Russia Ponders Kazakhstan

An Old Refrain: Russian Lawmakers Question Kazakhstan’s Territorial Integrity, Statehood
US Air Force in Europe seeks defense against Chinese drones and Russian cruise missiles
EU Agrees On New Belarus Sanctions As Tsikhanouskaya Accepts Sakharov Prize
German government backs bill requiring 5G security pledge
North Korea building up weapons amid economic shortfall
India Inches Forward to Block Chinese Telecom Equipment
China is scaling up its weather modification programme – here’s why we should be worried
Recruitment in IT sector rebounds in Estonia
Latvia to have lab for protective equipment quality check
Baltic states take major step towards full energy independence
Latvian farmers say pupils should get local food in meal packages
Bank of Estonia forecasts 2.5 percent economic downturn in 2020
Lithuania came under biggest cyber attack in years
Elering to build condenser stations to connect to continental Europe grid
Rīga remains most affordable of the Baltic capitals
From lynx to turtles: How are Estonia’s endangered species doing?
Lithuania updates government spending bill with 52-percent public debt
Estonian transport company Bolt raises €150 million
Can Lithuania put Belarusian regime officers behind bars?
Latvia to co-chair UN Science, Technology and Innovation Forum in 2021
Savagely beaten Maidan activist Tetyana Chornovol formally charged with a non-existent murder
Tikhanovskaya: Europe took too long approving sanctions
Reform’s ‘hate speech’ draft bill voted out of Riigikogu
Forced labour behind Chinese facemasks in Lithuania
European nuclear watchdog cancels trip to Belarus as Minsk refuses to cooperate
Narva still in the midst of power vacuum
‘Unprecedented’ rise in excess deaths among Lithuanians over 50
Omniva: Estonians have ordered twice as many packages as in 2019
Saeima approves Plešs as Latvia’s new Environment Minister
Leonīds Kalniņš reaffirmed as Latvia’s chief of defense for a second term
List of Officials and Entities of Lukashenka’s Regime That Fell Under EU Sanctions
Largest hospital in Vilnius calls for volunteers amid spiking hospitalisations
Finnish sauna culture steams up UNESCO Heritage List
Baltic startups defy pandemic, but struggle with diversity
Estonians erect statue and give home to beloved stray dog
European Space Agency appoints Austrian scientist new chief
WeChat helps CCP control Australian media outlets
South Korean celebrities insult China
China shows off tanks in simulated battle for Taiwan
Russia’s Four-year Ban from World Athletic Events Cut to Two Years
Estonian Defense Forces’ new Rahe automatic rifle to make debut in Mali
Belarus democratic opposition awarded Lithuania’s Freedom Prize
Tackling hate crime: what Lithuania can learn from Sweden and Ireland
Vilnius to build monument for people who saved Jews during war
Latvian economy will see turbulence in coming months
Number of births continues to decline in Latvia
Safety authorities: M/S Estonia ferry sinking needs further investigation
People rush to shops before ‘quiet three weeks’ in Latvia
Audience Applauds Workshop CEO Who Harshly Responded To KGB Head Tsiartsel At His Meeting With Hrodna Azot Workers
Lithuania’s average wage rises above Estonia’s
Polish dilemma, Baltic unity, and China bullying: interview with Lithuania’s new foreign minister
Virus outlier Sweden adopts more restrictions as cases rise
Court allows EU states to introduce mandatory pre-slaughter stunning
Brussels wants to hit UK with tariffs if EU fishermen are shut out of British waters
Hearses Challenge Official COVID-19 Death Toll In Tatarstan
Mysteries Of The Tunguska Meteorite In Siberia’s Thinning Forests
Bulgaria Expels Another Russian Diplomat For Spying On U.S. Troops
Wave of police raids in Russian-occupied Crimea as warning to Crimean Tatar activists
Civilian Participation in National Defense as a Part of Japan’s Pacifism
China’s Military Actions Against Taiwan in 2021: What to Expect
Britain Sounds Alarm About Mutant Coronavirus Strain
US plans to shutter remaining consulates in Russia
Invoking Bible and moonwalk, Netanyahu starts Israeli vaccination drive
Three lost years? Catalan parties reflect on a turbulent political cycle
Michael Russell: What will Scotland do after Brexit? We’ll rejoin the EU.
‘My Dear Yakutia’: An Intimate Portrait Of Russia’s Far North
USA closes Danske Estonia money laundering investigation
From Lithuania to North Korea – former FBI agent donates lifelong weapons collection to Vilnius
Estonians buy more clothes than Latvians and Lithuanians
Finland repatriates eight citizens from Syria
Protest Marches All Over Minsk
Police break up unsanctioned protest at Freedom Monument in Rīga
Estonian real estate market 23% more busy than in November 2019
Latvian Literature among winners of annual cultural excellence awards
New €170 million Estonia-Latvia power line will start operating in new year
Latvian Saeima approves freezing government salaries
Lithuania’s parliament to have permanent representative to US Congress
New Estonian Defense Forces contingent starts Mali service
Lithuanian students call to end unpaid internships
Vilnius District refuses to revoke honorary citizenship of Polish cardinal sanctioned for child abuse
Santa Claus Hurries to the Barricades
Santa’s sleighs depart from northern Finland
Navalny Says He Duped Russian Agent Into Confessing Poison Plot
Britain faces isolation as world tightens borders to keep out new coronavirus strain
EU greenlights COVID-19 vaccine after agency gives safety OK
Crimean Solidarity journalist on ‘trial’ for not denouncing a social media contact to Russia’s FSB
Nord Stream 2: Germany’s Faustian Bargain with Gazprom and Why it Matters for the Baltics
Gazprom loses ground in Finland to LNG from the Baltic States
Discover Gauja National Park on live tours
US Senate Adopts Belarus Democracy Act
President’s office confirms no guests at Estonia’s independence day 2021 events
Baltic states to discuss repatriation of vulnerable citizens from United Kingdom
Lithuanian parliament adopts 2021 budget
‘Good riddance,’ China says as Germany leaves U.N. Security Council
Huntington Ingalls sells undersea drones to Germany Navy
China Expands Influence in Mediterranean as European Investment Weakens
Belarusian Press Club’s Chief Detained; Offices And Homes Searched
Russian Documentary Filmmaker Vitaly Mansky Detained While Picketing In Support Of Navalny
Is Cambodia Really Turning Its Back on Chinese Vaccines?
Biden and the Credibility Conundrum: What If China Attacks Taiwan?
North Korea prison camp likely site of ‘thousands’ of deaths
U.S. sanctions top Nicaraguan officials, Cuban military-linked businesses
US Congress stings China with new Tibet law on the next Dalai Lama