Putin for Nobel Peace Prize!

US Army mints new cyber research and development agreement with Estonia
Russian propaganda made up camps for Middle East refugees in Georgia
Transferwise posts 70 percent increase in revenue to £302.6 million
Fendi kicks off hybrid Milan Fashion Week with optimism
‘We should not be afraid of the truth,’ Lithuanian Jews say on Holocaust Remembrance Day
First stone laid at Dutch Holocaust Memorial in Amsterdam
US trains for attack in central Europe in Astral Knight drills
Trump announces new sanctions on Cuba
Alexei Navalny Discharged From Berlin Hospital
U.S. blacklists individuals, entities linked to leader of Russia’s IRA
Belarus Government Targets Catholic Protesters as Power Struggle Continues
EU proposes new asylum system to help frontline nations
World Becoming Less Accepting of Migrants, Poll Finds
Bulgaria Expels Two Russian Diplomats For Military Spying
Russian frigate and container ship collide in Danish waters
Estonia to support Belarusian civil society with €100,000
US sanctions Finnish citizen over Russian intelligence co-operation
Artificial Intelligence Tears Off Belarusian Punishers’ Masks
Lithuania’s genocide centre to remove KGB agent list from its website
Baltic States to impose sanctions on more Belarusian officials
Hong Kong activist Wong arrested over unauthorized assembly
Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
North Korea ‘killed and burned South Korean official’
Kremlin critic Navalny’s bank accounts frozen, apartment seized
Mirrored depot will open Dutch museum’s storage to public
Court convicts 12 over tennis-playing protest at Swiss bank
Canceled flights strand 25 Easter Islanders for 6 months
U.S. Treasury “embeds” advisor in Latvian Finance Ministry
Dutch minister in Vilnius voices support for Tikhanovskaya
Latvian Saeima approves concept of national defense
Lithuanians to make electric vans more powerful than Teslas
Baltic states expand sanctions against Belarusian regime
Latvia sanctions 101 more Belarus officials
New FBI notes detail the extent of FBI’s desire to take down Trump at any cost
22 die in Ukraine military plane crash
Czechs to acquire Israeli air defense system in $400 million deal
MiG-21 military jet crashes near Serbia’s border with Bosnia
Knifeman in Paris wounds two at scene of Charlie Hebdo attacks
Australian think tank finds 380 detention camps in Xinjiang
Giant rat wins animal hero award for sniffing out landmines
The Atlas of Scotland
Urdd is one of Wales’ most precious assets
80 years on: Walter Benjamin’s death in Catalonia while fleeing Gestapo
People In Khabarovsk Protest For 78th Straight Day For Arrested Governor
Soviet spirit on basketball court: how did the VTB league become a political tool?
Tolerance seems like serious business
Catalonia assumes presidency of Four Motors for Europe
Swiss voters refuse immigration cuts, embrace paternity leave
Kazakh Court Arrests Pro-Moscow Blogger For Inciting Ethnic Hatred On Russian State Media
Kyrgyz Protest Party Leader’s Independence Remark
Pro-Kremlin Writers Irked By Bulgarian Author’s Escape From Crimea
100,000 march in Belarus capital on 50th day of protests
French president says longtime Belarus leader ‘must go’
Baltics agree on methodology to boycott Belarusian nuclear energy
Macron in Lithuania: search for allies, dialogue with Putin, turning point in Belarus
MS Estonia sank on collision with submarine
Lithuania’s GDP dip among smallest in Europe
Latvia’s bank profits 47.1% smaller than last year
Estonia joins EU cooperation framework on quantum communication
Chinese data firm tracks people in Baltics who may be ‘friendly to Beijing’
Belarus detains 500 at weekend anti-government protests
Poland Rejects Letter From Diplomats Urging Tolerance for LGBT People
Catalan president Quim Torra to be removed from power
Fiercest clashes since 1990s rage in Azerbaijan’s ethnic Armenian enclave
Britain as part of ‘arc of instability’ around the EU
Worldwide death toll from coronavirus eclipses 1 million
Macron in Vilnius: I am aware of your past but cooperation with Russia is needed
Bank of Latvia forecast says GDP will drop by 4.7% this year
Estonian president talks NATO, e-services with Portugal defense minister
Police apprehend suspects in cyber attacks against Estonia
University of Tartu Museum wins global university museums network award
Estonia did not sign joint letter of support for Polish LGBT community
EU-wide action hopes to save the Baltic Sea
Belarus blacklists Baltic state officials in tit-for-tat response
Nearly 800 Finnish names on Chinese watch list were copied from US database
Belarusian Officials Ban Independent News Portal Tut.By
Macron meets Belarus opposition leader, pushes for mediation
North Macedonia’s Ex-PM Gruevski Sentenced To Prison
Ukraine marks 79th anniversary of the Babi Yar massacre
Remnants of East Germany, 30 years after its end
France to ban use of wild animals in circuses, marine parks
S&P warns Romania planned pension hike could derail economy
Russian Court Ups Gulag Historian’s Sentence To 13 Years
Britain and Canada impose sanctions on Belarus leader Lukashenko
U.S. Air Force begins NATO policing mission in Bulgaria