Russia won’t complete Nord Stream 2 on its own

1913 February 13: Tibetan Independence Day
2011 February 14: Day of Rage (Bahrain)
1804 February 15: Statehood Day in Serbia
1918 Fabruary 16: Lithuania Independence Day
1949 February 16: Declaration of Lithuanian Movement of Fighters for Freedom
2008 February 17: Kosovo declaration of independence
2003 February 20: Spanish police close the only Basque language newspaper
2014 February 20: Heavenly Hundred Remembrance Day in Ukraine
February 21: International Mother Language Day
1944 February 23: Aardakh a.k.a. Operation Lentil: Soviet expulsion of Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) to Central Asia
1918 February 24: Estonia Independence Day
2014 February 27: Russia’s annexation of Crimea
1835 February 28: Kalevala Day, Finnish Culture Day
1992 March 1: Bosnia and Herzegovina Independence Day
589 March 1: Saint David’s, National Day of Wales
1878 March 3: Liberation Day in Bulgaria

Russian Charged in Brazen Berlin Killing of Georgian Man
Norway’s intelligence chief fears more accidents with Russia’s reactor-powered weapons systems
Iceland to manage Kosovo’s lower airspace
Estonia empowers citizens with their health data
Estonian children are smart internet users
Hamburg-based AI centre co-operating with Estonia
10 promising Latvia-based startups to watch in 2020
Latvia may cut share of Russian-language TV content to 20%
Latvia and Lithuania begin to tackle a chronic scourge: suicide
Lithuania toughens up enforcement of chemicals controls
Stranger Things 4 ‘starts filming in Lithuania’ as we inch closer to learning the truth behind The American
British AI company Satalia expanding Lithuanian development and R&D operations
A victory over Sweden’s colonialism
Berlin to Limit Sensitive Military Tenders to German Firms
Capability and Resolve: Deterrence, Security and Stability in the Baltic Region
Estonian intel agency says Baltic nations may be under threat from Russia
Estonia to create new digital identification tool
Enefit VOLT launches nine new charging points in Tallinn and Tartu
Estonian farmland largely in the hands of major producers
Tourists spent over €1 billion in Tallinn in 2019
Life on the Estonia-Russia border or from bureaucracy to ghost cemeteries
Latvia to request Russia to hand over detained National-Bolshevik Beness Aijo
Around one-third of food produced in Latvia ends up in trash
Two large-scale international military exercises to be held in Latvia this spring
Airbnb signs first experiences partnership in Lithuiania
Leading Swiss engineering consultancy plans to double its Vilnius team
China’s new Hong Kong chief a hardliner known for crusade against Christian churches
Hunt on for ‘patient zero’ who spread coronavirus globally from Singapore
Turkmenistan’s Leader Fires His Longtime Security Chief
Monaco’s Prince Albert II: Oceans are a ‘family heritage,’ with little time to save them
Siemens to test Germany’s largest green ‘power outlet’ for ships
Polish Premier Plans Smolensk Visit 10 Years After Deadly Crash
Baltic States will not buy energy from Belarus NPP
European Chamber ranks Estonia as best country in which to do business in emerging Europe
Tallinn tram becomes radio broadcasting studio for one day only
Tallinn’s trolleybuses to be replaced with electric buses and trams by 2035
Europe’s largest bus company to launch in Estonia
Couple reunited after 50-year separation
European Commission ups Estonia’s 2020 growth forecast to 2.2 percent
Estonian minister: IT cooperation with Netherlands getting new momentum
Latvian parliament dissolves Riga City Council
Kariņš: Baltic and Nordic region should become Europe’s leader
Finnish-Latvian vehicle system to focus on mobility and cost-efficiency
Lithuania Opens Visa Application Center in Sri Lanka
Innovation transfer between Germany and Lithuania
CONVENE 2020 in Lithuania
Lithuanian port has role to play in U.S. gas supply to Belarus
Defense ministers of Ukraine and Lithuania identify areas of cooperation for 2020
Lithuania chosen as a launchpad to EU markets – Cinganta
