Lukashenka orders to arrange for oil deliveries via Baltic ports

2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages

1918 January 8: Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points on free trade, democracy and self-determination

1991 January 13: Freedom Defenders Day in Lithuania

1990 January 19-20: Azerbaijan: Black January

1991 January 20: The Barricades in Latvia

1919 January 22: Day of Unity of Ukraine

1759 January 25: Burns Night, Scotland

January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Diplomacy with Chinese characteristics: The case of Denmark

US warns travelers of China’s ‘coercive’ use of exit bans

Enabling e-government: Estonia’s National Digital Advisor Marten Kaevats

Estonian and Finnish defence ministers commemorate the dead of the War of Independence

New in 2019: US Airmen will continue stepping up to deter Russia in Europe

Admissions to Domestic Films in Estonia Doubled Due to Centennial Film Programme

Four decades on, Cambodia reflects on its ‘Killing Fields’ nightmare

Denmark plans ‘Silicon Valley’ on 9 artificial islands off Copenhagen

Some 37 people arrested for political reasons in occupied Crimea in 2018

The trial of Catalan referendum leaders casts a long shadow over the EU’s credibility

Polish Air Force F-16 Jets Take Over the Baltic Air Policing Duty

US Navy is back in the Black Sea, sending a message to Moscow

Estonia’s Arvo Pärt is the world’s most performed living composer eighth year running

How to compete in Estonia’s European sauna marathon 2019

Europe is fast-becoming a natural gas battleground for Russia and the US

Putin hails energy security boost from Russia’s first LNG floating storage

Putin Declares Kaliningrad Energy Independent, Says Baltic Citizens Will Feel Financial Pain Withdrawing From Russian Gas

European Broadcasting Union calls on Lithuanian authorities to ensure national broadcaster’s independence

Putin’s Retirement Plan Depends on Belarus

And the Golden Globe for most obvious PR stunt goes to Fiji Water Girl

Norway Embarks On Its Most Ambitious Transport Project Yet

A Decade of Negative Rates? Denmark May Be the First to Try It

Rīgas Satiksme to claim over €5m from firms involved in corruption scandal

Ukraine’s SBU claims to arrest 71 foreign spies, prevent 8 terror attacks in 2018

Kidnappers Demand $10 Million Cryptocurrency Ransom for Norwegian Billionaire’s Wife

Latvia opens its KGB archives — while Russia continues to whitewash its past

Countering Russian disinformation the Baltic nations’ way

Ukraine’s troops mark 5th New Year at war with Russia

Communications and Information Systems Battalion established in Lithuanian Armed Forces

Labor migration to Estonia more than doubles in 2018

A Mixed Year for Freedom in Lithuania

Europe must assume responsibility for its security, president of Lithuania

From Tibetans to Americans, no one is safe from China’s arbitrary enforcement of local laws

Trump Signs Second Law Aiming to Improve Situation in Tibet

Korea and Japan’s Wartime Forced Labor Dispute Heats Up as Seoul Freezes Japanese Company’s Assets

The story of NATO’s Spanish “steel house” in Latvia

Russia bulldozes vast amounts of food while tens of millions live below the poverty line

US fertility rate is below level needed to replace population

German North Sea wind capacity grew 12.7 pct in 2018

Poland Scrambles To Wean Itself Off Russian Gas

Russian Woman’s #MeToo Story Highlights Fear Of Speaking Out

‘Only Estonians Here’: Outrage After Election Poster Campaign Singles Out Russian Minority

Russian state media compares Estonia 200 ad campaign to apartheid

Irene Käosaar quits Estonia 200 following Monday’s ad stunt

Kristina Kallas: Our ads drew attention to existing issue

Opinion: Poster campaign non-story in itself, but could prove watershed

Setting up business in Estonia is no sweat

Latvia’s R&D funding share of GDP is second lowest in Europe

More Britons than Swedes visited Finland in November – but Russians still #1

China’s Oldest University for Tibetan Students Ends Instruction in Tibetan

Chinese general warns Taiwan Independence supporters to be treated as ‘war criminals’

China’s Digital Silk Road Is Looking More Like an Iron Curtain

Salvini: Poland and Italy will be part of the new spring of Europe

Peru, Paraguay recall diplomats over Maduro inauguration in Venezuela

Synchronization could cost Lithuanian consumers no more than NordBalt

The sun has returned to Sweden’s northernmost towns

Norway Cuts 2019 Oil Output Forecast to Lowest in 30 Years

Beijing announces deployment of ‘carrier killer’ missile after U.S. warship sails near South China Sea islets

Baltic Way – a peaceful call for independence on day of infamy

Latvian banking sector info available in English

Russia and Belarus electricity suppliers exploit EU law, grow in Baltics

Germany admits EU is already building a ‘united’ army

Chinese Huawei employee, Polish former intel officer, arrested in Poland for espionage

Chain reaction: Russian politician explains how Russia could implode

Report: Belarus Lifts Limit On U.S. Envoys Allowed In Minsk

Lukashenko orders Belarusian government to arrange for oil deliveries via Baltic ports

Russian Defense Ministry Proposes Law To Allow Shooting Down Of Passenger Planes

Foreign ministers of Baltic states, Sweden and Poland to visit Mariupol

Lukashenka Is in the Rocking Chair

Mikalai Statkevich: What Will Western Politicians Do When Belarusians Uprise?

Republic of Macedonia Approves Name Change In Step Toward Joining EU

Slovakia again breaks record in car production

Russia warns British plans for military bases in South China Sea and Caribbean could lead to retaliation

Vatican breaks into the sports world, launching a track and field team with Olympic aspirations

Fearing Russian Influence, Estonia Turns to the Arts

Mood of revolt in Serbia as anti-Vucic protests grow

2 Years for Hacker Who Crippled Liberia’s Internet With Mirai Botnet