US on Visit in Europe to Boost NATO

Biden vows Russia’s Putin will ‘pay a price’ for election meddling
NATO navies carry out intricate maneuvers in major Baltic operation
Medical empire in Kaunas built on ties with government
Latvia’s port takeover expected to be completed by 2022
Latvian co-production wins acclaim in Sweden
Chemical weapons in the Baltic Sea an urgent threat
Municipal elections might see ‘political monopoly’ in Latvia
Estonia setting aside €6 mln for school camps to cover COVID-19 education gaps
Long-running child psychiatry battle ends with bill passing Riigikogu
A Century Ago, The Treaty Of Riga Redrew The Map. It Still Reverberates Today.
Western Partners Condemn Russian Crimea Narrative
Japan court says same-sex marriage should be allowed
French Leclerc tanks, other military equipment arrives in Paldiski
Statistics show coronavirus may be third-highest cause of death
Police gets involved as Belarus embassy worker attacks protesters in Vilnius
Latvia marks 80 years of blood donation services
First for Estonian art as UK’s Tate acquires Anu Põder work
Liepāja gets new trams on its birthday
Lithuanian man hauling one ton of hashish arrested in Latvia
Five Lithuanians charged with defrauding German academics of €1.5m
Finnish female cabinet members targeted by social media hate campaign
China’s Arctic Ambitions Face Increasing Headwinds in Finland
Russia testing EU with false Sputnik information
Spanish lawmakers approve euthanasia law
UN Agencies Call for Action Against Ageism
Dutch PM Rutte’s conservatives see 4th straight election win
Blame Bolt, court rules
Estonian marine scientist sentenced to prison for spying for China
Birch juice forecast: excellent!
Latvian-directed film wins four awards in Miami
ABLV Asset Management fined fro flaws in money laundering and terrorism prevention
Lithuanian police search for man behind homemade bomb at a supermarket
Russia must ‘immediately stop intimidating’ Lithuanian judges, say MEPs
AstraZeneca vaccine link in health worker death not ruled out
Finland suspends AstraZeneca Covid vaccinations
Four recent events might reshape Belarus’s political landscape
Three Seas: Black Sea connectivity and the South Caucasus
Bosnian Officials Reject Russia’s ‘Twisted Threat’ Over NATO Cooperation
Catalonian portal highlights Udmurt efforts to preserve that nation and its language
Long dormant volcano comes to life in southwestern Iceland
Freestyle skier Henry Sildaru crowned junior world champion
Life behind the perimeter – Soviet military bases in Lithuania
German air force at Ämari great example of how NATO works
Latvians not quite as keen as Estonians and Lithuanians to travel this year
Football trainer accused of sexual abuse hit with coaching ban
Latest Tartu university wastewater study confirms continued COVID-19 spread
One dead, one seriously ill after getting AstraZeneca COVID-19 shot in Denmark
Turkey pulls out of international accord aimed at protecting women from violence
Olympic fans outside Japan won’t be allowed into Tokyo games
Deterrence challenges to NATO and EU can still be met
Ukrainian Court Seizes Aerospace Company Motor Sich From Chinese Investors
Ant Group Incident Reveals Fragile Future of Innovation in China
Rumors of War in Taiwan Strait
How Cold War Shaped Bangladesh’s Liberation War
MS Estonia disaster: Official version versus critique
Estonia has one of the lowest resource productivity rates in Europe
Moscow seeks to put Gagauz in play against pro-Western Moldovan president
Belarus Opposition Looks To Reenergize Protests Against Lukashenka
Bulgaria Tells Russia To Stop Spying, Threatens To Expel Diplomats
We’re in a difficult place in Northern Ireland, says EU commissioner
N. Korean diplomats leaving Malaysia after ties are severed
Canadian Pacific in $29B deal to create 1st rail network to link Mexico, US and Canada
Population too low for Estonian COVID-19 strain to develop
Rosatom on Lithuania’s doorstep: a Russian Trojan horse?
Electricity behind whopping 4.1% producer price inflation in February in Estonia
Postimees: EU flag to return to Riigikogu’s White Hall
Centre of Baltic Studies opens in Kyiv
Survey names Šimonytė Lithuania’s best-ever PM, President Nausėda ranked near bottom
What was your favorite Latvian coin of 2020?
Baltics might have joint list of persons banned from gambling
Minister asks to investigate calls to shoot gay Lithuanian MP at anti-lockdown rally
Chinese, Russian, Belarusian security agencies all monitored Latvia in 2020
Body of Lithuanian woman found three months after landslide in Norway
German discount supermarket chain Aldi eyeing Lithuanian market
Lithuanian MP blacklisted by China in retaliation for EU’s sanctions
Former Latvian prime minister Šķēle indicted in ‘digital TV’ case
Virtual journey across the Baltics – places to see in VR
Top Belarusian Kickboxer Skiba Urges Security Officials to Lower Shields and Lay down Arms
Acclaimed Polish poet Adam Zagajewski dies at age 75
2nd Canadian Goes on Trial in China on Spying Charges
Finnish photographer creates “unique” Milky Way mosaic
UK unveils plan for smaller, more high-tech armed forces
Ukraine to License-Build US Helicopters for Its Armed Forces
Nicaragua: The Price of Refusing to Collaborate
How Russia, China, and climate change are shaking up the Arctic
Hong Kong will distribute mainland books to schools to promote patriotism
First ever Seto-language kindergarten due to open in fall
Latvian intercultural prejudices and stereotypes explained
Three Lithuanian diplomats targeted by China’s sanctions
Sexual abuse allegations have again rocked the world of Estonian sport
Latvian portrait among finalists of Sony World Photography Awards
Estonia under lockdown for entire summer unless virus spread stops
Sign of the pandemic times: photographer captures empty cultural venues
NATO battalion in Lithuania put under lockdown over coronavirus outbreak
Kiteboarders in Latvia invent new winter sport
Lithuania lags behind in vaccinating seniors
University of Tartu: Around 2.5 percent of adults coronavirus-infectious
Lithuania moves closer to opening trade office in Taiwan
Norway blocks Rolls-Royce’s plan to sell engine maker to Russia
Press Freedom Group Sues Facebook Over Misinformation, ‘Hate Speech’
Blinken in Europe to Boost Alliances
US pushes to revitalize NATO, but dispute persists with key ally Germany
Democratic senators call on Biden to sanction Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2
Greens place Nord Stream 2 at core of German elections
France summons Chinese envoy over ‘unacceptable’ insults
Blinken Warns Germany Of Possible Sanctions Over Nord Stream 2
NATO Affirms Unity In The Face Of ‘Aggressive’ Russia
Israelis vote in fourth election in 2 years
EU sanctions Russia officials over LGBTQ rights abuses in Chechnya
What Laws Constrain This Russian Mercenary Group?