VR flights to meet Santa Claus

NATO continues to step up support for Ukraine, Georgia in Black Sea region
From Public Space To Cyberspace: The CCP’s Increasing Oppression Of Tibet
Majority say coronacrisis has changed their shopping habits
Bringing green investment to the Baltics – what will it take?
Russia to deploy new division in Kaliningrad on Lithuania’s doorstep
2021 budget passed by Saeima after record-breaking debate
Nordic-Baltic region is fifth-largest economy in Europe. It should have more clout
Naked man flashes behind notoriously anti-LGBT Lithuanian MP
2021 population census will delve more deeply into nature of immigration
Scottish independence: 15th poll in a row finds majority support for Yes
European Space Agency Signs Deal to Remove Debris from Orbit
Israel receives its most advanced warship as Iran tensions rise
Chinese dissident who defaced Xi poster says she’s on ‘verge of collapse’
Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, Ivan Lam jailed
Rage and hope fuel women’s revolt over abortion in Poland
Two persons have repeatedly been infected with COVID-19 in Latvia
Free-diver Kaspar Eevald drops to 101m depths on one breath
Lithuania’s budget deficit will ‘inevitably’ exceed 5 %
Conductor Chichon gets Latvian citizenship for ‘special merit’
Estonian company acquires largest data center in Baltics
Estonia to sell Ireland €37.5 million worth of statistical energy
National defense to be mandatory at schools in Latvia starting 2024
English remains most popular exam among Lithuanian school graduates
Russia remains ‘chief threat’ amid Baltic build-up
Lithuania third in Europe by coronavirus infections
Power Unit Disconnected at Nuclear Astravyets, and Reactor Shut Down
High-speed internet gathers no mass
New US special operations site activated in heart of the Baltics
Locals eat white clay mixture as famine hits southern Madagascar
Singapore becomes global first to approve lab-grown meat
Russia’s envoy to UN describes Donbas war as political conflict between Russia and Ukraine
United States imposes visa curbs on members of Chinese Communist Party
Citing Forced Labor Concerns, US Issues Ban on Xinjiang Cotton
U.S. bill aims to strip Chinese firms from stock exchanges over audits
Survivors remember Pearl Harbor at home this year amid virus
NATO Huddles With Asia-Pacific Democracies to Talk China
Regular people will not be vaccinated before March
Estonia and US joint operation strengthens cyber defense
Does Lithuania need a tunnel under the Baltic?
Latvia wants proper investigation of Belarus civil rights abuses
Finland continues to have lowest birth rate in Nordics
Stanislau Bahdankevich: I Believe These Are Dictatorship’s Last Breaths
Bulgaria To Close 28 Facilities For Mentally Ill, Handicapped
Spain’s Supreme Court revokes prison privileges of jailed Catalan politicians
How BBC journalists shut out Scottish MPs to focus on English politicians
India’s winter of discontent: Farmers rise up against Modi
Iran tells IAEA it will accelerate underground uranium enrichment
Jerusalem church suffers damage in arson near Garden of Gethsemane
Brucellosis cases in China exceed 10,000 after vaccine factory accident
Greek-UAE Defense Deal Corners Turkey
International Red Cross workers evacuated from North Korea
Russian Military Court Of Appeals Upholds Prison Sentence For Prominent Bashkir Activist
U.N. warns 2021 shaping up to be a humanitarian catastrophe
EU Special Representative: Belarusian Security Forces May Appear Before an International Tribunal
Estonia, US and UK take UNSC stand against Russia’s Ukraine posturing
Pompeo ends 5 cultural exchange programs with China
Japan capsule carrying asteroid samples lands in Australia
As China Restricts Access To Tibet, US Urges Nations To Make Laws Over It
Biden’s rare shot at a transformative presidency runs through Europe and China
Finland’s Independence Day gala has been celebrated in many ways and places
Over 300 detained in Belarus during protests
Thousands Rally For Snap Elections In Moldova’s Pro-Russia Parliament
Neo-Nazis at Spanish Constitution Day in Catalonia’s main cities
Russian Ships Move To Resume Construction Of Nord Stream 2
Maduro “Wins” Pseudo Election in Venezuela
1.1% deflation recorded in Estonia in November
Estonia’s 2021 Eurovision entries
Latvia to rescue at European Council as Estonian leadership in quarantine
Lithuanian president signs off on PM Šimonytė’s minister cabinet
In Vilnius, a surreal tree for a surreal year
Domestic food sales in Finland up during pandemic
Russia adds firepower to Kaliningrad exclave citing NATO threat
German industrial production beats forecasts for October
Romania’s Pro-Western PM Resigns After Disappointing Election Results
Moscow Gulag Museum Aims To Open Notorious Kolyma Labor Camp To Visitors
U.S. slaps sanctions on 14 Chinese officials over Hong Kong crackdown
NATO announces readiness of new special operations command
South Korea to provide North Korea map service on government portal
Russian sentenced to French prison for bitcoin laundering
Amid pandemic, Davos event to be held in Singapore next year
Tajik Authorities Continue Harassing Dissident’s Family
Sweden’s climate carol: From Ebenezer Scrooge to Greta Thunberg
Three reasons why Denmark could transform its relationship with the EU
China’s online meddling goes beyond the Great Firewall
Estonia to face Belgium, Wales in football world cup qualifiers
Lithuania’s outgoing ministers take care of their own
Latvia’s 2021 budget may need to be adjusted later on
Estonian children’s writer Heljo Mänd dies at 94
Lithuania’s new government to seek ‘absolute’ blockade of Belarus’ nuclear plant
EKRE: Our goal is not to ban abortion in Estonia
Belarus’ new nuclear power plant complicates Baltic energy alignment
First COVID-19 patient in Estonia to receive plasma therapy awaits results
Free digital skills development program to be launched in Baltic States
Deflation trend continues in Latvia in November
Estonia sacks forestry plan steering committee
Lithuania wants strategic partnership with Estonia
Lithuania plans to raise military draftee numbers
First ski slopes to open this weekend in Latvia
Lithuania reports 3,000 excess deaths, showing hidden scale of pandemic
First-ever contact-free COVID testing station set up in Latvia
Despite grim statistics in Eastern Europe, a chance to act against women trafficking
For Victims Of Sexual Violence In Ukraine’s Donbas, Justice Seems Distant
Leanid Zaika: Little Time Left for Lukashenka
France to build new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
Europe to revive international night train links
Finnair offering VR flights to meet Santa Claus in Lapland
EU adopts ‘landmark’ human rights sanctions regime
Pressure mounts on Hungary, Poland to unlock EU stimulus
China’s ‘super dam’ a threat to India’s security
Joe Biden Picks Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense
China’s Fragmented Authoritarianism Prevents Intellectual Property Protection
U.S. adds Nigeria to list of world’s worst religious freedom violators
UK, Norway and Iceland sign trade continuity deal
Britain agrees to drop part of Brexit strategy on Northern Ireland
In a first, a Black woman takes command of US Army reserve command in Europe
U.S. targets North Korea coal shipments with new sanctions
‘Route out’ of pandemic: UK gives 1st COVID-19 vaccine doses