Ten NATO Coutries Hit 2% GDP Benchmark

Everyone encouraged to boost Sami language visibility this week
Joe Biden pledges support for Baltic States in presidential campaign paper
Vilnius TV tower suggested to house EU cyber security centre
Bear rescued from Lithuania dies in Ireland
Latvia will get London introverted once again
Dutch company Van Oord buys stake in Saare Wind Energy
Police fine former Estonia National Opera director over sexual harassment
Ten NATO members now meet 2% defense spending benchmark, but not Germany
Caught in America’s Election Battle, Ukraine Hopes for Further US Military Support
Uzbekistan Moves To Quicken Transition To Latin Alphabet
Nearly 75% of residents in Venezuela’s capital eat less than in 2019
Brazil’s Bolsonaro rejects coronavirus vaccine from China
Francis becomes 1st pope to endorse same-sex civil unions
Brazil’s OECD candidacy is best chance for reform
Lithuanian military receives 142 Unimogs
Latvian National film award Lielais Kristaps viewer’s choice award vote has begun
Estonian director wins Student Academy Award
March Of People With Disabilities Took Place In Minsk
US voters get .ee ‘Vote for Trump’ e-mail threats
Iranian hand behind fake Proud Boys U.S. election emails
Lithuania sets up annual prize for Belarusian dissident journalists
Canadian PM Trudeau survives confidence vote
Copenhagen mayor resigns after admitting to sexual harassment
Swede stages Tallinn protest in response to minister’s remarks on gays
Vatican, China extend bishop agreement over US opposition
EU, U.K. Impose Sanctions On Two Russians Over Bundestag Cyberattacks
EU awards human rights prize to Belarus opposition
Snowden granted permanent residency in Russia
China warns Canada not to damage relations further with ‘lies’ about Uyghur genocide
Global state-of-the-art logistics plant opens in Liepāja
30 feature-length films produced in Estonia in 2019
Three-year-old fintech company Sun Finance reports 100m euro turnover
Estonia NATO battlegroup in large-scale Latvia exercise
Dozens of men arrested, children rescued in Australia sting operation
NATO partners agree to mutual air defense systems
Is Lukashenka Afraid Of Ceausescu’s Fate?
Hungary Students Hold ‘Freedom’ Rally On Anniversary Of 1956 Uprising
Estonia imposes sanctions on Hezbollah
Estonia gives €50,000 to help Rohingya refugees
Greens’ same-sex marriage petition to be presented to Riigikogu
Poland president tests positive for COVID-19
US Mission in Turkey Warns Americans of Possible Terrorist Attacks
US signs 5G security deal with Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Kosovo
Jan Zwartendijk, a lesser-known hero of the Holocaust
Lukashenko Threatens To Respond To External Threats
Moscow Begins to Distance Itself From What Could Happen in Belarus
Latvia mentioned in Cyprus passport-buying scandal
France withdraws ambassador to Turkey amid rising tension with Erdogan
Hold Your Tongue: School Incident Plays Into Sensitive Issue Of Language In Ukraine
Russia Relations Unlikely To Improve, Regardless Of U.S. Election Outcome
Belarus opposition prepares nationwide strike
Americans and Canadians in separate Iceland patrols
Conservatives seal victory in Lithuania’s run-off elections
Lithuanian election winners look to form conservative-liberal government
Estonia has Europe’s lowest 14-day coronavirus rate
NATO aircraft to practice night flying this week
Workers And Students Walk Out As Strikes Begin In Belarus
Lech Wałęsa: I Want Belarusians to Succeed
Abortion rights protests block city streets across Poland
U.S. State Department approves $2.37 billion more in potential arms sales to Taiwan
From Cold War to Gray War: Internet Conflict Intensifying
Alibaba affiliate Ant Group sets global record with $34B IPO
Japan will be carbon neutral within 30 years
Interest in Latvian literature abroad has doubled this year
Tallinn City Center aims to improve English communication with new arrivals
Greens’ same-sex marriage petition most signed in portal’s history
Estonian military chief suggests joint Baltic satellite project
U.S. warns of threat posed by China, signs military pact with India
Gunmen kidnap American citizen in southern Niger
At least 11 shot dead ahead of Tanzania’s presidential vote
Hong Kong activist Tony Chung detained, reportedly before bid to seek asylum at US consulate
Daniel Ortega’s Anti-Imperialist Disguise
Two suspects detained over wartime killing of 78 civilians in Bosnia