New Latvian PM to visit Estonia first

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1920 February 2: Treaty of Tartu finalises Estonian War of Independence

1997 February 5: Gulja massacre, East Turkistan/Xinjiang

1917 February 6: Sami National Day

1913 February 13: Tibetan Independence Day

2011 February 14: Day of Rage (Bahrain)

1918 Fabruary 16: Lithuania Independence Day

2008 February 17: Kosovo declaration of independence

A Small Country with a Big Dream: How Estonia is Changing the World

Kochi, India, and Vilnius look for ways to bolster trade

As long as it lasts: Latvia’s new coalition government

The first prime minister with a Linguistics PhD

China increases clout at United Nations as U.S. leadership wanes

Expert suggests scenario for Ukraine in case of Russian occupation of Belarus

Holocaust Remembrance Day: the Nazis murdered, among others, a promising Estonian painter

U.S., Canadian Jets Scrambled To Escort Russian Bombers Away From North American Coastline

What’s it like to teach in Estonia?

NATO head: Trump’s tough talk has added $100B to alliance, helped deter Russia

Stoltenberg: NATO jets able to confuse Russia’s anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) systems

U.S. Lifts Sanctions On Rusal, Other Firms With Links To Deripaska

De Facto: Latvia loses right for Muliš’s sentence but revokes his citizenship instead

Archives of Uruguayan-Lithuanians arriving in Lithuania

Mad or miraculous: As the euro turns 20, has monetary union been a good thing?

Finland, the world’s happiest country, gets a reality check on job creation

Latvian best and worst words of 2018 underlined

Annual Latvian-Estonian language award announced

Denmark builds 43-mile anti-pig fence along its border with Germany

Russia’s large passenger jet without passengers on board departs to Venezuela

US Bolton seen holding notepad with words ‘5000 troops to Colombia’

Estonia is emerging Europe’s least corrupt country

Can Norway win the global race to build a ‘floating tunnel’?

Bulgaria Hopes To Switch To Euro In 2022

Bulgaria, Russia agreed to build gas pipeline bypassing Ukraine

Lithuanian PM: Vilnius sees Israel as strategic partner in world

Lithuania introduces special rules for home births

EU backs €1.2bn Lithuania renewable scheme

Eurovision: It’s Darude for Finland this year!

The Silver Lining of an Exodus: Bosnia Cashes In on Exit Fees

Denmark again the least corrupt country in the world

Telling the truth about Stalin and the Great Terror gets historians arrested in Russia

How pro-Kremlin think tanks spread propaganda in the West

Critics Howl As Tehran Bans Dogs

Brexit Irish Border Fears Spur Warning on U.S.-U.K. Trade Talks

Cuba opens its first new church since the revolution 60 years ago

Canada confirms 14th case of diplomat falling mysteriously ill in Cuba

With Name Change Out Of The Way, Macedonia Looks To Start EU Talks Soon

China’s Huawei excluded from Czech tax tender after security warning

New Latvian PM makes Estonia his first official foreign destination

Lithuanian government wants to bar party members from public broadcaster management

Latvian roots of world-renowned clown “Coco the Clown”

Rebroadcasting of Rossiya RTR in Latvia banned for three months due to hate speech on the part of Solovyov and Zhirinovsky

(De)friending in the Baltics: Lessons from Facebook’s Sputnik Crackdown

Resilience of Necessity in the Baltics

Romania sets 2024 as firm euro adoption deadline

EBRD Wins “Ally Of The Year” Award From Nasdaq Baltic

Sick Cow Meat from Poland sold to Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Sweden

UN Committee slams Finland over Sami electorate ruling

Russia Accuses U.S. Intelligence Agencies of Preparing for Civil War and the Breakup of the Country

Shhh! Belarus Wants You to Think It’s Turning Over a New Leaf

Baltic states jointly nominate Bellingcat for Pulitzer prize

Architect, former diplomat Jānis Dripe speaks out over collaboration with KGB

Czech national charged with terrorism after fighting for Russian-backed militants in Ukraine

242 children killed since start of Russian aggression against Ukraine

Putin Shows Rare Soft Spot to Rescue Russia’s ISIS Children

13,600 candidates to vie for 1,500 local seats in Lithuania

From the nation that ‘sung its way out of the Soviet Union’, Estonia’s award-winning choir tours Australia

Lithuania rejects Israeli request to transfer remains of Jewish sage the Vilna Gaon

Central Bank of Lithuania to Issue World’s First Numismatic Digital Coin This Year

In Estonia, students’ transit, school meals, and textbooks are all free

Estonia’s Crypto-Friendly Policy at Risk As e-Residency Program Faces Rising Criticism

Finland decides officially to join Rail Baltic joint venture

Majority of Orthodox believers in Ukraine identify with Ukrainian church

Latvia’s Rinkevics to make a working visit to US

Lithuanian Liberal’s ex-leader Masiulis keeps getting money from Kurlianskis – prosecutor