Danes make Valentine’s Day ‘proposal’ to Scots
World’s first floorball museum to be opened in Finland
Venezuela’s PDVSA steps up fuel shipments to Cuba as shortages bite
While coronavirus surges, the Ebola outbreak in Congo finally wanes
Huawei rejects Estonian intelligence agency 5G fears, mounts PR drive
Scottish percussion virtuoso Evelyn Glennie comes to Estonia
To Bolster Cybersecurity, the US Should Look to Estonia
Crypto-Broker Instacoins Receives Operating License in Estonia
Estonian natives assist each other toward success for Georgia track and field
CIO Interview: Siim Sikkut, Estonian government CIO
Estonian foreign intelligence: we’re particularly threatened by Russia
Estonia opens a criminal investigation into crowdfunding platform Envestio
Patria acquires Milrem Latvia SIA
Beness Aijo asks Vladimir Putin for political asylum; claims Russia has released him
New logistics chains might be developed via Latvia, Azerbaijan
Danish court keeps Latvian national Misane in custody, decides to extradite her to South Africa
US troops keep training in Lithuania
U.S. Ambassador to Lithuania Visits 1-9 CAV’s Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise
India Minister of External Affairs accepts Lithuania counterpart’s invite to visit Vilnius
Luxembourg Film Fest returns with Virtual Reality
Tibetans face travel bans and cultural and linguistic genocide in Tibet
Pope receives Željko Komšić of Bosnia and Herzegovina
‘Rising threat’ China tops US’s adversaries list
Putin keeps Stalin’s crimes hidden in WWII battle with West
Pompeo: Russia has contempt for territorial integrity of other nations
Ukraine sees chance for peace as Putin sidelines hawkish envoy
US commits $1 billion dollars to develop Central European infrastructure
Document shows Hunter Biden corruption extends to Latvia
Latvia bobsledders get 2014 Olympic medals after Russia doping scandal
Pashinyan meets with Bulgarian PM, Latvia’s President during Munich Security Conference
‘Azadeh’ taking part at 2ANNAS filmfest. in Latvia
Hard to believe our law enforcement institutions did all they can to prevent extradition of Latvian mother to South Africa – Bordans
Latvia’s Kibermanis races to 2-man bobsleigh World Cup gold on home soil
Latvian Finance Ministry revises 2020 growth forecast downwards
THE ROOP wins Pabandom is naujo 2020 with “On Fire” and will represent Lithuania in Rotterdam
Oshkosh Defense will deliver JLTV Joint Light Tactical Vehicles to Lithuania and Slovenia
In a small Polish village near a Russian exclave, US-led NATO battle group is ready ‘in case anything happens’
Azeri opposition leaders held as police block poll result protest
Cars in Croatia Becoming Younger, Still Lower Than EU Average
Iceland: Foreign Citizens Are 23 Percent of Labor Force
Russia not to be able to complete Nord Stream 2 construction on its own
Georgian Cuisine Master Class in Estonia
Local pro hockey: Latvian Bogdziul fits in quickly with Watertown Wolves offense
I’m “Still Breathing”! Samanta Tina’s lyrics remind women they have the strength to write their own story
Latvia wins Round 2 of ESC United’s Forum Ranking Game
8 Reasons to Study in Lithuania
Different perceptions of threats hinder EU strategy
Why Is Lithuania so Good at Basketball?
Pompeo confident the West is winning and will prevail over Russian and Chinese “empire desires”
The new holiday hot spot
PKN Orlen announces expansion in Baltic States
Strengthening Deterrence Is Far Less Costly than Dealing with the Consequences of Its Failure
Prolonged mild spell keeps EU crops vulnerable to frost
U.S. Pledges $1B To Europe To Help It Cut Russia Energy Dependence
US pledges one billion dollars for Eastern Europe energy projects, argues against Nord Stream 2
Port of Kiel commits to shore power
Is Belarus set to become a part of Russia?
Misāne could face prosecution in Latvia after all
Vilnius hands note to Moscow over pollution on Lithuanian beaches
Open prisons in Finland are ‘like a holiday camp’ — but they seem to work
Watched, judged, detained
‘Oil Emirate’ Enters Cold Turkey Stage