Good Year Despite Pandemic

Icelandic broadcasting turns 90
How Zoom violated its own terms of service for access to China’s market
Countering Russia’s challenge to the free world
Irish fastest growing language on Duolingo
Finnish 14-year-old named world’s best young guitarist
Estonia 200 continued support may hinge on marriage referendum
Lithuanian border 30 years ago: lighting campfires for warmth, fearing Soviet attacks
2,500 Computers Of Ministry Of Justice Of Belarus Hacked
US allocates $169 million security assistance to Baltic states
Lost painting by famous Lithuanian artist turns up in Chicago garage
‘Dod pieci’ charity marathon tackles violence on national scale
Be water: Japan’s big, lonely bet on hydrogen
Biden camp adds pressure on EU to hit brakes on China deal
Israeli submarine transits Suez Canal in show of force against Iran
Romania’s New Parliament Approves Pro-Western Government
Australia to Host Indo-Pacific Tech Summit in 2021
Russian Couple Jailed For Wedding Photo Treason
Elves to fight pro-Kremlin trolls now in Ukraine
Christmas Eve concert held in Paris’ fire-wrecked Notre Dame
UK and EU reach post-Brexit trade agreement
US Army cannon hits target 43 miles away in test
China launches antitrust investigation into Alibaba
5 Books to Understand 2020
At War Online: South Korea and China
India is Asia’s gravity point, says Japanese Deputy Defence Minister
Belarus allows Roman Catholic archbishop to return
EU, UK unveil vast trade pact set to enter force on Jan 1
19 Detained As Long-Running Khabarovsk Protests Continue
Virus besets Belarus prisons filled with president’s critics
Archaeologists uncover ancient street food shop in Pompeii
Boko Haram kills 7, abducts 7, burns church in Christmas Eve attack
China’s economy predicted to overtake U.S. by 2028
Valga and Valka get unique shared central square
Outgoing year successful for Estonia’s oil shale industry
‘Believe in science’: EU kicks off COVID-19 vaccine campaign
Nalchik Court Bans Four AP Videos From Chechen Conflicts
Balloon Launches Mark Opposition To Belarus’s Lukashenka
How Scots have learned to love independence in 2020
Donald Trump Signs Belarus Democracy Act
Belarusian Protests Become More Unpredictable And Partisan
Estonian Writers’ Union expels Peeter Helme after all
Defense spending in Estonia to reach record 2.3% GDP
Many UK Latvians considering return home
Swedbank freezes accounts of Belarusian spa in Lithuania
Oil spill reported at Lithuanian terminal, pollution moves towards Latvia
Digging work at Ämari Air Base reveals valuable archaeological finds
Constitutional Court president Osipova named European of the Year in Latvia
Emails compromised in cyber attack on Finland’s Parliament
Nine Latvian businesses awarded grants for military innovation
China jails citizen-journalist for four years over Wuhan virus reporting
Trials begin for 10 charged with fleeing from Hong Kong
US President Donald Trump signs ‘historic’ Tibetan Policy and Support Bill into law
90 Percent Of NATO Air Intercepts In 2020 Involved Russian Planes
Russia Orders Bulgarian Diplomat To Leave In Tit-For-Tat Move
Estonians have higher trust in government than Latvians, Lithuanians
Liepāja airport had a good year despite pandemic
Narva Center Party members rebel against Yana Toom
Receipt lottery brought nearly 2 million euros to Latvia’s budget
World Rally Championship Rally Estonia voted Tartu’s Deed of the Year
Lithuanian president signs 2021 budget bill into law
Oil spill in Lithuania ‘dissipates’ in the Baltic Sea
Legendary Estonian singer Jaak Joala’s sculpture to be unveiled on New Year’s eve
Lithuanian MEP under fire for advertising Covid-19 ‘cure’
Poland charges two Iraqis with supporting ISIS fighter and bride from Germany
U.S. strengthens investor ban on companies accused of being controlled by China’s military
India in the Security Council: Time to Step Up
China Wades Into Nepal’s Political Crisis
Earthquake strikes central Croatia, killing five and damaging buildings