Rahvarinne, Popular Front of Estonia, Established

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages
Last Week of September: Banned Books Week
2017 September 25: Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum
September 26: European Day of Languages
1991 September 27: Turkmenistan Independence Day
1957 September 29: Kyshtym nuclear disaster, USSR
1938 September 30: Munich Agreement
2017 October 1: Catalan Independence Referendum
1960 October 1: Cyprus Independence Day
1988 October 1: Rahvarinne, Popular Front of Estonia, Established
1990 October 3: German reunification/German Unity Day
1991 October 8: Croatia Independence Day
1988 October 9: Latvijas Tautas fronte, Popular Front of Latvia, Founded
1911 October 10: National Day of the Republic of China, Taiwan
1492 October 12: Indigenous Peoples’ Day
2008 October 15: International Parliamentarians for West Papua launches at the British Parliament in Westminster

Imprisoned Azeri Journalist Enters Hunger Strike
What turned Azerbaijan into linchpin of energy diversity, security?
Extradition of Azeri banker’s wife blocked by UK court
The travel agency of Britain’s far-flung 19th-century empire is dead
Estonia: making medicines affordable and accessible for all
Estonian real estate investment platform EvoEstate records almost 100% monthly growth
Latvian government reports major effort to slash shell companies
Telia to re-assess position in Latvia after cooperation with govt stalls
Levits meets with UN secretary general, says strengthening rule of law in international law is very important to Latvia
1000 join March of The Living in Lithuania
The meeting of Captain Lithuania and Captain America took place in Vilnius
Vilnius, a hub of Torah study destroyed by Nazis, to get new yeshiva
Switzerland’s first crypto bank reports “overwhelming” demand
Monaco Yacht Show unveils its biggest superyacht fleet ever
Light Touch, Tight Grip: China’s Influence and the Corrosion of Serbian Democracy
Charts show China’s explosive consumption of four critical commodities
Instead of ignoring abuses of its member states, the EU must defend its citizens’ rights
Samoa escapes double red card as it rallies to win against Russia
Google Wins Case in E.U. Over ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Rules
‘Get out of Gulf’: Iran moves closer to Russia and China
Volkswagen’s CEO and chairman charged in Germany over diesel emissions scandal
Ban on Russia extended
Tibet Is Still Burning
US 2nd Fleet Leads Naval Forces from Iceland
Russia’s Union Shield Exercises—in Transition?
Russian Foreign Ministry Denies the Soviet Union Occupied Estonia
Estonia sees North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina in EU
Planning permission granted for new ice arena in Riga
Trump’s attorney Giuliani mentions Latvia while accusing Biden and his son in corruption
Lithuania’s GetJet to fly for Canada’s Sunwing
China on the offensive about Xinjiang — raises issue at U.N.
Marshall Islands shows support for Taiwan after neighbors favor China
Dublin: A short walk through Ireland’s long fight for independence
Tunisia’s Fellagha and the Battle for Independence
Aminatou Haidar, the “Gandhi of Western Sahara,” Wins Right Livelihood Award
A photographer captures a sacred South American festival where the living embrace the dead
Trump has the upper hand in the trade war with China. He can’t back down now
Monuments to Ethnic ‘Heroes’ Spark Divisions in Montenegro
Macedonia name dispute now waged on store shelves
Greece’s new prime minister wants to turn the country around
Norway’s public backlash against onshore wind threatens sector growth
A Nobel for Sweden’s Greta Thunberg? A tough decision for prize committee
Switzerland Just Banned the Egg Industry From Grinding Live Chicks
Former Danske Estonia boss found dead amid money laundering inquiry
Estonian startup bourse gets Singapore license for global trading
Tallinn summons Russian ambassador after fighter jet enters Estonian airspace
Alaska Nanooks Develop Recruiting Pipeline In Latvia To Add Depth
Latvia at UN: Russia’s disregard of international law cannot be recognized as ‘new norm’
President Levits gives Russia reminder at United Nations
Top Latvian cable operator Baltcom sold
“Payment Radar” of Latvijas Banka: Non-cash settlement volumes are increasing, but cash also holds its positions
A brief overview of the Latvian Navy, today and in the future
Foreign Minister: Latvia fully supports the need for more ambitious climate action on a global scale
Latvian Television investigative journalism show wins European acclaim
Rīga to introduce tourism tax starting 2021
Vilnius ‘adheres with one-China policy: Hong Kong protest is not the new Baltic Way
US army deploying to Lithuania with heavy armour, mechanised troops
U.S. to deploy 500 troops to Lithuania in fresh signal to Russia
US tanks and troops headed to Lithuania for lengthy deployment
‘Build welfare on the backs of robots’, Lithuanian President says in New York
Lithuania establishes diplomatic relations with Marshall Islands
