“China Fishmeal”

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
1990 December 26: Slovenia Independence and Unity Day
1991 December 26: Dissolution of the Soviet Union
1943 December 28: Day of Memory and Sorrow in Kalmykia
1993 January 1: Velvet Divorce of Czechia and Slovakia
1968 January 5: Prague Spring
1918 January 8: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points on free trade, democracy and self-determination
1991 January 13: Freedom Defenders Day in Lithuania

Lower interest rates mean more babies, according to Bank of England
Levira and Pixellot Introduce AI-Automated Sports Production to All Estonian and Latvian Basketball Leagues
Lithuania excited to host its first ever FIFA World Cup
Lithuania’s ‘Elves’ Fight Russian Trolls Online
Lithuanian Lawmakers Urge China’s Xi Jinping to Stop All Religious Persecution
Yamal Journalist Fired After Asking Putin a Question
How Putin got a new best friend for forever in Africa
Moscow to Prioritize Karabakh Issue, Beef up Military Presence in Armenia
Mike Bloomberg Exploited Prison Labor to Make 2020 Presidential Campaign Phone Calls
China Bans Christmas Gatherings Among Its Christians
America Slams the Brakes on Russian-German Gas Pipeline
Wholesale electricity prices rise 9 pct across Baltics
Estonian researcher Jarek Kurnitski elected member of Finnish Climate Change Panel
Ralfs Eilands becomes Latvia’s third Eurovision “European Person of the Year”
Canada’s Governor General Visits Troops in Latvia
Man Sentenced For Email Scam That Defrauded Facebook, Google
Lithuanian president signs bill on restrictions for electricity from Belarus’ N-plant
Antanas “Tony” Bivainis — Rochester
Can you believe that this country was made in a joke, even its Constitution is hanging at the crossroads
Same-Sex Marriage Comes To Northern Ireland
China fishmeal factory a threat to Gambia’s coastal communities
Vladimir Putin’s Christmas Message: Hatred and Thinly Veiled Threats
NATO Faces a Fresh Quandary as Turkey Tips Toward Russia
Kenya: The Next Nation to Fall Into China’s Debt-Trap Diplomacy?
Digital Pakistan and Sindh ICT Board can take benefit from Estonian technological advancement
Latvian government invites all to cut down a free Christmas tree
Latvia’s territories with the largest percentage of children – Mārupe, Ādaži and Babīte
Dukurs and Sevastova take awards as Latvia’s athletes of the year
US Senate Confirms Fifth Openly Gay Ambassador under Trump
Lithuanian startup scene in 2019 – growing, entrenching, and birthing a unicorn
Chinese investments in Sri Lanka compromises Colombo’s sovereignty
Azerbaijan: Financial market regulator succeeds globally, falls short locally
As sanctions kick in, Poland says its North Korean workers have all gone home
Rescuer Set Up for Those Fleeing Ortega’s Nicaragua
Macedonian Businesses Eye Lucrative NATO Tenders
Venezuela’s currency so worthless it’s mostly being used for making crafts
Electric Cars Cruise Into the Mainstream
As Israel Declares They’re Fighting Iran Alone: Iran, Russia, China Hold Joint Naval Exercise
‘Cutting each other’s throats’: Allies fear Russia will annex Belarus to save Putin’s life
Wind of change in Europe’s defence policy
Baltic countries again top emerging Europe in Human Freedom Index
Water level along Latvian coast may increase by half-meter by end of the century
EBRD gives $11.1 million for Ukrainian pet food producer’s expansion in Lithuania
‘Headhunter’ Soldiers bring Christmas spirit to local children
China Pushing Belarusian Astravyets Nuclear Energy Into Baltic Market
Rediscovering the Forgotten and Unknown Belgium
Kazakhstan flight with almost 100 onboard crashes, killing at least 12 people
Montenegro church property law passes after Parliament chaos
The Netherlands doesn’t want you to call it Holland anymore
Growing a Little Marijuana at Home Is Not a Crime, Italy’s Top Court Says
Russian ambassador to Poland summoned for Putin WWII remarks
Naval Technology’s 2019 year in review
Letter: What we can learn from Finland and Estonia
