Kremlins at Ukrainian Border

An Existential Choice? France’s Communist Party Eyes Presidential Race
Quad’s uneasy place in Southeast Asia
US to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11
Taavi Veskimägi: European investments to take defense industry to new level
Estonia, Denmark sign largest renewable energy agreement in Baltics
Municipality employees jump queue for social housing in luxury Lithuanian resort
Rīga Technical University will print 3D concrete
Russian FM tells Estonia to ‘abandon’ territorial demands
Lithuania to offer €4,000 subsidies for switching to electric cars
FBI opens investigation into China every 10 hours
Battle-hardened and better funded, Ukraine’s army knocks on NATO’s door
Radioactive waste storage facility to be constructed in Belarus
Proclamation of the Catalan Republic: 90 years on
Denmark becomes first European country to drop AstraZeneca
EU Makes Deal with Pfizer-BioNTech for 50 Million More Vaccine Doses
Home advantage: How China’s protected market threatens Europe’s economic power
Vidzeme University helps teachers and pupils with online classes
Corruption plagues Lithuanian prison labour system
Chinese Embassy advert in Estonian paper denounces Uighur genocide claims
Ireland dismantles Lithuanian heroin and sex trafficking gang
Mick Jagger rocks Latvian-made mic in new song
Two Estonian companies presented with prestigious Red Dot Award
Baltic ministers visit Kyiv, discuss ‘red lines’ amid Russian escalation
Ukraine seeks stronger Western backing amid Russian buildup
Myroslav Irchan returned to Ukraine from Canada, only to be executed by the NKVD
Finnish president confirms support for Ukraine in a conversation with Zelensky
Can Smaller Countries Produce Competitive Fighters?
Tsikhanouskaya, Kalesnikava, Tsapkala become this year’s Lev Kopelev Prize awardees
US expels Russian diplomats, imposes sanctions for hacking
Lukashenka Running Out of Currency
Lithuanian sailor freed after month in captivity in Africa
Ukraine situation more dangerous than in 2014
Estonian, British defense ministers discuss troop removal from Afghanistan
Four Latvian authors shortlisted for EU Prize for Literature
Estonian firms break record for domestic defense tender deal value
NATO naval group arrives in Tallinn ahead of mine clear-up job
Lithuania summons Russia’s ambassador over ‘harmful’ foreign policies, human rights breaches
Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya to lead Belarusian delegation to Euronest Parliamentary Assembly
Mass Prosecutions Send Chills Across Hong Kong’s Political Spectrum
Beijing Revises ‘Correct’ Version of Party History Ahead of Centenary
Radosław Sikorski calls for U.S. to sanction Russian gas pipeline
U.S. Sanctions On Russian Debt Still More Bark Than Bite
Kremlin provides a safe harbor for ransomware
2027 Capital of culture candidates: Daugavpils
Sweden wins Locked Shields 2021
Finland earmarks €68m for educational inequality exposed during pandemic
Once again, volcanic Caribbean island looks to recovery
Ukrainian diplomat briefly detained, ordered to leave Russia
Czech Republic Expels 18 Russian Diplomats Over Depot Blast; Searches For Skripal Poisoning Suspects
Russia racing to catch up with China in use of surveillance technology
Japan, US showcase alliance, resolve in dealing with China
Raul Castro Leaves, Castroism Remains
Spectre of Sprogø: the dark chapter Denmark would rather forget
Barcelona celebrates architect who designed Scottish parliament
Israel lifts outdoor mask mandate
Russia deploys 50 fighter jets to annexed Crimea
EU estimates 150,000 Russian troops near Ukraine’s borders
Hydrogen could beat oil and gas as the economy moves to net-zero
Green transformation will rival industrial revolution
Danske CEO bows out over Dutch ABN money laundering inquiry
Latvia-based “Grupeer” has left thousands of investors high and dry
Registered crime in Estonia at record low in 2020
Lithuania’s pioneering microsurgeon Vitkus dies aged 68
Part of Lithuania’s election rules ‘unconstitutional’ – top court
Activist Investigating Gold Mining Attacked In Russia’s Bashkortostan
South Korea to launch mentorship programs for North Korean defectors
Hong Kong to Fire 129 Civil Servants Who Refused to Pledge Allegiance
US unfreezes sanctions against nine Belarusian enterprises
German Greens launch chancellor bid as Merkel bloc squabbles
EU’s Michel says he has brokered deal to end crisis in Georgia
Ukraine Tensions Reignite Russian-Turkish Battle over Waterway
Roosevelt’s lessons for nations across generations
Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival will take place
Only 8% of buildings are accessible to disabled people in Latvia
Spring recommendations: What to do in Estonia #5
Unidentified coronavirus strain found in eastern Lithuania
25 years ago, Lithuania lost soldier in Bosnia. ‘He is already there and I am still here’
Two more US F-15E Strike Eagles due in skies over Estonia Wednesday
US, Polish air forces train in Poland as Russia masses troops in nearby Ukraine
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Indigenous Peoples and the Economy of Life, 22 April 2021 Online