U.S. issues travel ban for Cuba’s Castro over human rights accusations, support for Venezuela’s Maduro
Belgium’s ‘executioner of Raqqa’ demands to be repatriated, tried in Belgium
Vietnam Confronts China, Alone
The United States Should Help Mongolia Stand Up to China
Ahead of verdict Catalan parliament insists on the right to self-determination and seeks amnesty for 2017 referendum leaders
Seven more Catalan independence supporters sent to prison
Woman Held For ‘Defaming’ Laos is Refused Family Visits
How the diaspora will play a vital role in the political future of Bosnia and Herzegovina
New streets in Cardiff to be given Welsh language names
As ‘the last European divided country’, Cyprus President tells Assembly UN is ‘the only way forward’
Czech opposition lawmakers fail in bid to remove president
Romania Opposes Federal Solution to Moldova’s Transnistria Problem
Kurdistan Region trade officials visit Flanders to boost economic ties
A Dutch resistance member basically MacGyver-ed the first artificial organ
Foraging Is Part Of Swedish Identity; Now Its Countryside Is The Wildest Restaurant
Oscars: Belarus Selects ‘Debut’ for International Feature Film Category
Russia fumes over Belarus’s refusal to host air base
Kazakh energy minister says Belarus oil deal talks continue
Tajik Opposition Activist Detained In Belarus, Faces Extradition
A Trump Bump Is Turning Up the Heat on Greenland’s Real-Estate Market
Pride parades in Poland prove flashpoint ahead of general election
Jacques Chirac, former French president who challenged U.S. over Iraq war, dies at 86
Landsbergis: Chirac was a supporter of Lithuania’s independence
Russia is About to Get A Close Look at the F-35 Stealth Fighter
Italian F-35s deploy to Iceland
Nato rejects Russian offer on nuclear missiles freeze
Gutted Russian trawler Bukhta Nayezdnik overturns in Norway
Norway will not ban Huawei from 5G mobile network: minister
Euro zone rescue fund to stop issuing bonds in euros under English law
Malta: Not all EU nations keeping word on migrant-sharing
Hungary joins Trump’s attack on ‘open-borders’ agenda at UN, says ‘national interest comes first’
Bringing together youth activists and policy-makers from around the Baltic Sea
Estonia’s 2020 draft defence budget
Estonian researchers strive to personalise healthcare
India PM Modi, Estonia President Kaljulaid meet in New York; discuss tech cooperation
President: Trump interested in Estonia’s digital development
Judins: reasonable policy is needed to fix Latvia’s demographic problems
Latvia invites Belarus to look at opportunities offered by Latvia’s transit corridor
Latvia has always been geographically desirable for someone or another – Pabriks
Employment of secondary and tertiary graduates has substantially improved in Latvia – European Commission
Lithuania blocks a few pirate tv sites
Huawei security fears are ‘natural’, says Lithuania’s ambassador to China
EU’s most important research and innovation event presents Lithuanian initiatives in the area of innovation
President Nausėda courts corporations in New York to invest in Lithuania
Lithuania to rebury remains of 1863 uprising participants on November 22
Belarusian cultural figures asking Lithuania to bury Kalinouski in Belarus
Faroe Islands to stage its first ever UEFA finals tournament
Queuing For Bread In Ashgabat: Turkmenistan Faces Fresh Food Shortages
‘My guard was down’: Hong Kong pro-independence leader Andy Chan attacked in street by masked men
Japan lists China as bigger threat than nuclear-armed North Korea
Portugal’s animal-nature party poised as unlikely kingmaker
Germany Makes a National Commitment to Rescue Its Forests
How Mahatma Gandhi changed political protest
U.S. Navy Steps Up Arctic Engagement, Sends Cruiser and Destroyers to Iceland
US Navy Is Back In Iceland, But Left Its Carrier At Home
Are Russia and China the best of friends now? It’s complicated, analysts say
Russian pipeline firm launches anti-EU dispute
Macron urges French climate protesters to target Poland
EU imposes new sanctions on Venezuela
Liechtenstein: Tiny jewel of the Alps
Burger King lands a Whopper in the Baltics
Rail Baltica study says 40 C summers are on the way
Estonian-inspired World Cleanup Day brings together 20 million people cleaning their countries
‘Vel Gaelg ayd?’ The obscure European languages that came back to life
Over 3000 troops begin exercise Silver Arrow in Latvia
Latvia wonders how to weigh cyber for government purchases
Talking Latvian dogs to take over screens in Europe
Things to know about the only tank battle of Latvia’s Independence War
Lithuania to fund university studies for 4 Ukrainians from war zone
With eye-catching material use, a studio takes a Lithuanian e-commerce brand offline
Ukraine, Lithuania foreign ministers agree on further coordination of actions on Crimea, Donbas de-occupation
Arquivio Architects Wins Lithuania’s National Concert Hall Competition
Lithuania in the spotlight at BEAST
Lithuania to accept Mediterranean asylum seekers in new EU agreement
