Lukashenka Squeeze

Latvian ‘Blizzard of Souls’ makes Oscars shortlist for best music
Sponge on the Run first ever Netflix Irish language movie version
Disney makes Icelandic promise
Grandiose China summit passes almost unnoticed
Referencing Soviet occupation, Lithuania will not buy Russian vaccine
Latvian books among best-sellers in Sweden
Polish media stage blackout in protest of ‘tribute’ tax
Lithuania Refuses Russia’s Demand to Arrest Navalny Ally
Finns in snowshoes create temporary artwork on golf course
EU lawmakers OK $815 billion recovery program
NATO chief, Ukraine prime minister emphasize efforts to counter Russia
Outspoken Tatar Activist Fined For Speech She Says Was Translated Improperly
Man recounts torture in Maduro’s Venezuela
Oleksandr Yanukovych Among Those Likely To Be Removed From EU Sanctions List
EU Forecasts Economic Rebound Later This Year
Lukashenka’s Room for Maneuver Growing Low
Lithuania unlikely to meet vaccination targets
‘Essential’ international arrivals in Latvia only from February 11
Estonia plans to build Europe’s first small scale nuclear reactor
Thirty years ago, Iceland became the first nation to recognise Lithuania
Latvia’s President and Prime Minister roll up their sleeves for vaccination
Dekulakization. How Stalin liquidated the Ukrainian peasant class
Estonia to open embassy in Kenya next year
Average pension in Estonia to rise by €28 from April
Tove Jansson film scoops up 10 ‘Finnish Oscar’ nominations
COVID-defying nun toasts 117th birthday with wine and prayer
Polish women’s rights activist charged for epidemiological role in protests
Global Sanctions Dashboard
Estonian, Latvian diplomats monitor Navalny trial in Moscow
Best designed Estonian books of 2020
Estonia offers NATO use of Cyber Range
Bigger EU countries shouldn’t speak for us on China
Poet Betti Alver documentary to premiere in cinemas
Most Lithuanians bracing themselves for downturn
Latvia and Lithuania mark a century of diplomatic ties
Estonia’s tax take exceeded forecasts made at start of pandemic
Lithuania’s top public health official fired over mishandling of pandemic
Belarusian opposition figures in Lithuania dismiss Lukashenko’s assembly as ‘farce’
Ballet version of ‘Dracula’ planned for April premiere in Latvia
Russia’s new ambassador to Lithuania presents his credentials
Finns among most disappointed with EU
Rapid Covid breath test devices developed in Finland
14 arrested in Denmark counterterrorism raids
UK economy suffers biggest drop since 1709
Mysterious Stonehenge may have first stood in Wales
Kallas discusses defense, foreign policy with Emmanuel Macron
Tadeusz Kościuszko, a Lithuanian who changed the course of US history
Belarusians in Estonia protest against People’s Congress
Documentary traces Latvia’s accession to the EU and NATO
Pandemic fuels home appliance, electronics sales
Russia Imposes Sanctions On Nine Ukrainian Companies
Russia’s Lavrov holds climate talks with U.S. envoy Kerry
WHO investigator says China refused to hand over key data on early COVID-19 cases
Italy’s Draghi Takes Office, Faces Daunting Challenges
U.S. Lawmakers Call On Biden To Fulfill Trump Administration Promise To Invest In Eastern European Energy Infrastructure
Pro-Navalny ‘flashlight’ protests light up Russian cities
Three Ukrainian Soldiers Killed In Blast In East
Virus may never go away but could change into mild annoyance
Musician and actor Jaak Johanson dies
Moody’s improves Lithuania’s credit rating
Russian Revolut launches as a bank in Latvia
Cars, Software and Extraordinary Minus €665 million
Urmas Paet: I hope naivety regarding Russia will remain close to zero
Crimea Platform: Ukraine’s Initiative to Raise the Costs of Russia’s Occupation
Pro-independence parties win more than 50% of the vote in the Catalan election
Vetevendosje Marks Landslide Victory in Kosovo’s General Election
Justice Or Commemoration? As Maidan Massacre Anniversary Approaches, Both Appear Elusive
French Cyberagency Reveals Suspected Russian Hacking Campaign
WTO taps first woman, African to lead
China overtakes US as EU’s biggest trading partner
New Investigative Report On Alleged Extrajudicial Executions In Chechnya
Call for new Catalan indyref as backers reach 50% of election votes
Why is Ukraine still not in NATO?
Estonia’s EU plastics tax bill comes to €23.6 million for 2021
First of Estonia’s ice roads of winter opens on Peipsi Järv
Escaping Rīga: Latvian capital rated among worst rush-hour cities
Searches of Journalists, Activists, and Human Rights Defenders Are Being Carried Out All over Belarus
MS Estonia: Acquitted filmmaker tells about ‘huge hole’ that was missed in 1994 survey
Finnish economy sees hint of recovery
Losing and finding Lithuania’s Act of Independence
Lithuania marks State Restoration Day
Kallas to make first official foreign visit to Finland on Friday
Latvian mushroom photo gets Sony World Photography Award
Harry Pahaniaila: It Is Necessary to Squeeze Lukashenka Regime by All Possible Diplomatic, Economic, and Political Means
airBaltic and Lufthansa to launch codeshare flights
One-off childcare benefit payments of 500 euros approved in Latvia
Finland’s secret weapon in the fight against fake news: its kindergarten children
New drones at Sicily’s Sigonella base extend NATO’s surveillance reach
White House says Biden believes Nord Stream 2 bad deal for Europe
North Korea launched over 1M cyberattacks daily
Refining US Military Scenario-Planning for China and Russia
The North Atlantic community renewed: Challenges, trends, and solutions
China’s Strategic Vaccine Diplomacy Gains A Foothold In The Balkans
Canada’s Conservatives urge moving Beijing Olympics over Uyghur atrocities, but Trudeau disputes use of term ‘genocide’
Putin the Poisoner