electoral Relevancy
Armenian officer champions his troubled nation as a member of CENTCOM Coalition
NATO and Austria sign agreement on liaison office in Vienna
Norway plans record election year spending from wealth fund
Portugal to send another 60 troops to Mozambique on training mission
Chinese military probed weaponising coronavirus in 2015, claim leaked documents
Brutality escalates as Indonesian crackdown takes force in Papua
China Warns of ‘Damage’ to Relations if Bangladesh Joins Quad Initiatives
Khodorkovsky report singles out Kremlin links to Lithuanian aviation company
Latvia’s Eurovision contestant leaves the country
Electric public minibuses to start driving on streets of Ventspils
Jüri Luik leaving Riigikogu for foreign service post
Chinese, Russian agents trying to recruit Lithuanian nationals
Researchers locate unknown tower of Vilnius castle
Shooting of ‘ Fools of Fame’ starts
Minimum wage in Lithuania may rise by 9.6 percent
Lithuania seeks to host NATO summit, welcome Joe Biden in Vilnius
4th sanctions package against Lukashenka regime to be rolled out ‘in coming weeks’ – EU HR Borrell
Former Top EU Official Calls for Immigration Halt
40 years on, reggae singer Bob Marley still lives on!
Russian lawmakers vote to scrap tax agreement with Netherlands
Finland unveils dozens of measures to combat human trafficking
China Threatens Retaliation Against Ericsson if Sweden Doesn’t Drop Huawei 5G Ban
Austria opposes ‘decoupling’ Albania-North Macedonia EU path
China Deepens Its Balkans Ties Using Serbian Universities
Bulgaria caretaker government appointed until July election
EU ready to ignore Hungary veto on Hong Kong
Reprisals against Crimean Tatars is hybrid deportation by Russian authorities
Nine Killed In Tatarstan School Shooting; Putin Calls For Weapons Clampdown
Hong Kong journalist injured in ‘drive-by’ baseball bat attack
Sister of Uyghur Rights Advocate Rebiya Kadeer Confirmed to Have Died After Release From Detention
Turkey has advanced up to 20km into Kurdistan Region
Nakba is an event in the present tense – in Jerusalem and in Gaza
Barcelona court rejects investigation into head of Spanish riot police for referendum day violence
26 Palestinians, 2 Israelis killed as violence intensifies
Coroner rules that 10 victims in 1971 Belfast shooting were innocent
Youngest Dubai DJ scratches her way to fame