Russian military flights in Baltic have not become safer, Estonia evaluates
Estonian footballer of the year Ragnar Klavan has no regrets about leaving Liverpool
Russia threatens countermeasures against Estonia over Sputnik sanctions
“It is so much better to sing in Estonian” – Eesti Laul 2020 contestant Merilin Mälk talks about her creative process
Estonian architects ring alarm over national library renovation
Progress made in Estonian-Latvian joint project for renewable energy
Latvian DefMin: US funding could be used to improve Baltic air surveillance command system
Cleansing. The most noteworthy developments in Latvia’s politics of 2019
Latvia’s National Development Plan receives investment projects worth EUR 42 billion
What to expect in Latvia in 2020
Dod Pieci! charity marathon raised 438,197 euros in Latvia
New Statistical Yearbook for Latvia published
Lithuania will offer the realm’s first collectible crypto token in 2020
HBO’s Chernobyl Has Led to a Surge in Tourism for This Forgotten Nuclear Town. Now, It’s Trying to Redefine Itself
Lithuania’s Gaon, Gimbutiene anniversaries put on UNESCO list of anniversaries
Skycop caught Ryanair and Passengers win in Lithuania
Nausėda invites fellow Lithuanians to smile and be open in 2020
21 people from Venezuela to relocate to Lithuania in 2020
Serbs Unveil Spending Spree to Fuel Growth, Catch Up With EU
Portugal delays lithium tender for third time, aims for early 2020
Greece Deal with Lockheed Seals Major Air Force Upgrade
Georgian Doctor Vazha Gaprindashvili Released from Tskhinvali Custody
Russia deploys hypersonic missile into ‘combat duty,’ state media claims
Sweden, Baltic countries may get multi-billion compensation for Russian nuclear waste burial in Baltic Sea
Tallinn real estate prices likely to continue rising in 2020
Estonian Formula Three driver Jüri Vips’ overtaking move voted best in 2019
Signature campaign to begin in Latvia over controversial amendments to municipal election law
“The Lithuanian Jumpman” takes the 2019 Gov. Challenge Dunk Contest
Mood-measuring cameras in Vilnius say you’re happy
Poisoning, shootings and elections – the main events of Abkhazia in 2019
At $30 Billion, Norway’s Other Wealth Fund Is Simply Too Big
Ahead of election, Taiwan president calls China ‘biggest threat’
Europe’s Failure to Protect Liberty in Hungary
This Tiny Island Nation of 11,000 People Is Cashing in Thanks to Its .tv TLD
Ukraine Swaps Prisoners With Russia-Backed Rebels in Move to End War
Putin’s next aggression
Welcome to my place . . . Gdansk
Ancient Irish Pagans Made Epic Journeys for Ceremonial Feast
PISA 2018 results (Vol 2): Where all students can succeed
Estonia provides nearly €100,000 in humanitarian aid to Ukraine in December
One of the most important painters in the Estonian art history exhibited in Turin, Italy
A Jewish Pilgrimage to Sugihara Chiune’s Consulate
Kalmyks Mark Anniversary Of Stalin Deportations To Siberia
Roskomnadzor Terminates 7×7-journal for Publishing in Komi
Top 12 outstanding Estonians in the world 2019
PM says govt will do everything to ensure security of Estonia
Estonian president Kaljulaid to visit Chile, Antarctica next month
Russia’s return to PACE has not promoted improvement in conflict in Ukraine
Latvia names a star and planet in historic first
Latvian startups invited to head north for sTARTUp Day 2020
Lithuania’s 2019 milestones: new president, Venice Biennale, Soviet aggression verdict
Rail Baltica to halve travel time between Vilnius and Kaunas
Chinese tourist vandalises cross at Lithuania’s top tourist site
No end-of-year meeting between president and government this year in Estonia
Kaunas moves forward on ‘Science Island’
Two more decades to complete decommissioning of Lithuania’s nuclear power plant
Lithuania in 2019 – through the lens of
What’s next for Catalonia in 2020
‘China has a grand, strategic plan. We don’t’: how Djibouti became a microcosm of Beijing’s growing foothold in Africa
China took their parents: The Uighur refugee children of Turkey