Die Zeit, Incommunicado, 227 years, The Barricades, Many, January 13, Yennayer 2971

Die Zeit: Lukashenka’s Losing Ground
Man Held Incommunicado In Turkmenistan For 18 Years Said To Have Died
Hong Kong arrests 53 for plot to ‘overthrow’ government in latest crackdown on dissent
Kim opens North Korean congress by admitting policy failures
Latvian Capital Market Forum coming January 19
Siim Kallas: UK to become one of many third countries
Shockwaves from US investigation of Baltic banks reach Lithuania
-34.1ºC: Catalan Pyrenees hit lowest temperature ever registered in Iberian Peninsula
EU commission greenlights Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine
Greece gets planes, training and support in $1.68B deal with Israel
WHO team probing pandemic’s origins blocked from entering China
NYSE to again delist 3 Chinese telecom companies
Worrying Geopolitical Implications of Australia’s Antarctic Airport Plan
Pandemic highlighted shortcomings in Estonian e-Government
Social minister Tanel Kiik most trusted politician in Estonia
Lithuanian diplomats and Biden’s team working on Eastern Europe policy
Latvian Saeima approve Daniels Pavļuts as new Minister for Health
Israel-Lithuania relations and the year of the Vilna Gaon
World watches US chaos with shock, dismay and some mockery
Denmark to Boycott World Ice Hockey Championship if It Is Held in Minsk
Belgium upholds ruling refusing to extradite former Catalan minister to Spain
NATO chief calls for revitalization of alliance in 2021
Consumer price index in Estonia decreases 0.4% in 2020
‘Blizzard of Souls’ now on air in the US
Port of Tallinn cargo flows reached five-year high in 2020
Two Lithuanian citizens accused of spying for Russia
Lithuanian FM proposes Belarus opposition to open representation in Vilnius
Free Latvian language classes offered to Rīga residents
Business environment significantly worsened in December in Latvia
US Ambassador to the United Nations Will Visit Taiwan
1,000 US Marines arrive in Norway for cold-weather training
Lukashenka regime sentenced Belarusians to 227 years in prison
Russian Hacker Gets 12 Years In Prison In U.S. In Massive Consumer Data Theft Case
Former Almaty Mayor, Wife — Wanted On Corruption Charges — Given Asylum In Switzerland
Beijing’s megaphone: The return of party propaganda in south-eastern Europe
Vagina sculpture in Brazil sparks debate on gender issues
Underlying Politics of Poverty Alleviation in Tibet
European Powers to Boost Asia Presence to Counter China
Belarusian Protests Continue Using ‘Flash-Mob’ Tactics To Avoid Police Crackdown
Finland and Latvia to build armored vehicles together
The Barricades through the eyes of a teenager
Pompeo voids restrictions on diplomatic contacts with Taiwan
Britain set to outlaw Chinese imports with links to human rights abuse
Lithuania’s top public health official refuses to step down
Lithuania approves Sakartvelo as official name for Georgia
Lithuania’s state railways begin operating in Ukraine
Tele2 and Nokia to develop 5G in the Baltic
European Central Bank takes over direct supervision of Citadele banka
50 countries vow to protect 30% of land and sea by 2030
Russian Man Gets 10-Year Jail Term in Sweden for Hammer Attack on Chechen Blogger
Pope Formally Expands Women’s Roles in Catholic Church
China Is Making Support for Democracy a Crime in Hong Kong
Ukraine Grapples With Pandemic, Vested Interests, Stalemate With Moscow
US sanctions Giuliani-linked Ukrainians over Russian bid to influence 2020 election
FAST THINKING: A diplomat to lead the CIA
Russian Navy Commander Stole Two 13-Ton Bronze Propellers From His Own Destroyer
NATO STRATCOMCOE turns its attention to China’s ‘Levers of influence’
Many families with children returned to live in Latvia in 2020
Tallinn City Center Expat chat: Melda from Turkey
ERR News to live broadcast XXIV Open Society Forum discussion
MEPs demand Lithuanian politician to explain homophobic remarks
Thirty Years After Soviet Crackdown In Lithuania, Kremlin Accused Of Rewriting History
January 13, 1991. The night when Lithuania faced Soviet troops – through the eyes of ordinary people
Report reveals grim infant death toll, cruelty at Church-run homes for unwed mothers in Ireland
India Must Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
Tokyo Olympics chief: Putting off Games again ‘absolutely impossible’
Yennayer 2971: Berber New Year in North Africa