Lithuanian descendants return for dedication
‘Cinematic Inclusions’, Lithuania Days in Scotland
Hearing the Shofar’s Cry in the Jerusalem of Lithuania
Rosh Hashanah 2019: When it starts and what this Jewish celebration really means
Lithuanian president to initiate search for remains of partisan leader Lukša
Lithuania may increase contribution in Mali, Afghanistan, send troops to Strait of Hormuz
More fake news target NATO’s presence in Lithuania
Why the left’s belief in a Swedish ‘utopia’ is based on a lie
China restores ties with Kiribati, site of space tracking station
Offering Treatment to Tigers and Teddies
‘Just Say Yes’ summit brings community together to address youth substance abuse
Edinburgh All Under One Banner independence march set to be biggest one yet
MS Estonia disaster 25th anniversary marked in Tallinn, Pärnu and Võru
Sweden marks 25th anniversary of Estonia ferry disaster
Remembering the 852 Lost on Estonia
Finnish nurse remembers Estonia ferry tragedy, 25 years on
Instead Of A Ticket, Some Speeders In Estonia Are Getting A Time Out
6 dead 20 sick: Listeria traced to Estonia fish factory
Mike Yardley: Romance and drama in Riga, Latvia
Latvian Foreign Minister declares Latvia’s support for small island developing states in their efforts to fight climate change
Taiwan Rallies for Hong Kong to Resist Beijing’s Influence
New York: Thousands rally for human rights in Kashmir
Chinese diplomat meets Kurdistan Region PM, says Beijing wants to increase investment in Kurdistan
At 70, Communist China is older than the Soviet Union, while rivaling U.S. economic power
Stand Up And Be Counted: Ethnic Poles In Belarus Gear Up For Census
Czech city synonymous with ethnic segregation sets up “Committee to Map and Eliminate Negative Social Phenomena”
‘We’re at war, but not like in the past’: UK is fighting cyber battles with foreign powers like Russia every day
UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission calls on Russia to lift ban on Crimean Tatars’ Mejlis
China and Russia are working to destroy democracy, and our victory is not assured
How the Tiny Village of Aa Became Estonia’s New ‘National Capital.’ Sort of.
Rinkevics invites Ethiopian enterprises to take advantage of services that Latvia provides as a hub for logistics and transport
Army of Lithuania takes delivery of 110 Unimog U5000 light trucks
Economy expected to slow in Lithuania in 2020
Lithuanian President Says Trump Is Right – The Future Belongs To Patriots
Car Bombers in Somalia Hit U.S. and European Military Bases
Gems, Warlords and Mercenaries: Russia’s Playbook in Central African Republic
Exploring cryptocurrency and blockchain in Iceland
Kurz leans towards Greens after far-right losses in Austria
Vaclav Havel Human Rights Prize awarded to Uighur activist Ilham Tohti
Iran’s top general says wiping Israel off map is an ‘achievable goal’
Germany’s commitment to Nord Stream 2 offers the Netherlands a chance to take the lead in the fight against climate change
Changing the narrative
Baltic states and Georgia join Ukraine in boycotting Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly
Blackstone closes €1 billion acquisition of Baltic bank Luminor
Estonian defence force conscripts to be allowed to leave barracks at night
TransferWise founders wealthiest Estonian entrepreneurs
Low wages for instructors threaten future of Song and Dance Festival in Estonia
Latvian government to increase funding for political parties – EUR 5.5 per vote
Lithuanian film wins main prize at Athens film festival
Maxima supermarket chain owner tops Lithuania’s rich list with €2bn
Free speech suppression online builds case to break up Big Tech
NATO jets scrambled eight times in Estonian, Lithuanian airspace
Estonians have become more tolerant of sexual minorities
Climate neutrality in Estonia to require investing 4 percent of GDP annually
Estonian Language House opens in Narva
Young people in Estonia not eager to move abroad
Donald Trump names new Estonian ambassador
26 percent of people in Estonia believe they will never retire
Estonia-Finland pipeline Balticconnector to be completed by end of year
Lithuania mulls changing prostitution law: help the sex worker, punish the client
Lithuania holds 4-day nuclear accident response drill as Belarus’ plant nears completion
Lithuanian cabinet holds closed meeting on Belarusian investment in Klaipėda port
Chinese anniversary event in Vilnius attracts protest by Tibet supporters
70th Founding Anniversary of People’s Republic of China Marks 60 years of Occupation of Tibet
As China celebrates 70 years, its rhetoric on ‘dignity and rights’ drifts even further from reality
Google Doodle honors Dr. Herbert Kleber, changed how drug addiction is viewed
Kosovo’s fate in the Western Balkans will determine the future stability of Europe
Europe to get first Capital of Culture north of the Arctic Circle
Aberystwyth town council votes to back Welsh independence
Catalonia lights up to mark two-year indyref anniversary
Belarus, Which Is Not On TV